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Erotic Fetish stories

A large collection of fetisch short stories covering everything from pantyhoses to feet and more.

Arab Femdom in Somaliland

fetish Samuelx 2018-11-10

Nashida asked me if I was Somali and I told her that I considered myself African-American, though my father and mother emigrated to the U.S. from Somaliland in the 1980s. I also asked Nashida if they offered a Somali/English class at Carleton University. Nashida told me about tribal warfare in Somaliland, and how so many Africans, particularly Kenyans and Ethiopians, considered Somali people fair game for mistreatment. I looked Nashida in the eyes and told her that where I'm from, all Black folks considered themselves one people. Nashida's eyes held a softness I hadn't seen in them before when I told her that I felt like Tarzan among humans while around Somalis in Ottawa.

My wife loves my blue balls

fetish woreout 2018-11-10

She was slowly rubbing her clit as she was describing how John Jackson had fucked her so hard that her pussy ached for a full day afterwards. She said she was thinking about calling Johnny and Mark and having them both fuck her tonight. She was pushing it around as she told me how good it was going to feel having one guy in her pussy and one in her ass at the same time. I asked , what does it feel like having your Vagina and butt stretched at the same time. I told her yes and she said she was sorry but that Johnny had called her and was coming over to sex her up tonight and that she wanted me to watch again.

A Bus that Runs on Pee Ep. 01

fetish Nowthisisunbelievable_123 2018-11-10

Before boarding the bus, a special device would scan the driver's bladder and penis to check on the amount of urine in there. If he wasn't full on a scale of at least 9 out of 10, the bus wouldn't start and he would need to report to the manager and give an explanation as to why he wasn't in for work with a full bladder. "God I have to pee so bad," he hissed desperately and held his crotch, wringing the tip of his dick and shifting uncomfortably on the spot as he did. The device finally ejected him - his penis jutting out of his pants, the pink tip hard and exposed.

Mary Gets To Meet Sandy

fetish sevpeq 2018-11-10

Sandy pushed through the door and straight past Mary. Sandy snapped her gum in response and started opening doors. “And then there’s the kitchen, large and sunny, with a dining table…” Mary’s voice trailed off as she watched Sandy tear a page out of the novel, wrap her gum inside, and toss the package on the floor. Mary suddenly realised that she had to get Sandy to leave right now, if there was going to be any hope for her. She was looking from Sandy’s large round breasts to the dirt on the sheets and back, feeling like a very small rabbit falling in love with a snake. “Hey, Mary?” Sandy shouted from inside. Mary went back to her old bedroom, got down on her knees, and started cleaning after Sandy.

Karen Babysits for a Man Her Age Ch. 08

fetish cynthiablaine7 2018-11-10

They proceeded to their own bedroom where, after checking to see that Kathy, Jamie's sister, was asleep in the guest room, they more or less fell into their bed, totally wiped out by the evening at Claire's. "You will be spanked whenever any of us feels you need it," Karen said rather offhandedly, and she reached down to unbutton the dropseat in Kathy's pajamas that would expose her bare bottom. "Yes, Miss Karen, I couldn't...couldn't keep my doody from coming out," Kathy confessed, shamed to her core and her face now as red as her spanked bottom.

So How Long Have You Been Into Feet?

fetish Footscribe 2018-11-10

Seem a bit quiet," she said nonchalantly as she unknowingly slipped the nyloned toes of her let foot under the cuff of the right leg of my shorts. "Think I'll help myself to another Breezer," she said as she swung around to grab a bottle from the back seat, finally planting the arch of her sweaty little nyloned foot squarely on my trapped dick. It gets me so horny knowing you've spent the last year and a half lusting after me, dreaming of the day when I'd grind my panty-clad ass cheeks against your face, chest, and hard dick before my beautiful feet would stroke your hard cock and make it cum harder."

Taking Care of Business Chapter 3

fetish Cherism 2018-11-10

Mr. Lewis and Mr. Gibson were soon behind Ava. Their fingers and tongues worked her ass and pussy as she had seen them do the woman before. He watched as Ava thrust her fingers into Marcy’s pussy, Marcy riding her hand. Gibson grabbed the lube and began to work Marcy’s ass, preparing her for his cock to enter her tight asshole. Marcy told him to pull his cock out so he could suck his cum from Ava. He pulled out, but didn’t move far. As Marcy worked the sensitive nub, she would pause to suck Ava’s cum from Gibson’s cock. Ava eased her fingers out of their asses, going to Marcy, kissing her and cleaning the cum from her body.

The Tale of Sara Radovich

fetish vicburress 2018-11-10

I typically run in a jog bra that supports my breasts well; for my lower garment, vanity had moved me to purchase a range of very tight knee-length shorts, also of Lycra material. I turned to present my buttocks to the mirror and saw, to my dismay, that the protruding head of the fecal mass was pushing out the Lycra fabric, and a brown stain was becoming visible. As I sat on the firm, unyielding seat, I became aware that my journey had allowed my turd to work its way lower by at least two inches. Early one Thursday morning, while Julie and I sat in our office, preparing for the day, she received a call from the concierge of one of the Midtown business hotels.


Diddly - Chapter 4

fetish ChrissieLecker 2018-11-10

It felt like ages, and it was incredibly hard not to give into the wonderful feelings and just snuggle my body against hers. When my tongue approached her small ring of muscle, and when my face touched her soft, full bum cheeks, waves of depraved arousal crashed over me. I pushed hard, and just when I thought I wouldn’t manage to slip my tongue inside, her pucker relaxed and allowed me entry. Yes, as it turned out, there was a naughty, dirty side inside me that went far beyond anything I had allowed myself to think about, and Clare and Robert pushed all the right buttons to bring it out into the open.

His Smoky Beauty

fetish CuriousButterfly 2018-11-10

She knew he was watching her, so she dramatically took the first drag and then slowly blew the smoke out from between her soft, full lips. She leaned back and took a second drag, a seductive curl formed on her lips as she exhaled, letting the smoke linger. Her eyes flickered as she spread her legs; her right hand slowly moved over the curve of her breast. Her left hand raised the cigarette to her pouting lips; she slowly inhaled and exhaled. Without hesitation, his hand started to caress her right breast and he adjusted his body so that his hot breath was teasing her nipple. Her pussy gripped his fingers; it pulsed and released as her body responded to his deep, penetrating movements.

Sales Pitch

fetish mistyfdfa 2018-11-10

"You really think that?" She gestured at her body, sweater and skirt tight against huge boobs and wide curves under an open lab coat. She gripped her desk with hands that were growing larger and more paw-like by second. She felt more than heard a grinding as her skeleton began to grow to accept all the new bulk. As her muscles grew and her frame lengthened and her body tightened, she felt a pressure building between her legs. With her arms crossed on the desk, it looked like she was holding on for dear life as a severe overdose of the formula wreaked havoc on her body. With each pulse of her racing heart it felt like every inch of her expanded as fire surged through her veins.

Fuzzy Flight Pt. 03

fetish MarcusWoolf 2018-11-10

My eyes were transfixed on her lovely round bottom and her swaying hips, now decently covered by her soft sweater-dress, but only a few minutes ago bare and available for my kisses, my tongue and my roaming hands. I would love to stroke her -- her arms, her thighs and especially her breast covered in that soft, fluffy wool. Still inside her coat I found my way down on my knees, down under the hem of her sweater-dress and settled in a kneeling position between her round thighs. And I loved it, struggling to avoid the heels digging into my sides and the sharp talons scratching my head, but never stopping my worship of her wet, wide, wild cunt.

Janine & George Ch. 03

fetish hairybush 2018-11-10

As I looked down upon his hair covered crack, I straddled Master's butt and a stream of piss emerged from my hairy pussy, matting down the fluffy ass tufts on his shithole. I had had a feeling George might ask for a pair, so I had been wearing the same ones for 10 days now, putting my smelly unwiped butt in them after I crapped, letting little piss squirts out in them, rubbing them into my hairy pussy. "YEAH SLUTS, RACHEL GET YOUR FACE IN THOSE PANTIES AND EAT MY SHIT WHILE JANINE LICKS IT OUT OF YOUR FAT NASTY RED ASSCRACK." George barked, and grabbed the camera.

Mrs Riesin's Son Ch. 04

fetish DirtyOldBukowski 2018-11-10

He had seen his beautiful sister's nakedness in the past few weeks in their torturous games of cat and mouse, and while he regularly admired Anne's shapely form (particularly her soft round ass) as she went about her business in her tight fitting yoga pants or flattering pencil skirts, there was only one other time Luke could remember where he came anywhere close to seeing his mother this naked. Luke's cock sprang straight up as his mind processed the sounds on the other side of the door, and his imagination conjured up scenes of a his own mother's asshole opening wide to release a long, hard turd from the valley between her giant, perfect ass cheeks.

The Golden Shower Virgin

fetish RayneDor 2018-11-10

Indeed, I began fantasizing about having my cock bathed in a hot, steaming gush of pee long before I ever heard the words ‘golden shower’. Before I explain further, let me say that I found Anya instantly, almost desperately, attractive the moment I saw her for the first time. Mostly though, and mainly because Anya loves watching me ejaculate, she uses her hand (sometimes squatting with her pussy or ass pressed squarely on my mouth) and gets me off that way. She sat with her hands resting on her knees, her thighs apart, and there was a moment of silence as her stomach tensed and she strained to let go. Anya reached behind herself to grasp the rim with both hands and looked deeply into my eyes.

The Feared '57' Ch. 02

fetish lesliejones 2018-11-10

Irene Crawford, Oakhurst's principal, immediately started having second thoughts about Janet Sanders' rather impetuous request to award the "feared 57" punishment to senior Marcie Williams. Miss Crawford, as was her wont, had left the door to her inner office open, and Marcie saw her standing behind Janet Sanders, who was bent over a chair...with her skirt folded up over her waist and her full-sized white panties down at her knees. Marcie knew there would be hell to pay if she were seen sneaking a peek at the teacher's getting what she figured would be Miss Crawford's cane across her bottom, so she quickly walked around the corner to the front door and left school for the day, amazed that she was able to have a smile on her face after what she had endured only a short time earlier.

My Wife Natalie Chapter 3

fetish james141 2018-11-10

I expected things to be awkward between us in the morning and we both woke up at around same time and just lay in bed talking, Natalie immediately lighting up a cigarette and dragging on it like she really needed it. Natalie lit up her cigarette and triple pumped, the sight made me hard but I felt sick inside at the same time. She was triple pumping her cigarette and looked like a slut to be honest and she flicked that away and immediately lit up another. Natalie took a triple pump of her cigarette and blew the smoke into Grahams face as she slammed down on his cock.

Mrs Riesin's Son Ch. 03

fetish DirtyOldBukowski 2018-11-10

Each night before bedtime in recent weeks, Anne would give Luke a big wet goodnight kiss as he lay on the small pillow on the floor beside her bed (engulfing almost half his body with her plump pink lips in the process), and then she would endure a short but agonising wait to ensure her tiny son was asleep before she moved her soft hands over the beautiful mounds of her enormous motherly breasts, each squeeze sending ripples of goosebumps across her pale flesh. Luke watched her bend forward seductively, swishing her hair out of her face as she looked over one shoulder to admire the curves of her own arse, and then she moved her hands to cup each of her round cheeks, pulling them apart to reveal her forbidden crevasse with her tight little asshole and beautiful pink pussy.

Learning to Live a Little

fetish Incwriter 2018-11-10

I remember after we finally started having sex, it took her a long time to willing put my cock in her mouth without a lot of pleading on my part. Things went pretty much the same way for a while, we would be fucking and she would bring up wanting to fuck me, she even started referring to my ass as my "boy pussy" and the more she spoke about it the more I was getting turned on by the idea. She stayed there and let my ass get used to it and then slowly she started to move it in and out a few inches at a time and then got to the point that she was taking it all out and slamming it back in, it felt amazing.

Highway Stranger in the Rain

fetish stevebrum1975 2018-11-10

At that moment she catches me looking and says with a sarcastic annoyed tone, "Like what you see?" and then pulls the top of her dress together to cover her wet cleavage. By this time i have layed my seat back and was enjoying this stranger sucking my cock so much, the feeling of exctacy is overwhelming! I grab her foot and begin to kiss her ankle, I can see her mouth open and her body squirm just a little for the tickle of my lips on her leg. Just when I am over the knee I see her dress start to part wide open revealing her large breasts and her stomach and a tattoo of a butterfly just over the lips of her pussy.

Worship My Bum

fetish KatieElizabeth 2018-11-10

“Finish your drink, then come over here and worship my bum,” I whispered softly but sharply, my words barely heard above the gentle rhythms emanating from the Echo Dot. “You know what I need.” “While my tongue’s deep in your bum, I’d love to slide my arms under your cheeks and around the outside of your hips so my fingertips can worship your clit.” After I’ve fist fucked your bum, I want to tongue the gape. I’ll tell you how much I enjoy fucking your ass, how much I love holding your hips and thrusting our toy deep into your needy ass, and how much I want you to sit on my face and come in my mouth when you climax.”

Slutty Sorority Girl Goes to Prison

fetish sk8erdude41 2018-11-10

I told her I would have to check her ass and her pussy. Her long brunette hair came down past her shoulders and her small breasts looked so perky in the uniform. She looked so good in that orange prison uniform. She told me she had sucked over three hundred fraternity boys' dicks and been fucked by over one hundred, and that's why she was masturbating, because she missed cock already. I reached my hand back and started smacking her ass hard. I decided my hands weren't enough so I took off my belt and began to smack her ass with that. I cummed all over face and told her she was a worthless sorority inmate.

More than a Lodger…Part 3

fetish DarkSide 2018-11-10

I had actually thought that Laura and Jerry had gone out together until I heard a shout from somewhere in the house. I raised my hand to knock, when I heard Jerry shout out the words “Oh Fuck!” I didn’t know what I was thinking of by wanting to knock. Although Jerry was supporting Laura and Tom on top of himself, he did his very best to pump his cock into Laura’s arse. Suddenly the licking stopped as Jerry laid back on the sofa and fucked his cock as hard as he could into Laura’s arse. Laura climbed onto the sofa and licked the spunk off Jerry’s face, scooping it up with her tongue and sharing it with him.

My Wifes Little s****r (PT1)

fetish tcg 2018-11-10

Mike had not stolen a pair of panties in over 7 years on the day he went to Marie and Annie's parent's house. Over the next 2 years, Mike wanted desperately to find an opportunity to go through Annie's current panty drawer. In the meantime, Mike was satisfied to try to find reasons to go upstairs at Marie's parents, quickly and quietly sneaking into Annie's room to admire her fine panties. Mike would have rather gone back home and watched the game, but seeing as how he was going to spend 20 minutes on the road there and back, he thought he'd just stay here for a bit, and hope the battery took enough charge soon to get started.