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Erotic Fetish stories

A large collection of fetisch short stories covering everything from pantyhoses to feet and more.

The Yoga of the Ruined Orgasm

fetish suppleWriter 2018-05-06

One day, nearing the end of our yoga session, we were both seated facing each other in bound lotus, with our arms crossed at the back, holding our toes. He looked so gentle and open, quite androgynous in fact (he had a very willowy body), but I felt an unease in him. After yoga the next day, I initiated a chat about what he could do to help me get over the reduced lovemaking, and I suggested pleasuring me with oral sex, which he was happy about. So, at the bound lotus part of our next yoga session, I mentioned that I was going to 'help' him, but first he needed to undo the lotus, and remove his panties.

Bi Big Cock Fantasy Ch. 02

fetish Oppswalla 2018-05-06

"You just got use to your little dick." Chuck said as he placed his hands on Frank's shoulders and pushed gently down, and of course Frank did not resist. I just need to stretch your ass out a little," Chuck said while stroking Frank's dick that disappeared in Chuck's hands. Walking away, he opened the drawer in the dresser again and pulled out a 6 inch dildo that was fatter than both Frank's dick and the plug, but not as sizable as Chuck's cock. Frantic with the thought of his pride being destroyed in front of someone else, he wanted to shout and find out who it was, but before a peep could come out Chuck shoved the dildo into his ass and began pumping it and massaging Frank's dick.

His Special Fetish Ch. 2

fetish Ladywriter 2018-05-06

I stood before him in my cum soaked blouse, seamed nylons and suspender belt and my black satin panties. “I've just cum on your satin blouse.” I saw the first stirrings in his cock; even saying the words turned him on. I want to fuck you in your nylons and blouse.” My hand moved faster along his fully erect cock and David's hips moved in rhythm. Suddenly I felt his hand on the front of my panties; his fingers pressed the wet satin into my pussy. I want to feel your cum inside me.” My fingers worked furiously on my clit, my pussy rode furiously on his cock until; I covered David's soft wet cock with the hem of my blouse and began to rub it dry.

Nikki's Doctor Visit Ch. 01

fetish submissivelittleme 2018-05-06

"Alright, you can step down now." I did, slipping on my shoes once more and following the nurse and Phillip until we reach the exam room at the end of the hall. Phillip closed the door behind us, his hands immediately going to my shoulders. I couldn't look up, instead choosing to allow my dark hair to continue masking my face from his view as I hung my head. Finally a knock sounded on the door and before I could speak, Phillip casually said to come in. I managed to look up then, catching the older gentlemen closing the door and walking towards me with his hand outstretched. "Alright, I think we should begin the breast exam." He seemed to pause for a moment, looking in Phillip's direction.

Panty Husband's Wife Takes Over

fetish DrLit 2018-05-06

In the bathroom my wife said, "It's easier to shave your cock and balls if you are hard." She got on her knees and started sucking my cock as she played with my balls. My wife then said, "I know you want me to fuck your ass with a strapon so I have been doing my homework. I waited and as promised a few minutes later my wife opened the door wearing just her pint panties, matching bra and harness with the 8 inch black cock. My wife finally said, "Maybe the next time we visit Key West your need a much bigger cock for your ass?

The Perils of Greggie-Poo Ch. 06

fetish scatwoman 2018-05-06

He looked over at Luke, whose cock, still a foot long as it hung flaccid between his legs, was completely coated in Inya's shit, as were her ass cheeks. Inya marveled at Greg's skill as he flawlessly prevented his teeth or lips from brushing Luke's cock as it went in, so that none of the shit would get scraped off on the way in. When Luke had finally lowered his entire length into Greg, causing obscene bulging in his neck, his kinky black pubic hairs tickling the white boy's nostrils, Greg closed and sealed his lips tightly around Luke's cock and sucked hard, repeatedly, working his tongue around the huge tool. Then, slowly, Luke pulled his long, huge, thick, rock-hard black cock from Greg's tightly sealed lips, sparkling clean.

The Tentacle Party, Part 2

fetish tigrenar 2018-05-06

Her monstrous, tentacled friend who had lured her here and fucked her over in almost every way imaginable. Sarah looked over at her companion, the tattooed woman. Hmmm, maybe not "bit" exactly, but your ass is definitely being punished isn't it?" The tattooed woman only moaned a little bit differently in response. It was at this point she realized the tentacles gripping her arms and legs were gone, and her ass felt curiously empty. Could her new tentacle cock curl around and fuck her pussy? Her ass, mouth, and pussy were filled with her own tentacles as she fucked herself mad. As her monstrous friend watched Kat Von D fuck her mind away, Sarah's new tentacle cock thrust outward, down and then back up.

wednesday.... small cock humiliation

fetish 2018-05-06

She held the vibrator up from her pussy, "i told you to tell me before you were going to cum from playing with that tiny thing, didn't i?" She laughed, and said "no, you have arm syrength left, I want you to do 100 reps with your weights" i did, althoughbit hurt. "Yes princess" I said battling not to cum. "your pathetic weak little cock is inferior to a vibrator, you are cuckolded to a vibe! You little cocked loser, you are just soooo tiny!" She laughed and said "oh, very well, cum in your glass". "yes princess" I said, my now flaccid cock retreating under her gaze. Now say Thankyou vibrator for doing what I cannot and making my wife cum, and drink your juice down!"

Stepmommy Peeing

fetish JhMcKn 2018-05-06

Suddenly the piss stopped flowing and she let go of fathers cock, stood up, pulled her skirt tightly around her waist, and said "Let's go. Velma wrapped her legs around fathers back and kept his cock all the way in her cunt. She said to father "Now hold the pan up close so I don't piss on the floor or you will have to lick it up you naughty boy." Suddenly the stream began and she must have peed for about a minute. I'm going to sleep with my girdle, stockings, and panties on and if I want more of your cock before we get up in the morning I will just grab ahold of it and stroke it for you."


No Facilities

fetish Orac 2018-05-06

I started to walk as fast as I could but Kay grabbed my hand and pulled be back "Slow down" she said "We've got all night.... I pulled my cock out before my bladder was empty, my hot piss gushed out of her cunt turning the bottom of the bath into a sea of golden pee with Kay an island in the middle. No sooner had the last drop of pee dripped off the end of my prick than I grabbed Kay by the hips and turned her over onto all four's, her hands and knees washing around in my piss on the bottom of the bath.

The Raven Witch Ch. 01

fetish ExtremisticSwitch 2018-05-06

Noticing nothing else, no other person nearby, and fully sure that I could not break free, I relaxed my body and started meditating. Realizing that if I did not break free soon, she would have her way with me, I summoned all the unnatural strength I had left in my body. As I failed to answer she laughed and bit her lips, proceeding to move onto her knees and then pulled her dress over me. The amount of darkness surrounding me was unnatural, and the next moment she forced her cunt onto my mouth. The next moment a gushing of cum and piss filled my mouth to the brim and started running down my face.

I Dream

fetish bellaluna515 2018-05-06

Pinning my arms above my head by holding my wrists, you start to slowly slide yourself deep into my tight wet pussy. Grabbing my waist you pull my ass closer and fuck me hard, deep. You stop and pick your head up to look into my eyes. You bend your head again and lightly bite my nipple as your hand works it's way to my mound. Finally , You plunge your tongue in and I hear your groan as you start licking my soaking wet clit. You pull my head back and begin to bite then suck my lower lip. I moan against you as I reach out and grab your cock. I wrap my lips around your cock as you lean forward.

Sara, Nick and Pete: Creampie Fun!

fetish uke73 2018-05-06

Nick began to thrust his cock into Sara's mouth in time with Pete's thrusts into her wet pussy. The drinks in the pub certainly hadn't effected Pete's performance an Nick could see him shudder as he spray his hot cum into Sara's willing pussy. Now Nick was having his cock sucked it gave him more vigour in licking Pete's cum out of Sara. Nick rolled onto all fours and Sara slapped the lube onto his ass and began massaging it into his tight hole. Nick knew what was required of him, so he knelt up right while Sara slide under his freshly fucked ass and began to suck and lick's Pete's cum from his dark hole.

Forbidden Fruit

fetish inkdomina 2018-05-06

He jerked his hips sharply when his breeches were tugged off, and the teasing touches continued even going so far as to brush those light fingers over the material of what was beneath. The teasing, tormenting rubbing of her sex over him felt like it had gone on for hours, and he was driven on more by her quiet moans as his head went over her clit. Her pace was fast and swift, and soon that tingling warmth began to build, rising up from her warm crotch to her stomach, her breathing increasing as she felt her cheeks and chest flush. The change in angle soon had her moans increasing in frequency, and his hips bucked and jerked as his own pace met with and chased her own.


fetish cuckytoher 2018-05-06

That's when Michael looked at me and said, "Oh Nikki told me about you losing your job, tough luck, but hey there's always dirty towels to be cleaned at the gym, so I'm sure we'll keep you busy!" He smiled at Nikki, picked up his wine glass and toasted her. Michael sprung to life, "Well now that we've got that out of the way, I just want to say I think this will work out fine for all of us." He patted me on the head like a master pets his dog, stood up and made his way towards the living room with Nikki in tow, while I began cleaning up the table and the dishes.


fetish Lusting4Her 2018-05-06

With one finger right at the tip making slow circles i feel my wetness as i lean my head back and put my leg up. I grab my massaging shower head and run it right on my clit, moving up and down grabbing and squeezing my nipples as i turn the dials up. I bite my lip and lean back pulling my lips apart and aiming the head right at my opening pushing as deep as it will go. I rub my eyes and when i open them nobodys scared but i also got wet...because she was smiling at me and she had fangs...... I moaned a little and i felt her smile against my skin.

Shouldn't Have Stood Her Up

fetish Daemonchild 2018-05-06

After I had inadvertently stood her up I wasn't allowed an orgasm, she didn't come right out and say it but whenever we fucked I would ask (or indeed as time went on, beg) her permission and she would just smile and say 'not tonight honey.' She seemed to want sex more and more as we approached our next slave weekend, wearing skimpy clothing at all times and having orgasm after orgasm on my face or cock without letting me cum, regardless of how much I begged. BEEP BEEP Text message received 01.33am Hey Hun, I totally came on his cock loads - we couldn't wait to get into the bedroom!

Life on the Farm

fetish VoluptuousCara 2018-05-06

"Well look at you, my Pet," he said, smiling appreciatively at me, "it seems you've much to give." He took the MILKING MACHINE, which was actually a hospital grade double-breast pump, and, unbuttoning the rest of my bodice, attached it to my engorged breasts. "Delicious as ever, Pet," Daddy said, tasting my milk, "I'm a go put this in the fridge and then I'll be back to give my best girl a treat, OK." I got up, glass of water in hand, and figured if "Daddy" wanted me to stay here at the farm, he wouldn't object to me leaving the medical room. It's perfectly good milk." When he said this, he was sitting beside me on my bed, helping me attach the pump to my breasts for the first time.

Becoming Terry's Pet

fetish MyUncensoredSelf 2018-05-06

I could feel his rising need and knew any moment I'd taste his juices but I wasn't ready for him to grab my head with both hands and hold me against him as he shuddered and moaned. "I said," he grabbed my chin and forced me to look him in the eye, "you're coming home with me tonight, aren't you pet?" He guided my head to nod up and down. "This is your first time," he said, "but in future you will know when I'm having my beer I like to have my cock licked -- gently." I nodded eagerly and knelt down. "Now pet," master stopped me licking, "get up on the sofa, knees here." He pointed to the near edge of the lounge.

him again :)

fetish Chubby_Decatur_Sissy 2018-05-06

As I walked through work the first day, just feeling my jeans against my smooth shaven skin was a huge turn on, I felt my little sissy clit getting harder and harder as the day went on, tugging my panties tighter and tighter against my little bitty pussy ass, as they get stretched out. he came up behind me as I was putting my pants on the seat, he placed his hand on my ass and complimented me on how smooth and sexy my legs and ass were, as I turned around he dropped his pants and there was his geourgious 7 inch cock. I turned to look up at him, cocking my head to the side a bit so his dick pushed my cheek out and he could see it fucking the inside of my mouth.

My Visit with a Lady Shrink

fetish Bakeboss 2018-05-05

"OK, let's stop right there, women don't wear underwear, women wear panties and second stealing a woman intimate apparel is an assault on her privacy if not her person. "Yes Mam, I mean panties," there I said the word and in front of a woman, I could feel my penis twitch inside my trousers. "Yes Mam, it' just, it's just that I become aroused by the scent a woman leaves on her under-- I mean panties." The doctor stands and steps in front of where I sit, I watch trance like as she reaches under her skirt and with a wiggle motion I see she is taking off her underwear, I mean panties.

Appetite for More

fetish runtz4 2018-05-05

We had sex twice on Sunday, then again Monday evening, Tuesday as soon as I got home from work, and then Wednesday morning she treated me to a soapy hand job in the shower and fucked me hard that evening, riding me the entire time. "Would it be accurate to say, that while you loved the meal - everything about it was perfect and you would want to eat it again, that it just wasn't enough to satisfy your appetite?" Angie asked with a look of desperation, her breasts heaving as she struggled to breathe. "You're right, it was under six inches, but do you want to know how big it was?" Angie didn't give time to respond, "Close to 4 inches." She paused to let it sink in.

What Sweetscented Wants

fetish sweetscented 2018-05-05

I am a great lover of large women with beautiful big breasts and would very much like to tell you why I contacted you. Every man I've been with has been a big breast lover - you don't usually go for a woman like me unless you're somewhat into big tits - but I hadn't encountered the idea of them being worshipped before. I do this again with your other breast and soon I have both gorgeous tits in my hands, marvelling at the shape and size and feel of them and rubbing and squeezing your delectable nipples in my hands. I squeeze your other breast and you take my hand and guide it between your thighs, under the satin gusset of your underwear where you are slick and wet and smelling fragrant.


David's French Tutor Ch. 02

fetish Thorilla 2018-05-05

"So Miss Marie you walked over the Italian boy in your ball-gown until he agreed to improve?" I said searchingly, my penis becoming interested too. She was very impatient now and replied curtly, "No David, I did not just walk over him, I sat on him, rubbed my shoes over his face, rubbed my petticoats over his face, I straddled his face, I made him lick my feet, ankles and legs, I squeezed his face between my thighs, I rubbed my 'derriere' over his nose and mouth and did many other things to him until he squealed loudly for his mother, many times. She nudged me encouragingly and I slowly lifted her uniform with both hands and a wide lacy flounce of white petticoat spilled out contrasting starkly with her black skirt.