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Erotic Fetish stories

A large collection of fetisch short stories covering everything from pantyhoses to feet and more.

Ssbbw neighbor-titfuck facial

fetish 2018-05-05

She was a SSBBW giant tits huge ass and big round belly with big back rolls and love handles (a Latino cotton candi is the best description) Upstairs I saw into ms Martinez room she was getting dressed I could on see her Huge ass but I was all I need I grabbed some lube an went to town but OMG she turn around seen me cover her giant tits and aereoles(they had to be the size of pancakes) I was about to cum but stopped and she shut the curtains! -I was embarrassed as stop( i rolled over and OMG my dick fell out of the front hole of my boxers and I acted like i didn't know)


Unusual Threesome Fantasy

fetish DesDays 2018-05-05

He gave his dick to her and she put her fingers on it, feeling the hardness—not for long though, because Jason from below was starting to use his tongue to fuck her pussy lips while ‘massaging’ her outer cunt with his teeth. With Bob still caressing her, touching and feeling her breasts, letting one hand drop down to her flooded pussy from time to time, Jason went into their bag and got out the needles. The guys took turns twiddling the needles and then gave in to the desire building up in their groins: Gloria let Bob underneath her (her titties jiggling with the needles still plunged deep inside them), and his rigid cock immediately found its way into her squishy cunt.

Loving The Kinky Side Of Life

fetish Anal Slave 2018-05-05

About a month later I had been playing with the vibe rater and for some strange reason I lubed it up and started playing with my asshole It took forever to get the end of it in my virgin asshole but after I got it pass the outer ring of my ass it felt real good and the cum shot out of my cock with great force I didn’t fuck my ass that day I just left it in there while I jacked off. I went home and while I was sucking my wife’s cunt I pulled out the big dildo and started working it into my wife’s pussy while I ate her She jumped up and pulled away she said what the fuck you trying to fuck me with a baseball bat.

Fulfilling a Fantasy

fetish Long Tall Texan 2018-05-05

It burned and I don’t mean a good burn either, but my wife kept pushing steadily until my ass sucked this plug in just like the last one. “I always wanted to know what this would feel like!” she said grabbing the dildo and stroking it like she’d done mine a thousand times. She held the back of my head and started pumping in and out like she had a real cock and was face fucking me! “Now you are going to know what it feels like to have a hard cock stuffed up you ass, little slut.” My wife started to move slowly in and out of me, letting me feel each incredible inch of her cock moving inside me.

Becoming Melissa's Cuckold Pt. 02

fetish GreyMatterH 2018-05-05

"Well, now that I know about your penis situation I figured that sex for you is probably just going to be masturbation - not real sex - so I'm trying to help you out, give you something to think about when you whack it." My favourite times to masturbate were either when I listened to her fucking a guy in the room next to me, or the following day after when she'd tell me all about it. I'd really miss stroking to the sound of her getting fucked, but if it meant doing it in front of her and cumming like I just did it might be worth trying.

Training Weekend Ch. 01

fetish jtr937 2018-05-05

And he vowed that by the end of the weekend she would know the true meaning of the word obedience and, with a twinkle in his eye, he also promised great rewards if she learned her lessons well and pleased him. The three of them returned to the dance floor and soon Jaime was dancing close to Susan and she felt a rush as her hand brushed purposely across her sore ass. Soon Susan was running her hands along Jaime's breasts as well, enjoying the feeling of touching another woman. Unable to resist any longer, she kissed a breast, right over the bra, and felt her own pussy contract as Jaime's nipple responded to her tongue.

The Red Coat

fetish JenniferWilson 2018-05-05

Barbara was in love with the red PVC raincoat it made her feel so good with the shiny material fully enveloping her, she smoothed her hands over her breasts and bottom and pulled the collar up as close as it could around her neck. "Well Barbara I have three other PVC raincoats as well as this red one back at home so I would be happy to let you borrow one for a while so maybe if you get the latex cape we can split the charge and share it together - the blue one looks nice and it has a full length zip all the way down the front, I'd love to see you in it, try it on for me."

Kinky Time at Strip Club

fetish fun4all6969 2018-05-05

I picked out a couple of girls who gave particularly good grinding and nasty dances at the stage. We went back to the private area and as we talked waiting for the next song she reached up my shorts leg and started playing with my cock and balls. She then climbed up and stuck her panty covered pussy in my mouth and I sucked and licked her through the fabric while she stroked me through my shorts. She had her hand on the head of my cock when I came and pulled up her cum covered hand for me to lick. She continued getting cum off my legs and shorts having me lick it while they watched.

A Bit of Leather

fetish Damon Knight 2018-05-05

I like the look in her eyes and I smirk, she smiles and I again take notice of the objects she's pulled from the box. Quit being such a pussy little boy and fuck her like a man would, hard and mean. She's telling me no now, she's crying and squirming, trying to get out from underneath me and I stand strong and hold her there and fuck her ass fast and hard. Then after I finish shooting all my cum into her ass I drop back down on top of her and it feels like the whip gets driven up into her pussy just a little further.

Kinky Boss Pt. 02: Under the table

fetish freeman64 2018-05-05

The woman met him at the store and asked him to bring him stuff, a list for which she had ready, and gave him a girlie magazine and wanted a porn movie. The next day also she let him lick her for a long time and asked him whether he wanted to make love to her. She continued: "Would you like to sit under a table, unseen, and lick a woman as she went about talking on phone, signing files and people coming to see her." His heart chugged like a train and almost stopped when she opened her thighs displaying a clean shaven pussy which was bigger than that of his woman enticer.

Thai Bride-to-be

fetish StarfireMayo 2018-05-05

I wanted to fuck her hard but I knew that Cho would be stretching my girlfriend's pussy first tonight with his big cock. I nodded and swallowed hard knowing that she would shortly be spreading her small brown legs wide for Cho. When she came into the hotel room several hours later I saw that her face was flushed with arousal and her breathing heavy. She moaned and thrust hard at me, excited beyond belief and enjoying the feeling of my big cock filling her Asian pussy and all that spunk there. As I groaned and came inside her pussy, she pulled me down on top of her and kissed me hard, sending her little aggressive tongue darting inside my mouth and pushing the cum through my parted lips and into my open mouth, sharing it with me.

Girls' Sports

fetish Alex Finch 2018-05-05

I'd stand on the sidelines in rapt attention, smelling the girls' sweat and watching their tiny feet run in their dirty shoes. I was amazed at myself, as every squeeze would milk out enough clear syrup to totally coat my dick in thick lather (in later races, where I watched on concrete, it looked like a large puddle beneath me by the end). I watched as the caddy tossed the pants into to bag and ran to retrieve the shirt. She saw the deep, wet splotch on her caddy's shorts, and pressed her face against it for a deep smell. They hugged again, the golfer nude but for socks, and the caddy with her cummy shorts.

My First CFNM Night Ch. 01

fetish JacobGoody 2018-05-05

My heart was in my throat, and I couldn't believe I was about to strip naked and submit to a room full of women I didn't know. Three of the men were at least a decade or two older than me, stockier, hairier, with thick cocks and unruly bushes, a tall well muscled fellow with dark black skin and a slender uncut penis stood beside Mistress Nadine wearing leather gauntlets on his wrists looking displeased. I looked up at the women and the men, hooked my thumbs in the elastic waistband of my shorts, and slowly pulled them off across my thighs, and over my feet, kicking them to the side, standing up straight, exposed for all to see.

Back Door Banquet

fetish daddykins 2018-05-05

I want to watch you shit. Now just imagine my cock driving full speed ahead down you Hershey highway, working it, going balls deep in it. You know I'm always down for a good butt fucking. Since you're so in love with my ass, I'm sure you want to keep it fresh and clean enough to eat off of." But all this talk about watching me shit and then plowing my 'Hershey highway' afterwards has got me..." "What I was going to say was, all this talk has got me thinking. "Girl, if we keep up this scat chat I'm going to cum right on my loafers. "I wonder what my asshole tastes like right after it goes number two.

Getting Lucky at the Club

fetish TwistedPlayr 2018-05-05

Terry slipped a fifty dollar bill to the large man that guarded the door, and walked confidently past the night clubs able doorman. Terry stood for a moment, his eyes growing accustomed to the dark of the room, his head adjusting to the booming sounds. The dark haired woman reached under Terry, and began to unfasten his belt. Terry gave a start as the tip of the cock pushed into his tight ring, but relaxed as a soft hand enveloped his aching cock. He chanced a look down, to find that the hand belonged to a small blond woman, whose head was turned, watching his partner with great interest. The raven haired woman moved like a machine, her hips beating a steady rhythm against his ass.

Real Selfless Lover

fetish realbigsid69 2018-05-05

Janine admitted she really enjoyed it and said for her, it wasn't about any sort of jealousy because she got to fuck me and suck me so that was good enough for her. "I want you to fuck my mouth, make me suck your huge cock, cum down my throat Sir" she pleaded and I laughed as I pulled her head back into me and slammed all the way into her mouth. Briony smiled at me, but I caught Megan's eyes following Janine as she sauntered off to the supermarket next door; I say a supermarket but it was really just a little local shop that sold anything from beach balls to ice creams.

Mature Blonde Boss Fucking Session

fetish toyboy2 2018-05-05

At this she grabbed my cock and began slowly wanking it before flicking her tongue over the tip of my cock.This was a massive turn on and i was pretty certain that i would not last long.She must have sensed this as she proceeded to take my cock in her mouth and sucked hungrily on it,taking it deep in her throat.As she sucked hard on it she began to play with my balls.This was amazing and i knew that i should have said that i was close to coming but i was enjoying her cock sucking to much and i was desperate to come.I lasted a few more minutes before my cock began to twitch.I thought she would notice this and would remove my cock from her mouth but instead she just carried on sucking hungrily on my cock,either not noticing or not caring.Soon i couldn't hold back any longer and i began to shoot my load down her throat.I came for what seemed like ages and when i finally stopped she took my cock out of her mouth and said,

Mutual pantyhose wank continued.

fetish tonyhose 2018-05-05

I told him about how I had wanted to try sucking his cock last time and would he mind if I tried it now and he agreed so I dropped to my knees and began to lick his hard cock through his pantyhose before closing my mouth over it and sucking him. I occasionally licked the tip of his cock as I wanked him and then I felt his mouth close over my cock again just as I felt his cock stiffen as his cum began to spurt through the nylon. Meanwhile my own cum was spurting straight into his eager mouth as he continued sucking and wanking my cock.

Walk in Woods

fetish mystery366 2018-05-05

Now I had the father of all erections threatening to put a hole in my shorts and then Becky started to rub her pussy up against my cock. Then Becky stood over my chest and started to pull on her breasts and nipples to express her milk. Then Becky lowered her breasts to mine and stared to rub our bodies together using the milk as a lubricant. Becky bent her head forward and I shared with her some of the milk that I had just sucked from her breast with her. Her mouth started to lick and suck my cock while she lowered her pussy to me.

Bondage Olympics Pt. 01

fetish sfsdada 2018-05-05

And soon as she got off the shuttle in the terminal, she saw two women holding a sign with her name on it: "COMPETITOR KATIE KORMIC." They were wearing all red latex outfits with a black belt and the word "TRAINER" etched on the side. Katie took a moment to hesitate but then smiled and said," I am absolutely ready to try my best." Katie smiled and took the bag, trying not to peek inside. Katie opened the bag to check out the uniform inside. She shrugged and took off her bra and panties in order to put the new uniform on. On the back, in curved athletic font text was the title "KATIE KORMIC - USA" with then a number underneath it "2390".

I Was a Gaijin Bikegirl

fetish Nate_Walis 2018-05-05

A familiar sight on the forecourt of the apartment building and in front of the small row of garages that served some of its residents cheered Alex up and at the same time reminded her of the fact that she had almost been seriously hurt doing something so mundane as crossing the road. As the silver liquid formed a fender over the top of the wheel, break pads and other complicated mechanical parts that she could not have named, Alex marvelled at the strange things that the human mind could conjure up in an altered state. Alex was distracted from the ever more complex nature of the thing that her arms were busy turning into by a sudden sensation, once again of heat, but this time from the region of her abdomen.

My Medical Fantasy Came True

fetish RossBarnes 2018-05-05

"Yes Doctor Domina." That sexy smile came across her face as she looked down momentarily avoiding eye contact with me. "Mr. Weakcock, there is one more test I need to do today but I'd like you to come back in a week for additional testing that I don't have time to complete today. "Just like Doctor Domina said, you have to trust her, but you'll need to trust me now too." With a look of sincerity in her incredibly sexy eyes, she asked me "Will you trust me too? Picking up the stethoscope and the blood pressure equipment that Dr. Domina had left on the counter, Lindsey repeated the procedures the doctor had already performed.

That Whole WAM Thing Ch. 01

fetish kleve 2018-05-05

Ursula tried to go on, but when Linda raised the stakes to t-shirt and trousers, she tossed her cards into the table, blushed and poured herself more wine. "Oh, get the fuck out of here," I said nervously, but Erin and Ursula pulled me to my feet, and Linda and Lucy went over to the bathroom door and flung it open. Linda and Lucy went into the bathroom and Erin and Ursula pulled me in, too. When at last I opened my eyes and looked up, there were Erin, Linda, Ursula and Lucy grinning down at me. Linda and Erin each picked up a can of whipped cream, and began to spray it over my naked body, starting with my feet.

I Have A Weakness For Karaoke Clubs

fetish sully2818 2018-05-05

We headed back to my car and when I opened the door for her, our faces came close and we kissed, at first gently, then with increasing passion. Looking over, I noticed she had undone a couple of buttons on her blouse, giving me a fabulous view of her breasts, held in by a black mesh bra that left little to the imagination. Sarah moved closer to my body, reaching with her hands to grab my cock, which was hard just waiting for her. Then I felt my cock entering an inferno and realized that I was fucking Cat. Sarah soon came violently, then stepped off and began kissing me.