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Erotic Fetish stories

A large collection of fetisch short stories covering everything from pantyhoses to feet and more.

Kelly's Perfect Feet

fetish noticelandic 2018-05-04

The most remarkable part of all of this was the very fact that Kelly, whose feet I secretly worshiped, was right there talking about, of all things, foot jobs, to me, of all people. Too bad it wasn't a blowjob, but good for that kid for getting some action." As he said so, Jim reached and rubbed Kelly's thigh which moved just enough to let her dangling flip flop fall to the floor. "Sorry, Erik," Jim said to me, "I thought I could help you out." He laughed, as did Kelly and I, out of some nervous reflex. "Some day you'll meet a nice girl who'll not only let you massage her feet, but she'll give you all the foot jobs you could ever want," Jim joked again, drunkenly.

The Clinic

fetish grniddevil 2018-05-04

"I see you are a little irritated down there," Shanna said as she slipped a latex exam glove into her slim hand. Shanna's breath was close enough to feel and Kate felt her cunt gape open. Shanna grabbed a bottle off the table and started dripping it slowly onto Kate's gaped puss. Shanna soon started to rub the cold solution all around Kate's clit and inside her little pussy lips. Shanna slowly pulled the two fingers out, slid them around the outside of Kate's hole, and backed her tongue away. Shanna took her thumb and two fingers and spread Kate's pussy open once more, this time inserting a speculum. Kate's pussy remained gaped open, and Shanna slowly bent to kiss it.

First time worshiping (feet, ass and panties)

fetish flynn888 2018-05-04

She moaned and rocked back and fourth every so often pushing down hard onto my face forcing my tongue deep inside her ass hole every time she did this she would moan deeply with pleasure and tug roughly on my nipples each time she did this I would thank her "thank you mistress sniffypanty" which seemed to turn her on even more I moved one of my hands up to my head and the next time she pushed down onto my tongue i inserted a finger into her tight little ring she moaned hard and let it slip in all the way to my knuckle she sat on it for a moment before sliding it all the way out again as she did she stood up pulled her shorts back over covering her ass, turning to look at me "did I tell you you could push your finger in my ass, no I didn't think so.

Revenge Pt. 01: His View

fetish JacobRain 2018-05-04

When I became uncomfortable in the silence I began counting my breaths again and at thirteen she opened her mouth and said "I want a proper apology." She looked at me challengingly. I looked up at her and said "If you want me not to enjoy it I think we will need to put the shoes back on and walk for awhile. Tonight you will call me mistress, and we are going to go make sure I get to enjoy it thoroughly." With that said she marched determinedly toward the door and snapped her fingers. She shifted forward so that much of her weight was in her hands on my chest and she laughed saying "Your face smells like stinky feet.

Sissy boy cuckold

fetish emlou 2018-05-04

Slowly and cautiously he took the cock in his mouth and began to gently suck, I watched him for several moments before grabbing a handful of his hair and forcing him to take more of the cock, roughly I moved his head forward and back whilst thrusting my hips making him gag on the huge cock. Whilst Tony is sucking on the cock I turn to look at the doorway and nod my head, letting my visitor know its time for him to join in. "Well sissy boy it looks like you are pretty good at sucking cock, what do you think Joe?" The rabbit is working its magic and soon I feel the heat building, I buck my hips and shout out "faster sissy boy, fuck me faster" whilst holding Joes head lapping at my nipple.

Latex Turned Him On

fetish JustDoIt23 2018-05-04

I just knew that Bruce was gonna love this outfit and hopefully, it would result in the best fucking of both his and my life. "Now how about you be a good little boy and let me give you the best fuck of your life." "Now," I took my hand off his cock and walked over to the bed, "I want you to get over here and lick my pussy." The latex was turning me on as well and pussy was dripping wet as he started licking my clit. "Keep fucking me baby, just the way I like it." I felt his cock jerk as spurt after spurt of hot cum shot into my waiting pussy.


Punished by Parents-in-Law Ch. 09

fetish Alfamann 2018-05-04

"I now want you to take off your top," my Mother in Law whispered to me, in a matter of fact tone like she was requesting more sugar, "and get in position in the middle of the room. Eventually he stopped, and with tears running down my cheeks I slid off his knee, thanked him, and moved to the next person, who was Debbie's husband, John. I lowered myself off her knee, thanked her between sobs, and crawled to the last person, my Mother in Law, Jane. I then felt a pain like a thousand needles rubbing against my very tender buttocks, then realised my Mother in Law was rubbing the bristles of the hairbrush against me.

The School of Desperation

fetish lunaswift 2018-05-04

Unable to face sitting down to pee when anyone could walk in and spot her, Emma turned on her heels and headed back out the door to her first class. "For those that don't know me," the teacher continued, looking at Emma at this point and leaning over her desk to stare at her, giving Emma an even more outrageous view of her boobs and the edge of her dark nipples, "my name is Miss Welles. The girls shuffled closer just in time to see Michael thrust his hips forward in one single movement, his muscular buttocks clenched as his cock disappeared up inside Dawn's soaking wet pussy. "Th...thank you miss." Emma lowered the back of her panties, giving the head a glimpse of her peachy round bottom, each cheek now bright red.

Mrs Marlow Meets The Clergy Ch. 01

fetish MaryR 2018-05-04

I was suddenly conscious of my short plaid skirt showing my rather plump thighs and felt terrible as I stutteringly asked him if he would be kind enough to give me Confession. I nodded but was getting more and more conscious that I didn't like being called Mrs Marlow by Father John. As I got my drawers down to my ankles, Father John told me "Hand your panties to Father Peter, Lucy. Father John simply said "Pull your skirt up Lucy so that Father Peter can help you put your drawers on." It was so nice. As Father John took me to the door he looked around to ensure that Father Peter was out of earshot and teased "I hope your panties are covering your Sweet Mary Ellen, Lucy?"

The Summons

fetish anonymous3 2018-05-03

I cleaned house, did two loads of laundry, took a walk, lifted weights, and caught a movie via Amazon Instant Video to kill a chunk of time in the afternoon before I made my way to Amy's just before six. I went to put things away in my fridge, and Amy said, "Hey, come on back over and sit with me out here awhile when you get stuff put away." Who was I to argue, I guess? As she let her hands work my shoulders again, I felt Amy wrap her arms around my chest and lean toward me. I've got more, and I want to keep going," Amy said quietly. 'Hey, Nathan, I'm kinky and I want to shit on you.' Probably not going over well," Amy pointed out.

Donna's hairy holes

fetish Johnnytames69 2018-05-03

The first time I fucked a guy after I had let myself go au natural, I worried that he’d be grossed out when he saw my big hairy snatch. He admitted that all the magazines show shaved cunts, so that’s what guys think they want, but a hairy fucking bush is what feels good. Between his flabby stomach, his tiny dick, and my big hairy pussy, I didn’t know if this would even work, but I did want to thank the little guy for dinner. “You like fucking my hairy pussy, Robert?” I asked. “You like sticking your little tiny dick in my big hairy snatch?” He giggled and panted and even managed to smack my ass gently as he rode me.

Strip Poker with s****r

fetish 13anonymous13 2018-05-03

She sat there and was like ok how about this, if you lose you have to get naked for me any time and any where I want you to and you have to stay naked for me for as long as I want you to and she gets to keep her clothes on. She said she was going to have me put my clothes on but since I am excited she thought it would be a good idea to go into the living room and sit for a while and talk. I pushed my hips up, grunted, moaned and a long stream of cum came out of my hardon and into the air and hit me on the chest and stomach..she laughed and about 4 more came out..I kept stroking till I started softening.

My Job as a Tester Ch. 01

fetish dreamer_of_urges 2018-05-03

The office manager asks me if it is going to be a problem, to which I reply quite quickly "No, the only problem I can foresee is being turned on all the time." She then informs me that everyone there gets three custom made diapers, three folded diapers, three pair of plastic pants and three soaker pads. Denise steps out of her office and says "That went as expected; at least it's taken care of." She looks at me smiles and says, "Well tomorrow we will talk about your new duties, Mac. We have a lot of testing to do!"


fetish Mr James 2018-05-03

He could feel her hot, tight, passage gripping his finger as he slid it slowly into the bubbling wetness and Amber whimpered into his mouth as he thrust his tongue deep. Andrew eased his finger back into her pussy, sliding it slowly in and out, spreading her juices along the cleft of her ass and stroking the tight puckered rosebud. Gently, he spread the asshole a little with the thumb and forefinger of one hand, as he took hold of his cock and guided the tip between her buttocks, so that it was pressed firmly into the opening. He gently rocked his hips, pushing the head of his cock against her asshole and backing away, so that she could feel the cool air against her ass.

The Best Nanny Ever

fetish cwm6 2018-05-03

As I sat at my desk on my laptop early in the morning, I was minorly shook by the sound of my door twisting and the entrance of Kristine, who was clearly ready for bed with her hair put up, little makeup (she still looked stunning), only wearing a white tank top with a red laced bra underneath, and a pair of nike athletic short shorts that barely covered the top part of her thigh. She jerked it, her long nails pumping it as she looked into my eyes with her mouth slightly open as she let out frequent small moans as she rubbed her clit with the other hand.

Nini's Surprise Visit- (Friends and the Benef

fetish jontaric 2018-05-03

"I need to feel skin on skin." I was already shirtless and when she came back down to kiss me again the sensation of her breasts rubbing into my smooth chest felt so fucking good; I ground my cock up against her still covered pussy. Using my hand, I pulled her cheek open a bit more and proceeded to give her closed mouth kisses, little pecks directly on her tight hole. "Not as nice as this is going to feel," she said as she lowered her mouth on my cock again, taking me totally down until her lips touched my mound of hair.

Emily, Richard, And Tom Ch. 01

fetish nobullguy 2018-05-03

"I know we discussed a bit about this in our emails, but maybe you can tell me a little more about what you and Emily are looking for." Tom deployed a therapist's look of earnest concern as he dropped the confessional ball totally in Richard's court. Tom took this as his cue to ally himself with Emily and, at the same time, offer some titillating details to fuel Richard's fantasy. "Well, I suppose we could just get a sample of what Tom means---before we finally decide," Richard answered to Emily, trying not to betray his fantasy that this discussion might end upstairs in a hotel room, with a full night's rendezvous. Emily did not look at Richard; she stirred her drink as Tom continued.

Cum Slut

fetish GabbyLez 2018-05-03

The cock-heads got bigger and thicker, until I could see what seemed like hundreds of pee-holes oozing milky pre-cum and then "Urrrrr, Mmm, Ahhh!!!" The entire crowd erupted with spurting cocks, streams of pearly cum flying at me, gobs of it, the hot, wet jism splattering on my flesh, almost sizzling, shooting into my hair, my nose, my ears and my eyes! I was rolling in it, my fat belly squishing and sliding in the slimy goo, my tits slopping with sticky cum, streams of hot slime flowing across my body as I turned and arched my spine, my hands thrusting through the thick mass to rub my throbbing cunt.

Karma, my Dominant Neighbor

fetish LITTLESHAVER 2018-05-03

I was only a few feet away and I turned away to step into my apartment as I heard Karma giggling, "I think we made that boy blush!" NO k**DING! So I dove into the shaded deep end of the pool, swimming like a pro, and showing off a bit. My body hair, like my head, was blond from being out in the sun every day. Her son, Bobby, pulled me over to his Mom and asked if I come come to their house some day and play in their pool. I was getting a little lightheaded but managed to pull my thoughts together and managed an almost whispered "Sure, sounds like fun."

Who is Peeing Everywhere?

fetish steve25805 2018-05-03

This phenomenon first manifested itself about six months ago, when Deborah discovered a large puddle on the kitchen floor in the corner, and realised by the smell and colour of it that it was actually pee! I began searching the net in private, looking in particular for pics of both guys and girls peeing in naughty places. Increasingly, I realised that the idea of peeing where one shouldn't was seriously turning me on, and I yearned to catch the culprit in our house in the act, no longer wishing to expose her but merely to get off on sharing in her secret. And into view, on the screen, in my bedroom appeared Katie, the budding solicitor, who looked around the room for a brief moment before stepping out of her smart trousers and panties.

Excessive Sex Drive Male Multiple Orgasms

fetish 425olds 2018-05-03

As I swam up to the boat, and started to climb over, I noticed Paul laying on his back panting and sweating and grinning, and Kim was just pulling his shorts up over his hard and wet cock and wiping cum off her mouth.  Just as Kim was slowing the boat down to give Paul a break, Allie started sucking extra hard like a vacuum, and deep throated my 9" all the way down her throat, and that got me. As the boat slowed to a stop, I started thrusting my cock in and out of her mouth, and then showered her face with cum as I erupted in an unapologetic, hollering, slamming, mind blowing orgasm.

A Ski Bunny is Born Ch. 05

fetish Nikki H 2018-05-03

Kim had gone for a similar look and was wearing a pure white skirt suit over a black shiny satin top that complemented her beautifully sleek shiny hair. I could hear Kim wriggling around behind me as she squeezed into the tight leather skirt so I started with my risqué little dress. My delicate pink varnished toenails looked really pretty against the shiny black shoes and as soon as Kim had fastened the ankle straps I stood up. My long blonde hair was draped all over his head, my skirt was up around my waist, revealing my sexy garter belt and stocking clad legs but more worrying my soft satin panties and the tell-tale large bulge in them.

Sara and Me

fetish 2018-05-03

it wasn't too uncomfortable.At night after every one else was asl**p Sara and I would snuggle close spooning each other,we always slept in the nude, it felt so nice when I had my arm around her cupping her nice little boobs with my hand as her soft creamy ass arched back rubbing against my pubic hair,I would altenate from massaging her breasts to stroking her long blonde hair with my left hand as my right rubbed and fingered her pussy,when I pulled my fingers out after massaging her for ten minutes or so I would lick her pussy juices off my fingers and we would share passionate kisses,Sara loved the taste of her pussy as much as I did.She told me that once she let a guy from school lick her pussy but he could not even begin to compare with the special way I licked it.She liked how I didn't mind spending as much time as it took to have her convulsing in orgasm after orgasm.I knew just how she liked it.

BDSM - Remember the Leatherparty's COC Amster

fetish 2018-05-03

Then Mark talked about a Leatherparty in Amsterdam, a big party compared to the local clubs an bars. Upthere it was even darker than donwstairs, Mark pushed me forwards until i bumped into a pillar, He then turned me around, pushed his body agains mine, kissed me and said "Trust me, it'll be fine, and you'll and gave me two... Quite some guy's gave me a second look, but walked away when the saw the leash and the man holding the other end. The barman, a Big, muscular man with tatoo's over the whole left half of his torso, took a long look at me and the leash, from the part around my neck to the other between my teeth.