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Erotic Fetish stories

A large collection of fetisch short stories covering everything from pantyhoses to feet and more.

Exam by the Lesbian Doctor...

fetish bearcat22 2018-05-11

Hearing the word `doctor' caused Angela's nipples to tighten and her pussy having sexual thoughts about other women." Angie "And the problem?" nurse Crawford inquired feeling her juices beginning to "Oh God; oh Mary thank you so much." She said bringing her hand to her her teacher had confessed to having sensual thoughts about other women, women are ashamed of the feelings, so they fight them and try to totally suppress them." As she said this Mary casually put her hand on Angela's Angie's other knee Mary began to apply gentle but persistent outward Angela looked down at the hem of her skirt and saw the nurse's Angela put her head back and closed her eyes. focus on the unbelievable sensations nurse Crawford's hands were

My Brown Sugar Domme

fetish toesnbutts4me 2018-05-11

When I agreed to meet Princess Tawny, I never in a million years expected that a) it would actually happen, or b) anything would come of it. But when I opened the photo file this time I instinctively backed away from the computer screen, such was the extreme close-up nature of the picture. She warned me that when we met in person she did indeed want me to still address her as "Princess Tawny." Normally, she said, she'd let me just call her Tawny at our first meeting, but she felt as though we'd gotten to know each other so well online that she could bypass that phasing in period and have me start calling her Princess right from the get-go.

Glory Hole

fetish FreakyLady 2018-05-11

We went to strip clubs, dirty book stores, had sex in public places, got road head, made her cum while driving, and so much more. I have to tell you that Lee loves the taste of cum and she has always wanted to watch me suck a cock and take cum in my mouth or on my face so she can lick it off my face and swap cum with me. I could not take it any more so I stood her up and pulled her pants down and bent her over on to the bench and slid my dripping hard cock deep into her soaking wet cunt. We took our pants off and I bent Lee over got in my knees and shoved my face deep into her ass.

The Sitter

fetish sub-alan 2018-05-11

I licked the precum off the head, savored the taste the took it all in my mouth, burying my nose in his pubic hair, he moaned from around the shaft of marny's big plastic cock and started pumping his load down my throat, I sucked it all back and loved the taste of him, sucking him til he was dry. I felt Paul relax and I started to move out, then in, slowly at first, then faster, and faster til I was pounding my Eight inches into his ass our balls slapping together I was almost ready to cum, I looked up at marny, " Yes honey fill up his virgin ass with your hot cum!" she reached behind me and squeezed my balls hard, I exploded into Paul's ass, cumming deep inside him, Paul started to cum at the same time pumping strings of sticky cum onto the floor.

The Birthday Gift: Conclusion

fetish Bacomicfan 2018-05-11

Kay and Amanda took their feet out of Kurt's mouth, and used them to turn his head to his right, where Anya was quick to poke her toes in his mouth. Kay and Amanda used their three now-unoccupied feet to hold his head to the side so Anya could get a good toe-sucking from Kurt. Kay had the paper plate with the two twinkies on it, Amanda had the squeeze bottle of chocolate syrup, Anya the tub of whipped cream and Judy playfully wiggled the strawberry sauce at him. Squeezing her chocolate-covered toes into Kurt's mouth between Judy's and Kay's feet, Amanda soon felt Kurt's tongue licking

My Boss Didn't Like My Outfits...

fetish 2018-05-11

My boss and I had gotten into a routine over the last few weeks: I would wear short skirts to work and try to pass the time “working” from my desk outside his office. Really though, I was texting him dirty things and we’d chat back and forth until we couldn’t take it any longer — at which point he’d summon me into his office (“Adrienne, I need you to step in here for a moment for a conference call”) and bend me over his desk. Sure enough, a few minutes after I got back to my desk I heard his familiar call, “Adrienne, can you come in here?” Excited, I walked into his office.

The Therapist Ch. 09

fetish sm8100 2018-05-11

Julia took one more step so that her right foot, specifically the toe, was within one inch of the completely nude James who had his forehead actually touching the hardwood floor. Because unless you have questions of me I won't be talking for awhile." At this point Julia lowered her voice to a sexy, throaty, whisper and said, "James, baby, I'm at your disposal for you to do whatever it is you think I would like. For a moment neither of them moved until James lowered his head and placed his lips on the point of Julia's black leather shoe and gave it a short kiss. After Julia removed her hand from the back of his head James took a few moments to gently kiss each nipple as if to say good bye for this moment.

Sexcapades with Cindy Ch. 01

fetish Patrick2380 2018-05-11

After spending a good 5-10 minutes switching between nipples, Cindy moved my mouth away from her breasts and she moved up my body until she was straddling my face instead of my waist. I pulled out of her wet vagina and placed the tip of my cock at her tightest of openings and prepared to fuck a woman's ass for the first time ever. Cindy loved feeling like she was being "forced." Then I put my left hand on her thigh and pushed forward a bit so she couldn't push herself forward to stop my dick from going in more. I fucked her good and deep for a few minutes longer when Cindy asked if I was going to cum soon. "You like being fucked in the ass, too?" Cindy asked.

she trained me

fetish pcarter 2018-05-11

She said," Now open your mouth it is time for you to learn to suck a cock. She kept stroking my hair and she moaned and she said," Your aunt is going She said," Tonight I am going to poke my pecker inside you just like you Aunt Fergie said," This is my nephew he will be living here. My Aunt said," OK girls in order to prevent any arguments you are going to After I cleaned her cock she said," I am going to wear Than Aunt Fergie said," Now it is time to show you how us girls can breed She looked at my cock and she said." Well looks like your pecker just

A lesson in fisting...

fetish 2018-05-11

She walks down the hall, her face still a little flushed from the thoughts going on though her head and patting the purse on her shoulder knowing that she had a small vibrator in there to assist with her arousal where fingers just can't always do the trick. It’s a good thing she dances or she would have a very hard time moving as she was… slowly in and out, pressing her thumb now along her clit and hood almost ignoring the toy vibrating in her other hand… the forth finger… tight, now her whole palm was inside her, all her fingers save her thumb… tightness and a rolling sensation almost like small tremors from pressing so much against the inside her cunt.

Your Trip to the Mansion

fetish RedQueen13 2018-05-11

The blue eyed woman sees this and smiles wickedly before climbing on the table in front of your face and pulling her panties to the side so her pussy is right in front of your mouth. The olive green eyed woman slows and gently pulls the dildo out of you as you tremble with the after shocks of your orgasm. She stops kissing you and turns you around so you are facing the olive green eyed woman who makes you get down on your knees. As you are busy eating her out the blue eyed woman leans over you and begins to suck and bite at her nipples eliciting heavy moans and breathing.

In the Beginning

fetish joeguitarjoe 2018-05-11

Sometimes when she was at work I would go inside of her bedroom and open her drawers taking out her bra and panties and putting them to my nose, inhaling in her scent and wondering what it would be like to be laying beside her on her bed? I sometimes put on a wig she had in the room and with the bra and panties on got a pair of her hose and garter belt and put them on exposing myself to the mirror and thinking how good I looked as a young woman. Under the bed I could see her bare feet facing away from me when I realized I had left out a pair of panties and a bra which were now on the floor right by my Aunts feet.

Adventures of a Panty Wearing Sissy

fetish Kym_Rockwell 2018-05-11

When Robbie turns back to the bench and grabs his shirt his friend holds panties and announces. This guy did not seem at all put out by the fact the door was open or that Robbie was still staring while he pulled his cock out take a piss. Robbie saw the man had stopped pissing and just held his cock. The man grunted and another stream of cum shot from his thick cock, landing on Robbie's chest. The man slipped his fingers from Robbie's mouth and after a couple minutes stood up and fixed his clothes. He pulled his hips back, so his hard cock wasn't touching her soft ass but kept his arms around his Mom.

Golden Shower Threesome

fetish wetguy42 2018-05-11

But, having my little sex pot getting eaten out by her husband while I fucked his ass, was perhaps one of the sexiest things I had ever seen in my life. He told me that he wanted me to pull out my cock and shove the head into the front of his boxers. At that moment, his wife walked in the door and started to lick the cum off my face. I knew it was a lost cause and then I slammed a few more times and then started cumming deep inside her. He was still eating her pussy like a good little slut and she was getting close to cumming again.

Tinkle Bell Ch. 15

fetish Many Feathers 2018-05-11

"Sounds like you have an interesting evening ahead," mom said sharing with me the fact that Bella had actually told her about it, even going so far as to describe the house and all the incredible features it contained, including the underground tropical paradise with its special room back behind the water fall. Bella's already given me that leather outfit to wear she showed me, and I am of course anxious to see the look on your father's face when he sees me wearing it," she said blushing slightly once more, though her breathing suddenly took on a bit more rapid sound to it.

Madame Jolene

fetish erekose686 2018-05-11

"I'm glad to see you enjoy these too." She took hold, and began to apply pressure as she stroked me through my new pants. I wanted to suprise her, so as she continued to play with me, I worked my hand into her tight little yoga pants. With her yoga pants pressed down against her thighs, I took advantage of my view, and slipped my fingers between her dripping lips. There was one point, I was letting her cool down a bit, I kept my hand between her lips, but would not move it, while I allowed her to focus on my kissing her elsewhere. "You know the deal, you can look, but you cannot touch," she chuckled, as she positioned my yoga pants out of the way.

Me and Teen Mistress at Barnes and Noble Part 1.

fetish stanlok 2018-05-11

I was in the Barnes and Noble reading a book when i looked up and noticed a cute goth girl with long black hair and the most beautiful green eyes I had ever seen. I couldnt believe it, she looked like a well developed girl, her tits werent big about the size of tennis balls but still 14? "Well i can see why she threw you out, you are a pervert." she started." I have a question though, Have you ever seen the panties a 14 year girl would wear? I figured she was leaving to tell on me but a few minutes later she came back and handed me her blue bikini cut panties. "But I tell you what I will let you jack off your puny cock and cum on my panties, OK?

Cum Sluts Anonymous 6: Jerry

fetish Just Plain Bob 2018-05-11

A couple of weeks later it was two friends and then the friends started coming around on their own and she let them have her because it was what her boyfriend wanted, wasn't it? But I wanted Brenda to join my little harem simply because she was married and I get a huge charge out of fucking another mans wife. She fell back on the couch and spread her legs wide, "No foreplay baby, I got wet enough while you were on your way over just from thinking that what the girls told me might be true. As the innocent looking young lady made her way nervously to the front of the room I knew I could depend on them to help me with her.

My Sexy Hijab Neighbour

fetish m_patel 2018-05-11

Her husband said her name is Fatima and she will be the one to be at home most of the time since he doesn’t allow her to have a job. She said, “My husband has gone on a business trip and I need some assistance with something in my house, can you please help me?” I was surprised she spoke perfect english but I couldn’t help but look at her body again as she said this. I felt embarrassed but I finally said, “Sorry about that I’ll make sure I close my blinds next time.” She finally stood over me as I was sitting on the bed and said, “but why would I want that?” Immediately she took off her jilbab and I saw a beautiful tanned arabian body. Her hijab covered in liquid and she finally looked at me and said,

Hamster Buddies

fetish ready4fun17249 2018-05-11

I befriended a 41 year old woman who was new to forum, so I messaged her just saying hi ......asking about her weekend normal things to start a conversation. After about the third time they went out Jim's wife's b*****r died and he had to watch the k**s for a week.Kristi told him she has been contacting divorce lawyers. One night after having sex and grabbing a bite to eat Kristi says to Jim they need to talk in the car. I tell her we are going to meet at the hotel then drive together to the movies and role play she is gonna be my divorced neighbor who seems depressed and spends most of her free time gardening but now that fall is here she has nothing to do.

Wife Forces Me To Type This

fetish Anal Slave 2018-05-11

I love playing roles like being a hardcore slut wife and fucking all types of men while my husband watches and takes pictures. Well this little story has me so wet right now that I am sucking my lover Dave’s cock in between telling my husband what to type. My husband loves to be fucked hard with the strap-on, that is why I inserted a butt-plug in his ass before we got started tonight. Well guys it looks like this story is coming to a end for right now I am going to have to fuck my husband in the ass with my strap-on dildo and he will have to be in the doggie position, and he won’t be able to type.

An Interview with the Foot Freak

fetish philgill11 2018-05-11

He caught a glimpse of my pink painted toes as I tried to hide them under my legs, and then took a long hard view at the shoe pussy where my feet were pulled from. In fact from what I have gathered, roughly 25 percent of guys check out female feet as something they look for which attracts them to women, even though only 5 percent have feet as a trigger. And women like you with high end feet have no idea guys are regularly checking them out. I think guys have subconsciously placed their love of pretty feet into female society without out-right saying so. JD: Probably that foot guys think of feet continually.

Maybe It's Not So Bad Ch. 01

fetish JointedTerror 2018-05-11

I'm not really extremely ugly, I have deep brown eyes that shade into a very faint blue, I've got short brown hair that I like to keep styled, sometimes fighting my mom and dad on going to school if I'm having a bad hair day. "Actually, I kinda want to see it." I hear a voice speak to me as I turn and look over and see Tiffany with her mouth slightly open, like she just said something, and all her attention was on me. I didn't even know that was there." Kelly asks Halie, turning to her while walking with us down the hall back into the family room.

I shaved daddy's balls, and more.

fetish Fridagirl 2018-05-11

I was still straddling daddy's thighs, which meant my pussy was open, and starting to rise, like a man's erection, so I shifted around trying to make contact with something to press against, I suspect daddy knew the warning signs, that his daughter was in heat, so he agreed to let my shave him. Daddy was a big man, a good handful, and like most women, a nice cock is a pleasure to behold and play with, and I did so gently, with small accidental touches, that made poor daddy's cock twitch, as I cut his pubes with a pair of warm scissors, and massaged his balls, fascinated how they shot up into his crotch when pressure was put on them.