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Erotic Fetish stories

A large collection of fetisch short stories covering everything from pantyhoses to feet and more.

Infl8orama and the New Neighbor

fetish Infl8orama 2018-05-05

He smiled as he stared at the inflatable, which he had had commissioned to look like the cartoon raft on the cover of the movie "Up The Creek"--albeit made of heavy pool toy vinyl instead of laminated canvas, and about half the size of the depiction, it was still a yellow whitewater raft with the pretty face and voluptuous bosom of a beautiful woman. Finally, the combination of her soft body, her gorgeous mouth, the smells of sex and vinyl and coconut oil, and the soft hiss of the leaking inflatable brought him over the edge, and as he felt the first spurt of his climax escape him, she pulled him out of her mouth and nestled his erupting manhood between her huge breasts, letting him spill his seed all over them, with several sticky strands splattering her gently pointed chin and her pert nose.


fetish JaxRhapsody 2018-05-05

Pushing it down in the crook of his legs, slowly sliding my left foot along the top, back and fourth, feeling the skin grab slightly on my heel, the bottom of the helmet catches like a little speed bump. I press hard on my clit, and rub slow, getting close, I try to do short jerky motions with my feet, just below the head, so he doesn't cum just yet. Still Lance is pleased, I can feel his hand hover over my head, probably wanting to just push my head down further, I'm guessing every slight graze of my teeth is giving him second thoughts about it.

Sexual Institution Ch. 02

fetish NudeDreams 2018-05-05

"As you can see, I am going to intertwine our legs in a way that makes our cunts able to press against each other." Ms. Conway told the class as she demonstrated on Maddie. From this position, you can see that we both have a good amount of control over the pressure..." Ms. Conway suddenly held tightly onto Maddie's legs and pressed her pussy roughly against her partner. Ms. Conway pushed Kacey's thighs up so that they were parallel with her torso and the tops of her knees pressed against her boobs, and then she maneuvered her own body so that her face came right above the spread young pussy, her ass in the air, and her legs spread wide.

Shayla's Nursing Massage Ch. 1

fetish shayla_star 2018-05-05

It was a business card for Loving Hands Day Spa and Massage Parlor. Shayla's friend, Carlos, worked there and it sounded like the perfect get-away to erase the recent events of her and Shon's phone conversation. Shayla's skin was so smooth, Carlos remembered from a previous massage he'd done for her, and he often wondered if Shon knew what a gem he had. Hugging you feels so different with your huge tits pushing up against me like that." They both laughed and headed back into the spa area. She couldn't believe it, but the thought of Carlos's hands on her horny body, right now, was the only thing on her mind.

The Heel

fetish macserp 2018-05-05

But looking up the pleated flutes of Darla's Summer Guard skirt, and her plump plum, probably still bald pussy pushing the edges of white nylon panties I was utterly aware, and somehow, lining things up now - like all those afternoons when she sat in the field and watched us play ball with a big pink grin on, girl knees together under her chin, grass stains on her saddle shoes, just smiling and gettin up and cutting through our game on her goosey thighs.

Six Tasks of My Humiliation Ch. 06

fetish Alfamann 2018-05-05

I descended the stairs to the front door and assumed the kneeling position as directed by Maria on the phone. I don't think I have ever felt so totally submissive as I did at that moment; kneeling naked in front of this powerfully dominant woman, masturbating myself while suckling her fingers. I did need to go to the toilet as I had been so focused on Maria's pending arrival I had not got around to asking Steven earlier. Steven took hold of my chain and instructed me to crawl behind him as we went through the kitchen and out the back door onto the lawn.

My Friends Mother

fetish Corbin543 2018-05-05

As she was going at it I reached down and grabbed her tits they felt wonderful I started messaging them and she started moaning I was afraid she would wake branch so I planted a long passionate kiss on her lips I stuck my tongue in her mouth and she responded by pushing mine back in and putting hers in mine. Shelly told me to close my eyes said, "She had a special treat for me." I then could smell the poop and I felt it land on my chest it was wonderful she then put her pussy on it and smeared it around into my chest and pubic hairs I never would have believed that Shelly would do anything like this.

Real Life Of Young Gigolo

fetish coolguy2020 2018-05-05

My 2 other friend were getting late and has to leave as they have exam in the morning and they took permission stating that i will be there to help them in serving after my friends left he place most of the other ladies also statted leaving and Shalini has come near me and introduced herself stating that she is a housewife and her husband works abroad at very short time I was getting hurt and also dont know what to do she has removed her blouse and bra was very tight her breast was clearly visiblem she took my head and gave a tight hug for her breastsand she started stroiking me in my pant and asked my take my pant off, which I obeyed like a slave to her, she has touched my cock which was almost more than a hard rock na di cummed very huge and it was my first ever female touch.

The Revenge Party

fetish Terry19 2018-05-05

"Right then let's see what he got for us." With that Wendy pulled down my shorts exposing my limp cock to the watching crowd. I could see them rooting through bags, looking for something, when Suzanne cried, "Found it." It was a strap-on didlo and Wendy wasted no time fastening onto Michelle, over her dress. Julie practically tore it off Michelle and with Suzanne's help she stood before me with the plastic cock bobbing infront of her. "Let's have a feel then," said Suzanne as she replaced Lauren's hand. Two were violently pinching my nipples, Suzanne was wanking my cock, Wendy was gripping my balls and Julie was thrusting the dildo into me with increasing speed, causing her ample cleavage to jiggle in front of my face.

No Boundaries

fetish fitasfook 2018-05-05

She opened the door to let him in and watched his face as he took in her outfit, sure enough he didn’t waste any time in reaching inside her blouse, exposing her breasts and then looking down and seeing the huge strap-on between her legs - his face was a picture - she knew how much it turned him on to see her dressed as a slut like this and she was only too happy to oblige. She was behind him now with her hands at the top of his legs, the backs of her hands gently brushing his beautiful balls as she worked her tongue in and out of his arse, then bringing her hand round to stroke the outside of his hole, then her tongue inside, then her fingers, she spent some time doing this and enjoyed listening to his moans of pleasure while she prepared him to be fucked with the big black cock that was between her legs.

Wet Relations

fetish ASIANDREAM 2018-05-05

I remembered the plush bathroom at their expensive apartment in One Central - my cock started swelling again in my pants as I thought of how good it would be to be able to play with myself in the shower there. The elastic material stretched up by his fully hard cock - making gaps at the sides where his balls bulged out, I looked at his gorgeous slim body and smooth light brown skin - he grinned and turned around so I could see his perfect bubble butt with the straps of his jock strap digging in - pulled tight by his erection. Once I got beside them I realized that Dominic wasn't just touching his sister with his cock - I saw his shaft was sliding in and out of her pussy - he grinned at me

Becoming Hers Ch. 03

fetish fpat97 2018-05-05

Karen reached down to grab his cock and caught her breath when she got a handful of chastity cage instead. Karen spending time playing with the cage, and Alex' cock tried desperately to get hard. After work, Alex couldn't help looking at porn until Karen got home. He kissed and massaged his way up her leg, taking his time helping Karen relieve the stress of the day. "So, do you want to cum?" Karen grabbed his cock and started slowly stroking it. And what will you do when you're ready to cum?" Karen kept eye contact with Alex the whole time, as he kept trying to look away in embarrassment.

Pee Fun Ch. 01

fetish w92004 2018-05-05

He was using one of those internet dating sites that so many people seem to be on these days when he came across another profile starting with the word "kinky". Then it happened, just a trickle at first but he felt the unmistakable warm liquid begin to cascade down his fingers and his lob-on, she was pissing on his cock and the flow was relentless, somehow he increased his wanking speed, getting anxiously close to cumming by the time her long, clear stream had stopped. She came almost instantly and he wasn't ready to cum so he pulled out, and saw her arse was still open from her early playing, his cock was so wet he knew it would slide in and it did just that, though it was a tight fit.

The Assistant Ch. 05

fetish Vysis 2018-05-05

If you forget your code and enter into this keypad wrong twice in a row, the outer door will lock and the system will call the sheriff." Adam and Aimee looked at each other in surprise and then at Mrs. Irving. Anyway, if you click on the document identification number, you will be given the option of reading a PDF of it, or if you click 'See Original' you will be directed to the stacks." Mrs. Irving clicked 'See Original.' Suddenly, Adam and Aimee heard an alarm sound, and then an automated ladder with a flashing red light on it started moving down a track on one of the rows of stacks.

Hannah's Pregnant Pleasure Ch. 02

fetish Diablos 2018-05-04

Looking down at her friend, she took in the sight of Laura's massive pregnant belly, her plump tits, her nipples erect and flushed red. Seeking reassurance from her friend, Hannah slid her way down Laura's body, running her hands over her distended belly down towards her cunt. Pulling her bloated body up onto the sofa, Hannah kept her fingers in her friend's cunt, her thumb gently rubbing Laura's clit. She could feel Hannah's big belly rubbing against her as she moved against the fingers entrenched in her pussy, the humongous mound pressing against her own gravid stomach. She was watching Hannah, the quiet redhead she had gone to school with finger her pregnant pussy while sucking on her tits, swallowing her rich milk.

G's Halloween Night

fetish MistressKimmie 2018-05-04

G felt his ass pussy quivering as he again pictured himself dressed as Candy, wandering about, following Mistress and doing her bidding. He felt the warm water beat down on his naked back as he prepared the bag and hose that he would use to cleanse himself for tonight's adventure. The warm soapy water was slowly leaking out of his pussy, G tried to clamp his hole shut to hold in as much as he could knowing he needed to allow the fluids to cleanse him. G felt immense pressure as Mistress plugged his ass pussy with one hard shove. G again thanked Mistress, his smiling face and hard cock telling the real story.

Sally's Rubber Bitch

fetish MrTrusty 2018-05-04

Up her thighs, she finally felt the cool rubber press against her now dripping pussy "Oh my god that feels soooo good!" she thought, and began moving the suit back and forth between her legs. Pulling up on the back of the suit around her ass freed up a little room for Sally to get the suit over her breasts, but gave her one of the most pleasurable experiences she had ever felt, a slick rubber pussy wedgy. "ohmygod ohmygod ohmygod AAAHHHHHH!" She yelled at the top of her lungs as she felt the rubber dildo continue to fuck her ass and pussy, rubbing across her perineum as she rolled around on the bed, her hands over her face, cumming again, the pleasure still building and building!

My Best Friend's Boyfriend Ch. 08

fetish secretsugar 2018-05-04

-PREVIOUSLY: Mason told Anneka the truth about Jessica and broke up with her. Anneka broke into Jessica's room in the middle of the night and confronted her, resulting in hate sex. Anneka asked me not to go, but I ignored her, walking briskly past my confused parents who were waiting in the dining room eating pancakes. I cleared my throat to alert him of my presence, and he spun around in his chair, still stroking his dick, looking like a kid caught with his hand in the cookie jar. I always knew that Oliver was messed up, and sometimes he said weird things during sex, but I never would have expected that he would get turned on by me degrading him.

My New Career

fetish thatguy5769 2018-05-04

While I waited for Jennifer to get there I took the time to work hard and impress my new store manager. "Well Dwayne, since it seems Cody is going to be spending so much time with you, I think its only right for you to come over for dinner tonight so we can get to know you better." Jennifer suggested proudly, smiling widely up at Dwayne. "I insist, that's the end of it." Jennifer smiled, kissed me on the cheek and strutted out of the store, Dwayne's eyes glued to her spandex covered ass. "Well, looks like we're dinner pals!" Dwayne said sarcastically, walking to the office, my day went on without further burden, not considering the fact my mind racing about the disregard for my relationship or presence.

The Maid

fetish jimblund 2018-05-04

lowering Maria to her knees in front of Mrs Williams. "What?" Maria sobbed, looking up at Mrs Williams to make sure Mrs Williams pushed Maria away and hiked her own long dress Maria hesitantly raised the bundle of cloth in Mrs Williams' Maria move closer to Mrs Williams' pussy and looked at it Her face struck Mrs Williams pussy, twisting Maria's building ever higher in her pussy, Maria began licking Mrs "Ow, it hurts," Maria screamed into Mrs Williams' pussy. Maria saw light appear as Mrs Williams gathered up the cloth Maria looked up at Mrs Williams for approval, but Maria looked around and found Mrs Williams up inside her so she was fucking his tongue like Mrs Williams was


fetish cerection 2018-05-04

But the fact remains that I fucked Jane for a year, we were actually going together, seeing movies, having dinner, the stuff you do when you go together, but I never told people we were seeing each other, and would even deny it when someone asked. Like the first time I told her to say something dirty in a voice above a whisper, or when I pushed her to spread her ass cheeks for my tongue. She'd try again and again, she wet herself enough that I'd feel it, but I wanted her to open her lips and see it shoot out all over my cock, like my come would shoot out all over her tits.

The Neighborhood Ch. 01

fetish Longe 2018-05-04

Both women wore summer dresses like Carries, that's when I saw the hand of the woman farthest from me making its way up her friend's torso. And Steve what do you like to do?" Carrie asked as she turned to look at her husband. I wasn't terribly surprised when Carrie gave Steve one last look before standing up and grabbing the hem of her summer dress. I took my eyes away from Carrie who remained standing on the deck with the hem of her dress held high and looked at Steve. Steve moved as if he were shot out of a gun and moved his chair next to the bed were he could still get a good look at Carrie being fucked, but I wouldn't have to see him.

Metal & Perfume

fetish Marty Eagan 2018-05-04

The lovely blue dress came to about mid-calf and I could see the lower portion of the long brace on her left leg. The brace attached to the heel of the shoe, but the very need for the build-up was at issue since the extra inches of lift caused her right foot to not fully meet the floor. She took another few seconds to carefully place her crutches on the floor, lift her braced leg under the table, and slide in. At this point had the crutches not been in view she would have looked like a perfectly normal, very pretty lady sitting in the bar. The built-up shoe kept nearly all her weight on her braced left leg and off her fragile right femur and hip.

Wife Finally Shares Her Feet

fetish midwestfeet 2018-05-04

When we got into the room, I told my wife, "Have a seat on the bed, and relax while I make us all some drinks." My wife was obviously feeling good, and even horny it seemed because she asked him if he would like to pull his cock out to get some relief. With a huge smile on her face she looked at me, and said, "Baby, I want to feel his big cock inside of me. My wife started to move her hips around to get a really good feel for it, and she told me how good his cock felt inside of her. My wife was laying there, trying to catch her breath, and I couldn't stop staring at her stretched out pussy, and her cum covered feet.