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Erotic Fetish stories

A large collection of fetisch short stories covering everything from pantyhoses to feet and more.


fetish KDG 2018-05-09

man yanked her light pink panties up the crack of her ass The man stood up; his finger disappeared into her ass. The man showed no mercy, fucking her in the ass first and then pushing her ass to meet the man’s cock. telling her to take it up the ass like she needed it. With the stakes that high, Frank played his ass off. He fingered her ass and told her he wanted to would play with her ass and push his finger into her tight Frank pulled out of her cunt and came on her ass, the He took his belt and whipped her ass a few times until Tied down and taken, she pushed her ass up to meet his

A Misunderstanding Ch. 04

fetish undiecontrol 2018-05-09

Anyway, Sarah already knew that you liked to wear female clothing, darling," explained Emma. Sarah will just do some discreet spot checks a couple of times a day to make sure you are dressed as required. Next, I want you to get dressed so we can see what you look like - panties, bra, camisole and tights. However, he got there eventually and stood in front of Emma wearing his pink panties, black pantyhose, white bra and white camisole. "You will change your underwear, including your camisoles and tights, daily but your pantyliners three times a day - when you put your clean panties on in the morning, at 4 PM every afternoon and at bedtime - keep the used liners for me to inspect.

Email Cuckold Ch. 03

fetish illicit_writer 2018-05-09

Her right hand continued to slowly saw in and out of Karen's pussy as her left began to caress her friend's breasts. "I think that these past few months have greatly increased your sexual confidence and energy." Karen looked up, about to complain when she felt Jill's fingers tighten around her nipples. "Yes, your husband is wrong." Karen felt Jill's finger move around her clit in circular motions. Then, for the second time that night, Karen felt hands on her shoulders, pushing her down. "I need to feel your tongue..." With greater pressure on her shoulders, Karen continued down until her friend's shaved pussy was mere inches from her face. She felt Jill's hands move from Karen's shoulders to her head.

Panty Husband Fulfills a Fantasy

fetish DrLit 2018-05-09

Jessie went on the admit she was embarrassed to give me details, but if her fantasy was fulfilled the second guy would be between 25 and 30, very fit with a washboard stomach and sexually mature so he could control his desire to cum and fuck for extended periods. After one of our longest sessions ever we were cuddling and she said, "I guess it's more than a girl could ask, but if this works perfectly, I want the young stud that joins us to enjoy wearing panties just like you. Finally, Zach said, "Let both Jason and I fuck you a little and think a lot about the rest of the weekend.

Goddess of Beauty Ch. 01

fetish Goddess_Anjali 2018-05-09

Sachin looked at shaman and he got surprised to see a man in that style, shaman was totally naked even his dick was visible, his body has strange tattoos on his chest, he has some text written on his fore head saying "Property of Goddess of Beauty" Shaman again opened his mouth "How are you feeling now?" She came close to him, and stepped on his whipped back, he screamed in pain she get down and walked towards the Tiger, Then she stopped near the Tiger and made a hand gesture his hands got loosened sachin turned around to crawl towards the goddess, as turned another blow came to remind him of his position, he started kissing the foot marks on the earth she just walked and crawl towards her slowly, she was still whipping him but slowly.

I'm Only Happy When it Rains

fetish leameadows 2018-05-09

There's nothing better than waking up on a rainy morning and knowing that I'll get to feel the sticky slickness of my rain boots on my feet and my old yellow Mackintosh raincoat against my breast. All day I'll walk around with the knowledge that you'll run your big hands down my rubber-covered body and my core will grow wet as I sit at my desk, banging away at the keyboards, trying to distract myself and praying someone doesn't stop by my desk to chat. The rain always reminds me of the syrupy-sweet juices flowing out of my pussy and my eyes watering from swallowing your spit-covered cock.

A Fire Rekindled

fetish naughtybessparker 2018-05-09

Heather opened her mouth and began to lick the hard mass confined beneath her husband's nylon pantyhose. Fuck!" cried Dave as Heather's hot mouth surrounded his nylon swathed cock. Heathers hands fondled Dave's balls then stroked firmly along the length of his thick cock whilst her supple mouth increased the pressure on his sensitive tip. She licked as she sucked and her head bobbed back and forth skilfully fucking Dave's mesh bound cock with her hot lips. Grasping her husband's stiff shaft in a firm grip Heather began to stroke it hard whilst her mouth worked his tip. Grunts of pleasure issued from both of them as Dave's tongue plunged deep inside his wife's burning cunt, licking and slurping whilst his lips sucked thirstily at her flowing juices.

The Farm Ch. 03

fetish Katiekatsman 2018-05-09

Deb told me how big he was and so I can only guess he had the same size equipment you have slave." She squeezed Jordy's cock, making sure it remained nice and hard. Jordy turned to look at his mistress and as he did he felt Jenny give his goods a nice hard squeeze. Jenny still felt intimidated by the confidence so many of The Farm's mistresses conveyed but Jackie was normal enough that she could talk with her more openly than with Rachel. Rachel was just downright mean at times and Jackie also revealed that streak; like when she took the strap to the two Travis and Jordy in DC when they were strung up in Chevonne's basement.


R's Story

fetish lucky_guy_49 2018-05-09

We 69ed for a frantic few minutes, and he probed my pussy and ass with his hands as he ground his hot dick WAY down my throat. "Put that dildo back in me" I begged, and he pressed the full length of the horse end deep inside my wet pussy, stroking me until I came, screaming, at least as much as I can scream with a mouth full of hot dick!!! Kneeling between his legs, I began to stroke the dildo while he rubbed his own hard dick. As I rubbed it, I pressed the dildo up against my pussy and to my surprise felt a rush come over me. And as I stroked the part of the dildo that protruded so lewdly from his ass, I couldn't stop coming.

Night Jogger

fetish Mason_Hess 2018-05-09

Even as she felt her legs part against his merciless advance, even as she watched him push his own pants down and free his cock, even as she felt his hard, hot rod at her entrance she fought him constantly, glaring at him, trying to see his face, trying to identify him somehow, never surrendering even as he rolled his hips and plunged deep into her body. She felt him shift so he was kneeling and she was pulled up into his lap, still laying back and glaring up at him with her eyes clouded over with lust and hate as he moved her body, his hands on her hips, grasping her flesh with bruising strength and she loved it, loved the way it made her feel and the way her body was clenching up around his thick cock.

A Suitable Job For A Slut Ch. 01

fetish skyeslut 2018-05-09

The unseen guest discarded his cigar stub in her piss filled mouth and left without a word - You don't thank a urinal when you are done! Molly asked to stay on duty thee when her three hour stint was up, but some guests had requested her to be cleaned up, so she could take a turn as the cum dumpster and ashtray inside, so she was hosed down in the stable. Her legs and ankles secured over a bench, so her tits and cunt where exposed and a heavy leather belt was handed around the room for the guest to administer punishment for her unpermitted orgasms, until the bell rang.

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fetish rangerdee 2018-05-09

Its Beautiful !"I want you to throw me down, tie me up, choke me, whip me, slap me, f***e fuck me" these are your words. I help you up and lead you over to a place and pull your arms up over your head and tie them tight. I stick 2 fingers in your pussy and it tight and wet and hot! I stop and pull my hard cock out and put it in your face and tell you to suck my dick! I get it in to my knuckle and I began to push and work it aroud till I get it midway of my hand .I push harder ,I can feel my hand being squeezed tight in your wet pussy.

My very first time cuckolding my husband (Check it

fetish HotwifeNika22 2018-05-09

I checked my phone now and then, and saw my husband had texted me like crazy saying “have fun.” It was so loud inside that we had to whisper into each other ears to talk; our lips and cheeks touched every time we whispered in each other ear. My husband is no longer the only man I’ve ever fucked (and no longer the best!).” He fucked me with my legs on his shoulders for a while; reaching his cock so deep inside me and stretching it so wide I thought my pussy was going to tear.

Why Am I Doing This?

fetish louise7033 2018-05-09

I guess you're thinking that it was far too soon for me to have sex with him. I know it's difficult to explain, but I'd liked him not just because he had treated me with respect, but also because I'd just known somehow that it was part of a plan to get his hand into my panties and make love to me. So as soon as their taxi came, and they were safely out of the way, I made a call to him on the cellphone to let him know it was fine for him to come round. And I could feel my panties becoming wet as soon as I put the phone down and I knew he was on his way.....

Pink Panties

fetish Trialbasis 2018-05-09

There is something about a hard cock pressing against the soft silky fabric of a pair of sexy panties that makes me wet and horny beyond all reason. Once a cock is smooth and hard a man can really appreciate the feel of a pair of my panties wrapped around him. He kept turning toward me to ask a question or say something about the iPod. He flipped through about three pictures and then the first of the pantied cock photos appeared. Looking him in the eye I told him that I loved to dress a guy in panties and that his cock made me very wet and horny. I kissed the hot purple head of his thick hard cock and licked the outline it made in the pink panties.

Stretched To The Limit!

fetish uke73 2018-05-09

I gently turn it round a few time and half pull it out and slide it back in next I reach back into my bag and get the next butt plug out this one is about 10cm long and 3cm at its widest and jet black. I place the end against your bum hole and feel it open to the size of the last plug easily but then it stops and I have to push it in about half a cm. You muscles have clamped down so much they need widening again, finally it plops out and I start are you bum hole as it is about an inch wide and gaping open with the outer lips still turned outwards.

Marion's Turn Ch. 02

fetish jomar 2018-05-09

I fucked your pussy and you came, baby, I made you a woman. Mmm, I think I'd like to see your little white mouth around a big black cock, baby. Would you like to sit in the chair with your blindfold on, rubbing your clit, hearing me moan and come on strange cock? You look so lovely in your classy lingerie, all made up, your pretty blue hair framing the cock in your mouth. A man is gonna fuck your pussy with his cock." I moaned. "Mmm, you'll beg for more though, won't you, little cock slut? My little cock slut got used sooo good. How much of a woman do you want to be, baby?" I moaned and fucked her back.


fetish dirtyfish 2018-05-09

Sure they loved how I would use my tongue on them and how I could spend hours just licking their bodies but they just couldn't being themselves to try any of the things that I liked. Tina was a little thing, very pretty with long black hair and nice small tits. The night Tina came over she told me that Debbie had her stop shaving about six months ago and that she hadn't had a shower in 4 days. I spent a good 45 minutes on each of her armpits and while I couldn't completely get all the smell to go away she told me that it was one of the most sexy things that she even had done to her.

Laura on Facebook

fetish 2018-05-08

Laura Michaels, 23, set up a group called "I Need Sex" on Facebook. She invited men to contact her and those whose picture she liked, she met up with. Within 10 minutes the group had 35 members and soon attracted 100 men, 50 of whom she slept with. She said they met for drinks in her home town of Bristol and then went back to his hotel for sex. She admitted some people might "look down on me" for her behaviour and said some might even say that she may as well have been a prostitute because then she would at least have been paid for sl**ping with so many different men, but she said: "I don't see it like that at all.

A Walk in the Woods

fetish wdarb3 2018-05-08

She was so tight and so wet.....She kept moaning as she fucked me.." My with them “she said as she took my hands and placed them on her breasts. "Come with me...oh please shoot it in me, I need it so bad." Her eyes were closed as she yelled ", now!" and her orgasm hit...her pussy clamping down on my cock...Then all of a sudden I felt something wet flow over my balls and I realized she was peeing as she was comming. She came next to me and kissed me, taking her hand and squeezing my cock thru my shorts.."Thank you..I really needed that." and then she turned and walked away.

Babying the Babysitter

fetish strictabdaddy 2018-05-08

Motioning Mandy over, I grabbed her right hand then pressed her fingers up and down Shira's training-panty covered slit; causing my little wife to involuntarily groan. Perhaps a little cummie before I change her would do our baby girl a world of good." Unhooking the left cup of her nursing bra-she had come prepared-Mandy drew my wife to her teat. In the room, but before I laid her down onto the changing table, I swatted her four times in a row on each cheek then said "You better be a good little girl, or you'll make me mad!" Mandy, of course, had been unquestionably good, but even so it seemed like a good idea to reinforce her new status as a baby.

The Sex Wrestling League Ch. 07

fetish TConcord18 2018-05-08

"That's it, Rob. Let me milk that cum out of you." Lindsey said with a sexy smile. I never wanted something placed up me, but Lindsey was right that I did need to train for that part of the match, just like other parts. If you lose, those girls are more likely to use one of these, than this pink thing." Lindsey then showed me a big nine inch black dildo. "When you cum in a few minutes, Rob, it will be the best orgasm you have ever had." Lindsey said to me with a smile. I'm going to plant this thing in your ass so deep that you'll feel like it's going to come out your mouth." Said Kat.

Scarf Collectors Ch. 01

fetish oggbashan 2018-05-08

She was tall, elegant, with long straight blonde hair held in a ponytail with a silk scarf. What do you do, Jonas - apart from collect silk scarves?" "I think I'd like an Indian meal as long as we eat early in the evening before the crowds arrive." A meal in an Indian restaurant could be eaten dressed any way you wanted from jeans and a T-shirt to full evening dress. "Nearly done, Jonas." Cecilia said as her hands stroked my body through the silk. "I was teasing you, Jonas." she said "I wanted you to feel that I and my silk scarves had you at our mercy.

BBC At The Adult Theater

fetish bioralpleaser 2018-05-08

I got on my knees and looked over to see a few guys were standing around watching me acting like a slut and a white whore for this black man. Once I got on my knees this man kept calling me his "little cocksucking slut" and pushed his cock into my face. The thought of people watching me behave like a dirty filthy cocksucking slut got me so hard I started to suck his cock deep and hard. After sucking this black cock for about 5 minutes I could feel him tense up and he started to moan and grunt and proceeded to blast a warm salty load of cum into my mouth.