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Erotic Fetish stories

A large collection of fetisch short stories covering everything from pantyhoses to feet and more.

Karen's Toes in Silky Wet Hose

fetish Bacomicfan 2018-05-12

Those dry toenails, looking like five squirming, tasty cherries, seemed to work their way into my brain, telling it how juicy their little shrimp-like toes would be to nibble on. After licking and sucking Karen's cute, sensitive toes for several long, tasty minutes, I stopped the torture and pulled back. "Come to think of it," I quickly added, "I'd like to yank those juiced panties off of you and replace them with my smiling face after I suck your toes. Karen had just finished making a comment to one of her coworkers about how her boss's secretary should take out stock in a knee pad company when she immediately turned to me and whispered in my ear, "When we get home you damn well better suck my toes, you tease.

Stretch My Tight Hole

fetish 2018-05-12

The bench raised my arse up and the way she strapped my legs meant that my tight little hole was at full view. Before I knew what was happening the pain did stop to be replaced with a new sensation of a rubber gloved hand inserting 2 fingers into my tight little arse. She came up behind me and I could feel the tip of her strap-on cock pushing against my arse until she slipped it in and started fucking me. I felt utterly degraded and humilated as I wanked in front of her and she told me what a pathetic sissy slut I was.

A Fantasy

fetish Anongirl 2018-05-12

I asked her what she meant and Sandra told me Sue would wear short skirts and flash people during class. She didn't see me looking from the basement steps but I got a great view of her hot pink clad pussy as she flashed all there. When Sue came into the kitchen I told her I saw her flashing her pussy and butt to the other kids and asked her what she thought an appropriate punishment was. She said Sandra already told her she got spanked and she expected the same thing. In the basement over the sawhorse with panties off and spanked with paddle for flashing, followed by a butt fuck. When I came back Sandra was naked and using up the paddle on Sues ass.

Black Mamba - pt 3

fetish germanboi4bbc 2018-05-12

"Does my little girl like sucking her Mommas big black cock? "Vanessa" chain and a bitch collar, I knew then, I wanted Jennifer to fuck me. Mistress Jennifer then spat on the bulbous head of the phallic like whip As if reading my mind Mistress said, "You be a good girl and do as your My black goddess told me that I was a good girl and for sucking her cock heels and bitch collar saying that I could now wear any shoes that I liked as long began to water thinking of that fat black cock and how good it tasted when it Wearing only my wig, Vanessa chain, bitch collar and high heeled slides

Sniffing Her Panties: Caught

fetish rickiee_2002 2018-05-12

I immediately knew they were Erin's, because her mother was on the heavy side, so there was no way these little panties belonged to her. "Oh my fucking god, you are going to stand there with my panties up to your nose and act like nothing has happened?" sniffing and licking the panties of an 18 year old girl. She looked at me and said, "I'm trying to figure out how to make this to my advantage!" "First of all, if you were wondering what the dried white cream was in my panties ... I want you to remove your pants and underwear and show me what your hard cock looks like." "I see you love licking my panty covered pussy little man.

The Belladonna Sisters Ch. 02

fetish Eosphorus 2018-05-12

Hardly ninety-minutes ago, I was fucking the shit out of Bonnie while Dan drilled Charlotte in the other room. I slid my shirt over my head and tossed it aside and Charlotte, as though reading my thoughts, pushed down her pants until they hung halfway down her soft round rear and bright pink panties were revealed. A minute into fucking her and she was howling and squealing so loud passers-by on the street might've paused in their stroll to wonder whether it was bloody murder or mind-blowing sex taking place up at 221b. My mind next turned to thoughts of Charlotte, how amazing it was fucking her from behind clutching her enormous ass cheeks.

The Sex Show Ch. 02

fetish CafeExtreme 2018-05-12

Simon Cumwell: If you spin the wheel and land on bukkake, get readu as the cocks line up to coat your face in cum. Simon Cumwell: Combined Melinda, there is12 inches of prime American cock meat here for you, and if you can work it over, you'll pocket three grand cash for you. Simon Cumwell: Okay Angus, pass Melinda the lube and she's going to oil up your cock. Simon Cumwell: That pussy is looking ready to go, and I don't know how much longer those cocks can hold out. Marcellus is still twisting away underneath nearing his climax, with one last effort he raises Melinda nearly off the bed and cums in her crowded pussy.

In You or On You

fetish kronan 2018-05-12

While she was doing this I took another container of food, opened it, it was some sort of pork thing in red sweet and sour sauce, I stood over her and spilled the contents over her back. As I stood there stunned, she reached in for egg rolls and grabbed one, opened the elastic band of my shorts and dropped it in, then crushed it into my crotch from the outside. I came up from behind took a handful and pulled her small bra and rubbed it into her left tit, then quickly followed to her right.

The Immobilizer / A Tickle Torture Story

fetish 2018-05-12

As it turned out Ms. Fiona Winters was actually a robotics engineer who had been working on futuristic machines since she had left college. One day after class Ms. Winters asked Zara if she would like to come to her workshop lab to have a look at some of her machines. “So what’s your latest machine Fiona?” Zara asked That’s right Zara it’s a foot tickling machine and there is nothing u can do to stop it! The other screens showing close ups of Zara soles being tickled were great to watch too. Fiona could see Zara trying to curl her toes to give her some relief but the bracket moulds held true. Fiona went into the room where Zara laying and started loosening the straps.

Black Orgasms Ch. 01

fetish laced_bound 2018-05-12

I stared at the charismatic guitar player's face for a moment, taking in his breathtaking looks, straggly hair and smudged eyeliner, before turning and making my way to Adrian. "I want to kiss you Adrian, please." Still with his hand under my skirt he leaned over and softly touched his lips to mine. One night in the middle of the tour Adrian pulled me into his dressing room after a show and said he wanted to talk to me about something. Minutes later he and I were kissing passionately, his hands drifting down over my t-shirt, (the only thing I had on), taking it off and touching my body exactly the way I loved. They both seemed satisfied with this answer, smiling, Adrian kissed my lips and James traced his tongue down my neck.

Kinky Adele Mummy Fucker

fetish Sissy Adele Howells 2018-05-12

Her pretty daughter Francesca was eighteen years old and turning into a pretty sex machine, like her mother. As I chatted to Tony, my cock stiffened up at the thought of a kinky affair with his pretty wife. Saying goodbye to Tony and licking my lips at Hayley, I left the cafe for Adele's house. Then to my delight Adele's daughter, Francesca came into the room. Francesca Howells looked a very sexy eighteen year old and Adele had told me she was a virgin. Adele undressed me and dressed me up in Francesca, s school uniform. "Doesn't he look lovely Francesca?" Adele said. She was a tall, pretty girl, with long, blonde hair and the same age as Francesca.

Addicted to Cum Part 2

fetish 425olds 2018-05-12

Beth and I had indulged my cum addiction for awhile now, an addiction that included not only me eating my own sperm from her freshly fucked cunt or snowballing my load with her after she'd sucked me dry in her unbelievably hot mouth, but drinking it directly from the source –other men. Beth planted a kiss on his lips once, twice and by the third time Jack was so caught up in the feeling of fucking my wife's hot cunt that he went wild, frenching her madly, tasting his own cum, sucking it out of her mouth and shooting it back inside. "Fuck my hot asshole, stud, fill me with that big cock!" she screamed, smiling at me as Jack filled my backside with his huge dick.

more panty fetish continued

fetish sw201164 2018-05-12

I posted on craigslist that i wanted some sexy panties and a 27yr. After a few public exchanges Jamie trusted me enough that she had me just come by the house to pick them up. After about 3 times of just picking them up at the dorr she finally let me in the house. I told her i always wanted to stroke my cock in front of a girl w/ their panties. i would stare at her (voyuer) and stroke my cock and blow my load in her panties and just leave. I even got her to wear a skirt a few times and slide her panties off in front of me and handthem to me, the warmth of those panties made my cock rage!

At Shauna's Feet Ch. 1

fetish Bacomicfan 2018-05-12

It struck Shauna how silly he looked sitting there staring at her with her big toe mashed against his mouth waiting to be kissed. She waited about thirty seconds, and when he still hesitated, she took her foot away from his mouth and said, "Where did you put my shoes, Sam? I'm" He leaned forward again and kissed her toe several times, holding her foot by the heel and the opposite side, cradling it protectively as his lips tried slavishly to comfort her imaginary pain. You're going to be much too busy rubbing my feet." She sat back against the back of the booth, crossed her arms on her chest, still holding the drink, and looked Sam in the eyes.

The Dominasstrix

fetish naughtygurl30 2018-05-12

It took some effort, I could feel my pussy getting moist again as I longed to slip the black shlong inside of me, but I set the cock and all its straps aside and turned my attention to the container of lubricant. I had a fleeting concern of using too much, like the authorities might find me a few days later with the Dominasstrix shoved up my butt and my mind turned to blissfully submissive mush, but the stronger smell of sandalwood and the intensifying buzz that came with it, swept all those fears away. With the slipperiness of the lube working its magic, I felt my ass just open up and accept the girth of the cock in my hand.

Becoming the Bull Ch. 02

fetish Innocent_Outside 2018-05-12

"Pull your cock out," she said as she continued to look at the various products. While I stroked I watched her move quickly to the office supplies, pause, and then come back holding a ruler in her hand. She started to put up a bit of a fight, getting a hand free to try pushing me away, nearly bucking me off as we move entirely onto the bed, and twisting her body in an attempt to squirm away. Once I had taken hold of both of her wrists I straddled her ass and began to grind against her, running my quickly growing penis between her cheeks. I waited a moment before releasing both of her wrists, then used one hand to halfheartedly slap her left cheek.

Mother-in-law Panty Fun

fetish kebbyman 2018-05-12

He aimed his big fuck stick at the dirty crotch and thought about how sexy his MILF mother-in-law would look with the wet panties plastered to he juicy love mound. He was caught red handed with a pair of his mother-in-laws dirty panties in each hand and a rather large, now deflating cock still dripping pre-cum hanging from the open fly of his jeans. She could see Evan getting ready to make a mess of her dirty panties when she said, "Evan, don't cum yet, I want to get a closer look." With that, Judy squatted down in front of Evan, eye level with his obscenely hard cock.

Couldn't Help Myself

fetish Secrettie 2018-05-12

It felt so erotic, looking at my boyfriend's sleeping face as I felt up his best friend's cock with my ass. I have no idea why Jerry wanted me, as far I was concerned she was far hotter than me, but as I took one of his balls into my mouth and felt his cock cover the length of my face, I was not about to dwell on it. He moved a hand up to my mouth and covered it, I hadn't realised how loud I was moaning, as he started fucking me while pulling my ass down onto his cock repeatedly. I felt Jerry sort out his clothes and turn away to spoon Kitty, his best friend's girlfriend's cum dripping all over his cock and balls.

Guiding Natasha

fetish rnumbers123 2018-05-12

He'd come with his wife, Sveta to a party we had hosted at our apartment, mostly attended by Natasha's Russian-speaking friends. Keep in mind Natasha always laughed at Anton's jokes, enjoyed singing old Soviet Pioneer songs and dancing to Russian-language pop with him during our drunker late nights. We'd had great sex as she described looking at one of her friend's naked ass from behind, how her eyes were drawn to her pubic hair and lips as she'd bent over a bathtub as they were getting ready to go out one evening. I closed my eyes and allowed myself to imagine Anton trying to kiss my Natasha.

At the Dentist

fetish rampe 2018-05-12

While the dentist looks like a classic beauty the nurse looks little spicy. For the first time I hear the nurse's voice when she says, "I have to remove your jeans to inject the medicine." My head spins a little because of the gas I'm breathing and I only think, "What did she say?" When she begins undressing me I wonder if I really heard right. I am feeling like the water would come out of my mouth when the valve is turned off and the waste line opens. All the time the nurse stands beside me and when it looks like I'm done she starts to massage my stomach and it moves a little bit more water out of me.

Curious WM 30

fetish naughty_bi_interest 2018-05-12

A curious guy wants to find someone to satisfy his need to know what it would be like to have a man give him head. To answer the nagging question, "what does it feel like to go down on your knees and willingly take another man's manhood into your mouth and pleasure him?" For years you have wondered, for years you've had a recurring masturbation fantasy. I ordered coffee and was working on my second refill, beginning to loose hope and feeling foolish when a young man approached, laid a copy of the paper on the table and said, "Hi, I'm Phil." You are curious about letting a man go down on you and I would love to find out what a nice hard cock feels like when it erupts in my mouth.

The Village 5: Preparations

fetish catherine-belmont 2018-05-12

“Suck it like a good little slut and I will let you cum.” He pushed his cock into the hot confines of her mouth, feeling her lips close tightly around it when the female servant whirled the metal object against her clit. Her throat bobbed up and down as she fought to take the thick crème into her stomach, her body shaking as the orgasms ripped through her body, the female servant moving the strange object between her clit and nipples so fast it felt like it never left, the vibrating merging one orgasm into the next until she fainted from the exquisite pleasure.

Don't Kiss Me

fetish naughty_bi_interest 2018-05-12

I was so excited to wear these sissy things, hoping Sam would want to fuck my pussy or let me suck her cock or kiss her precious ass mouth. It had been less than a week since these dramatic changes in my behavior occurred, yet when I tried to think about what had motivated my new attitude and increased devotion to Sam, my mind what just flooded with images of cocks, cum and licking ass, and I squirmed with an ecstatic pleasure that made all other thoughts unimportant. I knew deep down if I tried to think for myself or remember my past life, thoughts of cocks and cum and ass would flood my consciousness, and the pleasure of being a sissy bitch for Sam, Mistress Sam, I corrected myself, was my only enduring reality.


fetish alibodge 2018-05-12

I served up the sweet, and the coffee, there was a long silence, mum was obviously thinking over her daughter`s proposition, when the girl added that she would “be happy to learn the trade, without pay for a while if that was the problem!” it seemed to swing the argument and with a smile Sam said “well we could give it a trial I suppose, but first a doctors visit, contraception, and so on, I will chat with ‘Old Nick’ (he`s the doctor on our books) and we shall see.” She smiled a sugar sweet smile then asked; “have you given many blow jobs yet?” to which Tina, smiled disarmingly and grinned “some,” glancing at me, and sadly giving away that she had been practising on me.