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Erotic Fetish stories

A large collection of fetisch short stories covering everything from pantyhoses to feet and more.


fetish 2018-05-13

I could feel him watching me as I walked away giving a girly wiggle to my ass pushing my grocery cart to the end of the aisle, I glanced back as I turned the corner, he was still looking. "Oh god yes sissy suck my cock" he begged "I want to cum in your slut mouth" he added. We laid there several minutes in after glow, I felt his cock shrink and slip out of my ass, then he stood "wait baby" I whispered as I sat up, taking him by his cock I pulled him to me "let me" I purred as I stripped the remnants of the broken condom off his cock then licked and sucked his cock and balls clean of our juices.

My Standup Creampie

fetish rick_oh 2018-05-13

My arousal had been whetted by her tasty cream and in due time I spurted hot pulses of semen into Doris' juicy receptacle. Then she parted her pussy lips with her fingers and tried to eject the mixture of juices from inside her, using kegel exercises. Instead of squatting with her pussy close to my mouth, she actually stood up, with her knees bent a little, and told me to open up. Her aim was near perfect - each pulse of her pussy dropped a stringy wad into my mouth or onto my lips. When Doris does her standup creampie act and the sight of her pulsating pussy gets me aroused, she'll frequently ride me again until I squirt inside her.

Carol's Mom

fetish shoeslayer 2018-05-13

Getting back to Carol asking me about what was in the box Mostly guy stuff I'd imagine, green glass insulators for wires, real old magnets and old telephone magneto's and a few large bra's rolled up with lady style half- glasses and glass beaded neck chains. "Uh huh I came back at noon time sat down with a cold beer in my hand, Janice gets up and sat next to me on the sofa, tells me what a nice morning she had and asked if I enjoyed it, to which I said yeah, you in glasses gets me so horny or words to that effect.

Cum Sponge

fetish Anal_Ally 2018-05-13

Over time, small things became irritants; his urinating on the toilet seat, the boys leaving their empty lager cans and plates for me to clean up in the morning, the expectation that I would do all the washing and ironing without any thanks. It was incredibly arousing to think that Carl knew it was bed change day and had deliberately left his cum for me to have to clean up. It became almost an obsession when I did chance on a fresh pool of his gooey spunk I'd smear it over my most expensive cashmere sweaters or silk underwear, aroused beyond belief at the hours of extra hand washing Carl's cum would cause me.

Fist time giving blow job

fetish RangerDave 2018-05-13

I aggressively stroked Billy's dick and pulled it tight and when I did I started to lick the underside of his dick from the root to the sensitive nerves just under his throbbing cock head. I stroked him a little, drew him tight, and took his throbbing dick head into my mouth and began to suck. Then I moved from sucking his head to taking his length into my mouth and beginning the primal rhythm that I knew would lead him to blow his load. I'd had my cock sucked by women but believe me none of them, before or since, delivered as good a blow job as Billy.

Like A Virgin

fetish k13rz 2018-05-13

He ripped her panties off, began furiously rubbing her wet cunt, which began to drip with her love juice and she moaned into his neck louder and louder as the fingers and palm explored more and more of her moist pussy lips and clitoris. She felt ecstasy pouring down her spine, feelings of euphoria flushing through her body, her nipples sore from their erection and rubbing the inside of her bra. She could feel her vaginal walls wide, hot spasms rushed through her body, from her stomach down inside her pussy and wrapped themselves around his cock. She flopped around his muscular figure, completely devoid of energy and feeling the ecstasy of the first real orgasm a woman has ever felt running riot through her body.

Tasting my precum

fetish jsjosmi501 2018-05-13

I’ve jacked off watching porn of all kinds, masturbated thinking about friends, relatives, co-workers and everyone else. When I have a new masturbation person to fantasize about , I usually try to obtain their picture, then I have a tendency to jerk off thinking about or looking at the picture daily and sometimes two or three times a day. I masturbate to M’s pictures and get really hard and begin a long session of edging. I really like the precum taste; it’s a bit salty but yet somewhat sweet and delicious. If I haven’t cum in a day or more, I shoot an amazing amount of thicker, white semen and I’m pleased with the mess I make all over myself.

St Joseph's School For Girls Ch. 1

fetish Dragonia 2018-05-13

"Fine!" said Jon getting to his feet, sod it he thought, I don’t know why I have to go out of my way to try and teach a spoilt little bitch like this Economics anyway, she obviously doesn't want to learn, what can I do! "Yes," said Jenny slowly getting to her feet, "that’s a good idea!" Jenny stood up and opened the door; she left the room and made her way upstairs to her dorm room where she climbed into bed and fell asleep. Francis came up to Jon and placed her hands on his butt, "any time you want a fuck, come see me," she smiled as she grabbed her bag and walked out of the room.

Human Doll Ch. 02

fetish StoryTeller07 2018-05-13

Rose had been in shock the whole weekend; not getting up till late and then just wandering around the house in a daze unable to answer the phone not wanting to see or talk to anyone. Sometimes we don't meet the right person or happen upon that certain something," John said, looking uncharacteristically thoughtful. "Rose may not be so agreeable, to being foisted onto a stranger," Randall thought out loud as though exploring a new line of thought at the same sounding John out. Thank you so such, I'm looking forward to it," Rose knew he wasn't into the game so it was all the more considerate of him. John thought she looked ridiculous prancing around in the lacy little outfit and kept telling himself it would soon be over.

Doing Rebekah's Bidding

fetish call_me_dana 2018-05-13

At some point during my chat with Sonny, a tall redhead walked into the bar and ordered herself a drink before sitting off to the side of the room. Looking over my smooth chest, a grin crossed his face as I continued to stroke his semi-hard cock. "I didn't offer my finest whiskey boy for you to just suck me off." I stood up but continued stroking his thick cock with my hand. Sonny took the head of his thick, wet cock and pressed it between my cheeks. Rebekah allows me to catch my breath for an instant before grabbing my cock in her large right hand and pulling me close to her.

A Slave Party

fetish Dark Angel 2018-05-13

"If you can remain silent, and not move without me having to bind you, I will allow you to cum when I am finished with your punishment." I took a paddle from my collection on the wall, and began to spank him softly, just hard enough to make his skin tingle. I felt it twitch, knowing how close he was to his orgasm, I told him that he would be allowed to cum in my mouth as you and Greg brought me to my climax. I stopped and released him from the wall, telling him that he would be allowed to choose the whip I used on you.

Bi leather spunk loving teen sluts (complete)

fetish 2018-05-13

But the 18 year-old lad whose head I was pushing between her long legs didn't know just how smooth her pussy would be - or the sticky treat that lay under her leather knickers. I tore her black leather panties off and wrapped the spunk soaked material around my throbbing cock, smearing the spunk from the tip of my dick to the base of my shaft. I held the lad's head tight and ordered him to lick my balls as the whole length of my cock filled his teen slut mouth. The sight was incredible and so was the smell of cunt juice, leather and spunk mixed together.

Stepmom and Me

fetish JhMcKn 2018-05-13

Before I could answer her the bathroom door opened and Velma came in carrying her sheer white panties, her garter belt was all twisted to the left of her , and her brand new stockings had several runners in them. I took her blouse off and left her cut out bra on because her big nipples were sticking out the front of it and I knew I was going to be sucking on them when we went to bed. Velma told me to get a rubber from her dresser drawer, but she wanted to suck my cock before she fucked me. She pulled the rubber on my prick, laid down on the bed, spread her cunt lips wide open and guided my now throbbing cock inside her wet cunt.

Why Did I Make That Call?

fetish Thompson99 2018-05-13

Sarah asked if he or his wife had been married before and Jim let her know that they had not. After he and his wife had exchanged small talk, he told his wife that a girl was sitting next to him waiting for her boyfriend and had started to ask him if old married people still had sex. Sarah was now asking his wife, "Does Jim know any of your past lovers?" She looked back at Jim and said, "You only know two of them. Sarah looked at him and said, "The night you guys met at your friend Mitchel's party, Marie told you she was there because her friend Barb was friends with Mitchel.

Punished by Parents-in-Law Ch. 03

fetish Alfamann 2018-05-13

I quickly dressed, tried to think of parting words to say to my Parents in Law, but ended up just giving them an embarrassed glance as I beat a hasty retreat to the front door. I tried not to think of my Parents in Law deliberately humiliating me, making me strip naked, and having to display my shaved pubic area to them. As the day wore on I found myself reflecting more on my upcoming dinner engagement that night with my Parents in Law. Jane had made it clear I would be punished for being late. I walked closer to my Parents in Law, then closer again as Ben was continuing to beckon with his finger.

Relic Hunter: Elixir of Desire

fetish ViridianQS 2018-05-13

Where are you getting this from anyway?" Claudia quickly closed the browser, but Nigel was sure he saw a photo of a topless woman in quicksand. Could you, you know, start packing perhaps?" Nigel gulped, nodded and left Sydney alone in her office. The ruins were what Nigel expected them to look like: large stone pillars, intricate decorations, and partially consumed by the jungle. Feeling the quicksand grope her own breasts, Sydney gritted her teeth and strained to get hold of Helena. Shaking her head clear, Sydney first helped Helena out of the pit before pulling herself free. Eager to hand off the heavy jar, Helena skirted around the quicksand pit and passed it over to Robert.

Maid of Dishonour

fetish Rodneynimrod 2018-05-13

The photo shoot had been unusually long but once it was over Cathy encouraged Mark to go mingle with his friends while she and her maid of honour disappeared to do some girl stuff. Danielle eased her cunt down on Mark's mouth as he extended his tongue to take a taste of this unexpected wedding gift. The sensation of her husband's cock in her cunt coupled with the way Danielle was caressing her clit drove Cathy perilously close to the orgasmic cliff from which she so desperately wanted to plunge. Mark knelt behind Danielle and eased the head of his cock into her waiting pussy. He glanced over at Cathy whose hand was under her wedding dress rubbing her pussy as she watched him fuck her maid of honour.

An Evening Out

fetish Gojenngo 2018-05-13

Fully dressed, she made her way down the stairs and into the living room where David stood waiting with a nice glass of white wine. “This is Aaron, he’s an expert at body piercing.” Reaching up, David caressed both her exposed nipples. She’d been wanting her nipples pierced since before they met but David had systematically denied her request. As she complied she felt David take her hands and place them behind his neck, this forced her to lean into him, allowing him to support her as Aaron proceeded to clamp both her nipples. Before she could lower her arms, David reached around and gently cupped her breasts, careful not to touch the sore nipples.

The medical examination

fetish DiggerDave 2018-05-13

As I lay on the examination table with my legs open and my nearly hairless pussy in full view of this stranger I was aware that my lips were gaping open and my hole was becoming wet and sticky. I was relieved that it was over but was a little taken aback when the nurse said that she would like to have a second opinion and would it be OK for Doctor Fowler to examine me. I didn't have long to wait as I felt a large finger wipe its way up my moist slit gently parting the puffy flaps of my pussy lips. I heard the doctor tell the nurse that lubrication would not be required and I cringed with embarrassment as I realised that he knew that my pussy was sopping wet.

The Unremovable Unmentionables

fetish Francine-frcxa 2018-05-12

While she might have simply stayed there for the banquet and evening events, she knew she could not count on Art coming alone to join her, and, besides, there was the agreement she had made. She knew she couldn't relieve herself, the way her panties were taped up, yet she wasn't ready to leave the party. Perhaps, she thought, Art would find that he was having such a good time he would want to stay; and maybe, just maybe, he might be willing to help her with the tape situation. "Art, you know I promised I wouldn't stay too late; but you seem to be having such a good time..." He cut her off.

The Smell of Her Persian Love Hole Ch. 02

fetish Subtext 2018-05-12

I was in the home of my Persian mother again and my cock was hard and my diaper was in place and this time I would sleep peacefully through the sounds of her and her husband fucking like wild animals! I came out of my room just as she was going in naked, holding her dress in her hand, cum still streaming down her ass and legs. "Who do you think you are asking me questions!" she shouted as she seized my arm and started leading down the hall back to the guest room. I entered the bed and slid in against her warm, mountainous body, pulling myself in tight against her back, my left arm reaching around to her stomach.

Frat House Cum Queen

fetish JRob 2018-05-12

"Looks like a couple of you haven't shot in weeks because I see a lot of pre-cum and throbbing dicks," said the shameless girl. Jessica merely smiled while she rubbed the cum like she would some special face cream. I stroked my cock as I watched her work the cum she could touch, rubbing it in like it was body lotion. "Oh you guys are so wonderful," said the girl, rubbing the cream into her ass while using her other hand to work her pussy. "You guys were wonderful," said the girl, looking each of us in the eyes and smiling as she lifted her dress over her head and shimmying it down her body.

Kim & Kate Ch. 04

fetish cuckoldwishes 2018-05-12

"We forgot to let Kate out of her room," Kim laughed out loud. I took my seat across from Kim. Kate eyed the open chairs at the table as if hoping she would be invited to sit, but she knew she wasn't allowed at the table. Kim's hand went to the back of Kate's head and guided her in. plans for the future?" I knew they had probably already asked Kim these same questions and now they just wanted to hear my side of things. "I wasn't talking about Kate.." Kim said sheepishly. "Hey Riley, why don't you come over to this side of the tub." Kim asked. This time Kate answered first "He wants me to suck his dick." she said.

The Moonlight Ch. 02

fetish Shagadelic13 2018-05-12

"Reach up and pull those panties into your ass crack so it looks like you're wearing a G, then rub your finger from your ass to your cunt, nice and slowly." "Now, flick the other one with your finger, let's see if you enjoy that as much as pinching." You hastily comply, flicking your right nipple hard with your finger, your body jumping a little bit from the unexpected pain. Now lick my ass you dirty fucking bitch!" You feel my hand go behind your head and push forward, and then your tongue is in my asscrack; you quickly pull it back into your mouth, but I grab your hair in my hand and twist.