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Erotic Fetish stories

A large collection of fetisch short stories covering everything from pantyhoses to feet and more.

transvestite in trouble 4 - the internet porn quee

fetish hornyTVluvr 2018-11-11

I've taken the liberty of giving you the hair extentions and tarting up your makeup, ready for your next show....Andrew said how tight you were, so I've started stretching that tight little hole of your with my anal plug...feels good doesn't it"....It did..... "now....there are two ways you can play this honey" she continued "you can fight it and try to escape...Which will no doubt result in your little shows being more and more unpleasant, here, I can show you that too" She clicked at the laptop and again bought it to my face....on the screen was a girl, a funnel strapped into her mouth which a guy was pissing into...I looked away, "or how about this, she showed me the screen again.....

Anything For Georgetown (part five, Monica is realizing what she's getting into)

fetish JanellElizabethMeyer 2018-11-11

Yes, the thrill of punishing her by giving her the kinky attention the boys didn’t want to give was exciting enough, but Monica was unaware that Houlihan would spread the word that she was to be on her best behavior. But Houlihan wanted her to know that if she wanted to tell Monica how she felt about her, she should do just that—and it would be okay. Monday rolled around, and Houlihan decided he’d speak to Brenda that day, if he could. He’d known a few girls like Brenda, unattractive but they slept with boys anyway, and it didn’t help their popularity. School went on that fall, like usual, except students noticed a quieter Monica O’Toole.

Heaven on satin sheets

fetish Misst 2018-11-11

I lean forward and push my breasts in your face and hold them there, allowing you to inhale the sweet smell of my body, while, with one hand gently caressing your cock. Leaning forward to kiss you, you feel my breasts just brushing against your chest, as they head closer to your mouth, I place my nipples one at a time in your mouth allowing you to kiss and suck it, feeling my body tense with pleasure, before smothering your face with them once again.

Keith comes clean

fetish woreout 2018-11-11

She said Keith just spent the last hour and a half fucking me in our bed while you waited out here. Then she said I'm tired and if you want to eat my pussy you had better do it now it's running down my legs.She headed to the bed and I followed. She told me how Keith had hurt her pussy with his thick cock and that she was going to keep fucking him even if it ment that she would never be able to feel my pathetic little penis ever again. My wife pointed at my little soft peter and told Keith that's why my pussy us so good. She told me to eat her pussy while Keith fucked her ass.

High School Reunion Drinking Games (5th in the Golden Series)

fetish MrNiceguy888 2018-11-11

It's OK if you choke a little at the end and I might drive my cock into your throat for the last shot of piss - but mostly I'm just going to try and relax with my dick in your mouth and let you slowly drink down all my piss.” “Yeah, it's going to be amazing to piss in your mouth and have you drink it down...then I can find out how good you are at sucking my cock.” “I think at the point that I put my cock in your mouth and start pissing while you drink it down will already be unforgettable. I think more time and beer are keys, because a few hours of you sucking my cock and drinking my piss would be another incredible turn on.

Medussa's Fool

fetish TaleTeller4035 2018-11-11

My hands shook as I retrieved my erect cock and maniacally masturbated as I replied yes to her invite to meet for coffee. "My words begin to reveal their controlling, dominant nature, and, thus, reveal my person, for I am a demanding Mistress and expect your absolute obedience and submissiveness—your natural nature, by the way. A feeling, he realized, of mostly humiliation; his eyes devoured, again, the last paragraph of the dominant personality's e-mail -and this feeling surged, once again, like lightening, charging firmly the boned condition of his cock. The moment he clicked the e-mail into the electronic atmosphere, his hand began to jerk his rigid cock in a frenzied rush to climax, which came to him in less than a minute.

The Start of Something

fetish spuddick 2018-11-11

I remembered how Nancy had set up here apartment for our first time together and I didn't have a massage bench here either, so I would bring him to the bedroom. He came into my kitchen and noticed the bottle of wine I had left on the counter. Then, I remembered our last encounter, how he had come into the parlor just after I had made the deal, how I had fucked him without a hint of pretense. "I see that," he said and let one of his big hands fall onto my exposed breast. He lifted me off the counter and let my fall through his arms onto his dick, bouncing me against his hips.

Cordelia's Feet

fetish ChrissieLecker 2018-11-11

"Of course, Miss Wilkins." She quickly stowed her book in her bag, gave her friends a quick wave and sashayed to the front, looking like a young tennis star in her white tank top and miniskirt, where she sat down gracefully at the table right next to my teaching desk. "I’ve read those authors you mentioned, and I found them most…" She paused for a second, and I looked up into her eyes, "intriguing." She licked her lips, which glistened invitingly, like ripe, sweet fruits. "I can see it on your face, in your eyes," she purred, "you want to lick my feet, taste my yummy toes, suckle on them and worship them.

Anything For Georgetown Part two

fetish JanellElizabethMeyer 2018-11-10

Women like Monica would have an easy time of it in life; from wealthy, loving parents to a wealthy, loving husband. Monica was a little surprised when she got the note in Spanish class summoning her to Houlihan’s office after school, if she didn’t have any other obligations. Monica couldn’t imagine Brenda in a nice house twenty-two years from now; she seemed like the type of girl to deny herself the finer things in life, just because she could. Monica could tell Brenda was the kind of girl who thought behaving would earn her brownie points. I figured, ‘hey, why not?’ I know what guys like to look at, and it’s pretty obvious I’ve got it.

wife's side of the story

fetish woreout 2018-11-10

I enjoy having my pussy and ass fucked at the same time. Every so often I will avoid going in the pool or showering so when hubby gets home he can enjoy cleaning me with his mouth. Hubby came IP to me and said that he would finish the cleaning if I wanted to go and let Mike fuck me. But when hubby explained how he had caught Mike checking out my legs all night long he knew Mike would fuck me if given the chance. I remember the next day my husband was a little mad that I closed and locked the door. He enjoys it but I believe he gets off knowing that I'm being fucked but nor being able to see.

The Shopkeepers Wife

fetish arbymore 2018-11-10

I thought she was pretty enough but after a few minutes she came back wearing a white all in one pantie girdle and bra with suspenders hanging down and holding up a pair of dark seemed stockings and a pair of high heeled shoes. She took my hand and led me to the sofa and said, ‘do you want me to dress you like Jim or would you prefer to be naked. Pauline said, ‘if I’m still not pregnant next time I want you dressed the same as Jim.’ I have some thoughts about continuing this where Pauline dresses you in a panty girdle and stockings and you end up having a threesome with Jim.

A Marriage Redefined Ch. 02

fetish sotto 2018-11-10

Still I responded eagerly, "Yes I would love to learn a new dish to serve at home." I was on my hands and knees between her legs washing her feet when I felt a strong stream of water on the back of my head. But you know I like a little excitement sometimes and I am curious about new experiences. Everyone will love it when a pretty man like you brings zis cake for party." She stroked my face. "I use only ze lavender honey from Europe, here taste." She dipped a long finger in the jar a practically shoved it into my mouth. "Start slowly with my lips, up and down, yes like zat."

Under Her

fetish HungryGuy 2018-11-10

Of course, Tameka put Jack under her ass as soon as she got up and started writing her column. Tameka has had numerous toilet slaves at her service, and knew the horror that this one was experiencing in having a woman shit directly into his mouth for the first time. Tameka got in her bed and closed the light, saying, "Good night, slave." She was a little disappointed that he came so fast, but he was such an obedient and talented slave -- letting her sit on his face non-stop all day yesterday while drinking a near constant flow of piss and shit from her and then serving as her bedpan last night -- that he deserved his reward.

Lynn: My First Photo Shoot

fetish dior11 2018-11-10

Before I even heard about “flashing” stockings in public, I was already enjoying the special feeling of wearing sexy garter belts and high quality nylons. As a result, every time I lifted my arms to reach up, the hem rose up my thighs, exposing a broad expanse of nylons, as well as garter straps, and occasionally, my sheer panties. I imagined that Randy would be posing me with my arms raised, so I made sure to wear my favorite black garter belt and super-sheer panties. Getting into his tiny Bug, I made sure Randy got a good view of my stocking-covered legs. I knew he was shooting a lot of upskirt pictures because my dress constantly rose up way beyond my thighs, totally exposing everything including my sheer, pussy-moistened panties.

Toyota Toes

fetish L O Reins 2018-11-10

A lingering moment passed then she said, “don’t you want to look at it…again?” I instantly conjured an image of me on my hands and knees while Philalena, dressed in the black latex of the Domina, gently massages the G-point of my being between my anus and the base of balls with the pointed toe of her shoe. Philalena softly chuckled as she gestured to the large wet stain in my pants, “It looks like you think my feet are very pretty, doesn’t it?” I kissed them one more time and reverently put her shoes back on and we both got out of the truck.

Mariam Hanaffi Buys A Strap-on!

fetish Samuelx 2018-11-10

When I showed Jean-Bernard Guillot, my sweet J.B. what I brought home from my special shopping trip, the Haitian brother was grinning from ear to ear, folks. Before Jean-Bernard and I tried anal sex for the second time, I cleaned up in his washroom with soap and water, and we both got properly lubricated before beginning. It definitely took some coaxing and pleading, but I convinced Jean-Bernard, the macho Afro-centric brother from the island of Haiti to let me, his sweet and kinky Somali Muslim girlfriend, fuck him up the ass with the new strap-on dildo I bought at the adult video store on Rideau Street. J.B. moaned and groaned as I fucked him up the ass with the strap-on dildo, and at times he cried and complained like a little bitch.

Caroline Reveals her Dirty Secrets

fetish hairysurfer 2018-11-10

"As I recall, Mary, your arsehole is quite small and tight and very neat looking compared to Caroline's - and it doesn't have such a powerful smell to it," responded John. Mary hung her head withshame, not only had she had to endure the extreme humiliation of having all Marks friends poke, prod and sniff at her genitals, she was now being told by John that she wasn't even very interesting to look at. Mary will spread open her bald cunt and arsehole for as long as you want to look -- won't you darling?" He glanced over at his wife and she immediately turned away, tears in her eyes.

Karla Returns

fetish Goldeniangel 2018-11-10

"Shut up slut," he started driving deep, bruising her pussy further with every hard thrust, "You dirty whore, you asked for it, now take it." He was really slapping against her flesh, brutally abusing her poor cunt as he fucked her hard. A second later he had his dick buried in her tight ass, groaning as the juices of her pussy barely lubricated his entrance and she was crying out again in pain as he ravaged her body; now his groin was slamming against the bruised flesh of her ass. Slamming hard into her one last time, his body pressed down on hers painfully as his dick was buried its full length into her ass, hot cum spilling into the dry passage as she rode out the very last of her intense orgasm.

Karen Babysits for a Man Her Age Ch. 05

fetish cynthiablaine7 2018-11-10

Karen moved by his side on the bed and started to run her nail up his shaft through the front of the panties and giggled as she saw the wet spot appear on the panties and gradually spread as Jamie involuntarily released cum—since he had just orgasmed, it was not the precum she had previously seen when teasing him like this. There was a small puddle in the corner but Claire took her by the hand and walked with her to the bathroom, where she directed her to pull down her panties and sit on the toilet, and then to wait for permission to resume peeing.

A Weekend In Sweden. Part 3

fetish NatashaTsarinaErotic 2018-11-10

Over coffees, Stefan and Eva asked me what I was going to do in Hong Kong and when I told them I had changed my mind a wild discussion began over where I could go. When Stefan was done he came back to us where we sat around the coffee table with me on one of the chairs and Eva on the sofa. “Fantastic, honey, why don’t you go and get the toy,” said Stefan to Eva who got up. I heard Eva slurping and sucking and my own orgasm was just seconds away when Stefan let go of a deep moan that became gasps and finally a howl.

Contest Ch. 02

fetish Goldeniangel 2018-11-10

Chris kissed her on the mouth firmly, and then untied the knot in her shirt, smiling as her breasts flopped out completely exposed; her wide pink areola crinkled a little as her nipples hardened in the air. Stepping back, Chris grinned at her, looking over her vulnerable body with its slightly pinkened large globes, "Now it's time to make things a little rough." his voice was filled with excited anticipation and she realized that torturing her oversized tits was possibly a bit of a fetish for him. Turning on the vibrator, Chris watched as her eyes popped when the pearls started teasing her pussy lips as the head of the penis swirled against her g-spot and the little rabbit's ears buzzed straight onto her clit.

Getting A Lot Of What She Wants

fetish RumpleForeskin 2018-11-10

"The way I figure it, balling Carlo would ease his misery, help him in bed with Anna and, yes, let me satisfy my curiosity about, you know, something that big. Carlo and Anna were part owners and managers of the up-scale apartment complex where Ray and Cindy lived. When he just kept looking, Cindy moved nearer, took his big hands in hers and placed them on her hips, then encouraged him to enjoy anything he saw and liked. As Cindy groaned under the force of her own gut-wrenching orgasm, Carlo emitted an animal-like sound and began pumping his long pent-up load deep within her writhing body. But you'll have to wait a couple weeks on your special present." Cindy looked at her husband with a big, knowing smile.

wife's vacation

fetish woreout 2018-11-10

I've been working long hours and when my wife said it was time to take our vacation I told her to make the reservation. I thought she was coming to bed with me but she told me she wanted to tell the guys good night. She said Thomas has such a thick cock she thought it would feel better in her pussy and Jake took to stretching her ass. My wife was ridding the black guy , his thick meat had her pussy lips pulled tightly around it. I walked back in their room and saw Thomas fucking my wife in the ass. I said I'm watching my slut wife having a big fat black cock shoved in her ass.

On Display: A Mannequin Fetish Ch. 02

fetish Chameleongirl 2018-11-10

Lacey's flare for fashion impressed Michelle so much that she left a lot of the decisions up to her and Andy, freeing her time to supervise the sales staff during the store's busier hours. As Andy sat down slowly, Michelle could see a protrusion in his trousers, which grew and pulsated more as Lacey began to carefully, deliberately stroke and smooth her hands over his longer hair on top, tousling it, coating it, and massaging his scalp. He proceeded to pull forward hair in front of Michelle's face, carefully making sure it was even, then with the scissors in hand once again, he slid them half an inch above her eyebrows and cut a blunt fringe to match her new bob.