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Erotic Fetish stories

A large collection of fetisch short stories covering everything from pantyhoses to feet and more.

Jefferson's Therapy Ch. 02

fetish EmeraldSolitaire 2018-05-07

"So when am I going to get to have my drink Candy?" asked Jefferson, in a manner that indicated a thirst for intoxication on his part. That's why I'm willing to help you because I know you are a future Senator and perhaps even Secretary of State and better and I'll be able to watch you knowing how you became puddy in my hands to my ropes, my gags, the smell of my worn high heels, my presence, it'll turn me on and it will be something I tell my own daughters so they can use it on powerful men themselves." "You're such a good boy Jefferson, you drank that like a baby drinks milk out of a tit."

The Housemaid Ch. 02

fetish purpleangelica1 2018-05-07

And so when Alex opened his eyes that morning and turned his head to the light, he saw his lovely housemaid Annabel obediently kneeling before his bed, the porcelain chamberpot resting in her lap. So I played the man for him, and sucked him and fucked him with my fingers." Annabel gave her nipples tiny strokes now with her fingernails, and Alex watched her squirm. "When Mr. Crawford asked me what had brought about my change in behavior, why I had fucked him with my finger, I answered." Annabel paused, pinching and mauling her breasts, making little mewling noises and panting like a cat in heat.

Ballet Diversions

fetish Akito01 2018-05-07

Lynn was dressed in her usual practice clothes; a long sleeved black leotard, white tights, and ordinary soft leather ballet shoes. Lynn nodded, gradually moving herself into an elegant 'arabesque', leaning forward toward him on one leg, turned in such a way so he could get a good look at how the other stretched out behind her, her arms making a diagonal line to the position of her body. In this half profile, Craig could see the shape of Lynn's small but perfectly formed breasts outlined through the tight black leotard. There was something incongruously innocent yet sexy about the way she looked, huddled at the feet of the chair in her tight black leotard, her legs folded beneath her in those white tights and ballet shoes.

Cum Eating Whore of a Boyfriend

fetish extasybliss 2018-05-07

Lisa got me the girliest, most embarrassing pink and red pair of lace satin panties and she rubs them on my cock after I cum. Lisa then stands up, steps back, and takes in the sight of her boyfriend wearing panties, with my cock bursting attempting to escape the red and pink satin. Now with a mouthful of cum, my cock close to exploding, Lisa just rubs the condom on my face with one hand and spanks my ass with the other. Lisa simply laughs and remarks with "You look like such a whore with panties on and cum on your face! You are lucky I don't shove you out of my room right now so my roommates can see what a cum slut you are, wearing pink lace frilly panties and your face covered in cum!"

Lady Next Door

fetish straponlad 2018-05-07

It happened one week, when I had gone over to her place to clean the pool, Ms. Johnson got out, I had my looks at her and that swimsuit, and she went into the screened-in porch. I had persuaded Susie to do this a couple of times, but Gail's mouth was hot and her tongue working on the head of my dick felt like nothing I had ever felt before, she was experienced. She'll be willing to fuck your ass for you any time you want before the month is out." Gail laughed as she said it and reached down to play with my ass again.


fetish 2018-05-07

Its not every day you get to watch your mother and big s****r eyes stare at a black man holding your gagged and bound nephews cock only inches from their gagged mouth. He is 21 years old and is standing stark ass naked in front of his Mother, his GrandMother and his Uncle with a large black man who has stopped holding my nephews very large erection and begun to jack-off his throbbing young cock. Nephew has begun to rock his head back and forth like a guitar god, the black hand quickens the pace on the lilly white cock as we are about to see his instrument cum alive.

Muscle Encounters 5- Meeting Rhonda Lee

fetish lilguy41 2018-05-07

There were nice and muscles like tree trunks. She had her legs opening showing off a dripping wet pussy. "Good, like kinky, little wimpy muscle freaks. look in the eye as she puts her legs up and tells me to massage them. slides my hands down her long sultry legs and feels the muscles. droplet of cum on her clit, dripping down her pussy lips. "You want to taste my clit don't you pussy boy" She pushed my head in and started sucking on her clit. I still licked and suck eating like a man starving. I licked as fast and ass hard as I could till my jaw felt sore. She was giving me the best fucking of my life as her pussy worked my cock

Finally Cuckolded?

fetish evergreenstatewife 2018-05-07

My cock started to harden as I surfed various web sites and watched for a quick moment as my wife led Mark by the hand to the end of the couch, which was out of my direct view. My wife lifted off Mark’s cock and said, “Why don’t you suck on him?” She leaned forward and started kissing Mark as I knelt down between his legs, with his right leg off the end of the couch allowing me access. My wife was kissing Mark when I leaned up and saw her pussy, which was hung open, just a few inches from the tip of his cock. I could feel Marks hand as he pressed the back of my head, which f***ed my face into her ass and pussy, and his cock, as they fucked.

Department Store Dreams

fetish lover bunny 2018-05-07

She stopped just around the corner to look back at the woman, letting her eyes follow the curve of her hip and the close fitting dress she was wearing that stopped just about mid-thigh. Aimee swallowed hard then said, "I'm sure they'd look amazing..." She gently slipped one shoe onto Amanda's right foot, letting her hand lightly brush against her skin. Without a word, for fear of Amanda changing her mind, Aimee nibbled her ear and slowly begun making her way down Amanda's body, starting first at her neck, down to her shoulders and over her back...trailing kisses and licks behind the zipper of the dress as it came undone. Aimee moved to the other foot, massaging and kissing it, looking up into Amanda's eyes, each moan like music to her ears.

Three Nights in the Bathroom

fetish Richard963 2018-05-07

His parents had separated and his father came to take Johnny away on a foreign holiday leaving me with Anna and her mother. Anna had been in an all girls school was not terribly attractive and slightly `butch`, but we got on well, even if she did beat me at tennis. On the Friday night, I had finished cleaning my teeth when Anna came in and said Anna and I went off to bed a bit later but her mother stayed down and enjoyed a whisky. I felt around and fondled her breasts, but she took my right hand and pushed it between her legs so I would rub her clit.


Night time swim

fetish joad78745 2018-05-07

She did have a very nice figure,large breasts that stood proudly out under her blouse,flat hard abs,alarge nicely curved ass that moved softly under her skirt when she walked. She was wearing a white shortsleeved blouse that plainly showed her bra,a knee length light blue straight skirt that was tight enough to show the outline of her panties,sox and a pair of Keds. She went up the ladder first,bra showing thru her blouse,skirt up around her waist,and I got another good look between her legs. Her panties had worked their way further up the crack of her ass.And she made sure I got several good looks between her legs.

Secret blows in the city

fetish mileslong34 2018-05-07

As i stood there in the pouring rain in the middle of some trees i began to think i had a couple of no shows until one of the hundreds of cars whizzing past began to slow down, indicate and turn into the quiet street. He pulls his cock out of my mouth and quickly tries to hide it in his jeans as he sees the second guy. The second guy's moans begin to get quicker and louder and he grabs hold of his cock as if he's about to cum. As i look at the first guy he is tugging away hard on his cock, i guess the cumshot must have turned him on.

The Request

fetish stateofdenial 2018-05-07

"I want for you to make me as horny as you can and then decide if I am allowed to cum." She slowly slide off his face and down his chest stopping right as his cock was outside her pussy. "Each one of these darts represents an orgasm you'll be allowed to have next year. I can't even imagine how you're going to make it going nine or ten weeks not only being denied an orgasm, but day after frustrating day of me teasing your, excuse me I mean my cock. "Let's not leave out all the times I'm going to want to unlock it and play with it just to see how desperate and frustrated you're going to get."

Erotic Quicksand Ch. 02

fetish muddygurluk 2018-05-07

Her blonde hair spread round her face, making Helen's face look like a beaming sunburst on the sandy surface, with interminable patience she eased her aching, crushed limbs upwards and out level and, breathing deeply and determinedly, letting natural buoyancy take its course. Unhurriedly, with no further sense of urgency, she gradually parted her thighs and brought the soles of her feet together, as one finger delicately kept caressing her sand-covered nipples, while the other hand teased and crawled down the slightly submerged skin over her ribs, onto the trembling curve of her tum, finding its way through the muck-crusted fluffiness of her most intimate parts. Hips heaving and body bouncing on the watery bed, she let the savage sand surge over her skin, its roughness now rousing even more, like small nails digging into her, as her own had delved into her palm in the throes of passion.

Her Hair

fetish Decayed Angel 2018-05-07

Prying my gaze from the dark, black and wet looking strands of her hair I looked at her eyes and said, "That is a beautiful blouse, such delicate lace, is it from your country?" I was torn, part of me wanted to grab that hair and run my fingers through it and part of me wanted to leave it as it is, so perfectly sculpted with the bun in the middle and the strands radiating out, all looking wet and wild, like the Black Sea. Not wanting to miss her, I've come back to the bar every night since then, hoping for another glimpse at her glistening wet, jet black hair, wanting to touch her incredibly tight bun.

Wet Workout

fetish DJBlax 2018-05-07

Once, as she was heading into the weight room, one of the glorified towel boys they titled “athletic assistants” yelled out, “Pardon me, sir, but we will be shutting down for maintenance in fifteen minutes.” And another woman, who Allison actually thought was attractive called in a very flirtatious manner, “Hey guy, are you through with the Stairmaster?” after an intense workout left her leaning on the rails, head down and breathing gutturally. Allison hoped stud man would walk past while she was poised on the bar so he could actually see her, and, lost in her carnal fantasy, started smiling secretly to herself as she felt the space between her legs warming. Allison breathed a sigh when she saw that Tommy wasn’t going to make her lick the floor, and used the moment when he walked away to try to untangle herself from the cord.

I'm A Cuckold. This Is My Story Pt. 08

fetish TyrannosaurusRacks 2018-05-07

I shrug, and he continues "The least you could do is to keep sucking me as I please Alison like she should be." He drags his cock and balls across my face as he positions the head of his big black cock on my lips and orders me to take it in my mouth. Doug pulls his fully-erect cock out of my mouth, and before he can even move closer, Alison drives her pussy back and impales her soaking-wet pussy onto his big black 8½" manhood. After what seemed like a half-hour of Doug pounding her pussy, but was probably 10 minutes and at least 3 orgasms on Alison's part, he pulls out of her and sticks his cock in my mouth again and orders me to get him wet again.

Girl Power

fetish byronbgeo 2018-05-07

He's gained a bit of a reputation among us girls who love rewarding him for all his hard work cleaning, cooking and giving massages and pedicures by letting him have a little good, kinky, and often stinky fun under our feet. We had to teach him it wasn't about him at all, but it was about us having a good time before the school term ended, not Johnny having sex with as many girls as possible or Brian thinking he could brush me aside for Tasha (even if he was her slave too).

Something different ....part 3

fetish oldognewtrix 2018-05-07

I looked in the mirror as the curtains behind me opened, my hands went to cover up the growing bulge in the dress i was wearing as i stared at the reflection of the woman who now stood behind me. She moved out of the changing room and told me to step out too, i did but my hands were cupped around my cock and balls as i stood there in the shop naked apart from a corset and a pair of heels. Come closer she said and i stepped towards her, she reached out and touched my hands and then leaned forward and kissed them, she moved her head a little and looked up at me.

Chemical Romance Ch. 02

fetish MetaMorphosys 2018-05-07

"Hope to see you as soon as you get back too, bye!" Cathryn took a sly look at both the women's bodies tightly squeezed into the leggings they were wearing as they turned around and continued their walk. Cat, looking away from the cleavage she was showing, responded, "Oh, uh, don't worry Cassidy, I told you I'd help if you need it." Cat took the basket, overflowing with clothes and heavy enough to make her wonder how Cassidy nearly carried this with one arm down the stairs and headed down to the washer and dryer. Cat was amused with how much Cassidy worried over doing things, "No problem, I'll get to it right away."

Pregnancy Cravings Ch. 01

fetish goldengob 2018-05-07

I brushed it off as ridiculous at first, but after a week the craving to eat my own poo was so strong, I found myself scooping out a dark brown stool from the bowl without even realising what I was doing. Over the next twenty-four hours the craving returned and grew steadily until when I went to the toilet the next time, I put my hand between my legs to catch the first piece of poo as it came out of me. I imagined if I'd put one hand to work on my little clit while I ate I would probably have cum like I hadn't in a long, long time. A depraved bitch, her arse in the air, eating her own shit and piss off the bathroom floor.

All She Wanted

fetish Willing2Do 2018-05-07

She started cumming, squirting her slimy juices all over his pistoning cock and hairy ball sack as his nuts bounced against her big, exposed clit, splayed open outer and grasping, rippling inner lips and hole, his stiff tool digging into her hot chasm. "Mnnnnnh," she moaned and impaled herself on his cock in her ass, all the way until his pubic hairs crushed into her open, hairy butt crack, his wet scrotum smushed against her gaping cunt lips, touched her tingling clit, unhooded, sticking out, her thumb-sized penis. Jackie moved forward, pulling his cock from her ass, again with a juicy plop emanating from the diameter of his thick tool and the contrasting tightness of her tiny asshole, though well fucked by this time.

Hijabi s****r fantasy

fetish 2018-05-07

She's wearing a black hijab, tight white blouse, black bra, long black skirt with brown boots. After a while, you pull her off your dick and up time to see that lovely sexy musalimah hijab clad body. Finally she stands before you, only wearing her hijab, underwear and brown boots. You once again take hold her head and push it down to make her lick it up which she does like a good whore. We then discuss other hijabis that need to fucked roughly in like aliya, ruksana and Nehal. As I pour baby oil all over her ass, I tell her I love my big s****r, my big nympho musalimah s****r, as I push my cock into her oily brown ass and begin to thrust…..

Changes: One Spell at a Time

fetish Guy_Faux 2018-05-07

I decided the first thing that needed to change was mom's tits. Mom would need to be more petite if her new breasts were to look truly wonderful. Sure enough I woke up to find mom in the kitchen wearing this white, skin-tight tank top that conformed to her tits like a second skin. I decided the next day that mom needed one of those plump asses like you normally only see on a black woman. Mom giggled like a school girl. I even changed her face, wanting mom to look like herself as a teenager. Daddy says I'm a good sissy but then he used a spell and I don't know why but I began wetting so I need diapers.