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Erotic Fetish stories

A large collection of fetisch short stories covering everything from pantyhoses to feet and more.

The Alley of No Return Ch. 09

fetish fursmoke11 2018-05-02

Laura smiled lighting a cigarette as she struggled with the beers and the fur on her shoulders, and raised an eyebrow over the little girl flirtatiousness that Ruth was showing toward Steve Denman, "Some lesbian" she said out loud, cigarette bobbing as it dangled from her alazarin crimson stage lips. "You came for your smoky kiss" Laura Deadorchid teased and offered Martin a beer, cigarette still dangling and eyes narrowed part against the smoke and part to be overtly sexy. Swaying her hips in tune to the disturbing and hypnotic sound of the Dead4Orchids, Ruth Mears massaged the inside of Sonja's thigh with probing gloved fingers in semi darkness, as she exhaled, head tilted back, eyes closed and smiling, into the now smoke filled room.

Doctor's New Treatment Plan

fetish AngelBell 2018-05-02

Leaning back against the back of the toilet with my jeans and red panties around my ankles I began to rub my excited clit while I stroked my thighs and body with my other hand. I slid one finger in and imagined the way the doctor would do this same procedure momentarily...I could feel my body tensing as I rubbed my pussy with one hand and fingered it with the other. My eyes were back on the overhead monitor and I watched as the doctor slid a gloved hand down to my slit and began to trace the opening of my pussy with the tip of his finger. "Try to relax, Miss Angel," said Nurse Misty, but I was too tensed from the sensation of the doctor's tongue while watching him eat me out on the monitor.

My New Masters Ch. 2

fetish jamiesecret 2018-05-02

Malik came over and stood menacingly to one side and said, “make your choice whore, hard or easy, I feel a whipping coming on.” I swallowed and looked right into the camera. The men took turns slapping my face with their cocks and making me suck until Malik said, “get on the bed slut.” I crawled over to the bed and got up onto my knees. He slapped me and said, “bitch you made me come too soon, when I get hard again I am gonna hurt that ass!” Meanwhile the second man rolled me over and pushed my knees back, he climbed on top and really started hammering my ass.

Rosina's Dark Delta

fetish chrislick 2018-05-02

Again she stood with her back to me and I went up close, kissed her neck again and then unzipped her dress. 'You might want to...' she said and passed me her daughter's panties. I ran them gently between her buttocks and held them to my nose: beautiful aroma - not shit, but arse, the most exciting smell in the world. 'Beautiful.' She leaned further forwards and said breathlessly, 'Tell me what you're going to do.' 'Rosina, I'm going to lick your arse.' 'You're going to lick my asshole?' she said with utter contentment. I licked her firmly up the inside of each buttock and I turned my head sideways so the thin tip of my tongue got right into her crack.

Pantyhose dream

fetish tonyhose 2018-05-01

I am busy fingering Sues pussy through her pantyhose while I suck on her nipples when I feel Petes mouth close over my cock. I don't need telling twice so moving to the bed I lay Sue down on her back and pull her titties out of her bra and ripping open her pantyhose and pulling my cock out through the crotchless panties and pantyhose, I lift her legs onto my shoulders and Pete guides my hard cock into her waiting wet pussy. Then as Pete and I stand and face each other, Sue kneels and takes hold of our cocks, licking and sucking us in turn and rubbing our cocks together until we are hard again ready to fuck her once more........

Our night before southern trip A slaves blurr

fetish willd64 2018-05-01

It wasn’t such urgency as my s****r had the privilege of tending our mother after her hospital stay for the first couple weeks, so I was able to arrange flights and schedule time to be with my pet before I left. In the restaurant the lady sitting us noticed it and gave us a little smile ( I wonder if she was thinking about the show that was just on the night before about collared couples?) Any way she seated us out of the way and our server was right over. She has cumm 4or 5 times now and I am still fucking her, I only need to reach for that clit and she goes into another, she can’t take it anymore, to many orgasms in a row to close together, she is totally losing it and still I hold my cum.

Wife has some fun

fetish secretaryspanking 2018-05-01

I texted Swati, "Let me know what you end up wearing." I got a quick reply, "I have decided on a short skirt, thong and a comfy bra and that red top you love so much" As I took a minute to picture her in what she just described I realized the red top was the deep neck sexy top, I quickly replied "Lucky Gaurav!!!" and she just replied with a smiley Gaurav's massage got over first and he was asked to step in to the shower by the masseuse while my massage went on for another 10 minutes, where the masseur focused on my thighs and almost rubbed my pussy several times.

Sue-Anna's A Webcam Whore

fetish Anal_Ally 2018-05-01

Sue-Anna got herself quite heated, fat thighs splayed, hips bucking against her husband's hand: I almost wanted to cheer her on, like a race horse. John started bucking his hips, thrusting his cock between Sue-Anna's grasp, faster and faster, building himself up to cum. Sue-Anna's hand held her husbands cock as he shot his spunk onto her naked body, her hand actually aiding him orgasm to fantasies of me. Sue-Anna's whole flabby body tensed, she looked at John in disbelief as he thrust his cock between her grasp, shooting load after load of cum in my honour. You're sick John!" Sue-Anna said, her anger suddenly giving way to huge sobs, her face hidden in her cum ridden hands.


Our Dirty Secret

fetish mwbg777 2018-05-01

We're only interested in the men of course, (although I have contemplated figuring out a way to set up my equipment in the women's restroom so I could spy on them, but I don't want the risk of getting caught), and I wait for Cara to give her indication of who she's interested in. When Cara nods her head, or says something like, "this one", I turn on my tablet and we spy on the man in the restroom. This man leaned away from the camera so we didn't get a good view of the shit-stained paper as he dropped it into the toilet. Cara didn't hesitate to put her hands on this dirtiness, as she leaned her face into the toilet bowl.

Sun Hee Ch. 01

fetish metalimbic 2018-05-01

It all started in my sophomore year in college when I met Sun Hee. She was this sweet, sexy, and endearingly awkward Korean girl who soon came to control and consume my life in ways I had never imagined possible. The first thing I noticed about Sun Hee was how shy and awkward she seemed, like so many other Asians studying abroad understandably nervous and out of place in the unfamiliar space of a large American university. Sun Hee's breath caught as I first touched them, and her chest heaved in a way that further accentuated the delicate visibility of her ribs. I started to kiss my way down her body as my poor cock poked impotently into Sun Hee's thigh.

Truth or Dare

fetish thedeathecchi 2018-05-01

"Katie!" exclaimed Chelsea, face flaming red as Allison laughed like a maniac. "Great!" Katie ran out of the living room like a bullet and returned with one of the high-backed chairs from the kitchen, along with a few coils of rope and some duct tape. "I'm not gonna let you hog all the fun." My eyes widened as I saw my sister raise her foot and hover it over my face, wiggling her pudgy, pink glitter toes. Lifting my chair upright, Allison took Katie's socks and put them in her putrid soccer cleats. In Allison's hands were another chair, and in Katie's, some rope, a roll of duct tape, two pairs of socks, and a pair of old running sneakers.

Sara Submits

fetish Tappy_McWidestance 2018-05-01

Greeted by the sight of Sara in her wedding dress, freshly shaved with her hand spreading her obviously wet pussy lips pleased the older woman. The surprise of finding Sara wearing a collar and holding a leash brought a smile to Mrs. Anderson's lips. Either she was putting on her wedding dress and giving herself to a woman she hard knew and didn't like or she was going to risk having Mrs. Anderson tell her husband she and Sara were having an affair. She will find me out of bed." Sara quickly decided she had to get the dog or he would be a problem when Mrs. Anderson arrived. Sara also knew it would not be difficult to remain in the aroused state Mrs. Robinson had commanded her to maintain.

Clowning Around

fetish Rescue325 2018-05-01

She walked over to Josh and took his hand. Her warm, wet mouth felt like nothing Josh had ever felt before. Rachel took her mouth off of him and he gave her a sad look. Josh couldn’t take much more as she finger fucked his ass in rhythm with the strokes she made on his dick with her warm little mouth. Josh prayed as he began to fill her mouth with white hot cum. She felt her release building up and Josh liked the taste of her juices in his mouth. Josh thought it was like nailing one of those latex pussies with the way he could move her around. Josh took her whip away and slid the handle in her dripping wet snatch.

Punished by Parents-in-Law Ch. 11

fetish Alfamann 2018-05-01

Sitting on the toilet, and glancing up at her, I felt like a young child being watched over by her mother, which was crazy as Debbie was virtually my own age. Satisfied that I looked pretty, my Mother in Law took my hand and led me out of the bathroom. I wanted to ask why, but knew better than to question my Mother in Law. Reluctantly I exited the car, and looked around nervously to see if anybody was watching me. My Mother in Law came around to where I was standing nervously, took hold of my arm, and without ceremony gave me a good old-fashioned hand spanking on my still tender buttocks.

Alice's Wonderland Ch. 02

fetish Ragnaroking 2018-05-01

She pulled her partner into reach of her nimble tongue, which she let slowly explore her partner's nether regions while she brought her hands to Alice's stomach. At the same time her hands worked their magic on Alice's belly, which thanks to the pull of gravity now looked 6 months along. She felt so full of life as Jenny's hands rose and fell across her pregnant belly and relished the tightness of her skin as it stretched out as far as it could go. Alice's skin was now incredibly taut, and when Jen tried to make her hands meet on the other side of her stomach she couldn't reach all the way around.

Cissy is a Cougar

fetish 2018-05-01

"Cissy....I...I think you better stop....." he pleaded, it was too late, he flooded my mouth with cum, I swallowed quickly not wanting to lose any, then after licking the residue off sat up only to see that a guy had been standing next to Ian's door watching me. "Oh baby I want to feel your big cock in my pussy" I purred, then dropped to my knees, I chewed his bulge through his pants then unzipped them pulling his cock out, "god Ian how big are you"? "I think it's a really big cock" I giggled, then started sucking it, as I did each time I slid my mouth down his shaft I took a little more of it's length, swallowing it further down my throat until finally my nose was in his pubic hair.

The Three Porcelaineers, Plus One Pt. 01

fetish anonymous3 2018-05-01

Tasha said there was another bath down there, and her massage room, with a couple of closets, utility area, and a sitting room in the remaining space. Tasha instructed me to sit in the living room and occupy my time while she did dishes, because she wanted time to think without me in the immediate area. I put my hand down and just let myself feel Tasha standing there, and enjoying the turd she'd left on my back. Tasha let her hands gently work the nerve bundle at the base of my spine, just above my butt. Like the time I let you take a dump on my face," I said.

Just one of my Fantasies

fetish HippyTec 2018-05-01

You are moaning and even screaming a bit tongue playing more and fingers going faster and deeper you yell...OH GOD, I know you are about to explode and pull you in closer then ever...burying my face into your pussy I suck up every drop of you....Mmmmmmmm you taste sooooo good. I tell you to hang on to me as I carry you to a chair and sit down....still deep inside of you we continue to lean back slightly putting my cock deeper in you then ever before....we both moan at the same time....I can feel me getting begin to bounce hard and moan a lot.....I scream....

Wife Wants Me to Cheat, Ch. 01

fetish a_random_user 2018-05-01

"Now you just let me talk honey," Maeko said, making sure both her hands were moving around the whole outline of my dick, "and enjoy being rubbed, ok?" I thought my wife was about to play the same game as with the blonde stripper - telling me to imagine I was fucking Juni as a way to let out my sexual frustration. "He likes a slow handjob that goes all the way to the base of his cock," she said, and Juni comjplied, slowly squeezing her hand and moving it over my dick - it felt divine. After she came, Maeko sat on her knees behind me and started rubbing my dick as it was coming in and out of Juni's cunt.

Hand Job Slut Ch. 08

fetish Carnevil9 2018-05-01

It is well suited to the Double O-Ring Piston stroke that we have studied back in our lecture sessions." Nancy made an O-ring out of the thumb and forefinger of each of her hands, and placed them, together, at the middle of Stew's already-stiffening cock. As Nancy's talented hands continued to slip and slide up and down his raging cock shaft, Stew was vaguely aware of the three pretty interns watching the action so intently. The O-ring of her thumb and forefinger deftly stroked Daryl's now-glowing shaft, and her other fingers massaged and manipulated his sensitive cock head and rim on each upstroke. Sandi lengthened her stroke, slipping her soft right hand up and over Curt's flaring, purple, engorged cock head, and his ultra-sensitive corona, before sliding it back down the shaft.

A quick story

fetish 2018-05-01

Late one night when he was doing laundry he noticed the gown in the dirty clothes, so he thought how good the gown felt, so he took into the spare bathroom to try it on. It was late one night that I noticed how soft and silky your nightgowns felt, and how excited I got by touching them, so I thought why not as long as I washed them right away." He knew this because of the few times he told some other women on the internet that he liked wearing lingerie they would stop talking to him. It was then the wife informed him that her friend knew all about him wearing panties, bras and lingerie.

An Angel for Christmas Ch. 2

fetish Samuari 2018-05-01

"I think that a shower will do me a world of good, and you can fix breakfast while I'm cleaning up." Angel stiffened a little, and hung her head and nodded. "Angel, get on that cock and ride!" She smiled and lowered her cunt on to my now slick erection. I put my tongue out, tried to stiffen it to be like a little cock, but she pushed against it so hard that it was all that I could do to swallow the fluids pouring out of her cunt. I hadn't really thought about staying Angel all the time, but that does sound exciting!" Her eyes sparkled, and I could see her nipples swell, at the thought.

Strap-On Enterprises Ch. 02

fetish cby2 2018-05-01

I'm back for a second interview because you walked in on Ms. Kitrell fucking my ass, and you saw just how much I was enjoying it. "You passed Ms. Kitrell's interview, Sam. She said you loved taking her cock. "I'm begging you, Sam. Please fuck my ass," Ms. Kitrell begged. And, I had assumed I was going to get to fuck Erica's ass, but Ms. Gere now wanted me to make her cum by licking her. "Well, he has the confidence I'm looking for," Ms. Gere said as she applied lubricant to my ass. Lick it, Sam. Suck on my ass if you want to make me cum." I was engulfed in Ms. Kitrell's ass, and I wanted desperately to cum.

Busted Wearing Panties Ch. 01

fetish naughty_bi_interest 2018-05-01

I was still in panic mode as I threw the top back in the drawer and as I heard Jessica coming up the stairs I grabbed a pair of sweat pants and a t-shirt and slipped them on over my red panties, just in time to hear her knocking at the bedroom door. Enjoy the feeling." I felt Jessica's hand move down to my cum filled panties and push her hand past the waist line and grab my cum drenched cock. I would love to see Chris dressed up in nylons, slip, and panties." Jessica looked at me and patted the back of my hand, which was resting on the top of the table.