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Erotic Fetish stories

A large collection of fetisch short stories covering everything from pantyhoses to feet and more.

The Smurfette Costume

fetish OneSilky 2018-05-03

Normally, my tail stays hidden, curled up like a cowed dog under my clothes. Guys try to hit on me all the time, even tho' I wear second hand clothes and know jack shit about make-up. I spied another Smurfette, only she was the evil one, with black hair, and she hung on Papa Smurf's arm. Apparently, he liked me in the day time, but when it was time to party, Papa wanted the bad girl. Unfortunately, the foam collar came off in her hand, and I realized there was one part of my body that I had not dyed blue; my little naked stub. "That looks like a smurfing cock!" he said, and drew back from it.

Dirty Work

fetish awopas 2018-05-03

This time the departure of excrement was so violent and explosive that even as I squatted there in my four inch heels, with my hands on either side of my cramped stomach, the sheer volume of fecal matter sent my panties slithering down my legs leaving a brown filthy trail in its wake. Instead more people got a unencumbered sight of my naked breasts than ever as amidst a fresh round of uproarious and frenzied scowls of laughter and the points, stares and cameras flashing I attempted to use my bra to wipe my dirty bare bottom clean. I felt the tears roll down my shit covered face, pausing at the top of lips and I couldn't help but sense its vile taste as I used my equally dirty hands to wipe them away.

Foot Challenge

fetish Kessler 2018-05-03

While she oiled up her toes and feet she said, "One of the best things I like about this is watching you guys struggle and squirm as you try to keep from Cumming. After hearing the verbal reaction that her feet coaxed from me she said, "Oh yes, moan and groan as loud as you want, no one will hear you but me and I like that." She quickened the pace and continued, " You are holding on pretty good Justin. Her feet squeezed my shaft even tighter than before and I felt my cum beginning to rise to the head of my throbbing cock.

Tinkle Bell Ch. 19

fetish Many Feathers 2018-05-03

She was right, it took a moment for my eyes to adjust after doing that, squinting once again, but I was also a bit stunned to see both mom and Bella now sitting there in deck chairs looking down at me. Though dinner certainly promised to be nice, and seeing Bella as well as mom so elegantly dressed, looking sexy as hell even though they were...I was expecting a bit more than this. Although mom promptly explained that once Bella had told her about her idea, she had asked if she too could come along, do the same thing for dad, knowing how much he'd enjoy seeing her this way.

the night before her wedding

fetish 2018-05-03

Pissed me off but I didn’t get mad I told her to drink the rest up and Paula took another sip out of her drink and said Bed taking sips from her drink closely watching me as I viewed her lovely And began to kiss her again, my ebony Goddess was rubbing her small and soft Wet with her pussy juices, Paula was bucking and fucking my face Her soft lips, this freak was kissing like a mad woman. Ten inch black dick poked at the lips of her warm pussy. To kiss the side of her neck as I pounded deep into her good pussy. She told me to push her head down on my dick.

Foot Massage

fetish FootLover78 2018-05-03

Having nothing better to I sat in her couch and began watching the T.V., when all of a sudden I heard the lock in the door click and Aunt Julie walked in. She moved her hand to the top of her blouse and began to unbutton it slowly, I watched her every move. I got down on my knees again took her foot tentatively in my hand and moved it closer to my mouth. I caressed and licked and sucked her foot for a while, my dick felt so big. She then moved her feet around to my mouth and I began to thrust my dick in to her beautiful vagina as I licked her feet.

The Librarian Ch. 05

fetish leaky_one 2018-05-03

This memory did not help her current situation and for a brief moment she felt a warm wet feeling growing around her pussy lips as she carried out a quick pee in her underwear. Below the bench and Melanie's parked posterior, a flowing stream of golden rain was proceeding to fall downwards, causing a growing wet puddle to grow on the ground below. Now, the sensation was simply mind-stunningly orgasmic; deliberately peeing into her panties as a grown adult, whilst sitting in an open place surrounded by the general public! With her dress once again back in place and her private parts safely hidden from sight, Melanie decided it was finally time she turned her attention to her work.

Strawberry Summer

fetish drsalt 2018-05-03

Still, over the next few days Jerry and Sari seemed to find their berry boxes filling at a surprisingly even rate. He turned to the girls and said, "Let's go swimming!" Miko was all for it, but Sari demurred at first. Jerry was amazed when the two girls squatted down next to a tree and began to squirt their piss into the dirt. Glancing at Little Sister, lying back in the sunshine, eyes closed, Jerry took Sari's hand and led her into the shade of the trees. Sari told Miko to do it, so she squatted down and slid her crotch along the length of Jerry's cock. He was pretty sure Miko didn't come, but Jerry knew Sari had another orgasm.

The Entertainment Ch. 04

fetish econut 2018-05-03

Gary, their new Master, whom had just given Tracy the best fucking of her life, and who's cum Steve had just swallowed, left the room, headed towards the bathroom. Lana, Gary's wife and Steve and Tracy's new Mistress, sat down on the other end of the sectional couch and leaned back, settling in. "Now Tracy, before we let Steve put his little prick in your tight little ass I want you to play a little game with him, said Lana. "Well you can't have Steve fuck you in the ass if you ever want to feel Gary's cock again," said Lana. "Damn, Steve, your wife's hot little ass feels so fucking good!" said Gary, looking over at Steve.

Inanna's Descent into the Underworld Ch. 01

fetish KatieTay 2018-05-03

Her soul had passed on, passed on into the realm of that very entity whose demon armies now marched on the Great Temple of Uruk, the glorious city wholly dedicated to the worship of Warlike Inanna, Supreme Goddess of the Sky. Silently, Puabana prayed for her brave soul, and the souls of all who had suffered and died so far. Her favoured High Priestess, Puabana, would surely be comforted when Inanna exacted justice upon the dark demon queen! Inanna gasped in horror as her eyes adjusted and she saw what it was -- it was the form of Puabana, her High Priestess, and her blood was dripping from a wound in her neck into the goblet Ereshkigal held!

Amazon Flight: Three Treats 4 Gabe

fetish jusduit 2018-05-03

Gabe saw the plane dip under the weight of each as they stepped up and somehow managed to get their huge frames inside the aircraft. “Between us all, you are looking at a combined weight of less than four average men, though I don’t see any around, do you?” She mimed a scan of the horizon, overlooking Gabe, and her friends chuckled with her antics. “Three four victor copy contact control on one, two, two point three Good day.” He’d heard the call and didn’t even know it. Candy, the redhead, saw him looking back and forth from the clouds on the horizon and the chart display on the console and knew what he was thinking.

Strippers Take Charge

fetish AlexHolman 2018-05-03

As the DJ was introducing the next girl, one of the dancers, a willowy blonde with a deep tan and full breasts, dressed in a hot pink string bikini and clear platform heels, walked up to Tom and laid a hand on his shoulder. Christina stepped close, took me in her arms, and kissed me passionately, her tongue swirling around in my mouth, her hands running all over my naked body, fondling my erection. "Let's head into the bedroom," she said, "and teach you boys a thing or two." Christina giggled, taking me by the hand. I watched in amazement as the girls switched spots, Christina now working on Amy's soft breasts, one hand down between the blonde's legs, obviously fingering her pussy.

she owns him

fetish 2018-05-02

On his young body it looked out of place; long and thick with a head the size of a ripe plum and two balls that couldn't fit in her hands. "I want you to feel good." Her hands slipped further down his organ, her fingers cascading behind. Feel how good I am, how wonderful you can feel when you're with me." She enjoyed herself, loving the shining, greasy cock as her hands played up and down his member. He was vulnerable and she wrapped her body around his, letting him feel what needed to be felt. "My love," she whispered throatily, "It's for the best." She could see the questions in his eyes and she rested a hand comfortable against his closed groin.

Bitter Sweet 04

fetish Beatnic_jazzman 2018-05-02

My hands came down to her head as I let out a groan, my eyes closing as my love for her surged in me along with the pleasure she was giving me. Her hand came to my cheek as her head slid past mine to kiss then nibble my neck. I eased myself down, my lips leaving a trail of kisses as her leg moved to let her press her pussy against the top of my thigh. As I traced my tongue tip around her nipple her hands came back to my head, her fingers burrowing into my hair. I turned my head toward hers; she pushed herself up, her hands slipping around my neck as she moved in for a kiss.

Junior Peeks Out of My shorts

fetish cowpoke68 2018-05-02

Junior Peeks Out of My Shorts One day I was in my shorts running errands. I was sitting in the waiting area by myself reading the newspaper when a nice looking milf with two older teenage daughters came in and sit down across from me. I then shifted around and slouched down to where my shorts came up and let junior and his ball b*****rs slip out. I'm not a bad looking guy and I have a decent sized dick and I shave all my pubic hair off in the summer. As they walked by me I lowered my sunglasses and caught the eye of the college aged daughter and smiled at her. Way too much fun!!

Reformatory Girls Ch. 01

fetish escalus 2018-05-02

"No," says Clare quickly: she is going to go on to say that she had not farted at Miss Bulstrode, but the Instructress continues: The whole class holds its breath as Clare follows miserably to the front of the class and does as she was bidden, removing her short grey skirt and her grey-white regulation knickers and placing them on Miss Bulstrode's desk. And minute -- any second now -- Matron will remove the nozzle and she will be allowed to use the potty again, and this time not even the staring eyes of the whole class will inhibit her, stop her from expelling all the noxious stuff in her bowels. Groggily Clare feels Miss Bulstrode's strong arms pulling her back off the desk, twisting her onto her feet, and pointing at the enamel potty on the floor.

Karen Ch. 01

fetish seat542 2018-05-02

I'm not going to go into details about everything because it isn't the focus of the story; but I will say it took me about ten years of indulging in my part-time secret life to gain a real understanding of who and what I am sexually. Things started going bad for Karen and Bill around the same time Mary left me. Setting her looks aside, what caught my attention were her requirements: "...long nights of sex with a stable, well educated person." Her potential partner "...must lack sexual limits and be willing to explore all aspects and avenues of kink. Moving my mouth back to your ear, I whisper another message, 'Think only of an angel of pleasure sent to satisfy your needs.'

Topped from the Bottom Ch. 04

fetish cutebabysadie 2018-05-02

Sam must have noticed the look on my face and said, "well first you need to remember to call him Sir. Why don't you do two things, first Mark told me he needs to cum at least 6 times a day so you should go in drop to your knees and suck him off. I knew I didn't have it in me to come up with a reply so I leaned forward and started sucking his cock as I looked up and said without words, with just my eyes looking into Mark's "I win...I accept any punishment...and ohh yeah I love your cock" *SLURP SUCK

Pleasing Sara

fetish Saras Cowboy 2018-05-02

My fingers are sliding back into your juicy pussy, caressing inside you, moving around, feeling your slick walls, before I make my way to your g-spot, and begin caressing you there. Then, finally feeling the release you've wanted, needed, for so long, your pussy gushes with your hot cum, as you reach the peak of pleasure again, barely having time to come down from your heights of ecstasy before another orgasm begins to overtake your body. After a second or two you catch your breath, and respond in a husky voice "I don't know, I lost count at two dozen." Then my fingers massaging inside you sends you over the top again, pulling the bonds tight as you cum on my hand.

Finding Travis Ch. 09

fetish Katiekatsman 2018-05-02

Katie made her way into the kitchen just as she heard the explosion of emotions coming from beyond the closed doors leading to the back patio. "Welcome to a crazy house, Katie," Monique said and giving her a hug. Mostly, it was a matter of helping Rachel understand that going to college wasn't as bad as she was making it out to be. Rachel enabled her to see deeper into the depth of his many appealing character qualities and Katie, although here to console a troubled girl, found herself becoming more interested in this handsome boy with the magnificent cock. With his strength diminished she grabbed his cuffed hands and tied a length of bathrobe cord to the link between the wrist-cuffs, pulled them back over his head and stood on his lower back.

Slap & Tickle Ch. 2

fetish Hudson 2018-05-02

Julie stoped whipping herself, she grabbed the handle of the cat and nine tails and pushed it deep into her wanting hole, pumping up and down as fast as she could, she ached and needed the relief, she pumped her pussy and spanked her hand across her arse dragging her nails deep into her cheeks, her knees started to shake, Julie rammed the whips handle in as deep as it would go and held it there, her legs closed around it, and her body moved up and down, she was biting her bottom lip, holding her cries of pleasure deep within her throat.

Panties & Lingerie Do Make the Man

fetish jennycnnn 2018-05-02

The chair was facing the long mirror next to the bed, so he could see my panties and ass kneeling down between his legs, as I begin taking his length into my mouth. Without looking, I know that Steve is looking down and watching his cock enter my mouth and then looking in the mirror at my firm ass, perfectly framed by my satin and lace panties. I was so wet that my panties were sliding over the outside of my pussy and he was having a hard time getting the fabric pushed inside of me with his tongue. "God that tongue of yours feels good tonight," I said as I stood up, and them pulled his panties back up his legs and over the tip of his penis.

Drive Through Tales Ch. 02

fetish Serenus Zeitblom 2018-05-02

Hands grabbed his hair on either side of his head, and he felt the acrid cock in his mouth begin to slide in and out, a little deeper with each thrust. And guess what, Willy, if you do you're probably going to - well - it might not be too fun." Monica started to thrust the latex cock lodged in his ass in and out viciously - and whipping his thigh as she did so. At first, Lisa's cock had slowed a bit as the second cock pushed it's way in through the wads of lube massed on his asshole, and then a blinding, searing pain had over come him, and he felt himself losing consciousness.

Michelle Breaks Her Husband

fetish Porky_Pig 2018-05-02

Poor Bobby looked like her pathetic slave, a middle aged, overweight, balding man whose penis had stopped developing since his days in elementary school. Here was her pathetic, overweight, middle-aged husband standing in front of her completely naked with his hands held behind his back and lewdly thrusting his hips in the air, listening to her tell him how she had been fucked by a younger, better man; and he was begging her to "suck his own fucking thumb?" Her fingers began feverishly working her clitoris and her nipple while poor Bobby's flabby body gyrated lewdly making thrusting motions while his mouth sucked at his thumb like there was no tomorrow.