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Erotic Fetish stories

A large collection of fetisch short stories covering everything from pantyhoses to feet and more.

Strap-On Adventure Ch. 02

fetish CandyBree83 2018-05-10

My groans now more from pleasure as much as pain I push my body back, forcing my arse to fully engulf his entire length until I feel his balls pressed into my sticky pussy below. Pushing harder Sean forces the full length of the dildo inside my pussy then sets the base of the toy down on the bed beneath me, my weight pushing me down onto its long fat shaft. With my face buried into the sheets I groan at the pounding I am taking – a hard thrusting cock up my arse and a big fat dildo in my pussy.


fetish jjcole 2018-05-10

Thirty or fifty kisses later either she or her pussy noticed my cock was still very hard and she resumed fucking me. Her loud groan and her shudders lasted less time than the first orgasm and she was soon fucking me again as she giggled and kissed me. I kissed her neck and caressed her for a few moments then slid my hand over her pussy again and pressed it back as I pushed my cock into her. She began a long agonizing string of orgasms and I was soon fucking her ass hard until my biggest load of cum ever shot into her. She settled on three women whose pussy she adored to eat and loved for me to fuck her in the ass as she ate pussy.

Camping Fling Pt. 1

fetish sgtangel1 2018-05-10

My friend and college room mate, Ben, and I decided to go camping. I brought along a mutual, and beautiful, acquaintance, Mandy, and her tagalong nag of a room mate, Becky. We were having a good time, playing never have I ever, learning and humiliating eachother, taking cheap shots so the other team (boys versus girls) would have to drink. MY room mate, Ben, Continues drinking and singing merrily. I fondle her chest, pinching and kissing and her nipples, freshly touching the cool night air after I releases them from their lacy prison. She drops to her knees, taking me in her mouth once more, performing like a professional porn star once again, I explode in her mouth.

Prom Week 3

fetish SafeSexting 2018-05-10

Fred removed her huge cock from her mouth and wiped what was left of his jizz on Ambers massive tits, while the janitor did the same on her ass cheeks. "Thank you master for using my big tits to clean your floors and thank you for making it as humiliating and degrading as possible can, this teach me what happens to cock teasing whores" Amber announced as she had been ordered, Fred threat haunting her. "Your taking this hot piece of ass to gym to really teach her what a cum guzzling whore she is, want to join us in r****g this bitch in the most humiliating ways possible?" the Janitor asked, excited at the prospect of Amber being defiled and used by even more horny men, especially men she'd cock teased for years.

Fun In Dark Times

fetish Sensual_Caveman 2018-05-10

“Well, looks like tomorrow’s a unplanned holiday of sorts.” She said with a smile. If you’d like to stay you’re welcome to, the couch pull out, or I have a air mattress if you want to pull it out.” She ended with a look of hesitation as if the statement would somehow put me off. Like I said, guys haven’t even looked at me since I started to show, let alone touched me. Suddenly Clarisa started moaning short bursts as I stroked into her and pushed back to meet me each time, then suddenly she arched her back and screamed a primal scream of pleasure as her swollen pussy clamped down on me with her orgasm.

Pie and a Pint?

fetish Aladylover 2018-05-10

As instructed he took his cum coated cock by the base and wiped it of over my wife's little hairy patch then rolled off and onto the side of the bed. "Then tell me" She replied slowly inserting a finger into her cunt, removing it slowly, thick nasty cum running of the end of her finger, dripping back onto her cunt. "I want to clean you out, I want to suck and lick all that nasty cum out of your sweet cunt and, afterwards, I want you to abuse me, to use me as you toilet and then for you to toss me aside for your real man" There I had said it.

Jenny Gets a Guy

fetish ScottWood 2018-05-10

Jenny watched as her husband groped the firm cheeks, his twitching wet dick slapping the brown skin of the tight thighs. Jenny knew that the beautiful girl's pussy would be just as tight and wet forever, just like her whole body would look nineteen and firm forever. She frowned as Frank began pulling the smooth ass back into his hips, fucking hard and making thick wet sounds of penetration. Jenny watched as their cocks started throbbing, Freddie was almost erect already, whilst Carlo's big thing was just twitching. Jenny watched her son's slippery penis slide into Felicia's ass, which was obviously very tight, as even his smaller dick was only going in slowly.

Bettering Their Marriage Ch. 02

fetish 49greg 2018-05-10

Not that it hadn't been working lately, but this felt hard and stretched like it had when I was a teenager and erections would come without warning every time I had any kind of 'impure thought'. "I love your little cocklett darling, it doesn't fill me up like my toys, but I know you try as hard as you can." Her pussy hadn't felt this tight in many many months, Mary squeezed down on me as my cock pushed it's way into her. "Yes dear." I was more than a little worried, I knew Cheryl was coming today and I knew we were getting ready for her, just didn't know exactly what was going to happen.

Guest House

fetish PeggyBuxton 2018-05-10

Two women look like they stepped off a page of a Victoria Secrets catalog - tall and willowy with wonderful legs and high-heel shoes. He watches, letting the images become forever etched in his mind, thinking about how nice it would be have those legs wrapped around his waist for hours each night. Carla opens the door wearing an outfit that might have come from Lois or Julie's closet and she looks inviting with the shier stockings and black high-heels. "Really?" she finally asks sitting and crossing her long legs so that the tops of the thigh-high stockings show plus some of the thigh above them. He wags a finger and she closes the door behind her then sits with her legs crossed.

Pegging First Timer

fetish 2018-05-10

She started to rub her pussy feverishly on me, she was getting so hot and wet, the sweat from her back dripping down to her ass made such a beautiful smell. Still stroking my hard cock she was inserting a smooth thin dildo in my ass. As she starts to stroke my cock again I feel the dildo moving in and out of me again, though, this time it feels different. She keeps stroking me and taking my ass, harder then harder, soon I feel something hot and wet squirting on my own stomach. She straddles me again inserting my bulging erection inside he hot wet pussy riding me hard and fast till I spew what cum I have left inside her.

Sweet Fruit

fetish powelldonovan 2018-05-10

Sh pressed her legs together against my head for just a moment, then pulled them far back again as my tongue licked the exposed surface of the grape. "Think you can get that little guy out of the way?" Elaine said in a teasing If the only way I could get my cock insider her was to get that peach out -- and it was -- then I would definitely find a way to do it. I pushed hard on the small of her back, and she got the idea -- soon her tits were crushed against my knees and she was sucking my big toe like it was a cock. I fucked Elaine's pussy with my cock and her ass with the dildo, first in sync, then out of sync, then back in sync again.

Sharing the Load

fetish TongaFrank 2018-05-10

On this particular night, after reaching her first orgasm at the tip of my curious and nimble tongue, my beautiful wife returned the favor by licking, nuzzling, and sucking me with all of the skill she had perfected over many years of marriage and countless previous opportunities. So despite our experiments in bringing pleasure to each other throughout our marriage, I had never heard of snowballing, at least not the definition my wife shared with me that night. Snowballing, my beautiful wife explained to me while my erection pulsated in her soft hand, was when the man would reach orgasm in the woman's mouth, but then, instead of swallowing it, she would pass the load back to the man via a passionate kiss, and he would swallow it.

Spicing Things Up Ch. 02

fetish Tdisk 2018-05-10

Steve's hand insinuated itself into Nina's robe and he caressed her left breast as the video continued to show the actress and actor engaging in more dramatic breast play. At dinner that night he said, "I know what you said last night about piercing not being high on your 'to do' list but I'd still like to continue the research and try the nipple play that we had discussed." Nina nodded and agreed that it might be fun. They really work; the magnetic force is much stronger than you'd expect from such small balls." Steve used his fingers to tease her left nipple explaining that it should be erect for their experiment.


Milking Cocks

fetish Anal Slave 2018-05-10

She is a little shy when it comes to this so I am the one that has to go up and ask a total stranger if they would like to go home with us and fuck my wife. After I am done I go back to the corner and she pulls the glove off and starts sucking on the cock till she gets it hard again. My wife's pussy really gets wet when she is horny so after a few minutes of fucking she will cum real hard. If it gets to sloppy she will roll off of the hard prick, and she expects me to go down and suck and clean her well-fucked cunt. She sucks me hard and my cock starts cumming, but nothing comes out, my balls are empty.

The Stalker

fetish MrDeviant 2018-05-10

I watched the way that her long, single braided hair moved, swayed, against her tight pear-shaped ass as she followed behind me while seemingly taking note or drawing pictures. Once I'd finished with her pussy, which I'd left raw, bruised, engorged and very, very, very wet, I took up my cat and began to work on her ass—and, though I am sure she desired it hard—I did warm her up with my calloused hands first though not as hard as she expected. "So love," I said as I watched her leak fluids from her pussy, ass and mouth, "did you enjoy your birthday present as much as I did?"


Pony girl

fetish Latexslav3 2018-05-10

Adam still didn’t know why but when her mom had come to get Ashley for dinner she was furious with the girl. Moving around the cage he could see now that her arms were covered in the same furry material as the rest of her body, and that her hands were indeed hidden from view. He wrapped the end of her leash around the fist of his good hand, and slowly began to pull on the girl's collar. For the first time since he entered the room he spoke to his pet "Ashley I love you." Her green eyes went wide, she let out joyful bark, while her tail never stopped happily wagging.


fetish eagerto 2018-05-10

There were only three women working in the store and the one I wanted to fuck most was the old one, Mrs Mac. She was short and squat with big big tits,- big and round, like melons not g****fruit, and not watermelons either - they were heavy but very round, each one about the size and shape of a basketball; she had a strong squat body, very heavily corseted (you could see the whale-bone reinforcing running down from her waist, and feel the stiffness of the heavy, old-fashioned corset whenever you managed to 'accidentally' bump against her.

The Black Renter

fetish 425olds 2018-05-10

Garland rubbed her wet, cum soaked pussy with the head of his cock, slowly opening her up to take him. With that he started to fuck her again, Garland commenting the whole time how incredibly tight her pussy was and how hard she makes him. Lisa's pussy had loosened to the point where I was lasting longer, and she was taking all of Garland everytime his cock got hard. This became our daily ritual: Lisa wakes up and checks to see if I am hard, if I am we fuck and then she heads over to Garland's room to fuck him, she typically orgasms almost as soon as they start fucking. After work, I usually find Lisa riding Garland's cock on the couch when I come home cumming the whole time.

Caught in the Act - Part 2

fetish fishh2o 2018-05-10

He slid his hand down her ass to her pussy, meeting no resistance from Amy. Tentatively, he eased his fingers into her, finding her juices already flowing freely. She closed her eyes when, a moment later, she felt Charlie's hand sliding onto her other cheek. Adam slid his chair back from the table and turned it towards Charlie. Holding the flimsy garment closed with her left hand, she pulled the sash free with her right and placed it on the table. Adam slid his fingers under the robe near her neck and slowly pulled the garment over her shoulder. From the corner of her eye she saw Adam pick up the sash with his right hand while he pulled her left hand behind her.

The Masseuse 1

fetish abnhamster82 2018-05-10

I caressed the small of the back, slowly rubbing down to that beautiful ass. As I continued rubbing down her ass and legs, she slowly spread open so I can see her beautiful pussy. I continued teasing her ass and lightly letting my fingers run up and down her hot little slit. I massaged her pussy and clit until her ass started clenching and I felt that wonderful pussy grasp my finger. I continued to rub her ass cheeks and up the small of her back to her shoulders, then down her legs and massaged her feet. I could feel her pussy clench around my fingers and thought how wonderful it would be to have my big dick inside her.

Halloween from Hell

fetish donkey52 2018-05-10

She strolled into the room, took one look at me, and said, "You're not dressed for bed. But here, on the bed, I saw black stockings, a black garter belt and a black silk short nightie. It was several days later when, around bedtime, she went into the bedroom and came out in a few minutes, saying, "Come on, it's time for bed. I walked into the bedroom and immediately saw the nylons, garter belt and nightie laid out on the bed. I probably didn't know anyone at the party (it was with her friends from work), and I was going to wear a mask, and it was Halloween, so maybe it might be OK.... I thought about the times when she demanded that I put on the garter belt and nylons if I wanted sex.

Becky Meets 13 Inches

fetish Longhair21 2018-05-09

Jen was Becky's long time girl friend. Becky liked to think she was Clark Kent to Jen's Superman. With the outside sunshine still shining in Jen started to press Becky about her big night. Really, it didn't matter who it was or what they looked like - the girls flirted with everyone (except Captain Cave Man...even drunk Becky thought that was gross). Like many of the other girls Becky started to stroke his cock in fun but for her it seemed to be getting hard. It was at full thickness and length when a thought came to Becky's head: "don't cum for him." Jen had asked that. That night Jen called to Becky, "Come upstairs"

Five Long Years

fetish cuckytoher 2018-05-09

We made our way over to him and were making small talk when Tracie said, "I have a great idea, Richard why don't you join us for dinner?" Once again it was a command and not a question as she took him by the hand followed the waiter to our table telling him there would be one more for dinner. Barely lifting her head she looked my way and said "Have a seat we need to talk." I had spent the last hour and a half in the bar thinking a lot about where my life was going and what I really wanted to do.

This Woman Gave Me a New Fantasy!

fetish 2018-05-09

She said that when I leave, she wants me to wear on the way home the garter I had to wear and her dirty thong that she got dripping wet with her cum. Also, when I come back, she said that she wants to see if I am wearing stockings, the garter, and her thong, and if I am not wearing them, she said that she is going to punish me. She said that soon I would be seduced into having lesbian sex with her, where she was going to use her strapon, dildos on me again, and that she was also going to fist my ass like it was my pussy.