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Erotic Fetish stories

A large collection of fetisch short stories covering everything from pantyhoses to feet and more.

I Need To Be Used Like a Whore

fetish NYCbbwSUB 2018-05-08

"Yes Sir." As I rubbed my dripping wet pussy, he continued to tell me how he was my Daddy, and I was his whore daughter. I laid down as ordered, and began rubbing my cunt while he watched, he sat in a chair in front of me, and told me what he wanted to see, and called me names as I did them. I wanted this old man's cock to control my holes, and fuck me hard, and he was doing a great job of making me a dirty little piggie. Knowing these three women were going to use me while my Daddy watched was making my pussy so hot, and my clit was so swollen, and loved all the use it was getting.

A Slut For My Mistress

fetish sissy4Mistress 2018-05-08

I quickly go to the rear of the house and see the box near the door, as I open it I see there is a pair of hand cuffs, a collar, a Basque, lace top stockings, a pair of 5 inch stiletto heeled boots and finally a blindfold. When I am dressed my cock is so hard, then I pick up my clothes and try to walk back to the front door in the high heels. I then quickly leave the shop before anyone else comes in and return to your house, serving the wine as I tell you what had happened on my little trip.

Confessions of a Foot Slut Ch. 02

fetish FootjobLover 2018-05-08

My clit was already tingling as I started to imagine smelling and kissing those beautiful bare feet of hers, working my nose and my tongue between each of her sweet toes in full view of all the jealous guys who wanted to be doing the exact same thing. FJL - I'd start by smelling and sucking those bare feet of hers that made you finger-fuck yourself at work. FJL - Then I'd slide my hard cock between her bare soles until I came, spurting rope after rope of my cum all over those pretty feet and toes. FJL - I wanted to release it and start jerking off while you were telling me about fucking Natalie's pussy with your toes.

Sister Aquinata: A Nasty Bitch Ch. 02

fetish Haunting 2018-05-08

A little unsteady from such a hard fucking Sister Aquinata walked down the open hotel corridor gazing at the moon slowly blinking past the stone arches and columns of the covered walkway. Sister Aquinata, jaded past the capability for any normal sexual tryst, stared between her large stiff-nippled breasts at her blazing pubic mound feeling her siren's cunt stretching wide for the priest's sinfully delicious cock. "Ohhhh!....Damn!....You...Fucking...Nun....CUNT!...." her shrink growled out in a strangled voice and slapped the sister hard on her right cheek leaving behind the brief red imprint of his fingers. Sister Aquinata added her left hand and gripping his throbbing cunt-juice anointed member tighter continuing to jerk him hard and fast, ten tiny fingers blurring in their depraved labor.

The Neighbor Slut part 2

fetish imornery81 2018-05-08

There was a picture of Kelli, ball gag in her mouth, arms tied behind her, and a pair of hands reaching around from behind her, weighing the large firm mounds of flesh that were exposed to the unblinking eye of the camera!!! You were thrashing, I could just imagine how your hips were thrusting as the vibrator went on and on unmercifully teasing your hard little clit.” I heard her moans getting louder and I finally managed to free my cock from my zipper. As she turned and walked toward the chain link fence, Tia was looking right at me as the phone in my hand rang. She snatched her phone and as she turned to go back across the yard to her house, Kelli said, “And your cock is leaking cum.

Seduced ( I was seduced by a man and it happened w

fetish germanboi4bbc 2018-05-08

His hard cock jutted from his taut muscular body and my hungry eyes devoured his glistening flesh as he fisted his long, thick dick and looked down at me with an amused expression on his chiseled face. He grabbed my thick brown hair with his left hand and pulled my head toward his mouth hard as his hand continued to squeeze and stroke my dick through my pants. Carole came hard as she watched him fuck my ass and the room filled with her excited pants and moans. "Do you want it?" He teased as he rubbed the slick wet head of his cock against my taint making me moan softly with wanton desire

Male Order Ch. 01

fetish stac2918 2018-05-08

Her words were driving me crazy, her claim over my cock made me even harder, reading on, Kate's note said "...I hope you like your new panties, I wore them all day today thinking about you and what I was going to do to you once I took ownership of your cock. No one had ever seen me in panties before, knowing that Kate, a girl I had ever met, was looking at a photo my hard cock in her panties was too much for me, I had to cum. Pulling the panties I off, I started wanking, as I moved the gusset of Kate's white thong to my nose again.

Please Hold My Titties Ch. 04

fetish LIVINRFANTASIES 2018-05-08

Other times we felt like walking the other half mile to the far south park boundary signs. Dollie wanted to walk the distance and talk some of the old geezers into posing with her for hands on tit pictures. I can't remember which story she told them but in no time the big guy was standing partially behind Dollie working on both titties with two masive black hands. It was me that suggested the little guy remove his jockey shorts or bathing suit and stand on the other side of Dollie, working on the other tittie. With all three of us begging, the little guy did finally step up and fondle Dollie's other tittie as I took 110 film camera photos, pretending to take many more.

Susan in Control Ch. 01

fetish Rabbithorny 2018-05-08

When Tom told me that he had agreed to Susan's terms, he felt he had to justify himself, and he gave me another round of how hot she was, how her blow jobs made him feel as if she were in love with his member, how she would sometimes playfully stroke his rosebud, how even now the memory of her laying back on their bed and spreading her thighs for him got him going. From now on, she told him, if he wanted to act like a little boy and play with himself, he would have to ask her permission.


David's Tall Girls' School Ch. 11

fetish Thorilla 2018-05-08

I had unfortunately been detained by Amelia Wiff-Naseford, headmistress, for being an alleged 'Peeping Tom' in the grounds of 'Dentwood Finishing School for Tall Girls aged 18 to 20 years old'. "I see you are skilled at making yourself 'come' Kate; a very good skill, I say when one needs to relax," "Yes Miss Wiff-Naseford I usually use a carved wooden stool at home; it's got lovely rounded knobbly corners," she explained ".....and another thing Kate your mother always used to catch colds, never knew anyone quite like her...." continued the headmistress leaning back in her comfortable arm chair helping herself to more gin oblivious of the fact that I lay under the girls outspread skirt and petticoats wondering what harm had been done to me.

A Walk In The Woods

fetish ficton_master 2018-05-08

As I put my clothes with hers on the other rock, I casually said that I thought that women couldn't start and stop peeing. She told me to hold her lips open, and as soon as I touched them, she started a stream of pee twice as strong as before. As soon as her pee started splashing all over my cock, it grew rock hard again. I asked her if she had tried solo sex, since she was having trouble getting a partner, and she said that she did two or three times a day, but it just wasn't as good as having a man inside of her.

Eric's Screening Pt. 02

fetish Katalanta 2018-05-08

Then the drape covering the cart was removed, revealing what Mallory recognized as a few catheter kit, metal sounds, and some type of scope. "Eric, the next part of the screening will involve a close examination of your urethra and bladder. "What are you going to do?" Eric asked, his eyes wide again and his voice containing an edge of fear. Dr. Hayes stood over Eric, a syringe with the lubricant already in hand. Dr. Hayes closed off the catheter and the nurse took the collection cup and sealed it with a lid. She quickly covered the sound with sterile lubricant and held Eric's penis again. "Mallory, you don't need to come with me for the x-ray," Eric said.

Korean Girl gets extra credit

fetish zleis 2018-05-08

Debbie moaned as I ran my tongue between each of her toes, tasting every bit of her. I lifted her right foot into my mouth and let her left foot into my lap. "You like that, don't you, professor?" Debbie asked with a smile. her feet, forming some sort of foot-fetish sandwich, with my cock as the meat. thrust my hips, watching my own cock slide along the ridges and her instep of her toes. toes...You know you want to..." "Oh yeahhh." "What's my grade, professor?" "C?" "Is that all my feet from my cock and oozed oh so beautifully between her toes to the tops of her feet. Debbie continued to slide her feet along my cock even after I let her ankles go.


fetish 2018-05-07

My fear starts to set in a raise with every word he says. Looking at me he says, “ I wouldn’t want my sex slave to be broken, now would I?” Messaging the oil onto my skin I can feel fireworks of pleasure stream through my body. Setting the huge machine right in front of me, so close that the shaft is almost touching my pussy lips. The sex machine toy starts to glide in and out of my wet pussy so nicely. After multiple sucking, licking, tonguing out bodies starts to tighten up for the climax. Unbuttoning his pants, he spreads my legs out wide, and pushes his cock into my swollen pussy.

Pantyhose with Megan

fetish tonyhose 2018-05-07

We arrived at Jeffs and went in, Megan carrying a bag which turned out to have a good selection of lingerie, stockings and pantyhose. I had never touched another man but was turned on by being so close to a naked man so I knelt in front of Jeff and began to help him on with the pantyhose, sliding them up his legs and over his bum and as I pulled them over his cock which was only inches from my face I couldn't help but touch it as I eased the pantyhose over it. I lay down and Megan moved over me in a 69 and carried on sucking me as I began to lick Jeffs cum from her dripping cunt.

Supermarket Fantasy

fetish ATX_Deviant 2018-05-07

I pretend I'm still shopping as I randomly drop items into my own cart, all the while dreaming of how I'd love to bend you over on your stomach, pull down your pants, and slide down your panties with your ass in my face... You slowly rub up and down your pussy through your shorts, then you pull your hand out from between your thighs to give your ass a hard slap. I swirl my tongue around your clit again, and when I trail it upwards along your slit, this time I bring it all the way up in between your ass cheeks stopping short of your tight pink asshole.

Wrestling with young men

fetish in2underwear 2018-05-07

I was walking My dog over the fields about 2 months ago when I came across two you men in their teens wrestling each other on the ground when one of I them got on the back of the other and simulated buggering his arse. They quickly undressed and was I pressed by their young bodies but their eyes lit up when I took me trousers off revealing a pair of white frilly knickers. I was now ecstatic at having my arse buggered by this young man he soon spunk end up my arse as well and this brought about an instant orgasm from me as I shot my load into the air. Grant got on top of Billy and pushed his cock into him and because the young man had a tight arse he soon came up him.

Emmy, BBW Blowjob Queen Again

fetish bbwsrfun 2018-05-07

Emmy was gone for almost an hour and told me she had met a couple Mexican guys at the pool and was talking to them. There was no slow going down on his cock to start, this guy was horny and apparently in a hurry to cum in this fat little white cocksucker's throat. We haven't encountered any real problems so far, it's been 3 years since she moved in, Emmy's got quite a reputation for her cocksucking talent and stays very busy, sucking up to 10-12 cocks a day. I'm thinking I might like to see her fuck a couple guys, she's not quite ready for that, though she lets her friends play with her tits some, and her ass gets grabbed a lot.

It's a Small World

fetish KingofCucks 2018-05-07

His fingers moved gracefully all over her waif-like torso, even somehow knowing how sensitive Lisa's underarms were, as I watched her entire body shudder as his thumbs slid over the satiny smooth hollows several times. In that room at the time, all I knew that Will's cock had to be close to a foot long, and as he put his hand on Lisa's shoulder and guided her down to her knees, I wondered how much bigger it would get when it got hard. Feeling a mixture of shame and exhilaration, I did as Will asked while Lisa's hands wrapped themselves around the shaft of his cock and brought the plum-like head to her mouth.

The Transfer

fetish skyeomalley 2018-05-07

#B34123J – Jake – is looking at her with a gently curious expression on his face, and despite herself, she hears herself saying, "This is just going to be a quick physical, to double check your health specs and remove your block. She thinks he probably wants to ask her about the rumors he's heard – speculation about surgery, cloning, all the bizarre stories that circulate about lambda section – but she can tell by the innocent, almost confused way he answered her earlier questions that he has no idea of the truth. This is what deltas are used to, being praised and petted; Kent guesses that it is the impersonal treatment more than the physical demands that will make life in lambda section a torture for Jake.

My wife my fantasy true in a wedding party

fetish hamgaycouple2015 2018-05-07

The first time I saw the head of that thick life-like cock penetrate my innocent wife's soaking wet pussy. I met up with my wife and we took a walk toward the bathrooms, laughing and talking. My wife took the walk toward the bathrooms and noticed the lines were longer than earlier. So caught up in the moment she reached between her legs grab his cocked and shoved it in her tight white pussy! It took him a second to get completely inside of her, but there she was, fucking a stranger in a bathroom. Now I want yours." She grabbed my cock and shoved me inside of her freshly fucked pussy.

Cum in the conference room

fetish Gazinlancs 2018-05-07

I often stroked my cock at work, sitting at naked in his office chair, jacking my cock, and thinking about him, thinking about his naked body, imagining him here in his office with me. stood and humped my cock against the back of his chair, then I rubbed my right in the middle of the table, stroking my cock, looking down at the chairs, imagining all my colleagues sitting there, watching me wank with my cock in a slippery trail of cum, humping and thrusting with my cock in my hand and started jacking it with short, hard thrusts, pounding watching me, laying naked in the middle of the conference table during a a naked masturbator on the conference room table!

The Vicar of St. Dunstan's Ep. 08

fetish Nigel Debonnaire 2018-05-07

She was a sixty year old grandmother who didn't look her age: a red formal dress showed off her splendid figure above matching shoes, a black fur wrap covered her shoulders and chest, her medium red hair was splendidly coiffed above her dancing blue eyes, stunning makeup that highlighted her excellent facial contours and minimized her crow's feet wrinkles, red lipstick, and diamond earrings glittered on her shell like ears. "Great," Mary muttered softly, "We'll be looking at Old Dunderhead's profile all night." The table was covered by a long, white tablecloth that reached the floor, and a single blue candle and a single red rose held center stage with the normal condiment dispensers.

Doctors Orders 2nd Appointment

fetish Misslexia 2018-05-07

"Good morning Chrissie, strip to your panties, I want to see how well you have followed my instructions." Soon I stood there wearing just a very dull pair of white cotton panties, with only a trim of thin red lace to make them pretty. Back in Dr Jones' room I was handed a pair of tights, black and opaque like the ones she was wearing. I was even considering trying to just pee a little and put up with the wet panties, when, finally, when I was the only patient left I was called into the consulting room. I was ordered to strip and soon I was standing there in my taped on tights and white cotton panties.