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Erotic Fetish stories

A large collection of fetisch short stories covering everything from pantyhoses to feet and more.

Mommy Eve

fetish Subtext 2018-05-04

"Why thank you, Bobby!" she replied as she moved her right hand to a place up between his legs. A feeling of elation filled Bobby's heart and surges of adrenaline shot from between his legs up into his stomach as she moved him along slowly to the bathroom. "It's okay, I understand." she said as she started to undo his belt and unzip his fly, all the while keeping the pressure steady between his legs with her right hand. Bobby's legs were now forced into an open-hipped position, and he began to feel all the pampered helplessness he had longed for. Eve then moved her hand to a position under the seat of his diaper.

I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa!

fetish Wildestthang 2018-05-04

She slid it deep into her mouth; he caressed the side of her face, his hands running back guiding her head back and forth over his cock. Santa grabbed my shoulders forcing me to my knees, my cock jumped as he pressed his hard cock to my mouth. I could smell her hot pussy juices all over his cock and licked it, then took the whole thing into my mouth. I started to object, but he grabbed my head and thrust his hard cock deeper into my mouth. Her nice hot wet mouth working on my cock all the way to the head then back, licking my balls, back to his. I felt Santa's cum running down over my cock and balls, I heard her moaning.

coming home from work

fetish althedrippy 2018-05-04

I moved my hand down towards her jean and slowly started to rub her vaginal area massaging it through the jeans, again he knees were buckling and soft moans were coming out of her mouth I undid her jeans buttons slowerly, still stood behind her, I began to lower myself down, kissing her spine as I went, I could feel a shiver run though her body I pulled her jeans down to her ankles, I didn't watch to spoil the moment by taking them off and fumbling around. I pushed on it hard, my mouth still sucking her clit, Helen's fingers still inside her arse.....and then it happened.......she came....I love the taste....I felt Helen's hips convulsive over and over for what feels like hours.

Julie's Pantyhose Sex Ch. 06

fetish SylviaG 2018-05-04

I remembered Barry saying something about taping a war program the day, before I had put the video of Carl in the player, and I had forgotten to remove it. "You know you really looked like you were enjoying yourself," he said revelling in my horror. Knowing he had probably watched the video from start to finish, and all the things that he would have seen me do made my blood run cold. "Tomorrow I want you dressed in that short skirt, wearing tights which you seem to like, and with make-up nice and thick. "You look lovely Julie, are you wearing knickers?" he asked with a grin. He looked at my foot and slowly took his hand away.

Girlfriends new strapon

fetish 2018-05-04

I has been going out with L for a few weeks and one night after a couple bottles of wine, we started sharing sex stories and I soon found out she was not the innocent girl I first thought. Very soon she was rubbing some more lube on my bum and on her strapon and I could feel her slowly pushing the head of it in my ass. Slowly she pushed it deeper and deeper and I could feel it filling my tight hole and as soon L had pulled it in and out a few times, she started to fuck me hard and fast and It felt amazing.

In-Depth Examination

fetish johnnymindcrime 2018-05-04

Se stood and walked through the open door and she closed it behind him. She stepped in front of him and slid a hand under the gown. "I guess we'll have to do the semen sample now!" she told him, with a big smile on her face. He started stroking his cock, looking her naked body up and down. Kneeling in front of him, she took his cock from his hand and began to stroke it herself. After about thirty seconds of her hand, he felt a considerable change; a warm, wet feeling on his dick. With a big smile on her face she went to her clipboard and wrote down the results. He took his cock in hand and aimed for her mouth.

The Belladonna Sisters Ch. 05

fetish Eosphorus 2018-05-04

Dan was massaging her right breast, kissing Bonnie's mouth furiously. Bonnie turned toward me and we kissed, Dan all over her neck. Dan's hands likely grabbed and squeezed Bonnie's tits as they made out. Bonnie, meanwhile, inched a hand down to her pussy, rubbing her clit as I continued to fuck her to the limits of my ability. I crawled into bed with Bonnie and we shared a long, hot kiss as Dan entered her. "Yes, I am a nasty whore," she moaned, reaching down and massaging my cock as Dan fucked her. I sucked her tits hard and enjoyed the sound of her coming, glancing over to watch Dan slamming her pussy like a relentless jackhammer.

Teasing Small Boyfriend Pt. 01

fetish guhadosa 2018-05-04

We didn't go out for a long time but I remember that when we were going to have sex for the first time, I was a little bit nervous, rubbing my cock on her clit to make sure she was ready, and she said "Don't worry, you wont hurt me. But I want to know what do you think of my dick" I said pressing her. "C'mon babe, do you really want to talk about this?" She said trying to avoid the subject I couldn't help but to start imagining Rachel having sex with a guy with such a massive cock. All those things, the measurement, telling me the size that their friends like, saying that I have a small cock.

Strange Curse, Pt. 3

fetish 2018-05-04

"Look" she added, "the thing you don't know is that every white boy who spends any time in Tokyo starts to get their mind messed up with that futunari shit. I began to relay all of my experiences in Tokyo to her, in hopes that she might come around to see things my way, and perhaps even commission my futunari work as a legit piece. When I left, two hours later, Sherry was spread out on a leather sofa in her office, completely naked with about two gallons of my jizz matted in her hair, spread all over her tits, soaked into her clothes on the floor and sprayed all over her pussy and her legs.

Visiting Joanna's Feet Ch. 01

fetish Vincey 2018-05-04

I reached for her right foot, which was hidden under the cover, but Joanna outstretched it next to the left one before I could grab hold of it. This time, I held her feet more firmly, my left hand securing her heel and my right holding the top of her foot. Joanna let out a slight squeak and tensed up as I felt her toes wriggle slightly in my mouth. Joanna let out a few groans of pain, quickly followed by soft moans of pleasure as I reached some of the more tender spots of her feet. As I moved on to her other foot, Joanna's body had completely relaxed and she had propped another pillow behind her head to keep her eyes on what I was doing.

An Ashamed Bride (Blackbred At My Bachelorette Par

fetish magas911 2018-05-04

All of the girls do.” To this day, I don’t know what possessed me, but I leaned forward and very, very carefully took the cherry off the tip of his penis touching nothing but the cherry with my mouth. He started to moan, grabbed the back of my head with both hands, and very f***efully thrust himself deep in my mouth (to the back of my throat). I looked between my legs and saw the white table cloth underneath me soaked in my cum, his sperm, and bl**d from my vagina. Suddenly I couldn’t bear the thought of standing at the alter with Rick in a few hours with Superman’s sperm inside of me.

Cream Pie

fetish Ilbfita 2018-05-04

Mother Jan was skinny and happy and talkative, whereas Father Richard was a huge man and always grumpy and silent. Even though she was not the girl of my dreams, her pussy felt good, and since it was my first time, she was the mother of my best friend, and we were in the marital bedroom, it was exciting! Jan said gently, taking my head in her hands and staring straight into my eyes with a kind yet patronising smile. I was hurt by the fact that Jan had been discussing my "speed" with Sylvia, and humiliated as no doubt they had a good old laugh about it. "It's a good job you like eating pie." She added as she headed for the kitchen.

Freedom For Goddess Ch. 01

fetish DarkestSecrets 2018-05-04

The mystical bond from the prior incarnation expanded her sexuality and power over men and she was again born into the Kings royal surroundings, but this time as the Kings first daughter and to his favorite wife. Typically a daughter of a King was in high standing and would not be caught near any such things, but these were her talents and her beauty was now a disguise to her sexual power over men. The magician's curse could be lifted and his words kept on playing in her head like a record: "Only he who freely drinks that which belongs to a woman and who freely receives that which is a woman's duty for the first time shall set you free."

Matted Hair

fetish belab 2018-05-04

He cums suddenly as if he is in a trance thinking of his hairy aunt with bushy armpits as I open my mouth to swallow as much as possible, but most of his issue lands on my hair and face and some even in my bushy armpits. I then went towards Nina and licked at the extremely hairy growth in her unshaven armpits. My arms were behind my head and my unshaven armpits seemed to turn on Nina who tugged at the bushy hair in my unshaven underarms. Matt took out his cock from between my breasts and shoved hem into the heavy pelt of hair in my luxuriant armpits rubbing in amongst the profuse growth of hair in my bushy armpits.

BUNSNUB: Another Love Story Ch. 12

fetish NastyPierre 2018-05-04

"Get over here now," Ms. Handlesmen demanded in a smooth deep voice, pointing at the towel with the finger of one hand. To my surprise, Ms. Handlesmen's hand came to my ass gently and opened wide around one of my cheeks. All of a sudden I felt my chin scooped up into her palm and opened my eyes to find the secretary standing in front of me, cradling my head in her left hand. My head now thrashed about in the hollow of the secretary's warm wet hand, as my lover continued her relentless onslaught. "Come closer Joey, let me see how you look," Ms. Handlesmen said in a relaxing tone, indicative of my importance.

81% love

First Time Guy Strap On

fetish anotherboredguy 2018-05-04

Mike eventually through text explained to Jill that he always enjoyed dominating her in the fun of their countless sexual adventures. Mike gave it some thought and asked Jill what she felt like trying. Mike's head momentarily flew back in the newness when he felt lube fall coldly and freely down his balls to his anal area. Mike went with the new avenue and slid his tongue out of his mouth closed his eyes as if giving a first kiss and closed his lips around the stiff shaft protruding in front of him. As his mind reeled he lost track of time going to town on this new toy that he never had the guts to try before.

Surprise Surprise

fetish Sobek 2018-05-04

After a few moments, Anna pulled back slightly to lick my cock, like a lollipop, and looked up at me again with those deep brown eyes. Gently she rubbed it up and down over her ass hole, I could feel the tip of my cock begin to leak out pre cum. I laid down and got up behind Anna in a spooning position, she pulled me closer and lifted one cheek of her ass with her left hand and with the right hand guided my cock back home to her ass hole. Anna body began to quiver and jerk wildly, and her cock shot it's load, the feel of the hot liquid all over my hand, sent my cock into a jerking frenzy.

It's For Your Own Good - My Crazy Commuter Th

fetish st0mpballs 2018-05-04

She walked back over to the rack and grabbed a ball gag, headed back to him and secured it over his mouth. She slipped her dildo into him and began pumping hard, his cheeks rippled against her pelvis and his protests faded into groans. The sounds gave away the actions and within minutes you could hear the rough clapping of ass cheeks and the jagged sighs from his girlfriend as she accepted the huge cock repeatedly. She walked back around to him and slowly slipped the dildo back in, she let it rest there, her pelvis pressed against his cheeks. The sounds of dual cheeks clapping echoed in the studio, he was resigned to his buttfucking and his former girlfriend was still adjusting to the giant's brutal love making.

Shoe Store

fetish Trubbycat 2018-05-04

When she returned from the stock room, Sabine had replaced her platforms with a pair of white leather thigh high boots. Sabine and Nancy began rubbing their legs together, playing booted footsie for me. I swung my head madly from side to side, kissing leather here, licking patent there, rubbing my cheeks against each boot, marveling in the differences mere inches away from either side of my face. Sabine bent down and ran her fingers through my still-warm goo on Nancy's boots, running it around the black patent. "We cannot neglect you either, my love," Sabine grinned, and then pushed my face into my own cum on Nancy's legs. Sabine lit another cigarette and smiled as she rang up both her boots and Nancy's.

Second Lesson

fetish 69chuck4both 2018-05-04

Once there I tongued the head of his cock and then sucking more I pulled it further into my mouth and started bobbing my face in and out of his shaved crotch feeling his cock start to swell as I did so. After all the attention I had given Tony's cock with my mouth it was not to long before he was shooting a load of hot cum deep inside Wilma. Tony figured tat since i was enjoying seconds I should suck his cock clean so he straddled Wilma and stuck his cock in my face. Tony pulled out of my mouth and plunged his face into Wilma's cum soaked pussy eating it.

Special Occasion Unmentionables

fetish Selena_Kitt 2018-05-04

Rachel stood staring at the glasses and the wine and looked up at him. Brynn bounded down the stairs, interrupting the moment, swinging a bag over her shoulder as she kissed Jake's cheek and then her mother's. She raised her eyes to meet his and Jake felt an urge kiss her full, perfect mouth in a way he never had before—he wanted to smear her pale pink lipgloss over her face and grind his hips into hers until she gasped. He stopped when he turned the corner and looked up the stairs, seeing her wearing nothing but the body stocking and a pair of heels -- the very same ones she stood and taught kindergarten in every day.

Sizably Exercized

fetish SizeQueenSupreme 2018-05-04

Wrapping your head around the concept of finding a guy worthy after you’ve fucked Aaron Black is like trying to wrap your hand around his cock; it just doesn’t fit. Soon I was a pulling a little weight on it like a madwoman, arching my back, testing the limits of my overloaded bra, and not taking my eyes from Greg. Tina’s face pulled back, and she tugged his balls down, clearly showing he enjoyed a little roughness, and planted her tongue on the underside of his shaft that still protruded from my mouth. Shot three caught my by surprise, and I’m sure I must have looked quite funny as my eyes and lips made perfect big ‘O’s of shock.

Real Selfish Lover

fetish realbigsid69 2018-05-04

I did so and for the next 45 minutes, through a mixture of reading her body language and subtle instructions she spoke I had managed to bring her close to orgasm a few times, stopping for a moment to let her recover then beginning the process again. As I began to gently massage her shoulder blades, she slid forward a little, bringing her arse into contact with my mouth again. My mouth went to work, sucking gently, licking, and rolling my tongue over her whole breast for several minutes. As she sat on my face that night, she looked down at me and said, "I get all the pleasure and that's the only thing that counts" as I licked her achingly slowly. After a lot of oral, both pussy and arse licking, I fucked her for almost as long and came twice.


fetish silverace1 2018-05-04

The ultimate feeling came next; I was still spread eagled as if for a body search against the wall with hot water running over my head and into my eyes when I felt a pair of soft lips encircle my cock. They agreed and Joanne once again straddled my head with her pussy about 6" from my mouth; Bill and Tom stood on either side of me and I felt a hat stream of piss landing on my cock and balls, across my stomach and overall sluicing me clean.