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Erotic Fetish stories

A large collection of fetisch short stories covering everything from pantyhoses to feet and more.

Julie's Pantyhose Sex Ch. 14

fetish SylviaG 2018-05-07

Oh I have high heels but I want sexy high heels, the sort men like if you know what I mean?" I said with a devilish smile. "Well if you don't mind me saying, you always had good legs, and a shapely ankle Julie, the shoes would only add to their beauty," he said with a hard swallow. "That's very naughty Thomas," I said tapping my toes lightly on his face with every single word. In case you are wondering why they hadn't tried to over power me, I had shown them a few seconds captured on my mobile phone, Greg was licking my fanny on the couch, and Thomas was fondling my feet in the shop.

Decisions Ch. 01

fetish owengreybeard 2018-05-07

Every morning and every evening for eight years after that, Jim Olsen helped his daughter with her prosthetic hooks, and Alli valued her time with her father too much to tell him that she was far more than capable of dealing with her prosthetics herself, and could be in and out of her hooks in seconds. There was no money for life-like hands; the farm demanded hard work from all its tenants, and Alli was expected to hold up her end of things, regardless of her handicap. Sam looked just as Alli raised her left stump and began to lick a bit of chocolate from the tip.

Obituary Traudl

fetish streetwhore 2018-05-07

Traudl was the happiness of my life, exceptionally pretty with great erotic, devout charisma and a dream figure (even without their extremely large breasts, which she had made later), beautiful eyes with a sensual mouth guaranteed, absolutely faithful, loving, tender and helpful. Traudl was in my presence a typical example of horny and inspired them to give me what I've always wanted: an exciting pleasure woman who, whenever I was at her side, rouged and dressed (also in public, daytime bit more discreet, extreme evening for dancing!) like a hooker (leather, vinyl and latex) and was always ready for anything, no matter where we were staying currently.

Life with a Lump Between My Legs Pt. 03

fetish kleincox 2018-05-07

"I'm sure you all had a good laugh at my expense today," I was upset but trying to remain in control, "but I'd like it if you would just leave me alone." My eyes never left the spot on the floor halfway between Jessica and me. "Now we need to deal with a couple of things," she began in a serious tone, "First, I asked you this morning to be careful not to mess your nice panties and you did. Second because you've wet your panties so I think it best just for you to wear a diaper for the rest of the evening. I hadn't wanted to talk about getting discovered by Julie and Jessica but I was starting to feel tipsy.

gloryhole fantasy part 2

fetish nigeltallguy 2018-05-07

The tongue slowly worked me back to life but this time it continued to suck me and did this for about 5 minutes until I was about to shoot my load, when the woman turned round and pushed herself against the hole wanting my cock inside her. I recognised one woman as my wife’s friend and my wife paused the camera and then explained the guy was the carpenter and this was his payment for doing the work earlier in the day and that the two women were the wife’s of the other gloryhole cocks and she had been advertised on craigslist for people to join us and after a week or so she had shortened the list to these two couples.

The Abbeyway Prank

fetish tarred 2018-05-07

What had started as an accidental introduction, a fight between them which had ended with Caroline tipping a bucket of thick, gooey molasses over Hilary's head. In the end it had taken a lot longer to set up the trap than Hilary had imagined, she had spent nights in the barn watching Simon install bars, pulleys and buckets in a collection of equipment which seemed to be mad and highly complex. She looked at the trap in its full glory, she would stand at the end and watch Caroline as she progressed through the messy humiliation, knowing that she would be having the time of her life!

Growing Together Ch. 02

fetish sexgundam666 2018-05-07

"Must be my time of the month or something," Alisa sighed and stood up, cooing softly at the feeling of her fresher doses of seed drooling down her face and body. Indeed, were it not for her body's endless lusts, Bianca would have only one gripe with the day's events; that being the fact that Alisa was so far away. Alisa gulped, noticing the similarities in body type between this stranger and Bianca, unable to help but picture her girlfriend in this woman's place. Besides, Bianca thought as her mind slowly drifted off to sleep, the hornier she became the better the sex with Alisa would be. Bianca crawled onto bed and raised her hips like an animal in heat, then spread her legs wide to pull her pussy open slightly.


Barefoot Fetish

fetish spice16 2018-05-07

As she climbed into the driver's seat, she put her leg forward and as I was admiring her beautiful, nicely-tanned strong legs, I saw a big pedal shaped like a big bare footprint on the floorboard right in front of her. I kicked off my right sandal and placed my bare foot on the big pedal. Her dainty foot, now on top of mine, tried to push on the gas but her thong had fallen at just the right angle to wedge against the back of the pedal and the floor. From then on, every time I see a bare foot operating a pedal or engaging in other activity, I remember Val and our boat ride.

Big Gulps and Car Trips

fetish RedHot_Lips 2018-05-07

We're a long way from a bathroom and who knows how long we'll be stuck in this traffic." Sam warned Jake. Jacob meant to pretend that there was some hot chick stroking is dick but, much to his surprise, he couldn't turn his mind away from Sam. He began imagining fucking Sam, plunging his cock deep inside while tugging on Sam's dick as the both came in unison. "We have napkins, just let it happen" Sam said as he continued playing with Jake's cock n' balls. With a couple of long hard strokes Sam forced long, thick ropes out of Jacob's monstrous cock. Sam just reached over and began playing with Jacob's cock trying to get it hard again.

First evening with my Master

fetish cinder4Master 2018-05-07

I have known my master for many years but we lost touch for a long time and never knew each other as anything but friends. We discussed how each of us felt about what had just happened and I had to admit how wet it had made me and I could still feel warmth from the spanking as we walked. You are enjoying your punishment arent you cinders?' Master said as he slapped my arse again rubbing it gently after then rubbing my pants and feeling the wetness soaking through! He had told me that I had to ask permission if I wanted to climax, if i cum without it then the night would end!!!

The Ultimate Cumslut

fetish Fulmoon 2018-05-07

setting the angry maroon head of my thick cock on your lips, i watch you dutifully open your mouth as my cock slowly begins to disappear into your flushed face, your eyes on me and the two guys who are now just standing there with amused smiles on their faces, drinking their empty crushed can of mgd tossed between your legs. she leans forward, lips parting as the tip of the man's cock comes closer, suddenly feeling his hands on the back of her head, the thick shaft shoved down her throat crudely, her sputtering and retching echoing in the dirty alleyway..

Sexy Jenny

fetish CrypticT0xin 2018-05-07

I had to take it further, I gently set her down and pulled off her scrub top and saw her black bra, and slowly I fumbled her beauties as her desire for me had been increasing. I had quickly unsnapped her bra and began to slowly caress her naked breasts enjoying the feeling of her smooth skin; she had slipped her hands behind me inside my uniform top and tossed my shirt to the ground. I began to kiss those amazing lips again and then headed for her breasts. I slipped my hands up and inside the panties; I found her slit and began to gently run my middle finger up and down. I began to slide my finger in and out her amazing hole, her breathing was struggled and she was biting her lip really hard.

Why Would I Touch That?

fetish lessman 2018-05-07

If we did end up in bed, I'd probably even have excused your performance and other shortcomings thinking that there's more to life than some fantasy about being with the "perfect man." I suppose it was inexperience or just trying to be "nice" that drove a lot of my attitudes and behavior in those days. Life was already pretty good – I loved hanging out with my girlfriends, money was great, I had lots of nice guys interested in me and I really didn't know any better than the perfectly acceptable lifestyle I was already living. Here's the picture: I'm lying on my beautiful bead, my head is thrown back, my mouth slightly open, legs spread, my sheer panties pushed aside, my stud above me, his thick shiny cock sliding in and out of my perfectly manicured pussy.

Sheila's Panties

fetish pantylove8 2018-05-07

She's 5 years older and has always been pretty.She developed some really nice curves early on and loved to display them in tight slutty home she often wore nothing but her sexy underwear...damn it was heaven for a horny k** like me!! Now, you'd think she'd get pissed off or creeped out...maybe tell me to get lost...but not Sheila, no in fact she loved the attention! Sheila was a real slob...her room always a mess. I loved to find her dirty panties (which were usually everywhere)and sniff them...thinking about her gorgeous body. I learned to masturbate with her panties wrapped round my boner...sometimes 3 or 4 times a day! This went on for years...Sheila teasing me and me using her panties whenever I could.

Shemale Assassin

fetish drew1207 2018-05-07

When they reached her camp, Sarah was about to warn Kayla of the other three Assassins when they dropped from the trees, hidden blades extended. Sarah reach between them and softly grasped Kayla's cock, rubbing it slowly and gently, feeling the bl**d pulsing through it in time with her heartbeat. Sarah looked at her questioningly, making sure Kayla was sure, she nodded quickly, smiling happily. Sarah pressed the head of her cock firmly against Kayla's tight anus, pressing forward gently, but not softly enough that she wouldn't make it inside the beautiful black shemale's ass. After a moment's struggle, the head of Sarah's cock slid into Kayla's ass, causing them both to sigh with deep pleasure.

Tammy's Visit to Her Doctor

fetish TammySweet 2018-05-07

Tammy's hands squeezed her large but firm 34DD breasts, fingers slowly rolling and pulling on her constantly erect nipples. He was dripping pre-cum out the head of his cock as he glanced up at Tammy's red face, her eyes squeezed shut in shame and passion as Dana teased her nipples and he fingered her slit. Together, Dana and Dr. J teased Tammy's little pussy, Dana circling her clit while the doctor finger fucked her hole, rubbing against her g spot. Dana couldn't resist pushing the tip of her finger into Tammy's tight pink asshole, her other fingers gently tickling the poor girl's lips and clit. Sliding one hand under the elastic of her scrubs, Dana began furiously rubbing her own clit while she gently cleaned Tammy's pink pussy.

The Coldest Night of the Year Ch. 03

fetish RandyVicar 2018-05-06

Richard knew how badly Clara wanted Kurt to fuck her, hard and with alpha-frat-boy callousness. She leaned over and whispered in Richard's ear, "Oh, for fuck's sake, I'm getting out of here." She glared at Kurt, then turned to the group and said, "I'm sorry, I need to find the ladies' room." Clara was lost in the moment, thinking about asking Richard to take her home and fuck her hard like he used to, when Helen's voice snapped her back to reality. Clara turned away from watching the imperfect stranger across the room, dropped her hand holding Richard's face, and automatically extended it to Jay before she remembered it was a still moist from Richard's tongue and probably still sticky with the stranger's cum.

Take A Walk With Me: The Beginning Ch. 03

fetish 69plus1 2018-05-06

"Yeah, my cock sucking, cunt eating friend this is what it feels like!" Carol says as she settles in on my face. "You bet I would like to be deep in that little butt hole of yours or I would really like to be in your cunt and feel you piss all over me so the hot piss ran down my cock and over my balls." I tell her, letting two of my hottest fantasies come to light. She spreads her cheeks wide and settles in on my mouth, I cover her ass hole with it as she leans forward pushing my nose into her sloppy cunt.

Flushed with Honour

fetish Adrian69702006 2018-05-06

Wendy, her best friend, had asked if she'd go and open the new toilets which had just been installed at her village hall. For three years Anne had helped Wendy with fund raising for the new loos and played an active part on the village hall committee. Knowing Wendy as I do, I think she would rather have had the Queen here to open the new toilets and this Sale of Work but Her Majesty was otherwise engaged and so you've got to make do with me instead. With that she stepped back, another larger spurt of pee escaping into her knickers, and holding herself was escorted by Wendy at great speed to the new ladies loo.

FSD Episode 8: Practice Makes Perfect

fetish Dungeon-Master 2018-05-06

First Shield Maiden awakens the morning after the thorough cleansing adminsitered by Mistress Stana still feeling the warming glow in her loins (see FSD Episode 7: "When the Master's Away"). Mistress Emma says she needs your help later, but you are wondering what you are going to do in the meantime? You decide to go see if Mistress Stana has some time and are delighted when she tells you she would like you to practice with the electricity powers of your magical Roc Feather as part of your ongoing education. You are very close, having already been excited by your time with Mistress Stana, but once Emma finishes tidying things up she cools things down for both of you...

The Ultimate Smother

fetish hithere222 2018-05-06

His bed was enormous, his pillow giant enough to engulf him, and his clothes had not shrunken to his size, leaving him wrapped in his shirt. As she did that, Samuel got an amazing view of her ass, as it jiggled in her pants. She kept him in place, lowered down, and sank her ass onto him, wedging his body up her crack and his face into her sex. His girlfriend laughed, then lifted his body from the bed, sticking him down the back of her pants, shoving his head up and down her ass. As he forced out some last scream, she pulled the thong up, completely engulfing him and leaving him stuck inside of her.

Servant and Mistress

fetish sunnyboyz 2018-05-06

Within a second my lund has made his way into her sweet choot, my virgin lund was enjoying the friction of her choot which was very tight, her hubby lund may be smaller then my size, after this only my half lund was inside I applied a powerful shot to push my all lund in her choot, her slippery cunt has made it possible for my lund to go its full length, the excitement I got while pushing my lund in and out of her choot it's not possible for me to describe it in words. You don't have to say sorry to me, You are the most important person to me now as you have brought me to this world of pleasure, You are always welcome to fuck me whenever wherever you want, now onward I am your sex slave ,You have got a MOST wonderful cock, today I felt like I have tasted a real MAN ".I was most happiest man after listening to her words.

The Chair Ch. 27

fetish Rickd_1960 2018-05-06

She then moved near the foot of the bed and began cutting up the inside of his left pant leg with the scissors. Then one pair of hands again held his cock out of the way while the other (he was almost certain this one would be his redhead) began to shave away every bit of his pubic hair. The girl continued fucking his ass with the strap-on while he continued licking the pussy of his redhead. While still licking the breasts of the other girl, the redhead reached beneath them and began jerking off his big hard cock. Then moving behind her, he began kissing her ass as his redhead continued to lick his cum from her pussy.

Fantasies Revealed Ch. 02

fetish Lethaine 2018-05-06

I started to remember things from last night and realize that they aren't just dreamlike fantasies as the pain in my cock brought me to reality. I was literally leaking pre-cum in short time and my balls began to feel fantastically full. Her occasional detour to my ass to play with my butt plug or down a bit to caress my balls had me going mad with desire. The faster she pumped me the quicker I flowed and I could feel my balls pulling up to me and I knew I was going to cum just from her fucking my ass. I heard her words, but was lost in my own world as the after orgasm twitches in my balls and of my ass around her cock.