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Erotic Fetish stories

A large collection of fetisch short stories covering everything from pantyhoses to feet and more.

Finally Giving In

fetish sithlord6969 2018-05-06

She had dreamed and fantasized about taking a bare cock while she was in her fertile time. People who lived for that moment of supreme ecstasy as fertile cock merged with ovulating cunt. Gathering her courage, she made her way in the direction he had pointed, to a dark passage marked only with a sign that read “viewing booths”. Feeling her way along the pitch black hallway she found an open door and went inside the booth. The last things you see is the cock sticking through the hole in the wall still cumming! For the first time in your life you feel complete. The black man behind the counter smiles warmly at you as you walk unsteadily towards the front door.

Dr Love's Baby Factory

fetish JustinNickThyme 2018-05-06

Kayla was a plump little twenty year old black girl from LA, with nice big tits and a cute bubble-butt. A handsome man in his mid-forties, with good genes, or so he thought, the babies produced here seemed to be cute and lovely and well worth the under-the-counter $50,000 he changed suburban couples who wanted a nice little baby and couldn't produce their own. After pumping Kayla's vaginal canal full of his jism, Dr. Love rose up on his hands, admiring his work below him, the sweating, post-orgasmic young baby machine, which he knew would give him many hours of sexual pleasure as well as the product he needed to keep the business growing.

Thai Room Maid in Tights

fetish fanofpantyhose 2018-05-06

She took her time and I could not take my eyes off her legs encased by these soft black tights and her white small tennis shoes, probably size 5. Her feet were as cute and small as her hands and I licked them and sucked on them, enjoying the flavor of a young girl's sweat, all coming through these silky black tights... I got wonderfully aroused and excited and then came a second time, now on her feet and legs and massaged my cum into her tights, before I took them off. Somehow it seems she had figured out what I liked since she sat down, stretched out her cute, small, sexy feet and started with her second foot job, this time no tights on.

Meeting His Match - Her View

fetish dj2020 2018-05-06

The note said today was a test, you want this that's why I left you the bag, you're mine now and tomorrow I'm going to take you, I suggest you use the plugs because I am a bitch without mercy I am going to bend you over and fuck your ass hard and long. Sometimes I like to administer pain by time, the slave can scream and beg, but will get no mercy, it's nice for a new slave to understand they have no control early. I let him see me for what I was a Mistress, his Mistress, not a potential mate and said "You're free to go and never return she, however if you want to see me again, you'll have to beg me to cane you and take my new cock.

Maria 1 and Maria 2 Ch. 01

fetish Angelscuck 2018-05-06

"Slow down baby," I gasped, as Maria rode me, grinding her pussy frantically against my pelvis as she totally engulfed my throbbing cock. Maria, completely ignoring me, continued her savage assault, sucking all the juice my balls could offer deep into her hot womb. Not only is your little penis way too small to do me any good, but you shot your puny load just as I am getting started!" "You can start, wimp, by eating my pussy until I cum, and make sure you suck out all of your miserable cum from my cunt and don't forget the cum that has dripped down to my ass!"

Elisa, Sweet Wife

fetish PhilCanyon 2018-05-06

I could hear the music in the background and without waiting for my answer she continued, "Luca, all of this dancing is making Henri very hungry and I told him I want you to buy him dinner before he fucks me. As I waited for them, I fidgeted nervously just like Elisa had done earlier and I found myself carefully re-arranging the meal on the dining table and when I heard the key card unlocking the door, I knew I would soon be watching my wife take a huge black cock. Without looking at me she said, "Luca, be a dear and clean off the table while Henri entertains me." She reached behind her back and unzipped her dress, letting it fall over her hips and to the floor around her ankles.

Cunnilingus, My Favorite Pastime

fetish limplizzard 2018-05-06

I was getting a little high and was getting excited that I would soon get to suck a pussy that was filled by another guy's cock when Maureen came into the room naked. We had to take a break and have another beer, Don asked me if I made a habit of sucking Maureen while she got fucked and giving such a good blowjob to the guy. As soon as we were in the room Jack, our first guy asked if he could give Maureen a kiss, she turned to him and said sure, he pushed her onto the bed and started kissing her pussy.

Owned by a Ghetto Bitch Pt. 02

fetish FantasizeAndRealize 2018-05-06

I wanted to give her the same out of place feeling that she gave me at my watering hole with all of my drinking buddies curiously looking, but Sholanda didn't seem to give a fuck. When I wiggled my tongue I could get it to go in farther and this caused Sholanda to start rocking on my face. Sholanda was furious that she hadn't come from the fucking and yelled, "If you can't fuck me to orgasm, your gonna eat me to orgasm!" With that she got off my torso and plopped herself back down on my face. When Sholanda finished she plopped over onto the floor and just grabbed me tight, mashing my face into her cleavage, stroking the back of my head.


fetish OneWhoAdores 2018-05-06

Sitting on the couch in the living room Dan continued to stare blankly at the wall across from him, as he had been doing for the past hour, as indeed he had been doing for increasing amounts of time far more frequently of late. Theirs had been an idyllic relationship and marriage, first and foremost as loving wife and husband, but, as they had come over time to see and understand their complimentary natures, they grew and embraced their other roles with each other as well, she as his benevolent but all powerful Mistress, and he as her devoted and ever obedient slave.

A Waist For Your Pleasure

fetish Learningfast 2018-05-06

When I started wearing girdles my appetite immediately got less. All those things I used to worry about, and they got better as soon as I felt the pressure and the firmness of a real corset. I'm much more in control of my life now, and Tony loves the way I'm a strong woman will lots of drive; you know, sex drive. And I've got the waist he likes to feel and hold. As I write this, I'm wearing an American corset and my waist is 20 inches. This corset's very long and firm; it holds me really well and I like it a lot. I'm looking for excitement all the time, and Tony knows that.

Carol's Mom Ch. 02

fetish shoeslayer 2018-05-06

So, we are on the sofa, me lying across Carol and she is of course wearing a nice pair of glasses with the beaded chain and with one hand, holding Mom's sexy black heel, the other is jerking me off and yeah, that shoe was again assaulted with cum from her son in-law. I like it when she looks up at me, the light of the room seen in her gold half-moon style glasses with their beads jiggling in time to her hand movements and she is working that shoe real good now. Janice is in the recliner reading her novel, her gold half-round glasses at the end of her nose, she is getting me so hot, wearing her patent black heels; a grey skirt; cream colored V neck blouse.

Daniel Strokes for His Mistress

fetish Robert_Anthony 2018-05-06

"So you see Daniel it's in your interests to get as close as you can, practically to the point of coming without even being touched, because you're going to need to hold that edge for those few seconds when I tell you to let go, otherwise you're either going to end up completely ruining your orgasm, or maybe not even coming at all, and we wouldn't want that would we? Daniel grasped his prick once again and pumped it slowly and firmly, his cock was a little slow to respond after so many close calls, but before long he felt his balls start to tighten and he gave the warning as instructed.

Helpful Neighbour Pt. 01

fetish storyfella 2018-05-06

"I think you're having a panic attack honey, try not to worry, slow deep breaths, you'll be fine, I'm not going anywhere," Jeff said reassuringly. "Let's go to bed Jeff," She said as she pulled away. "Oh My God Jeff that was Incredible!" She said as she looked down to his head between her leg. Taking his throbbing cock in his hand and pulling Tina's foot towards it, he rubbed his knob up and down the sole. Tina pulling herself up and now sitting up against the headboard patted the bed beside her and said, "Come and rest Jeff, sit beside me." You know I've still got a wet foot," said Tina still smiling.

Awesome night after work in Muskegon,mi...... hell

fetish rikkoeric 2018-05-06

And the other was named Stacey witch was wearing sexy black and pink dress. So i lay Kiana down on the bed and tell Stacey to sit above her face doggy style so she can taste you. I slowly slide two fingers deep as i can in Kianas wet pussy. The takemy other hand and Barrie two fingers deep in Stacey's wet pussy . I then grab Kianas hips and slide my cock deep down in her wet pussy . i grab Stacey's dildo and slide it in deep as I'm Fucking Kiana. I then switch up and slide my rock hard cock deep in Stacey's pussy . I then grab Kiana's dildo and start fucking her with it.

Bad Baby

fetish Rescue325 2018-05-06

I look in to the bedroom and I see Tim dressed up like a giant baby on the bed. He cuddled up with me like a baby and I started to think maybe he was right about it being fun. I've always liked a little roll playing in bed and Tim really deserved to be dominated in a big way. "Mommy feed Timmy milk from there." He pointed to my breasts and started to try and help himself. As he sucked on my breast like a baby, I felt my pussy get wet and start contracting. "Timmy, lick Mommy like a good boy. I crawled on the bed between his legs and started to lick his thighs then I worked my way up to his rock hard shaft.

Hair Slave Training Ch. 01

fetish Raool 2018-05-06

With that she took Lorri to the shampoo bowl, laying her back and dousing her hair with floods of warm water. Back at the styling chair Kathy dug her fingers deep into a jar of pink styling gel and slathered the entire length of her hair. She sectioned off different areas of her hair with a comb and began to wind and wrap Lorri's locks around large plastic rollers. Lorri laughed and said "Yes, I do, thank you" She handed Kathy the $30 he had left on the kitchen table and went to her car. like Kathy he began to massage her hair, ripping the hair pins out and ruining her afternoon of pampering....

Is It My Body?

fetish mandywilluk2000 2018-05-06

Looking back a few years later when I was living with Kevin and was very much in love with him, I often wondered whether Steve, the coach, was really nothing more than a sleazy perv who preyed on young tennis women, perhaps having a different one, like me, each week or even several each week. At those times, if it was just after Luke had left, it might be on the mat in the gym or even on the secluded balcony outside, or if it was later, in my bed, it wasn't 'his erection' and 'my breasts.' No, it was Luke's cock that was between those two big tits I was pressing together.

Impregnating Alice Ch. 05

fetish eatoure 2018-05-06

Alice certainly felt like property under guard when she moved into the place. Every afternoon, Bobili came with the capped syringe she called the "turkey baster", full of semen from Mr. Numbnuts, and on ice during the drive from Huntington Beach. Alice would pull down her panties, lie back with a pillow under her butt, and let Bobili insert the syringe all the way up into her vagina, feeling it knock against her delicious little pink cervix, and then spritz. Every day Bobili massaged Alice's shoulders and back, fondled her boobs, tweaked her little inner nips, fingered her labes, and licked Alice's pulsating clit to orgasm, until the time came to spray the semen out of the "turkey baster".

Behind the Rocks

fetish Geraldkimbo 2018-05-06

They had been on a car tour of the Atlas Mountains in eastern Morocco, Fran Jefferies and her sister — Terry’s mother — and Terry. So she caught a feeder flight from Fez and left sister Fran and Terry to get the car back to Casablanca. But Fran was hatching a plan, and, as she slammed the door, throwing herself on the bed and kicking her Samsonite away from the door in the same motion, she lifted her thin dress and spread her legs wide on the bed to let the air conditioning fan her hot, middle-aged pussy. In the next room, a sweating Terry was standing in the bathroom, a tap dripping water insistently and noisily into the hand basin while he whipped his meat like a hygiene fascist brushes teeth: short, sharp, desperate tugs.

Older men are such fun when Hard

fetish Fridagirl 2018-05-06

Alice smiled in his direction, which he acknowledged in return, noting his eyes traverse her body from her bare feet, along her long legs, to her beautiful face, a picture of innocence, tinged with dark sexual thoughts behind her inviting eyes, he could not see this, but her body told a different story, as the train shunted out of the station, Alice removed her top sweater, her nipples were hard like rubber pebbles, and she caught him staring at them, as her head came free from the sweater. he reddened and smiled at that singular and very pointed confession, and Alice noted his gaze drop down to her thighs, as her skirt was mid thigh, another ploy in her feminine charm, so easily executed, she simply left it riding high, and crossed and uncrossed her legs, wriggling her long toe digits, resting on the seat along from where he sat staring.

Shower Time

fetish AussieKev1 2018-05-06

She pulled her mouth away from mine, almost sucking my tongue out of my head and said "Looks like someone enjoyed that." I didn't know what to say. Judy started posing again and pulled her top down, like she did at the bottle shop and her nipples were so hard, there was hardly any coloured area around them still showing. She pushed my head away and shouted "NO." I then tried to put one of her nipples in my mouth to suck it and she grabbed my head and pulled it to her chest and said "Don't do anything, just hold me." She told me later that her whole body was like it was in shock and any touching just made her feel like she was receiving an electric shock.

My sex slave

fetish michneo 2018-05-06

"Fuck her hole hard" I told him " and you better not cum" He said "It's too tight and I can't take it my dick is going to explode" As I jerked off faster he pulled out and let out 10 strings of cum. I told him to walk in front of me so i can look him in the eyes while i was fucking her "Is this turning you on?" I said "Me fucking a tranny hole this hard" Her hole was so stretched out from how i Usually fuck it and she was gaping so much i could fit 4 fingers in there.

Liam's Story Ch. 08

fetish mikke20041 2018-05-06

When I turned the reading lamp off, I immediately noticed a light coming from under the door into Molly's bedroom. I started from the beginning, my initial thoughts: the girl in panties in the magazine, entering her room, going through her suitcase, seeing the headlights, looking at the girl's photos, placing her panties on my penis, accidently cumming in her panties and my plan to wash and dry them before returning them. A few moments later she returned with a pair of panties in her hand, going over to the side of the bed and sitting down next to me. Molly released my penis and put both hands on my flat stomach pushing them up my hairy chest and down my muscled arms, saying "Yes, I like the whole package."


fetish ClovenCharm 2018-05-06

As he reached across my chest with his left hand, instead of grabbing my right lapel, he slipped his hand under my gi kimono and into my rash guard, squeezing my right breast from outside my sport bra. He put his hands on my hips to hold them down, but instead of going right for the guard break, he rubbed his crotch between my legs to make me feel that he had an erection. He had a hold of my biceps pulling my arms to my sides, arching my back and making my rash guard fall open enough to expose all of my bra, my breasts pushed forward.