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Erotic Fetish stories

A large collection of fetisch short stories covering everything from pantyhoses to feet and more.

Flight of Fantasy

fetish JenniferWilson 2018-05-03

Dave was willing to let Rose do anything she liked, he was in his dream world of sitting next to a very good looking women wearing a latex skirt and having his hand caressing it and hoping there would be more to come. Dave took the latex garments off her and went into the toilet, he removed his pants and underpants and as he was getting the latex panties ready to put on he noticed they were very wet and slippery on the inside with Rose's juices, so he brought them to his nose to have a good smell, he rubbed the gusset into his face and enjoyed the aromas of the juices and the still warm latex.

Her Auckland Feet

fetish exquisitelifetime 2018-05-03

You may know that I could slide my soft skinned pulsating cock in and out of her juicy pussy so delightfully like that. And as she watched me, as I began to suck and lick the alluring soft and tender flesh that was on the soles of her feet. When I began to suck on her toes, her face showed me she was in raptures at the unknown agony of that new pleasure. I started on her big toes and was running my tongue underneath the bottom of her big toes as I sucked on them like they were a cock and I was giving her toes the carefully seductive time of their life.

Steve to Stevie to ?? Ch. 05

fetish gbr2004 2018-05-03

"Hold my hand Stef and you will swish your ass and try to move like me when we walk to the jukebox," Crystal tell me, her voice still fem but I can tell she is making a point. I'm kind of staring at her, "Yes Crystal, I do," I tell her realizing I do think she is pretty when you look at her as a girl and not a boy. "You must ask me Stef, I need to know you really want me to," she tells me in that voice. Embarrassed I tell her, "I want them to watch you touch me more." Her hand move to my inner thighs and starts pressing till I spread my legs wider. "Hump my hand Stef, you know you want to," Crystal tell me.

Two Islands: Last Day

fetish blu3rthanu 2018-05-03

Hitting her weak spot and rubbing my thumb against her clitoris as I moved my finger into her pussy. I often pretend to pull out my handkerchief from my pocket to wipe my face and put it back in; but actually I was putting my hand in her loose cargo pants pocket and tease her pussy. “Then Den, why don’t you do Rina now?” Maribel took my hand and placed it on Rina’s shorts. In a few minutes of teasing, Rina finally felt my dick hitting her face through my shorts. The tube skirt covering my dick, I took my wet hand out of her pussy.

Finishing Ch. 01

fetish toomuchinmyhead 2018-05-03

"O-oo, fuck yeah, I'm tasting her cunt while you fuck Lisa's hole." I felt her finger at my cock, and she slid it inside her pussy. "I love watching your hard cock fucking my wet slut cunt, it looks so good, it's all wet from my pussy, fuck, that's hot." Here," she said, pulling off my dick, "maybe this will help." I thought she was going to suck me again, and I wondered how she thought that would help, but instead she moved up to my head, and dropped her wet, swollen cunt on my mouth. And she plopped her sloppy wet cum-filled, fresh fucked pussy on my mouth, and started rubbing it on my lips, soft at first, then almost instantly she was back to her prior intensity.

The Best Gift Ever Ch. 02

fetish Katiekatsman 2018-05-03

It was a substantial lake but then everything in Texas seemed that way - including his new mistress's breasts, legs, arms, neck, and - he smiled looking down at his now fully engorged cock that poked against the cherry wood cabinet he was facing - well everything was more than perfect when it came to her. "OK, I let you sleep in but, like I said last night, that's going to be the exception to the rule." Her eyes smiled as she watched his cock arch slightly. We'll get you clothes at some point but while at home, and this is home," she said spreading her hands and moving them around to indicate the house at large," I want you naked.

The Road to Shadani Mo Ch. 1

fetish leaky_one 2018-05-03

Suddenly the room was filled with a loud hiss and pattering sound as Ailish's pee hole opened and a hot deluge of golden yellow pee started to bounce over the table top as she sprayed her piss all over it. The flow of urine from Ailish's pussy was a now a torrent of golden pee; spraying downwards over the short distance between her pussy lips and the wooden boards now receiving her piss shower. Ailish opened to her mouth to say something but the words never got out as Buki's piss flaps parted and a thin stream of hot golden pee started to descend into her mouth. Instantly Ailish started to return the favour, parting her own pussy flaps to allow out a similar flow of piss, squirting upwards into Buki's waiting mouth.

Tropical Vacation Ch. 06

fetish Drakon66 2018-05-03

I live in the states right now and I'll be leaving tomorrow to go back," Mia said, still looking at Chloe's silky legs, "I just thought I'd do some shopping." Standing by the bed, Chloe watched as Mia bent at the waist and grabbed the hem of Chloe's dress, pulling it up and over her head in one swift move then began to lick and suck Chloe's inflamed nipples, sending shivers through her whole body. Mia thrust her hips forward and drove seven inches of hard throbbing cock deep into Chloe's pussy. Mia's hands moved over Chloe's velvety legs and ass as she drove her hard cock deep into the depths of her tight pussy.

The Colony Party Ch. 08

fetish Adan_Jay_Mueller 2018-05-03

Priya had lost her below knee length hair, her virginity, her egoism and her haughtiness, all in one night, the night of New Year's Party held in the community building of the Colony. But she was in her house, sleeping peacefully while Ajay, carrying a bag to fix her, was being escorted out of the Colony premises as Priya's neighbour complained to the security personnel. Adi then said, "OK people, shows over now, go back get ready and come back to the Community Building by 9PM as we're going to have our First Party of New Year Tonight! Ajay remembered Adi was late to arrive at Priya's house, he asked," Where were you anyhow?

Emily Ch. 02

fetish totalrandom 2018-05-03

They will be a little large of course, but considering you're having another growth spurt, you'll probably need a little extra room." Mrs. Ericson said to Emily as she rolled her shirt back down over the expanse of her breasts, with some difficulty. As she swam through the water, they pressed up against her ribcage, and when they reached the end and she stopped against the wall, kept going for a few seconds, wobbling as her bikini held them in, creating temporarily larger pillows of flesh coming out the sides. At the bottom of the pool a short distance from her, a girl was floating weakly, and Emily noticed a bit of red in the water. Emily dove back into the water and swam towards the girl, surprisingly quickly all things considered, as her regular swimming had given her a very strong stroke.

Becoming Hers Ch. 02

fetish fpat97 2018-05-03

Alex went back to looking at porn three or four times a week and his interest in Karen waned. As Alex went down on Karen, she pulled his hair harder, which made his cock strain against the cage more. Karen grabbed Alex's already-hard cock and looked him in the eyes, "and have you been a good boy?" I wonder how long you can last." Karen started fucking his cock as his hands went to her hips to help. Karen could feel his eruption coming, but as soon as Alex reached the point of no return she took her mouth off and stopped touching his cock entirely.

Farmsworth Estate Ch. 01

fetish humanoid_typhoon 2018-05-03

Major Reginald Archibald Farmsworth was dining with his darling wife and 2 children when his personal butler passed him then note with a whispered "From Mr Thomas, Sir" into his ear. They went through to the examination room, where the Major found a young girl, roughly the same age as his own children, strapped to the table by her hands and feet, a black ball gag secured firmly in her mouth. I would say our girl can read and write, but doesn't use a pen often or her skin would have a small rough patch here from holding the pen." He let go of her fingers and looked up at the girls face.

Rubber Ball

fetish GreyMan44 2018-05-03

Sure when I started chatting to my new gurl friend SissyLaytex on line it sounded like a good idea to get toghether, but now that its a reality it seems too strange and scary. After two weeks I found my self squirming in my panties wanting to meet her face to face and see with my own eyes the outfits she described, black rubber hoods, pvc boned corsets, thigh high leather boots....oh my. It must be SissyLaytex I think to myself, wondering why she isnt talking to me I quickly relize she has a ballgag in her mouth and her arms are bound infront of her. "Youd look lovely in black Sally, here take off your pink heels and try on these thigh high leather boots to get the feel"

Guide to Cuckold Your Husband

fetish jasmine7 2018-05-03

The only thing you need to be concerned about is the main message: "Things are going to be changing." Of all the stories you've read about wives cuckolding their husbands, choose the method you are most comfortable with. Other examples of being mean to your husband are to take his free time away by giving him chores, his money and possessions away by demanding he be frugal, and his sex life away by withdrawing sex. Spend the car money on yourself, and let him know, "I, your wife, don't care about your pleasure because mine is more important." Make sure you fill the void; you don't want all your hard work wasted.

Her Little Cheat Code

fetish twiddershins 2018-05-03

They had dated for three months and he'd spent every night so far back in his own bed jerking off his little penis to the thought of her curvaceous tits and ass, yearning to feel her dick-sucking lips on his (let's be honest) genuinely disappointing barely five inch erection. Christina's eyes went wide at just how little it looked, but instead of saying anything that came to her mind at first, she covered her mouth. Christina kept laughing, even (especially!) when Will started groping at her tits and ass like a horny teenager and he got hard again between her fingers. She started beating her boyfriend off with her whole hand, hiding his tiny, hard dickie inside her clenched fist, pumping him furiously.

The Miss-adventures of Michelle Section 2, Chapter

fetish Thickness38 2018-05-03

They didn’t want to walk too close so they could keep their eyes fixated on my ass that would be more visible with each flutter of my mini-skirt that happened with each step I took. We’re going to treat you like the whore you are.” Ted said to me as he continued to pump his thick cock into my ass. He finally withdrew his cock from my ass, pulled me upright, turned me to face down the street where I could see the parking structure a few blocks away, and told me to get going and get to the cars.

Frustrated Stephanie

fetish black saphire 2018-05-03

Steph rubbed her pussy up and down his leg as her mouth worked its magic on his cock. Steph felt a rush go through her as she watched her brother-in-law smelling her soiled panties. Steph worked her way up Dave's body, still keeping his hands pinned under her legs. Steph moved her legs to free Dave's hands. "I haven't have a licking in such a long time." Spurred on by her words, Dave started licking faster, pushing his face hard into her crotch. With his mouth covered in fresh pussy juice, and his cock lurching in his pants, Stephanie's talk of panties just made him even hornier. Stephanie felt her pussy opening and her walls being spread by Dave's cock.

Remi and Anna

fetish cottonballs 2018-05-03

As the film's credits ran, Anna had twisted her head to turn and speak to Remi and at that moment she had seen her mum give her a deeper more intense, almost calculating look. She closed the door and then, free from her clothes, her hands went straight to her dense thatch of thick pubic hair and she masturbated to an intense orgasm with thoughts of touching and sucking Anna's nipples. Her daydreams of Anna had left her aching to touch herself and as she stepped off the bus, she could feel the warm tingling wetness in her pants and she had felt that familiar lustful pleasure of wanting to stretch her bottom wide and stuff things inside it.

Exchange Ch. 02

fetish Soft_Mike 2018-05-03

She stopped on the bottom step and let Michael get a good look. She embraced him tenderly and accompanied to the soft music she let him sink into her fuzzy big arms. He looked up at her, listening to her proposal and realized that he was on his way to lose control, but he could not, and wanted not... And squeezed in her powerful soft embracement Michael almost vanished. "Yes, of course I will", Michael answered a bit puzzled, "But how... Gently Elaine put her hands on Michael's arms and positioned them along his sides where after she without haste wrapped her arms around... When finished Elaine took the sniveling Michael in her arms, wiped tears from his cheek, caressed him tenderly: "Dear, it will be just fine.

Roommate Beyond Fantasy Ch. 07

fetish EisAlntheia 2018-05-03

Her feet simply lay on my legs and didn't move until I finally looked her in the face and made eye contact. I've got something to do in my room so I may not be back out tonight, but I'll see you first thing in the morning when you ask to smell my panties again. Regardless of how deep my sleep was, I also found myself waking up the same time every morning with an overwhelming urge to be near Misty and bury my nose and mouth in her panties crotch. As much as I wanted to jack off, I couldn't and I could release that energy by giving Misty a massage here or give her any ounce of pleasure I could think of.

Halloween Jacks

fetish Haulover 2018-05-03

I flipped off the light and went to sleep thinking about a business travelers' jack off club. From what I read online, the biggest and most established jack off club was right here in New York City, maybe a dozen blocks from my hotel. In my search for information about the jack-off club I found a forum for guys, straight and otherwise, who seemed to have an obsession with masturbation. Many of the forum members had been to the New York jack-off club and gave it high praise. My task was to select and implement the most appropriate methodologies, recommend policies and procedures, handle a bit of business process realignment to accommodate the new systems, get him started on their first project, and generally, make Mountford look good.

The Big Bang

fetish KDG 2018-05-03

Joe looked down, way down, at a green, two-inch long Joe looked back up at the glowing ball, like he Kazar shut down the drive and apologized, as Joe ‘And you are that man, Joe,’ Kazar said, ‘and this ship ‘She’s everything you’ve ever dreamed of, Joe,’ Kazar Joe was seeing everything else, though, his eyes ‘You will fuck her multiple times,’ Kazar squeaked Joe hardened like an eight-foot length of green spruce Joe was on her like gravity on a Jovian. moaned like she meant it, Joe not-so-dry-humping her Jenny gripped Joe’s shoulders and urged him on with his body, Joe went supernova a second time, shooting for Joe rolled off the platform and hit the floor pleading.

Taking Fate's Advise

fetish MrManOFun 2018-05-03

I stop her right there pulling her to me pressing her lips to mine for the first time enjoying her soft lips and taste.She pulls back and steps away she starts to say something I stop her saying don't speak listen I've waited years to be the man in your life and we both ignored it at first after all the years I'm not waiting if you won't take fate's hint I will. You like my taste don't you Mandy and you want more so cum get it I grab her leg dragging her across the table I spin her around knocking food all over her sweaty body and the floor.

A Foot Slave's First Orgasm

fetish CFNMtickledguy 2018-05-03

After the guests leave, the young man will be re-tied to the altar and his mentor will caress his balls and stroke his shaft to make him hard again, and then she will mount his cock, feeling it pulse inside her, throbbing as he licks the soles of her feet, while she recites a short prayer asking the Goddess to protect and keep the young foot-slave healthy and safe from all harm.