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Erotic Fetish stories

A large collection of fetisch short stories covering everything from pantyhoses to feet and more.

Spanking Headmaster

fetish BostonDom55 2018-05-02

There have been whispers that I administer strict discipline in my office, spanking or maybe more, and even rumors that girls have sucked my cock or done other sexual favors under penalty of expulsion and blackmail. You are told to stand before me, and you slightly bow your head as I tell you what a bad girl you are, and go through the report, line by line, telling you how you need strict discipline to improve. You love being spanked, and the idea gets you wet, with throbbing pussy lips, feeling ready for sex in any form. I slowly raise your skirt to reveal your bare bottom, and tell you that you are a VERY bad girl to have no panties on!

Sandra: My Pissing Girlfriend Ch. 03

fetish leekeyone 2018-05-02

"I'm not moving from this spot." I had every intention of having Sandra pee on me and to sample once again the hot delight of her streaming piss spraying over my cock and balls. Taking a step back I gave another gasp of erotic joy as the impact point of Sandra's squirting shower dropped lower, spraying hotly over my desperately hard dick and then over my love sacks. She gave a little groan of her own, one finger flicking over her clit as she sought lower, moving into the remaining stream of pee flowing from her open piss hole. After we had untangles ourselves from our lovemaking stance, I treated Sandra by allowing her to hold my cock whilst I took a piss off my own all over the changing cubicle walls.

my best friend Raul

fetish doriandorian 2018-05-02

a few days passed until at school i was so horny after i saw a girl from my class and he so my boner and he said that if i want in break he will give me a handjob at the bathroom.i didn't wanted but i tought about it in that hour and i accepted so we went in the bathroom and i got in and when there was no one else he came in and he get on his knees and put my pants down(i was hard alrady):"you know i can do something else for you,i can give you a blowjob" after i got home he came to my house and said that if i want he can give me blowjobs because he likes to do it

Games People Play

fetish sexualrelief7191 2018-05-02

They traveled around the large church that Addison and Charlie were members of, having to yell "Gargon!" as they walked around to make their presences known. "We were lucky to find this piece," Addison told Charlie quietly, as they headed back to the stairs they came down from. "No time to talk, Marcus and Sabrina are following me, now hide!" he said as he ran back the way Addison and Charlie had came. About the only people at school that called him Addison were Charlie, his few other friends, and noticeably his step sister. If I find him, I'll convince him to come downstairs to that classroom down the hall." Addison pointed to a room to their left, with both Becca and Charlie agreeing.

Strip Search

fetish mland23 2018-05-02

His head down he gestured down the alley "2 blocks that way ma'am." She chuckled and winked at Rebecca "So it's close enough really." He didn't get her hint and just nodded, completely embarrassed and yet totally turned on that two completely combat ready, intimidating women saw him so vulnerable. He swallowed hard, twice, before responding, rather boldly "I think I missed some of it, coul----could you do it again in more detail?" Rebecca chuckled sexily and they began to kiss again, Alyssa's hands now roaming her friends body, one entwined in her hair, the other slipping down Rebecca's crotch, underneath the pants, making Rebecca gasp slightly.

Rubber Slut Gang Bang with Mistress Madame C

fetish madamec 2018-05-02

He turned bright pink dropped his hands over his jeans and the bulge that was ever growing and finally admitted he fantasised about the texture of womans lingerie, rubbing over his cock , balls and nipples. Individually we made him suck our cocks and told him we were going to turn him into our rubber fuck slut…he had no choice in the matter he HAD to do as he was told. As Flame and Jenny pushed both their cocks in his mouth I slipped a vibrating remote control butt plug in him giving him a man pussy. So….Tied to the veranda with his rubber arms above him and his legs pulled apart exposing his man pussy, Flame and Jenny took it in turns to break the slut in with their big fat strapons.

Girl fixed men 14 day on Bed

fetish 2018-05-02

I went to bed and noticed that had wet the Thilo themselves. I was so mad and I thought, well if he wants to climb out the window and can not walk independently on the toilet, I will probably now have to come to tougher sanctions, and then went into the kitchen and took care of sl**ping pills, which I myself once by a doctor had been prescribed. So I put him on the side of the bed, where it was attached Segufix Him took off all clothes until he was completely naked and Thilo fixed on the head, shoulders, arms, step, thighs and feet. I immediately noticed that his diaper was wet and said, oh Thilo you could not keep still.

One of my first stories.

fetish 2018-05-02

It 's the first day of great heat, looks at my house with a long tank top, shorts, jeans and high-heeled sandals that give a glimpse of her beautiful legs in black enamel. I do not have time to finish the third video that stands up and says "if you like to try, I do not know what it is but I'll tell you." She gets up, I lie down on your back, you put in the bottom of the bed, between my legs, looks at me and starts to stroke his feet. Beginning made me laugh and I never thought of doing such a thing, but I like it because I can see you all while enjoying and it's beautiful.

The Operative: File 04

fetish SizeQueenSupreme 2018-05-02

She stuck out what must have been another four inches of tongue, only angling her head down slightly before the long wet muscle pulled back in, bringing with it a tremendous soft cock, bundled up in coils of mouth-meat. Justine was making putty of her own man, the tongue jacking the throbbing prick as it pulled it towards the mouth, like a winch lifting a truck made of meat. By the time I found myself slurping and smacking my lips all over his head, Justine was coaxing out precum to feed me, her endless tongue squeezing in a tight mobius strip around his titanic testes, the two of us filling the room with nothing but the sounds of fast breath, fevered moans, slobbering sucks and gurgling swallows.

wifes panties

fetish iwicbvwp 2018-05-02

anyway , as the time went on ,we ran out of snacks + someone came up with the idea that as there was only 3 couples left + it was a nice night we should walk along to the pizza place for something to eat . everyone left about an hour later + my wife went straight to bed as she said she was really sl**py . i had never had thoughts like this in my life but couldnt stop imagining if davie had actually went for a look , the thought of davie enjoying my wifes juices without her knowing , then talking to her when we came back from our walk was unbelievable,


fetish Andromeda7 2018-05-02

" Good evening Eleanor," she said turning to the girl who had risen from the sofa " now I have explained what I need from you to night and what the doctor needs from you for a well run house. She felt the girls arms squeeze her and she tilted back her face and this time it was her looking into the depths of the housekeepers eyes. Marie had her tuck her self into the corner of the sofa with her night dress rucked up so the she could spread her legs and support Eleanor between her them with the girl laying over her body. Marie took a moment to look at Dora who was holding up Eleanor with her arms around the girls waist.

A Almost Perfect Awakening Ch. 18

fetish Wm_Sexspear 2018-05-02

Beth and Lynn were lying down on Jim's bed. I never saw Beth; my eyes were riveted to Lynn's face, which lit up, she flew the few steps between us into my, by then, open arms. In a very sultry voice Lynn demurred "Beth, maybe those poor, limp penises need a little help." She looked straight into Jim's eyes, then mine. Seconds later I saw Beth move her mouth to Lynn's. Realizing they might get us off too soon, Lynn struggled to say "Let's see it NOW guys, it's 69 time." She gestured, indicting we should lie across the end of the bed. I kept my eyes on the hands working rhythmically inside those panties until the last moment, then I dropped my head down facing Jim's pulsing penis.

Space Camp Ch. 05

fetish kcunningh 2018-05-02

Garret pulled his diaper down and got on his knees behind Lisa. Lisa looked directly into Will's eyes as Garret started fucking her. Meanwhile, back in room 469, Bobby had untaped Kylie's diaper and started eating her pussy after she jerked him off into his diaper. Bobby gave up on letters and just tried to keep licking while her hips bucked around as her orgasm rocked her body. Then she grabbed his shaft with her hand, placed her mouth over the head and started to stroke and suck in unison. To switch things up, Kylie would pull her mouth away and stroke his slick cock with her hand as fast as she could possibly go.

Cum Eating Hubby pt.1

fetish Azmodaz 2018-05-02

As I followed my wife into the f****y room, I saw her date reclining on told me to suck his cock and get him nice and hard for her. She told me to pay attention and watch how a real man fucked a woman. actually balling my wife on the floor of our f****y room while I was told to fuck her properly, maybe I should just crawl over and clean her lover's cum out After I'd came, my wife stuck her cum soaked foot into my mouth for me to savoring the smell of cum on my wife's stockings and panties. guest room with the knowledge that my wife and her lover were sl**ping in our

How to Eat Pussy

fetish 425olds 2018-05-02

When you circle her aureoles with your lips or fingers, then lightly (or not so lightly, depending on her) squeeze her nipples, she’ll likely feel the vibration right down to her buzzing pussy. It works like this: While your tongue is dancing on her clit, rub some of her juices around her little hole (cute name, huh?) This double stimulation is very arousing to her, and she’s concentrating on your tongue so much that your finger doesn’t matter, it just feels good. If you’re sucking on her clit and she’s squirming and shaking, her breath coming in gasps, don’t suddenly switch to licking her clit with broad strokes.

The Cabin Ch. 10

fetish Katiekatsman 2018-05-02

There's no better time to start training and enjoying him." Katie looked intently into the eyes of these beauties. They took turns whispering sexy words, telling him how good he felt, how good he was going to make them feel, and how they looked forward to having a submissive man serve them all night long. My husband is in for the shock of his life." Tracy covered her mouth and she tried to hide bursts of laughter thinking back on Debbie's comment of how many months it had been since Rick had last gone down on her. I think it would be appropriate that we have a toast, after all this is a party for them too," Katie said smiling brightly.

She couldn't resist him... pt.2

fetish pete2277 2018-05-02

She had to stop thinking like that; she was on a date with a nice guy and not only did she cum all over her ex’s hand while he finger fucked her right in the bar, now she couldn’t get his cock out of her mind. She heard him say, “Pull that nightie up baby, so daddy can see your little pussy.” His voice was commanding and despite herself she felt her fingers pinching her teddy and starting to slowly pull it up for him. She looked up at him with pleading eyes as she begged him, “Yes… please daddy, please feed me.” She felt so relieved as he pushed his cock towards her waiting mouth. As she started to drifted off to sl**p feeling completely satisfied she thought she felt her pussy suck his soft cock back into her a little bit.

Teacher Needs a Lesson Ch. 03

fetish Emmcee20 2018-05-02

"I've come to get the fuck I wanted from you," I said, dropping the bags and reaching out for the swelling tit still showing through your blouse. Watching this closely I could see how my ministrations had stretched the flesh of her cunt pulling her clit down into contact with my wrist so that, at the moment my hand fully slipped into her, her clit pushed hard against my wrist bone. After a short struggle my hand popped back out into the universe leaving her gaping open and deep red lips struggling to close her most intimate space while she groaned her joy and her eyes rolled back into her head semi-consciously.

My Fetish For Panties Ch6

fetish panteeluvr 2018-05-02

However, the following saturday, she came home quite tipsy and called me into the living room and wanted to know why I liked sniffing panties so much, so I explained everything to her including how I enjoy being humiliated by sexy girls such as herself! She did have me do a couple things before she left though, take some pics of my tiny nub both nude and in panties and send them to her, and she had me masterbate a couple times in the living room as she chatted on the phone, looking at me every once in awhile smiling, just small things like that, except the night before she left she had her friend over and they called me into her room to check these pics out that some "random guy sent by accident" to her e-mail!

Written 20 years ago - Future for Males

fetish brahman69 2018-05-02

Her map of male DNA also allows FATHOM to increase sexual function and indirectly augment suoh stimulus to the cerebullum. women were still not allowed in combat, a draft of all able bodied men transferred the male population to the conflict. * Women over the age of 15 have the right to vote or hod public option: dig up the work of Dr Bircumshaw and surrogately produce a male Eventually there became a market for male slaves (Beta males for work, since Alpha males were produced for sexual satisfaction and eye candy), and surrogate women Beta Males were far too small to do womens' work, and most could not concentrate long enough to hold a job, unless it was as a butler or as a sperm donor.

Julie and the Rack

fetish NightOwl64 2018-05-02

Through the years, most of my relationships had ranged from one-night stands to casual month-long affairs, and since there were no emotional ties getting in the way, I had nothing to lose in trying to initiate tickling during sex. I even came up with a few safe words that she could use if she should want to back out at any time, such as 'YELLOW' for 'take it easy' and 'RED' for 'stop right now.' As we talked, Julie became more curious, even intrigued with the subject. Then Julie's eyes widened when she first saw the crude-looking, box-like structure sitting in the middle of the room.


fetish laceysgirl 2018-05-02

I got up pee covered and sloshing and we went back to the bedroom where more beer was consumed and when they were recharged it was time for my pee pee enema so I positioned myself on the bed I had a rubber sheet under the sheet to prevent my mattress from getting soaked just in case of a spill or back wash so anyway the first guy Jared got onto the bed with me and I sucked his cock hard he then inserted it into my asshole pushing it in dry so I could get a better seal around his cock then he relaxed and let his pee flow into my anus and I felt the hot gush of fluid pouring into me and I leaned forward to make it run to the front of me making room for more see and when Jared finished another big guy got onto the bed he got his cock sucked hard as well then he inserted his huge cock carefully into me and I kept my rosebud tight around his cock and as he also relaxed he began to pee into me too...

Demeanor School Ch. 02

fetish dan57 2018-05-02

Preeti, Brigitte and Marie Laure asked to go to the loo : The coldness outside would surely stress their bladders and they didn't want to disgrace themselves, especially in front of Swathri and Gupta. Gupta, Swathri and even Peter enjoyed watching the girls pressing their legs and knees together, giving the unmistakable impression that they were about to wet themselves. Gupta drooled when he imagined opening a supermarket in Birmingham with only white female staff from the cashier up to the managing director wearing this school girl uniform with the same micro skirt, even more body hugging blouse, no knickers and no bra. While Gupta was busy training Brigitte for a new life as his personal slave whenever she would get to England, Marine was getting intimate with Peter.

A work conference gets personal

fetish will_the_thrill 2018-05-02

I have always wondered what it would feel like to be fucked; being bent over or on my back with somebody driving a hard cock in my ass. Thinking back to Carl and rubbing my ass on his cock makes me hard, damn getting fucking in the ass could be fun. I can feel the pressure and the wetness of his tongue as he goes back and forth between my right and left legs, his hands gripping my hips, slamming his cock into my ass as hard and deep as he can. Pulling his cock from my ass Carl stands up, looks at me, and says, “Dirty little slut,” under his breath and heads up stairs to shower.