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Erotic Fetish stories

A large collection of fetisch short stories covering everything from pantyhoses to feet and more.

Paying Back What is Owed

fetish Irishqt1980 2018-05-12

“Gianna,” he moaned, his hand moved forward and slowly slid down the front, he stopped and shook his head, “no, we can’t. “Fuck,” he cursed as my teeth nipped him lightly, “you’re fucking crazy, but I don’t have that kind of money, and shit,” my mouth closed over the head of his thick cock and I flicked my tongue against it, “you’re right, I have wondered what it would be like to fuck you.” “I’m sorry I didn’t hear you boy,” I slid my fingers out and teased he tight hole with the phallus, “you want this cock in you?” “You like your Mistresses cock boy?” I stared down at him with satisfaction as he whimpered in response as the phallus slid into his ass.

A Peculiar Examination

fetish JAWS67 2018-05-12

By the time John managed to inhale again after the Nurse's performance he realized three quite worrisome things: One, his penis couldn't help but start to stiffen a bit at the sight of that magnificent butt, Two the Doctor had just taken hold of his left (and slightly larger/lower hanging) testicle, and Three the contact felt good, which wasn't very surprising since it was skin to skin...evidently Dr. Parker had decided to finish examining his genitals with her hands as bare as his lower half currently was! Finally Dr. Parker decides to put a pair of exam gloves back on and lets John know that she will be starting his DRE by 'spreading his bottom wide and taking a close look at his opening before inserting a well-lubricated finger'.

Walt and Rhonda Ch. 13

fetish toomuchinmyhead 2018-05-12

"Fuck, suck my clit, you bastard, you make me wait so long, you fucking tease," she babbled, "fucking make me cum, make me cum in your mouth!" He redoubled his efforts, and slipped a hand from her leg to her pussy, beneath his chin, slipping two fingers easily inside her, and stroking her hot tunnel as he licked. "Take it, you dirty girl, suck yourself off my cock." Her eyes twinkled at his as he watched her mouth open for him, his cock head dangling above her face, brushing her lips, and then saw her tongue emerge, flat and wide, and she craned her neck to lick him from his balls to the head, before wrapping her lips around the head.

Puppy Love

fetish NaughtyV 2018-05-12

I knew J was going to start worrying about me so I rushed in and got what he wanted and headed back to the house. J sat down on the couch and rubbed my back with one of his socked feet as he flipped though channels on the t.v. He was really treating me like a dog. He had the leash still in hand and I felt a stinging pain as he took the woven handle and slapped my ass with it. He continued to fuck me on all fours but suddenly pulled out, slapped my ass and told me to turn over. I licked his face once more before he pulled out and I crawled over to the bed and curled up next to it.

Caught by mum's boyfriend.

fetish 2018-05-12

I tried not to moan, because I didn’t want him to know that I was enjoying it, but I couldn’t help it. “Have you ever sucked a cock before, sweetheart?” I couldn’t help but stare at his cock… It was massive and if you knew how to use it I could see why mum liked him! I could feel his cock fucking my mouth and I gagged every time it went to the back of my throat. You are so tight!” I was letting out small moans every time I could feel his cock all the way inside me. I started to ride faster and faster, every time I went all the way in my clit hit his belly and it felt so good.

Love from a stranged

fetish samvimes 2018-05-12

The tongue which had toyed with my nipples was pushed between my lips and a kiss that felt like my very soul was being sucked from me. I moaned as she sucked my cock-head into her mouth and swallowed it as far as she could and believe me, that was a long way. I don’t know how long but I woke to feel the blindfold removed from my eyes and Jenny smiling down at me. “Hmmm, my boy looks like he’s had a hard time,” she said, her hand going down to my cock. “Can’t speak with my mouth full,” she said with a grin and engulfed my hard cock, still covered in the remains of the mystery woman.

Bennie the Cuckold

fetish AfricanWriter 2018-05-12

"I want you down here right now" I walked towards her and immediately Stan stopped and looked at my midsection with shock in his eyes."Damn Bennie, your belly has swallowed your cock" Sharon broke out in laughter. Sharon stepped in, "Bennie, I am going to try and use humiliation to motivate you, I talked to Stan and he was friendly enough to offer his services, at an additional cost of cause, from now on we all work out naked." As soon as she said this, Stan took off his clothes, my eyes were fixed on his cock, and it was about 9 inches soft and very thick. Finally the kiss broke off and they turned to look at me, "hey Bennie, looks like you are enjoying the scene look, I can see the tip of your cock for the very time" Stan yelled to which Sharon broke down in laughter.

The Drive

fetish modestone32 2018-05-12

You open the back door to the car and climb in seductively, on your hands and knees noticing the guy staring at the perfect shape of your ass. As he opens his mouth to begin his worship of your feet, you begin pushing two fingers all the way inside your pussy, and you watch him. A woman on her back, her skirt hitched up, fingers plunging in and out of her pussy, with her legs in the air, in the face of the guy sitting next to her, facing forward, sucking the dirt off her feet. You are kicking out at the guy's face and he is trying to hold your feet still so that his Worship isn't interrupted by your all-consuming orgasm.

A Company Man Ch. 4

fetish John41inTX 2018-05-12

So, I looked at Susie and Nancy and said, "I guess we better get started or we'll be late!" They both smiled at me. I laughed at that and told Karen, "Well, I doubt if you could buy figurines of a cross-dressed male and his new "husband."" Karen laughed at that and said, "But darling, we are the center pieces!'" She took my hand and led me to a round cake shaped dais. Janet, my mother-in-law, laughed and said, "Yes, Jackie, it's mine whenever I want it!" My cock was beginning to harden as I felt her slide in and out. I am honored that each of you joined with him in celebrating this event." While she was doing that, Nancy and Susie had placed their hands on my cock and balls, and were slowly jacking me off.

The Gay Nuru Massage Dare

fetish 2018-05-12

'Well if a guy says it then I guess it must be true,' Sandy replied, enjoying the feel of Adam's hands now working down to his lower back. Sandy could sense straight away that his hands were no longer in play and before he could say anything else, the undeniable sensation of his new friend's warm and slippery naked body sliding up against the back of his thighs and butt engulfed his senses and attacked his consciousness. 'Oh about fifty minutes,' Adam guessed, now riding the small of Sandy's back and applying more gel, just so that his cock and balls could really work themselves in.

His Problem Solved Ch. 05

fetish jollyrancher 2018-05-12

Instantly Kim had that 'deer caught in the headlights' expression on her face and I actually thought she was going to start running down the stairs before Pam could explain that she knew all about the towel episode and that had been nothing compared to what we had done at the nude beach. You could tell that Kim wanted to ask something but just couldn't quite make herself do it, so Pam told her that nothing she could ask would embarrass either of us and that this might be her only opportunity to have her questions answered in this kind of setting. I had been making a conscious effort to relax it and when Kim said that she could tell a lot of difference Pam suggested that she slip her finger out and then replace it with two.

A Little Less Conversation

fetish Theranna 2018-05-12

She shifted in her seat inside the car, refusing to look at him as this time his hand wreaked pure havoc on her thigh beneath her skirt. He laid the blanket a few yards from the car and then turned to her, knowing she was watching him and crooked his finger at her. He didn’t kiss her this time, watching her face and her mouth to see if she would trust him and in silence she remained, her eyes losing focus as his arm tensed and relaxed, moving in and out of her spread thighs, pushing in and pulling out the bottle he’d just filled with a warm liquid in and out of her.

All or nothing

fetish 2018-05-12

"Oh, my God," a female voice said, and Tonya looked up with tear filled eyes to see two college age girls who had just walked around the corner from the pool and were now staring at her with shocked looks on their faces. "Well, I must say for a snobby little rich bitch, you didn't do too bad," Isabella said, finally allowing Tonya to leave the corner and resume her earlier position, kneeling on the floor with her bottom resting on the soles of her bare feet. She heard the door to the room open and foolishly thought Isabella might cease her activities since they had been discovered, but instead she only started spanking her harder and Tonya realized it was Lisa and Beth who had walked in accompanied by a bell boy they had recruited to carry their bags.

Golden Rules Ch. 02

fetish peemypanties 2018-05-12

I looked towards where she was standing and saw a group of 3 guys staring openly, watching her piss her panties. As I walked towards the group, their conversation grew quieter and soon they were all silenced as I stood just a few feet away. If I walked away I'd probably lose my chance completely, so I decided to continue like a stubborn child. As I looked around the room I saw three guys, each had their dick out of the fly of their pants, and they were all peeing on this girl. As I stood there watching still, I failed to realize the guys heading towards the door.

A f****y Friend Indeed....Part 13

fetish Croozer 2018-05-12

We small-talked as she put her dress on a hangar, foled up her pantyhose, and burgundy coloured half slip, saying, "well, this will fill my hamper to overflowing...better do laundry tomorrow night." The thought of her hamper full of her underwear had my mind swimming, as she said, "I so enjoyed our evening together a couple of weeks ago...did you?" I was sitting with my legs apart, and I knew she had seen my erection, but didn't care. I was about to say I did, when she said, "oh hon, I can see by the size of the bulge in your pants that you like something you've been seeing in here tonight." At that, she stood up, slipped into the black high heels which were on the floor, untied the belt of her robe, and let it fall open.

Being Slutty...

fetish 2018-05-12

That was obviously all the encouragement he needed because his hands grasped my hair tighter and pulled hard, forcing his cock straight down my throat. I have very little experience with all this so I wasn't able to take much at one time, both unable to breathe and sure I was going to puke at any second, so he went easy on me and didn't f***e me too hard. Still, there were a couple of moments where I gagged a little too hard and had to turn away and spit out all that gooey spit so that I could breathe again before taking him back down my throat, finally feeling him cum and swallowing every drop.

Prostate Exam

fetish 2018-05-12

The doctor put on a latex glove and covered her finger and around my asshole with lube. My wife and the doctor began dialoguing about what the doctor was feeling for in my tight ass. The doctor began encouraging my wife that she could perform these checkups as well, and invited her to put on a glove with lube. The doctor guided my wifes hand in my ass and told her that if she feels any lumps to see a doctor in the future. The doctor exclaimed as looked down for a moment, "Uh oh, looks he's enjoying this too much." The doctor quickly grabbed a spare latex glove and put it over my cock saying, "Not in the floor honey." I began cumming in the glove as I turned around bright red, embarrassed for what happened.

my arab wife jesmina with my boss alfred

fetish myarabwife26 2018-05-12

Every day she come late in home, After 3 weeks gone , alfred, give me promotion to administrative section nice job good salary , and he give me something to do in office without his presents ,we are soo happy ,in that evening ,marker our office account manger party me and jesmina invited,she wear nice long red skirt and use arabian perfume its smell more seducing, we reached there , aftersome time alfred come we small talk and he offer a drink and we drink that’s time jesmina come there hai to alfred someone change music nice dance song ‘lady in red’ he is in mood alfred ask jesmina can we dance she look at me I told her go head its ok , alfred take her hand start dance she hold his left shoulder they talking and dancing change steps he dance more closer, his face touch my wife face at last song finish he just kiss her cheek, she look at me I wave hand like its ok.

Fantasy To Reality Ch. 02

fetish Reverse_Cowboy 2018-05-12

Adrian turned to get something and saw Travis standing naked in the kitchen doorway still covered in dried cum from the previous night with a look of deep thought on his face as he stared at her. As Adrian and Clara walked into the bedroom, Travis’ eyes went wide with surprise at seeing one of his wife’s close friends with her, but, when he saw how both women were dressed, his dick grew instantly hard. As Adrian was speaking to Travis, Clara moved so that she was standing behind her where she reached around Adrian’s body and caressed her breasts and rolled her nipples between her fingers.

Toilet Slavery With A Work Mate

fetish shpitz989 2018-05-12

It was a long time that I had a fantasy that a beautiful, mean girl would use me as a toilet, and I thought to myself - maybe I can make this fantasy come true with Carolina. She touched my mouth again with her fingers, ensuring that it is open, and said "Do you want to drink my pee?" She stopped peeing, touched my mouth with her fingers and said "Now, swallow it!" I saw her cruel smiling face looking at me and got very horney with the think that I've just swallowed her shit, and that I have more shit to eat. I continued chewing the rest of the shit I got in my mouth and on my face and swallowed everything, until finally there was no shit on me anymore.

Taking Care of Business

fetish Poo-Bear 2018-05-12

Over the course of his teenaged years, Dylan had, like all boys his age, developed an affinity towards the wonders of the female body, but something more had set him apart from the rest of his peers, whom only went as far as obsessing over the usual combination of tits and ass. The following Monday, Dylan eagerly awaited Sarah's arrival, while Eric and Josh were both busy overseeing the filming of two videos in progress. Dylan proceeded to familarize Sarah with the key points of what the video productions entailed, when he was suddenly interrupted by the rumbling "whoosh" of the overhead toilet, followed by a deep, male voice mingling with playful, female laughter.

Janet Helps a Fantasy

fetish vinceh23 2018-05-12

After about ten minutes, Janet raised herself on her elbow, looked at me and said, "thank you, panty boy, I sure did enjoy that." She put her hand down to her swollen labia, stuck a few fingers in her vagina and brought the sweet nectar to her lips, tasting it and commenting, "I sure enjoyed that." Repeating the action she then put her fingers in my mouth, "I just know how much you like that. I do as I'm told and Janet then stands over my face, legs apart and tells me to look up her skirt, saying "I know what men like to do. I stand there, bra filled with tits, panties tight with my erections, and starting to leak a little pre cum.

The Submissive Wife Ch. 02

fetish Authorman1969 2018-05-11

Bobby was wild with desire from Linda urging him on and with the power of fucking a girl in the ass for the first time that he just pumped and pumped into her bowels like a wild man until he finally started squirting every bit of cum he had into her. "Yes sir." Oh shit he is going to raise my skirt and he will see my most private parts through my panties and he will feel my ass in a way a young woman should not be felt by a man she doesn't really know. " And with that statement George again rested his hand on my ass cheeks but this time he let a finger reach for my wet excited pussy.

The Harem Slave Ch. 17

fetish naughtybabygirl 2018-05-11

"I hear there's a very naughty, dirty little girl who wants to give an old man the time of his life." "Put those big jugs in my face, little girl," he moaned. Sophie moaned in surprise and pleasure, allowing herself to be fucked by this older man. Sophie felt a hand between her buttocks, and let out a long, loud moan as the plug was pulled from her ass. The old man moaned, juggling her heavy tits as he pushed into her. When the last drops finally fell, Sophie climbed off the bed, eager to get rid of this man. "What is—oh my god!" The old man rushed to her side, but Sophie pushed him away.