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Erotic Fetish stories

A large collection of fetisch short stories covering everything from pantyhoses to feet and more.


fetish QCALit 2018-05-11

"Yes I do" said Holly, "let the pee out of that alien penis, i'll time you." I was a little reluctant to show Holly my cock right next to Nick's but it would give me a better view of her turn. I had a strong urge to let this pee out and I suspected Holly did too even though she was playing it cool.She kept that mischevious smile but she was squirming a little and her thighs were pressed together. In my head I pictured the stream coming out of Nick's huge penis and then thought about what it would look like to see a strong stream coming out of Holly's hairy pussy. "Bet it's going to feel good to let out that pee," Nick said.

A Wonderful Wife

fetish Deecee29 2018-05-11

After a few minutes of talking about this situation, which was upsetting to me, Lora eased my fears and said that she didn't have any plans to leave me just because she was fucking Jake and other black men. He then asked me if I ate my wife's cum filled pussy like a lot of cuckold husbands whose wives were white sluts for Black men. I of course prepared myself for the possibility that I might be ass ****d, each time I went out with a guy or group of guys to suck dicks, but I didn't flatter myself that any of these he-men really would want to do me that way.

How I became a black cock slut III

fetish Roxyblack 2018-05-11

I knew that when Glenn gave Leroy (our big black dildo) head with me that we were just acting out what we saw on the porn we were watching; and I know that it took a lot of “seduction” on my part to get him to do it (read previous story for all the details); but when he finally started sucking that schlong I could “feel” a change come over him. Smoking and feeling naughty I surprised myself (you know I just love doing that!) by just turning to Leroy, catching his eyes, taking a long sexy pull off my smoke, and then huskily asking “Are you going to fuck me with that big thick nigger cock tonight baby?” At this I heard Glenn moan and looked over to see him shooting his load, making his pants wet from the inside out.

Sissy Boy Secretary Ch. 06

fetish Hotenuf4u 2018-05-11

"On your hands and knees Sissy Boy, just like you know how!" Lisa responded as I quickly got on all fours wanting to avoid further slaps to my already on fire ass. "Well," Lisa said, "I think Sissy Boy needs to learn how to service a big black cock since it is too nasty for you or me to do." My eyes lit up at that last suggestion. I need to do something for you now," with that Elaine took the strap-on into her wet pussy to cover it in her juices, "Enjoy this just this once Sissy Boy since it will never happen again!" Taking the dildo out of her sweet pussy, the juices shining in the light, Elaine turned Lisa to place the strap-on into my open and waiting hungry mouth.

How she came to love cock

fetish 2018-05-11

I would like to come over to his house Saturday night and watch a rented movie I finally had another cock in my mouth besides Mike's. played with my pussy while my left hand worked his cock and balls as I sucked. the other hand, wanting to help him cum hard. Suddenly he pulled my head up and grabbed his cock out of my hands. "Now, what your going to do is just put the head of my cock in your mouth I shuddered and breathed heavily through my nose as Julius' hand started "Yeah...swallow love to suck cock and eat cum...come on...take "Come on slut...finish me," he said, pumping still more cum into my mouth

Doing Her Bidding

fetish Art 2018-05-11

She moved over on the bed, spread those sexy legs and said, "Come on Sam, time to make a real nice creampie for Mark. "Fuck me nice and hard Mark, make me come all over your hard cock just like you saw me cum on Sam's," she moaned. I now started fucking as fast and hard as I could, going very deep and coming out until I had just the head of my cock inside her hot pussy. There was a loud shriek from Keri and she went over the edge, her pussy tightening noticeably around my thrusting cock and her legs tried to hold me deep inside her as she got off and I put spurt after thick spurt of my cum into her.

My Sister's Maid

fetish Compliant1 2018-05-11

The problem was that I had unintentionally backed Brandi into a corner and my sister is not one to back down, so I was doing my best to change her mind about throwing Kevin out of the house. "Won't you at least let me drive him somewhere where he might find a job and a place to stay?" She stopped folding clothes and looked at me. Any thoughts that Brandi would change her mind were dashed with one look at the triumphant smile on her face. So, while the tenants, the girlfriends and I looked on, Brandi used her bare hand to administer a sound spanking on his upturned bottom.

Becoming Melissa's Cuckold Pt. 04

fetish GreyMatterH 2018-05-11

"Last night" Melissa started, "after - you know...Victoria and I had a long talk, about everything and she made me think about some things." We gave Diane a complete run down, starting with how we met in high school right up until the night before when Victoria and Melissa caught me masturbating in her bed. While I was trying to wrap my head around that, Diane turned to Melissa and said, "And you've got to stop being a doormat for Grey. "Right, so the next time Melissa is away for a few days and you're left all alone in your apartment and you know that Melissa's panties are just waiting there in her room for you, you're just going to suppress those feelings and wait for Melissa to get back?"

The Inaraa incident.

fetish Kinganal92 2018-05-11

Deeming her wet enough, Ryan slid two fingers into her pussy and explored while his mouth continued to work on her swollen clit. Inaraa grabbed his hand and sucked on his pussy soaked fingers like they were the cock she really wanted. Inaraa started to shudder and Ryan saw that with each thrust, his cock was coming out covered in ever increasing amounts of her thick cum. When neither could stand it any longer, Ryan pulled his cock out of her quivering pussy and rested the tip on her mouth. At the last moment, Ryan pulled his cock from her mouth and Inaraa extended her tongue, mouth open, showing him exactly where she wanted him to shoot his load.

Nylon Fetish

fetish jf1943uk 2018-05-11

My sister Ann was 2 years older than me and I remember well when father brought home a pair of stockings and a garter belt for her and I watched in awe as she tried them on in front of us all in the living room. She made no move to resist me and as I kissed her and probed her mouth with my tongue I let my hand slide up her legs and felt her silky nylons. She took every opportunity she could to play with and suck my cock, in the car, parking or driving, in the cinema, in quiet corners of a night club, in fact anywhere, any time. The girls were locked into a deep open mouthed kiss and Sue's hand was stroking Suzanne's legs.

Revenge Cums Sweet

fetish slyc_willie 2018-05-11

I heard the flap of the door from the dining room, looked as Michelle came toward me. Michelle glanced over her shoulder, looking back toward Mrs. Gould – the only customer in the dining room – as she mixed her iced tea. I was about to ask what Michelle was going to do when she sunk to her knees before me and, without a moment's hesitation, slipped her hot, warm, wet mouth around my dick, sucking hard and eagerly. Michelle moaned appreciatively, sucking tenderly, slipping her lips up to the head of my spasming cock and pumping her mouth just a little. Michelle and I watched from the counter as Mrs. Gould sat in the dining room, devouring her salad.

The Break Up

fetish BuckyDuckman 2018-05-11

"Can I ask why?" Alicia said, her blue eyes burrowing into my brown ones. "You just know it's not me," she said, pulled her hand from beneath mine and taking a sip of her drink. "Order me another one of these before you leave, okay?" Standing up, she walked over to the guy who couldn't stop staring at her. "Thanks for the drink," Alicia said, touching my shoulder before she sat back across from me as if nothing was happening. "You don't I blew that guy for nothing, do you?" she asked, grabbing my hand as we laughed and left the restaurant with other diners staring at Alicia's face. "Fuck you," she said, grabbing my face in her hands and laying a kiss on my lips.

Alien Implant

fetish someonelse812 2018-05-11

After she stopped coughing she crawled all the way to the edge of the couch and as instructed, she made a pouty face and looked at frank with her big brown eyes and asked in a sweet tone of voice, “Can I please suck on your cock daddy? Frank was not circumcised, Renee didn’t approve; she thought that foreskins were dirty and disgusting and said that even if she were to have sex with a man again she would never fuck a guy with a foreskin. Renee bit her lip, normally she would have thought the idea of sticking to a script and saying things she was commanded to say would be lame, but as commanded, every time she called him daddy her pussy twitched and she got just a little more wet.

Great Pain

fetish Spar 2018-05-11

"Tell Mistress what you want Dirty Boy. Your prick is oozing juice and your ass is dancing on the floor." Tell Me what you want me to do." Her toes begin to dance on his scrotum, pressing softly and quickly from one nut to the other. Give it to me Mistress." His knees to his chest, ass cheeks spread-wide with the pressure of his fingers, he works to open and close his asshole. He pushes out and contracts in a rhythm that actually causes two things: his cock oozes pre-cum and his asshole loosenes in a manner very obvious to his Mistress. It is so open, your own pre-cum is dripping into it." At this point his Mistress extends her big toe, and with an erotic thrust, she forces it deep into the wide-open anus.

Slut Club

fetish MistahJ 2018-05-11

It was like a little pet, that skirt, doing tricks for her-- crawling up her thighs so slowly as she licked her lips, watching her English teacher's hungry expression. It made Mr. Hawkins feel like a man, Mandy knew. Hawkins looked up, as if shocked; he was disappointed, but the way her ruby red lips looked as he licked them, looking away shyly, shamefully-- he'd have killed for some head. He placed his hands on her head, pulling her hair in a way she loved; so she rewarded him by taking his entire cock down her throat, moaning as she did so, sending electric sensations up along his body.

The Body & Blood

fetish RavenLilly 2018-05-11

All at once she felt his probing tongue enter her mouth and his long, thick fingers entering the small orifice between her legs. She tried to be good…she didn't want to let the pleasure flood inside her. His mouth felt wonderful as he licked and lapped at her swelling lips, and she couldn't imagine a time where she didn't have this kind of pleasure in her life. Then he mercilessly mounted her once again and thrust his sex so deep inside of her that she could taste it in the back of her throat. His venom rushed deep into her tarnished flower, and at the sinful feel of it being forced inside her body, she came with him in a moment of weakness that she would never live to regret.


Casanova Online

fetish Merlinslair 2018-05-11

Entering the room he checks the list to see if any of his friends are there ,"tender toy" and "baby doll" are on the list, then he finds the pages for them and gets ready for a short chat. Checking the page from "the bible" he continues, "The moon on your long blond hair, the blue of your eyes...the beauty of this place pales next to them." *Running my hands through your lovely hair I gently pull you close again. As you reach the peak of your orgasm I put my hands under your ass and sit up, keeping you tight against my mouth, continuing to eat you and thrusting my tongue in and out of you, I can feel your second wave of pleasure starting to overtake you.

The Niece pt 1

fetish wsgy411 2018-05-11

"Lois please, I'm onthe phone." Peter said interrupting his wife. Peter looked at Lois andonce again covered the phone, "Myb*****r and s****r-in-law are dead. Peter put the phone back to his ear where a beeping soundcould be heard, "HeyBri, I know you're going through a rough time right now with your parents being dead and all, but I got another call coming in… SoI'm going to put you onhold." Oh my Godare you okay?" Peter covered the phone and looked at his wife, "They cancelled Quagmire's subscription to Chicks-R-Us. Now he can't watchhis porn for free. "Thank you Mr. Clark." Lois said as she stood up and led Peter tothe door.

St Fudstones School

fetish foundationfan 2018-05-11

His head was spinning, so many times he had tried to see up Miss H skirt in class, or as she walked up the tall staircase and he had wanked himself many nights thinking of the time he saw her coming out of her own ensuite toilet and had gone straight in and touched the seat to find it warm, he knew from biology ladies were different to men, and someone had told him they sat down to wee wee, he looked in the basket again and saw another pair, he took these out, they were worn but no real evidence of any stain he decided to take out his cock and put them around it, he was in heaven, a pair of Miss H panties around his cock as he wanked and a pair held to his nose inhaling the scent of her sex.

All Alone

fetish asatluvr 2018-05-11

I unzipped my jeans and slid them down my thighs…my hard cock stood up and I grabbed it with my hand and softly stroked up and down it’s length I could not look away from the screen, the boy on the screen was so alluring and sexy….I imagined him stroking himself through the panties he was wearing, bring himself closer to cumming into his panties…I moved my hand faster now..I was soo horny and hot…I closed my eyes and watched the boy stroke himself and finally I couldn’t hold back we came together, powerful waves of orgasmic heaven.

Fucked by my friend

fetish sucker234 2018-05-11

Suddenly he grabbed my head with his hands and pulled it while he pushed his dick further in my mouth. He suddenly grabbed my head and held it in its place and started thrusting his dick more inside my mouth. He settled his dick on the entrance of my pussy and came close and started kissing my lips. He then pulled me closer and started to lick my pussy again, this time his was on top of me with his dick touching my lips. After fucking me for 20 minutes in my ass he pulled out and removed my gag and jammed his dick in my mouth and fucked it until he came inside.

Glory Girl

fetish laserdick 2018-05-11

Each time she brought out a toy, she talked about it's virtues, demonstrated it, and asked if any of the gentlemen would like to buy it for their lady friend. She laughed while saying, "Hey, I already tried the pussy fuck like you said on guy number four. Most times, a cock was as hard as steel and that was when Madison would tease the tip of his dick until she could lap up his pre-cum as an appetizer. A few were not fully extended when entering the glory hole and Madison had to work her mouth like a vacuum sucking him in until he was fully loaded. Laying in my arms that night in bed, Madison turned to me and said, "God, Carl, I had so much fun today.

Getting Her Shaped Up

fetish Learningfast 2018-05-11

Before he took hold of the zipper, Nicky placed both his hands on her waist again, reached round to her breasts and cupped them both, whilst he kissed her hair. "Well, then, let's see what we know about each other," she said softly and moved towards the bed, but before she got there she stopped and took his right hand and lifted it to her tightly enclosed breast. He placed his hand flat on her hip and ran it down over her thigh with its four equally-spaced suspenders, wondering all the time how she could be so taut and hard inside the corselette. Placing both hands on the bottom edge of the corselette, he took hold of the central suspenders and leaned forward until his erection was pressing into her rump.

Weekend at the Cabin Ch. 01

fetish 1explorer 2018-05-11

Mark, Alan and James are driving up the Crest Lodge in Western Colorado for a weekend of boarding, hot tubbing and a fair chance at some ski bunnies. Sitting back down on the couch beside Mark, he handed out the beers and, without knowing why, said "We should make sure not to drink too much tonight if we're going to hit the slopes tomorrow morning." Here he was, a twenty-one year old decorated athlete and pure ladies man, standing in a bathtub having just played with a rubber ducky, covered in floral bubbles and soap, washing his hair with baby shampoo.