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Erotic Fetish stories

A large collection of fetisch short stories covering everything from pantyhoses to feet and more.

A Holiday in Looe Ch. 02

fetish leaky_one 2018-05-09

Her boyfriend, Mark, who was still snoring away in his alcoholic fuelled slumber, was clutching his long limp member in one hand, waving in slightly around in the gap in the bed sheets that had been formed between their sleeping bodies. What had shocked Emma was the sight of the golden pee escaping the slit at the end of Mark's dick and which was now landing on her left leg. The carpet between her legs was now deliciously sodden with her spent piss, its warm dampness an intoxicating turn-on as she allowed her hand that was still inside her pee stream to move downwards to stroke across the wet puddle.

Indian Experience

fetish misteradelaide 2018-05-09

Despite this she looked happy, each photo she sent me she was smiling and as they became more revealing I saw that she had that same, soft brown skin I craved, large breasts hidden beneath a red lacy bra and stretch mark lines leading down towards her nipples, a large round stomach, dark hair covering her arms and a line of it from belly button to beneath her knickers. She rested back against the toilet, her legs still open and I looked down over her lovely body, a large, dark patch of wet pussy hair, large sagging breasts and stunning nipples and she squeezed me so expertly.

The Dutchess and Me

fetish cuckytoher 2018-05-09

My girlfriend seemed to take extreme delight in asking Bruce about his divorce and sharing the intimate details of mine including the details of my ex-wife's infidelities and cuckolding of me. The first night on the cruise, we were seated at dinner with an elderly couple and a very attractive single man named Bruce. That in and of itself was a huge turn on to me, as I had read so many stories where wives and girlfriends and their lovers were mean and especially cruel to the husbands or boyfriends involved. Once my boyfriend returned to the table with the photo album, I looked at the pictures and informed him that I had been explaining to Bruce the unique relationship we shared and asked him to explain his outlook on things to Bruce.

Hotel TwinPod

fetish Araw 2018-05-09

They were very honest about the low chance of being drawn, around four percent per year; but on the other hand they practically guarantee a partner whenever an approved customer stay at the hotel. The glass door to the corridor acted as a one-way mirror, we could occasionally see people in walking back and forth, both employees (dressed) and other customers (naked). I began licking her, until she came again and the taste of her pussy juices replaced the taste of pee. (The words "grab 'em by the pussy" came to my mind, it bothered me slightly that I could not remember who had said it.) So with my left hand I fondled her pussy, and with the right hand I held the fork, giving us both something to eat.

Panty Power

fetish Bakeboss 2018-05-09

I grabbed the pair worn by Maxine and headed to the men's room to enjoy them. As she turned to head back down the stairs I remember wishing that her panties would wrap around her legs and cause her to fall down the stairs. No sooner, had the thought entered my head than I heard Mrs. Bainridge scream and as I turned, I saw her tumbling down with her big granny panties wrapped around her ankles just as I had wished. I now knew then it had to have been me to cause the panty falls but I wanted to be sure so all the way home I made every woman in a skirt or dress lose her panties.

Absolute Devotion Ch. 11

fetish KaseyLegs 2018-05-09

"I have to do this, or one of us is going to prison," Erica said as she finished unbuckling Detective Rosewood's pants and unzipped his fly while looking deeply into my eyes. Looking up at Rosewood, Erica said, in a little girl's voice, "Mister, you have a very beautiful cock and I look forward to having it inside me." The three uniformed cops took turns sleeping on the couch, Rosewood occupied my favorite chair, Jimmy and Cat spent most of the time having sex in my bedroom, and Detective Haggerty never slept. There was a loud knocking on Erica's bedroom door accompanied by Detective Haggerty's voice saying, "We've got to get moving."

Long Night Ch. 01

fetish tieddown 2018-05-09

As I was led into the bedroom by my wife grabbing my hair and dragging me into the room, she laughed and told me to strip down to my panties... She looked down and saw my "boy clit" straining against the silky panties and leaving spots of pre-cum. I could taste her pussy on the panties in my mouth, and as she worked herself into a frenzy, the moans filling the room I started to move up and down on the cock that was fucking me. She then walked over to me, still longing to cum, and wiped the pussy juice on her hand all over my face.

Time for a Kit Kat: Prequel

fetish cashcrunch 2018-05-09

Stroke it baby, I want to see you pound that big hard cock for me." Her dirty talk in bed always turned Evan on and he began to fulfill her request by slowly jacking off his dick. But just for a little bit okay, then I'll fuck you hard and make you cum." Sharon wasn't sure about the new birth control she was on, but knew Evan usually didn't cum from her riding him, so she wasn't worried. Oh you're so wet, so warm, oh fuck your pussy feels so good baby!" Sharon had begun slowly riding Evans bare cock with her pussy. "Fuck, what's wrong baby?" Sharon asked, wiping her hair back from her face and gazing down at Evan, who was laying back looking thoroughly relaxed.

Wet Bar

fetish Vanillae 2018-05-09

"Now that's an ass I'd like to stick my cock in", said John. "Sometimes I just like to bend over like this" she said while discreetly demonstrating by slightly bending over the counter they were standing beside, "then let him lift my skirt, stick it in, pump and cum!" "I like lots of cum because I have a wet fetish", Mary said. The men debated about what to wear before deciding that in their ideal bar, they would be most comfortable in a loose shirt and their boxer shorts, with the convenient folds and opening for their cocks in front. John gave a final thrust, emptying the contents of his cock into Teresa's ass.

Erotic Comic Orgy Series - Chapter IX

fetish Victor2K 2018-05-09

Charlene mastered the tongue skills needed to give pleasure to another woman, and Micki surely loved how her friend moaned with that. Pretty much like the short-haired girl did earlier to her, the blonde put her skills to the proof and licked Charlene, right away making those pleasure noises. Charlene felt proud while Micki ate her cunt, being the one who suggested some minutes of lesbian sex to cure her frustration to not be able to do the guy she was supposed to date. Micki’s tongue did their best playing with Charlene’s clitoris and labia, tasting and proving the brunette’s juices Her frustration was pretty much overcome and thanks to her best friend, the one who always stood by her side when anything, good or bad, happened to her.

Sissy Bitch

fetish diaperlover 2018-05-09

Within seconds he was hard again, and I looked up to find the tears gone from his eyes as he began to enjoy the sensation of my hand job combined with the throbbing of his ass against the rubber dick inside him. A minute later his right hand slipped down into his diaper and I soon saw the rhythmic rise and fall of the plastic panty that told me he was hard at work in fulfilling my order to fill his diaper with cum. I decided that if you are a sissy baby that it would be best that I place you with a 'Mommy' I can trust, rather than let you continue to meet strangers online." The boy stared at the floor and said nothing.

Three course meal (a night out in pantyhose)

fetish nobarriers 2018-05-09

We were still laughing when the waiter brought our main courses to the table and, though I had not considered it at the time when I place my order, the rich creamy sauce with the Tagliatelle somehow seemed appropriate. As the waiter walked away Pete slowly returned to planet earth and cupped his hands under the table. But don't let it worry you, there are plenty more restaurants to go at in this town." He took my hands in his and looked into my eyes and whispered, "It's OK, I want you to know that I Love You."

Eating My First Cream Pie

fetish bill30341 2018-05-09

She told him that she wanted to watch him suck another guys cock. The way she put things to me was that she wanted to be totally naked and masturbate herself while watching and directing her hubby sucking my cock. She was a fairly good looking girl next door type and if letting a guy suck my cock got me some of that pussy then so be it. As her husband got up from fucking her I dove in and started licking her pussy. I wasn't real big on licking up his cum up but got into it and went to town on her pussy. By this time her husband was standing there stroking his erect cock watching us.

Mom the Superheroine 04

fetish KatieTay 2018-05-09

All of that pain and confusion dissolved when Cindy drew back and gazed at her mother with such an ocean of love in her eyes that Barbara felt as if she could lose herself in it. But Cindy moved in for a kiss, releasing their fingerlock and groping Barbara's broad back, her fingers digging in as she moaned into her mother's mouth, and Barbara could only respond in kind, caressing Cindy's back up and down, feeling the strong, rippling muscles under her hands. "Your breasts look so lovely, Mom," Cindy whispered, gazing down at the pattern of bluish veins that was now visible around Barbara's nipples.

Faux Control

fetish rayhillard1 2018-05-09

She watched me from the corners of her eyes, her lips wet with her supple tongue, and she took in a deep breath to voice some let out the moan she wanted to...but I stopped her, my hand clenching tightly, fingers pressing into the front of her throat, catching the air in her lungs as I pressed my lower body against legs taking a wide stance so I was at the right level to press my absolute hardness against her, the head sliding between her thighs, sending a shudder through her body as I did so.

Confessions of a Breast Addict

fetish mtt1970 2018-05-09

2) If you've spent countless hours searching for strippers that will let you suck on them in the VIP room and you know their weekly work schedules and have a "5-star" rating system for them, you might be a breast addict. I changed my clothes and then took my usual place on the couch, except this time I reached over and put her feet on my lap and I started to massage them under the blanket. Within seconds I felt Diane's left hand on the back of my head pulling me into her breast as if encouraging me to ravish her body. I watched Diane's head move under the blanket as she took my cock into her wet mouth and begin to give me the first blow job of my life.

Enslaved Ch. 04

fetish fetishstories07 2018-05-09

"Slave, do you remember the first time i smothered you with my ass and you complained that you couldn't breathe?" She asked in a sweet voice. She stood up and turned around locking the cage back on before planting her ass onto it once more, looking him in the eyes the whole time, with a devious smirk on her face. Heather started to cry out with pleasure, fucking him hard and harder, yet he would feel none of it. "You'll be tasting me all night bitch." Heather felt turned on at the very idea her filthy, stinky knickers were rammed in his mouth for as long as she wanted, in this case all night long.

The Woman From The Gas Station Ch. 02

fetish Ohjustme 2018-05-09

Remember what I said, you feel it coming out, you move your hands on your head and you let it all out for me." We want to give enough time for your system to be ready." Again, no clue what she meant, I looked at my glistening cock being slowly masturbated by my right hand and then at her breasts again. I saw my cock twitch a bit, then stop and while it was hanging above the bowl I felt an orgasm coming, I moaned. I felt my cum slowly coming out, I saw the first glob oozing out, my cock twitched uncontrollably one last time, a huge wad landed next to the bowl but it remained still then and it looked like a water faucet slowly running cum...

The (Pregnant) Slut Wife - Chapter 16

fetish 2018-05-09

I yelled out when I came and he stopped and looked up at me and said, “that was good Ann, you taste really good.” “I do?” “Yeah, best pussy I’ve ever eaten.” He stood up and saw a huge bulge in his crotch and began to unbuckle his belt. “I know that I’ve been awful lately, not giving you the attention you need baby,” I said as I moved up to him and began rubbing his cock through his pants. “You can tell me baby, I know she can’t keep her hands off of you” Yes, you suck better cock than Kim, she can’t deep throat like you do!” he hissed and I began to suck his cock hard and deep again.

Spanking in Amsterdam part 2

fetish spankingjenny 2018-05-09

Peter could not see what he wanted stating that it must punish the flesh but not damage it he also told Corinne that he intended on using it on Jennifer's inner thighs and pussy. Well Corinne started, you want to use it on her inner thighs and pussy, Peter nodded, she continued that she would be happy to sit up on the front counter, her bottom right at the edge, lay back, spread her legs and let him whip her. Peter retrieved his new Cat-o'-nine-tails whip and began lightly flicking it at my inner thighs; I thought that he was just going to play with me for a moment until he really started to apply the strokes with f***e.

Sex Ch. 02

fetish innocencejreicher 2018-05-09

He lowers himself onto my face, grabbing my long blonde hair and pulling me deeper into his thighs and as I taste his hairy testicles, I feel a drip of sperm, oozing off his right hand, as he jerks his cock. I let out a scream that was stifled by cock, sperm and saliva, and as I try to turn my head, Manuel grabs me and shoves his cock back into my mouth, Marie's hands in me, probing my inner walls. And then, hitting my tonsils, a small shot of sperm and as I lean back, turning my head to cough, I cut my eyes to look at Manuel draining his cock onto my face.

Librarian's Assistant

fetish ClosetFetishist 2018-05-09

"Enough, bitching; time for the Princess to meet her Prince Charming," Ms. Blok said, then slid a few more inches forward, until her butt crack hovered over Laura's face. Laura shook her head aggressively, practically massaging the large butted woman's crack, as she started to catch strong whiffs of old, fermented gas that clung to Ms. Blok's butthole; a butthole that seemed like it was often left unwashed for long periods of time. Laura's eyes roll back in her head as Ms. Blok speaks, at the same time releasing a long, silent fart up her nose; distracting her, "Tomorrow, you'll tell Dick that you quit. Laura can't help it and vomits inside her mouth as the fart assaults her nostrils and Ms. Blok laughs at the plight of the young woman underneath her butt.

Chloe in Prison Ch. 04

fetish coniungoergosum 2018-05-09

Dawes gave Rose a cursory inspection, ran her finger over her mound, and said: "You'll do." Then she turned to me, and screwed up her face in what seemed to be an expression of puzzlement. "Phew," said Rose when they'd gone: "that was a close shave." And though my heart was still pounding, for the first time since I'd arrived in prison I managed to laugh. You can say no if you like, but given what Dawes has said it would be better if you let me shave you." Rose now put her folded towel on her bed, wet her fanny with water from the jug, soaped herself and lay down. "Like your new belt," said Rose, feeling the rim of Raymond's skirt.

The Therapist Ch. 07

fetish sm8100 2018-05-09

Julia's face was aglow with joy and happiness and combined with her fit and well toned body this natural looking woman was simply the most beautiful and sacred thing in the world, James thought. He felt a little foolish after the words left his mouth but that feeling quickly dissipated when Julia placed the bag in her hand and said, "Thank you, James, you are such a dear." She gave him a genuine smile that left him with butterflies. What you need, maybe." Julia continued to look down on the completely overwhelmed James and added, "If you want to explore this new fetish, James, you can begin by removing this shoe.