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Erotic Fetish stories

A large collection of fetisch short stories covering everything from pantyhoses to feet and more.

At the Water's Edge Ch. 02

fetish Magicien 2018-05-08

Standing in the restaurant parking lot, Nancy trembled as the warm piss ran down both her legs. "Please, it wasn't may fault..." Nancy started to explain, but Denis slapped her across the face before she could finish the sentence. Nancy wasn't sure what she more afraid of right then, getting bruises on her ass or losing control and wetting herself for the second time. The older man was just starting to raise a nice purple welt on the little girl's right ass cheek. Then he lowed his finger and started to tease Nancy's little piss hole. The trembling stared in her legs and sensing what was happening, Denis reached up and squeezed her little nipple with his left hand.

Fuck Me

fetish bubbles94 2018-05-08

You feel the moment and open your eyes, immediately grabbing at my tits to lick and suck them. You moan with want and begin to lick and nibble my nipples all the more intently. I shiver and moan as my pussy begins to flow...dripping on to your rock hard dick. I lower myself onto your face and close my eyes as I feel your tongue licking up and down my clit. I moan as well and close my mouth as I cum all over your leg. With all the previous lubrication you slide it in with relative ease and begin pounding away as I groan and moan, grabbing onto any part of you I can reach and pulling you in closer.

A Royal Jealousy Pt. 02

fetish sunniedaies 2018-05-08

Suddenly, Amadeus felt his desire fade just a fraction thinking of what Cleo had said of her sister, Nico. "You won't like this, Nico." Amadeus tried to stall, but for no good reason. You know I would never harm you." Amadeus reached for her and pulled her into his lap this time. Nico loved Amadeus' huge balls. Much to his surprise, Amadeus felt Nico's tongue continue down to explore more. Nico sat up, and Amadeus lowered his legs around her. When Amadeus lay back down she wasted no time in straddling his face and bringing her soaking cunt to his mouth. Amadeus moved his tongue to her opening so he could taste all of her cum juice.

Wife Has a Surprise for Him Ch. 02

fetish pegged3 2018-05-08

As she continued to stroke my cock, I felt her hips start rocking and pushing her strap on deeper inside me. Sarah pulled her cock almost all the way out of my ass before slowly driving all the way inside of me until I felt her legs on the back of my legs. I just never imagined you would be laying face down on a hotel bed unable to move after I just fucked your ass and stuck a plug inside you!" Sarah said, in mock surprise. While you get use to sucking my cock, I'm going to eat and watch my husband on all fours, plug in your ass and sucking on my dildo for all its worth." she said.

Tracey Unleased Ch. 01

fetish Vanhorton 2018-05-08

Then Adrian put his hand on Jewel's thigh and stroked it over her jeans, "And fucking, is fun," She said seductively. As she felt Adrian's hand to move upward she moved in she turned more toward Sam, bringing her head into his. Then Sam pulled away from Jewel's mouth, grabbed her shirt and took it off her head. Adrian stood in front of Jewel, her cock less then an inch from her open mouth. Jewel quickly and knowing, turned her head around to look at Sam. Jewel looked up and Adrian, smiling she then raised the cigarette high over her cock and flicked the dead ashes onto the topside of that long, thin cock.

The Pack Ch. 02

fetish Quin 2018-05-08

The man lost his smile and looked forlorn, "I only wanted to buy you a coffee missus!" he said. Approaching the turn-off it was necessary to operate the clutch, pressing my leg forward and releasing the pedal – letting the big rough finger massage my vagina, gain better access, the movement of my hips and thighs were doing most of the work, creating sexual feelings. My skirt was still bunched up round my waist and George's cock swayed to and fro as I negotiated the bends looking for a place to stop and dump him at the side of the road. You can enjoy yourself, get what your husband can't give you – have George's big cock inside you, pleasure you missus."

Anal and Enema

fetish Sodomite 2018-05-08

"Get on your hands and knees and piss on all fours, like the little sex-pet you are,” I tell her and immediately her eyes light up. Letting out werewolf-like howls she starts to cum as she pisses all over me and I jam a fourth finger into her sopping fuck hole. I take the index finger of my other hand, lube it up in her slippery slit, and slide it into her tight ass. Then I look down at my hand and realize that the finger I had in her ass has a little bit of shit on the tip of it. With her own shit, my dick, my cum, and now my urine taking up space in her tight little ass Mara starts to whimper.

Creampie Discovery

fetish NicoleSix 2018-05-08

He always talked dirty about filling my pussy with cum just before he would climax and soon I loved the feeling of a hard cock throbbing inside me and I always pictured a big load of semen being squirted against my cervix. I squeezed hard internally as Jeff pushed and I felt his thick cock slide past the first tightness and suddenly start to spread my ass wide. I rubbed my clit continuously with my fingers as Jeff started to steadily fuck his cock in and out of my ass. I want to feel you cum in my ass." I went on and on, babbling the dirtiest, nastiest things imaginable as Jeff enjoyed his first anal fuck.

Jill Gains The Upper Hand Ch. 01

fetish Quietoldie 2018-05-08

He's handsome, (a bit like Paul Newman in his younger days) and requires applications from persons who have trained in shorthand with good IT skills to work in his admin department. "I noticed the chess set in the living room, Jill." Mike says as he munches cornflakes next morning. Later that evening after we've had our meal; "What about making the games more interesting next time we play?" I says this casually with an impish grin. There is no further talk of FLRs but I realise that Jill is making most of the decisions and it feels okay. Sometimes she's not feeling like letting me go inside her but on those occasions she will take me in hand, saying all sorts of dirty things to get me going.

Please Don't Stop that Music

fetish lazy_liza 2018-05-08

As she flicks her hair this way and that, her hand slithering down her side, she slowly rocks her hips, cocking left and right in time with the syncopated throaty beat. He callously hooks his finger through the width of denim between her legs, the little scrap of cloth that makes her shorts 'shorts,' and not 'skirt.' She feels two strokes of his rough knuckle rubbing against her and she shudders as he pulls her toward him by that strip of denim, making her skid squeakily along the bench. He's singing about holding "her" and kissing "her" and undressing "her..." and Tam gets mad at the thought of every girl in the bar imagining themselves as this hypothetical "her." This is her song, goddammit!

spanked by Aunty Ellen

fetish satinexinhose 2018-05-08

Although I dreaded the spanking that was to come, I couldn't wait to go over her knee and feel those silky smooth thighs against my cock. I couldn't stand the sting of that hairbrush on my ass and at the same time I couldn't help humping her silky smooth thighs with my rock hard cock. I had enjoyed the spanking over her luscious thighs and relished the thought of being whipped by a beautiful Mistress but this whipping with that long, flexible switch was too painful to be pleasurable. If you rub your cock in their lap or come on their thighs I'm sure they will want to whip your ass good!"

The Mansion House Series Ch. 01

fetish Marilou_Johansson 2018-05-08

Weird or not, Ethan couldn't get the thought out of his mind, and so he cuddled up even more closely to Kat, his wannabe dominant partner, his best friend. In a few seconds, Ethan had found Kat's phone, and was proffering it to her, pushing her to make the call to the dominant Aunt Jane. So, seems like my darling Ethan is potentially no longer only my Ethan – I'll have to share you with Aunt Jane," Kat mocked. "Its time you started to earn my love rather than take it for granted, I'm sure you agree, slave boy Ethan, my darling little play thing," Kat sneered.

Gasping for Air

fetish AmethystMare 2018-05-08

Enora shook her head, plucking the mask neatly from Ren's paws and turning it over to see where the zip and buckle would pull it flush with another's neck, sealing off all air. Gulping, Ren tried to pin his ears back, but only succeeding in trapping them against the latex hood as Enora secured it smoothly to the fur of his neck, forcing him to breathe through the holes and the holes alone. Flicking open the breathing holes again, Enora quickly grabbed a length of rope -- Ren really was one for just leaving bits lying around all over the place -- and slipped it around his paws.

My first strap on experience

fetish MichaelXavior 2018-05-08

Moments later Mistress Kaida opened the door and welcomed me inside. Using my hands I stroked the shaft when she pulled it out of my mouth, and told me to lick the tip like a good little slut would. As I'm moving the g-ring, Miss Kaida grabbed a penis gag and shoved it into my mouth, securing it behind my head. She told me there is no way I was backing out of it this time, and She tied my head down to the horse to ensure I couldn’t move it from side to side. She removed the gag, tied my hands above my head, and my feet up in the air, spread open at the knees.

Plausible Deniability blindfolded wife shared

fetish 2018-05-08

Dave took a longer look at it than I thought he would and I turned towards my "innocent" wife. I handed it to him whispered to Dave "fuck her with it" he looked at me for the first time in surprise but took the dildo anyway., crawled up on the bed and started to fuck my wife with her own toy. Out of control horny I took the base off my cock and swirled it around her ass and pussy, rubbing it in Dave's fresh load. I fucked her hard from behind, Dave's cum all over my belly and her ass by now, it was running down onto my cock. I realized I just let my best friend eat my wife's pussy and cum all over her ass.

The Muse is a Goddess Ch. 03

fetish bone251 2018-05-08

"And now that I have drained every drop of you cum so you have no chance of an orgasm and excited you with the prospect of a lesbian blowjob, I want you to fuck me." Heather then said with the happiest of voice. "You know I like gentle to get started on my sensitive clit Bridget" Heather chided. And as Heather started screaming and moaning I sucked and licked that big clit like my orgasm depended on it. Bridget and I started switching off after every one of Heathers orgasms so we were both making her cum over and over. Heather was holding the base of my cock and slamming Bridget's head up and down making sure she could not change her mind on taking all that cum.

It Doesn't Taste That Nice Really…

fetish ArtistWriterSvengali 2018-05-08

Not forgetting of course to take advantage of the situation and licking her clit and tonguing her gaping cunt, she was very wet and tasted sweet and sticky. I slowly ease my fingers between her inner lips feeling the sticky wetness within as I tease my finger across her cunt opening and flick it backwards and forwards, not penetrating, but making her shiver in anticipation. I continue my teasing and then I feel her little piss hole expand once again and I feel a distinct opening, larger than I thought it would be, and then a jet of piss shot into my mouth, followed by a flood of hot wet, pungent, acrid tasting piss into my mouth. I continue to lick her little hole, feeling the hole where the piss is leaving her body and running into my mouth.

A Secret Revealed

fetish Joie_de_Vivre 2018-05-08

When Jeanette had opened the jeans, the top of my underwear had become clearly visible – a pair of purple, lacy women's panties which I'd loving pulled on inside the hotel room that morning. "You don't mind?" she said, and with this, carefully slipped her fingers inside the leg of my knickers, feeling for my crevice, softly touching my entrance with her finger-tips, before taking her fingers out again and pulling the purple underwear smooth again across my backside. Just wearing a pair of women's knickers, I carried the photo album back inside while Jeanette walked beside me with my jeans and shirt.


Cum on TITS (Mom) Part 7

fetish 2018-05-08

by taking your cock in my mouth and sucking it till you cum and fucking my Face fun watching you gag and spew piss out of your mouth as you Face Fuck yourself "Hold her hair Bob",Billy said as he moved behind his step mom and grabbed her wrists. "Ok Very Good TITS and now you will suck our cocks and we will pee in your mouth and you will "Get a pot for Sharon to pee in Tommy, and toilet face here", Billy said as he grabbed Tommy started the camera and the fun began as Billys cock entered his step Moms mouth, non stop as Sharon spewed warm piss all over every time Billy rammed her face.

King Cock PT4 GayMaker

fetish 425olds 2018-05-08

While I was standing there I could only get hard looking at you and when you touched my cock, I thought I was going to explode again. Before I could stuff it back in my pants, Eddie turned his head and his lips brushed my growing cock! Eddie kissed the head of my cock so lightly, but it was like an electric current was running through my dick. "No Eddie, you're going to make me cum!" Eddie pushed his face harder onto my dick and I felt his lips slide tightly over the dark purple head. I looked down and saw a huge wet spot on Eddie's pants where his dick head spewed out his pent up sperm.

Broken Arm Blowjob

fetish daveevans 2018-05-08

Brendan is nineteen years old, slim, dark hair, lives about thirty-five minutes from my place, massive looking shaves and cut cock and he loves speedos. Normally I like to give a guy a call before hooking up like this so I spoke to BJ on the phone and lined it up for 12noon - after giving him directions to my place I told him to wear his speedos and once he came around the back to strip down to just his speedos (a pair of blue speedo brand speedos) and to knock on my door. But he didn't show it at all - he opened the door in all his blue speedo glory and the only words that left his mouth before he started licking my lycra covered cock was "Hey Dave".

I Am a Kinky Woman

fetish GoldenLayla 2018-05-08

"Melly, "stop playing; you know you are never going to piss the bed. Not only is it nasty but you will have to sleep in a very wet spot, I know you are too damned lazy to change the bed." Melly started laughing hysterically. The next thing I knew I heard a hissing sound and as I watched golden pee spurted from that pink place onto the bed covers. Legs spread, her pink pussy open and all of the wet piss streaming out and yeah it did look like a golden fountain. I found myself excited by the thought that rather than rush and get to the toilet as well as you could, Melly chose to simply stop and piss her pants calmly.

Halloween at StormyMoon Castle

fetish jasmine1969 2018-05-08

My boyfriend dressed as Dracula, knowing it's my favorite and myself as a serving wench of long ago. It was great, with large arched windows looking out over the night ocean. I feel him removing his finger and moan my disappointment. When I feel him slide his finger back into me I realized that he had been rubbing some lubricant onto his fingers and hand. Slowly he keeps working in fingers and then folds in his thumb to start that push to get in deeper. I ride him slowly at first and when he can't stand anymore I start to ride him hard and fast, he loves it.


Dykes of Hazard

fetish YANKEE DAN 2018-05-08

Her tongue reached out and licked ounce up my cunt and then her mouth closed on my pussy, sucking on it. “Wait up…” I started to protest but she dropped her pants and pushed her cunt to my mouth. “That’s right bitch, drink every drop of momma’s piss.” When she finished peeing she fucked my face with her cunt. The police women jerked the stick in and out of herself and as she came her juices ran down it’s length into my hungry mouth. Gathering myself up and washing off as best I could in the sink I got dressed and headed out, leaving Barb and the cop on the floor licking each other’s pussies.