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Erotic Fetish stories

A large collection of fetisch short stories covering everything from pantyhoses to feet and more.

A Foot Fetish Slavery

fetish SluttyMallory 2018-05-11

Jessica dangled her faded pink ankle sock over the man's caged penis allowing the sweat soaked fabric to softly rub against his shaft, and the mistress laughed as he squirmed and moaned as his penis swelled and pressed tightly against the bars confining him. Enjoying herself now, Jessica continued holding her sweaty sock over the man's face and forcing him to indulge in his foot fetish as she gently slid the mesh of her gym sneaker along the head and shaft of the man's agonizing penis. "Do you like the taste of your sweaty feet and gaped ass?" the mistress laughed as Jessica apprehensively shook her head and took the long penis in her hand.

A Massage With 'added extras'

fetish mjstars 2018-05-11

“Hello there, I am Peter, how are you?” Steph was a bit startled but once she turned round and realised who it was she went a bit embarrassed, luckily she was already red faced from running so it did not show to him. After some time chatting Steph said she needed to quickly shower and get out of this running gear and told Peter he could stay and watch television. As the masseuse started to enter she started to wake up, enough to realise what was happening but because her dream felt so real she thought it was continuing and out her arms round the masseuse thinking he was Peter, and helped him ride her gently to start with, going a bit quicker after a while.

A Valentine's Day Massacre

fetish naughtychanteusez 2018-05-10

"Hands up against the wall ladies, we intend to do a little search," Vinny "the horse" whistled through his buck teeth, but not before pushing a knee between Addie's legs and forcing them widely apart. Like a game of musical chairs, three women pushed and shoved their way into line leaving singing Maggie and Flossie still with their hands pressed firmly to the wall. Vic raised the strop in a vain effort to continue beating Katy who now had pushed a hand between her legs and was frantically tunneling her finger along her pussy.

b*****rs Part 2 (Alternate Ending)

fetish hi1 2018-05-10

She knew her older son was looking at her and most likely getting turned on, even though he had just finished cumming all over his mother's face and breasts. Andy saw his mother's massive ass close in over his face but it was her huge asshole that caught his attention. When Amanda squatted all the way down, her bug asshole formed a tight seal around Andy's lips. "Come closer baby." Amanda whispered as she grabbed Andy's cute butt and pulled him into her. "You too love", Amanda said to Adam, reaching over and grabbing his ass. The boys reached over their mother and grabbed each other and pulled closer, sandwiching her even tighter, their bodies mashed together.

Larissa's Dirty Lipstick

fetish larissaandhermaster 2018-05-10

Expertly, she allowed a couple of inches of its length to slip between her lips and into her mouth and then she moved her head backwards in time with his turd's exit from his arsehole. He would see how well the heat of her pussy had soften her shit when he saw how much of it oozed from her cunt as the pressure of his cock pushed deeper into her. He thrust at her several times, pushing some of the shit deeper into her and watching as the rest oozed from her, covering her cunt lips. She positioned her mouth at the tip of his chocolate cock and slowly her lips ran over the head and reached the shaft.

Examinations Pt. 02

fetish owengreybeard 2018-05-10

Jeri was born with mid-thigh length stumps, and actually walked on her hands for the first years of her life, until her parents immigrated to the United States when she was 12. At first, I thought Shelly had picked an amputee bird statue to grace her pond, and then the other leg dropped into the water, and the stately bird with the sinuous, snake-like neck walked toward the shallower end of the pool, its attention fixed on whatever had drawn its eye to gaze below the surface of the dark water. Shelly's tits rolled like waves in the ocean, the sharks of her hands surfacing through the crests to pull and flick at the islands of her dark nipples.

A Misunderstanding Ch. 03

fetish undiecontrol 2018-05-10

He spent so long browsing in the lingerie section of the first store, trying to pluck up courage to select the items he needed, that he was approached by an assistant who asked if she could help. But it's my girlfriend's birthday next week so I buying her some sexy lingerie." He delved into his basket and pulled out a lacy red bra with a matching thong and suspender belt. Quickly, Simon put three T-shirt bras of the right type into his basket before moving on to the camisole section, all the time keeping an eye open for anyone he knew and particularly James. Wasting no time, he hurried to a check-out desk, choosing one staffed by a more mature woman who, he thought, was less likely to ask him questions.

Eating Gilf-Mommy's Feet

fetish milfleglover 2018-05-10

He did, leaning back on his haunches, giving me every hard inch of his boy cock, my gnarled feet around them, stroking madly, up and down, the muscles in my dangerous calves flexing as he watched them and my feet and painted toes, all of it a blur in his mind, I'm sure, as his balls knotted beneath my feet slapping down on them. On cue, he moaned and we both watched thick, arcing jets of sweet cum explode from his foot-squeezed dick head and rope the length of my shins and calves, soaking them, the hot fluid running down them, coating the flexing muscle, and the remaining ribbons of cum sheeting down over his cock to form a thick blanket of jism on my pumping feet.

Tack Room

fetish germanboi4bbc 2018-05-10

The cock, number three, stroked in and out of my mouth, sliding deep up to my throat opening causing me to gag and drool like a pig. Miss Cathy removed an ear plug and told me; "OK now your are to ask cock number three to fuck your ass, or your balls will get a real work out!" I quickly asked "Please cock three please fuck my ass, PLEASE!." I meant it, I learned quickly, and I knew the position I was in and did not want any more pain. Two cocks working in and out of me, deep fucking my ass and mouth, and more than being resigned to my fate, I was now kind of liking it.

Taking orders from the girls

fetish sterlingass 2018-05-10

Margie pulled her car behind mine and as I got out I saw that her license plate said "longone." I didn't give it another thought, figuring it was roller derby lingo or something. Margie was out of sight for a millisecond and that's when Busther stood up and put her hands on my crotch. Margie squeezed my balls and the tip of my cock, cutting off any cum that might be ready to shoot. All i could feel was my ass full, a pussy rubbing on my face and a hand teasing my cock to the point of torture. I don't know how long I lay like that, eating pussy and ass, being fucked and brought to the brink of orgasm only to be denied.

Blackpool Memories

fetish 2018-05-10

"I said , my hand almost involuntarily touched the disembodied cock, it twitched as I did, Steve hissed ,'Anne No!' Too late as I took the cock between my finger and thumb as I gently pulled upon it ,feeling it grow and stiffen I bent forward on the seat gently licking the red bell end, I glanced at Steve he was staring transfixed as I moved my mouth over the end of the cock, sucking gently, the guy began to slowly fuck my mouth, his cock growing to its full size, suddenly he stiffened further and I felt the familiar spurt hit my throat, I sucked every drop from him then he pulled out and withdrew from the hole, "Thanks Mate!" He shouted and I heard the bolt on the door open and he left, Steve called me a horny, daft cow, the bolt slammed into place, a moment or two later a thin,brownish cock appeared in the hole, Steve shook his head I put my finger to my lips and said," Sshhh!" My fingers gently wanked the new cock, my mouth soon engulfed the hardening prick, he was longer but thinner than the last, whilst not black it was certainly brown, Asian guy I guessed, he lasted just three minutes, shot a salty load in my mouth and quickly left.

The Pleasure Room

fetish latexx63 2018-05-10

Her fingers and thumb encircled his cock, and made slow short strokes, while her other hand gently massaged his balls. She moved her lips and tongue down each side of his shaft, while supporting his cock and caressing his balls with her hands. He looked down and could hardly believe this was happening; his beautiful wife sucking his cock, and caressing his balls with her rubber gloved hands. He moaned and groaned in pleasure as she continued to stroke and suck his cock, and milk all the cum out of it. She slowly worked it in to the rest of his cock and eventually placing more lube on her gloved fingers so that she could massage his balls as well.

Miss Lou - Queen of Weight

fetish call_me_dana 2018-05-10

Lou crushed her lips into mine as her left hand began to slowly stroke my ever-hardening cock. Her eyes opened wide and Lou let out a grunt as my eight-inch cock rode deep inside her pussy. "I have friends on the mainland and back in the UK that are rather unique artists, wouldn't you agree?" Her right hand was now inside my shirt and she was applying pressure to my left nipple with her thumb and index finger. I enjoy both the dominant and the submissive worlds." Lou removed her hand from my fly and walked around to face me for the first time since we entered the second floor gallery. Lou pulled back and I could feel my cock sliding over her lips and the coolness of the gallery on my moist skin.

Confessions of a Panty Stealer Ch. 4

fetish Jayson23 2018-05-10

It looked as if she used the garage as a general washing-clothes area, but I would need some time to perform a proper search - just figured I was out of luck. Having been through the wash basket and deciding to settle sadly with a clean black thong, a large white bag caught my eye a little further inside the room, sitting on a wooden workbench. Time ticking on, I stuffed this pair into my jacket pocket and continued on my hunt - within 45 seconds I had another two pairs - one a plain white cotton pair of knickers, and another black thong - this one a little threadbare from over use but with a damp-to-touch white stain running lengthways across the gusset.

Hose and also a Hard-On

fetish cocksucker1966 2018-05-10

As she took him into her mouth, Alex couldn’t stop thinking how superior the feeling of the pantyhose and dress had felt on his body. She let go of the top of the panties and leaned down and licked the remaining cum off his cock, then turned and started getting dressed. She walked directly to Alex and looked at him with her beautiful green eyes, bent over and whispered in his ear " I hope you like the smell of leather " then took his hand and led him towards the elevators. As Adam got undressed and sat inside the chair facing the bed, Lori sat on the edge of the bed and said, " Alex, I want you to slowly remove your clothes.

The Colony Party Ch. 14

fetish Adan_Jay_Mueller 2018-05-10

Since he used to tell the barber how much to cut, he wielded complete power on what the woman on the chair would look like next. The barber later shortened her hair using scissor over comb technique and gave the woman a cute pixie cut. As Divya was climbing up the stairs, she came across some three girls, who had very short hair and were kissing and holding hands of their partners along the staircase left with smile on their faces. Seeing this Parul said, "Hey let Priya announce the amount of hair I'm gonna lose. Parul climaxed just as the last strand was released but was shocked to see that Amith was holding her scalped hair in her hand.

Caught Panty Handed!

fetish PmelCalTech 2018-05-10

I was really close when all of a sudden the bathroom door opened (had I forgot to lock it?) and there stood my mother-in-law staring right at me as I abused her dirty panties. There I stood, holding her orange and blue panties up under my nose inhaling deeply of their rich aroma with one hand and stroking furiously on my turgid member with the other as she palmed the gusset of her yellow panties in one hand and teased my balls with the other. "You look like you moved the entire sunroom." I looked at her with a slight smile, absently patted the lump of dirty panties hidden in my pocket and said in all truthfulness, "It was a hell of a big load." And started the car.

A Chinese Diner at Bev's......Part 2

fetish Croozer 2018-05-10

AS I did, she caressed my balls and asked, "So...whose picture will make you cum...mine or Cheryl's?" I told her I was drawn to the photos of her in her bra and slip, and the colour of her hair. She stopped long enough to brethlessly say, "You can cum on this dress...and anything else of mine you want another time...right now, I need to drink your stuff." I held up the photo of her wearing the dress and all the wonderful things under it, and began pumping hot semen into her mouth.

f***ed Gay

fetish 425olds 2018-05-10

Jenny put on nurse gloves too and jerked my small but hard cock, laughing and calling me a two pump chump as I came that quickly. A few seconds later, I had a very hairy cock shoved in my mouth and just as he got hard and pulled away, the first guy pulled out and came in my open mouth and all over my face. They gave me my car keys and wallet, but kept my clothes as they told me I should find a new hotel as guys may still show up all night long and the lock on the door is broken. He slapped my face with his hard cock as I heard Nikki and Jenny giggle.

Trust Ch. 05

fetish noglory 2018-05-10

The door opened to reveal Emma imprisoned inside, lying curled up in the corner on a pile of old sacking, naked in her white plimsolls and ankle socks, tied up with her hands behind her back, gagged and blindfolded, chained by her neck and her feet to the wall, mmphing and squealing piteously through her gag for help as she struggled in her tight bonds. I loved to share the pleasure with her at every opportunity but it could be a mixed one at times because when the gardening bug was upon her she was almost impervious to the weather and she would carry on while the rain plastered her hair to her head and ran in myriad rivulets down her naked body that was blue with cold and covered in goose pimples, and stuck her soaked-through plimsolls and socks so firmly to her feet that it was only with great difficulty that I could peel them off her damp and cold feet before rubbing warmth back into them.

Midnight in the Garden

fetish Desiremakesmeweak 2018-05-10

There was a complete understanding that there was cunt down there, there was a certain amount of hair, there was pink crenelated genital skin, there was lubrication, there was intent, and desire, desire to have the juicy slit wedge entered with the knob head of a hard prick and then fucked silently in and out with the slippery co-operation from her dirty-minded, and indeed slightly smelly pussy, and then fucked very hard too, gruntsomely with the gruesome effluvium of her woman's sex smell welling up into the nostrils of the both of them in their panicked intensity of the life/death act of the human being.

Society 1.8: Modernus Eruditio

fetish TitianaPrisca 2018-05-10

But there was no way she would leave their purchase up to Fate, or the whims of Mistress Hannah's dear slave Maria. And of course I do not wish to stand in the way of you and your beloved Maria building a House more suited to your mutual needs. Thank you, dear Mistress Hannah, for giving me an opportunity to steal your beautiful boys away." "We appreciate your loving guidance of the Council, beloved Mistress Elena." "I can assure you, beloved Mistress Elena, that our darling Devon is far, far from a prima donna. He needs tender loving from sweet, huge tops that can make him feel like a treasured little baby." Elena watched her sweet boy work with a little smile curving her lips.

His Cock vs Her Cock

fetish bawdybloke 2018-05-10

Olivia squeezed my hand as we looked into the bar; I donned a pair of sunglasses – the agreed signal between myself, Wellhung87, and Donkeydick – as butterflies did the tango in my stomach. But Olivia loved it, wriggling on the bed as her naked fiancé sucked the cock of a stranger. And confusion reigned supreme: I was straight, I had only dated girls and loved Olivia, but at that moment, I wanted DonkeyDick to climax in my mouth. I could see it in his eyes; he had never had a girl fuck his arse before, but Olivia was firm yet gentle with her movements, and his cock responded.

Smoke and Silence

fetish saturswing 2018-05-10

I gave a little sense that she needed to hurry up, (girls that demand attention always respond to this) and she did so, pulling hard on the cigarette like her friend until she too, blew out a rich cloud of smoke, some of which found its way toward my face. While she was listening to me and looking me right in the eye, she brought the cigarette to her lips and placing it in the far corner, took another beautiful cheek-hollowing drag followed by a very deep inhale and this time, she held the smoke for a very long time, seeming to make me wait for what turned out to be a perfect, slow exhale, this time aimed just to the side of my face.