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Erotic Fetish stories

A large collection of fetisch short stories covering everything from pantyhoses to feet and more.

Being His Kitten Ch. 01

fetish SweetSacrifice 2018-05-01

Immediately Claire knows that it's Lucas, and she scrambles up out of her chair and kneels next to it, spreading her knees slightly, placing her palms flat on her thighs, and looking straight ahead, keeping her back straight. On the table sits a pet collar, a headband with cat ears on it, a pair of mittens that look like paws - although Claire can't be sure - something in a small package that comes with adhesive, a butt plug tail, and two bowls with her name written in cursive across one side of each. And besides, Kitten hasn't earned it yet." Claire opens her mouth to protest, then Lucas interjects "Ah ah ah, Kittens can't speak." He smirks as he crouches down in front of her to stroke her hair, and she smiles and leans into his hand.

Lovely in Latex

fetish Luna_lit 2018-05-01

Pulling on the chains they clinked repeatedly against the metal surface as they fell freeing the lid for her to open slowly, her eyes already glazed as they fell upon what looked like yards of black rubber. She licked her lips, feeling delicious as an ice-cream sundae on a hot afternoon and walked slowly towards him never taking her eyes from his which smoldered impossibly beneath her long mascara coated lashes. fill me with your cock, use my holes for your amusement, fuck your little whore like the piece of meat that I am but more than this take pleasure in knowing I am yours and yours alone." He smiled and nodded at her to continue.

Ball Crusher

fetish fisterguy 2018-05-01

She carefully placed the point of her heel on his right testicle and then applied her weight to it, the slave tried to jerk away but she increased the pressure, her heel crushing his ball, flattening it under the small area of her stiletto. A high pitched scream filled the room and Sadome kept grinding her heel into the mangled testicle, she raised her foot, bl**d dripping from the heel, and smashed it down on his entire scrotum, she could feel the other testicle crunching beneath the sole of her boot, she now stood with all her weight on his balls as bl**d poured from his destroyed manhood and the most agonized, tormented, sounds of absolute atrocious pain reverberated as the slave cried in utter shock.

Tereza's Panties Ch. 01

fetish viajero 2018-05-01

I have been good friends with my neighbors Greg and Tereza since college. We were so close that when I moved further East in East Town, Greg persuaded Tereza that they needed follow suit. We had discovered that we shared a passion and a palette for complex red wine, and we drank two bottles almost every night we spent together. I watched as the cats ate their food, found the only clean wine glass in the apartment, and uncorked the bottle. I did not even like Tereza, and she was my best friends wife, but I could not push the picture of her panties, nor of the image of her in them, from my head. I knocked at the door, and watched through the small framed windows as Tereza approached.

Shawna's Fourth Ch. 1

fetish Oli 2018-05-01

In her mid 30's, she wore a clingy white silk blouse open to the top of her breasts, a triple strand of pearls around her neck and a knee length black leather skirt that hugged her slender hips. Suzanne's hand left mine and brushed over my face as she pushed my hair back over my shoulder. A delicate hand slid across my ass and gripped my hip as Karen looked over my shoulder, pressing a breast into my side. Timothy turned and looked at Karen, who nodded, then went to the door alone to escorted Suzanne to the car. I watched as their tongues danced together, Karen's well manicured hand squeezing one of Suzanne's breasts, a low moan escaping the interlocked mouths.

Slim Girl to Fat Bitch Ch. 03

fetish robin35 2018-05-01

Bev knew that she wanted to be made love to by both David and Gladys. "Talking Bev. We did not talk to each other about sex and it was one night when you asked me to be a black man and have you call me Master that I realised you enjoyed sex more than you let on and then I discovered your secret case one day and you had left it open and I rifled through it and found out what you liked to wank to." She really was a sexy woman and would definitely make a good slave for him and a good mistress for Bev. Once she was on her knees David slapped her round the face and said.

Dominant Wife Serves A Master

fetish Anal Slave 2018-05-01

My wife wrapped her lips around the head of his cock and started the tongue action she stopped for a minute and told me to suck on his balls while she made his cock harder, when he was ready to cum she took his cock out of her mouth and stuck it in my mouth and jacked his cock off. He was fucking her hard when I felt his balls draw up tight and cum started pumping into my wife's pussy, he pulled his cock out and sperm was streaming out of her pussy right into my mouth, her pussy was so gapped apart I could see her uterus hanging out.

My Sexual Awakening Ch. 4

fetish Barbara 2018-05-01

The combination of the medication and the wind blowing around my genitals sporting my clit ring was making me feel careless and when my dress blew upward and exposed my more intimate areas I displayed no concern at all, not constantly trying to cover up immediately but allowing the dress to fall back naturally without my help. Des promised me that he would take me shopping for a new wardrobe when we returned home, for suitably revealing, but acceptable evening apparel, so we could go out day or night dressed to accommodate our fantasies whilst not risking being turned away from entry to the more conventional entertainment venues in the city by virtue of non complying dress code.

Rain Man

fetish Bob_6 2018-05-01

I walked behind him; I suppose he meant some sort of cleaning cloth for the floor, I put a hand on his shoulder and said, "Sit down or better still take off your shirt and put it in the wash, I'll clear up." He zipped himself up and looked round to me as he went to wash his hands, he said, "Are you trying to shove those things in my direction?" I took his cock and brought it to my lips and said, "Okay, fuck my throat till you cum." He continued and face fucked me for another five and then he let go of my boobs and took hold of my head and rammed his cock deep.

Thirty Three

fetish Mr. Unsexy 2018-05-01

That night, Daphne had left three pairs of her panties in a trail for Jeff to follow to the back yard. Karen glanced up and down Jeff's body, and quickly looked back at Wilma. Her matching black panties were occupied by a plump, juicy little ass that Jeff ached to reach out and grab. God, she looked so hot in it, but something told Jeff to wait a little longer. Karen sat in a chair facing Jeff's window and reached her hand down inside her panties. The next morning Jeff woke up with Karen's panties in his hand. As he came he thought of what her face looked like the night before, when she brought herself to an orgasm seated in that chair.


fetish Mareus 2018-05-01

The note explained I should slip on the contents of the packet, then get dressed and make my way to Emily's. I opened the second packet and inside I found a pair of yellow nylon panties. After a few minutes of kissing and stroking each other, Emily raised herself a little and slowly pulled my panties out of her pussy. When they were in my mouth, she joined me and we kissed each other whilst licking and sucking the sodden panties. Next, Emily removed my panties from my mouth and wrapped them around my cock, creating a satin sheath. Emily climbed off me carefully to ensure my cock remained inside the wet satin material.

Discovering My Girlfriend Ch. 3

fetish Scotsdude 2018-05-01

I didn’t know what to expect when Natalia and Sara came through the door, half an hour later. If you don’t like it, you’ll be punished. Whatever happens, you’ll be that whore, there isn’t anything you can do about it. "IT WILL BE YES, MISTRESS, UNDERSTAND?" She screamed. You’ll address Sara in the same way. "From now on you’ll wear women’s underwear. "Yes, almighty one." Although I was scared, this sounded like it could be fun. She then started to beat me with the paddle across the backside, while Sara slapped me across the face. Natalia didn’t hold back, she just beat me, not lightly, with all her force. "That’s better." They beat me for almost half an hour.

Black Girls Can't Be Cheerleaders Ch. 04

fetish Phoenix Arrow 2018-05-01

From days past Miss Simons could remember their usual class disturbances, but rarely paid attention to how they affected the white teacher. "Oh its nothing Marsha, I only wanted to make sure everything was going ok with the detention." As she spoke, she quickly noticed Brandy in the back of the classroom, writing something on the board. I wonder who else you would want to be up there instead of Brandy, writing a hundred times on the board like a bad girl." In astonishment, Miss Simons watched as her admired teacher and co- worker sheepishly walked slowly past Trish, past a now very confident Brandy to the board. Miss Simons could see a glazed look in Marsha's eyes, as if she were experiencing a dream, a fantasy that was finally coming true.

Mother's Milk Ch. 03

fetish StrongMaster7 2018-05-01

Sherry, Alice, Bonnie and Steven piled into his old car and followed Juliet's Lexus to her palatial home. In spite of Juliet's less-than-sensitive attitude, he wanted to relieve Sherry and Alice and deep down he was hungry for the milk, for the sensation of feeding and for the excitement and release he knew they would give him. Sherry stepped back and watched the slightly butch Juliet suckle like a titty baby at Alice's big milk bag. And as the twin mouths pulling and sucking hard on her nipples pushed Alice over the edge, Sherry rubbed his pre-come all over his cock with a finger then began pumping it vigorously.

Laura Roft: Piss Raider Ch. 04

fetish leaky_one 2018-05-01

"I can't believe you're doing that in public" Annabel whispered her eyes never once leaving the sight of Laura having a piss over the bar floor. Laura lent back over and laid a warm hand on Annabel's arm and whispered again into her ear "Don't you think you need to prove to me first that you're daring enough to be rewarded with an interview?" For the briefest moment she turned away from the sight of Annabel's spraying piss fountain and grabbed her now empty glass from the bar. Placing the piss filled cocktail glass back on the bar, Laura was quite tempted to make Annabel drink her own pee as well as part of their bargain but now she could wait no longer.

Peeping Tom

fetish GeorgeoftheJungle 2018-05-01

He laid on the bed and took all of those silky panties and began rubbing them all over his body. Then he closed his eyes and began to fantasize having sex with Amy. He started speaking out and moaning as the silk was massaging his balls and stroking his cock. Amy thought this was a great idea, so the girls jumped on George, pinned him down and began to tie him to the bed. They started rubbing Amy's silky panties all over him and the feeling of having 10 hands doing this was absolutely insane. He sucked on all their pussies and finally Amy pulled her panties to the side and got on top of his cock.


fetish 2018-05-01

I held her beautiful face in my hands, brushing away the steam of tears away from er cheek. Mom blushed but did not restain my hand as it advanced closer to her breasts, my thumb now slipping into the deep cleavage. I attempted to kiss but she twisted her head away until I held it firmly in my hands and kissed. There was no time to appraise the lovely body before me as I worked my hand between her legs and prised them apart and began fingering the pussy buried under a dense nest of dark pubic hair. While this went on I was stroking my own cock and positioned her for penetration, but once she sensed this her struggled resumed and I had to pin her legs firmly down and with one thrust thrsut my engorged cock deep into mom's cunt.

Alternative Therapy

fetish sakura_inverse 2018-05-01

If you weren't standing in mud right now, what do you think you would be standing in right now?" She once again tried to bring her hands up to guard herself buy I quickly said "Just keep your hands down and tell me what you feel." She gently brought her hands down towards the mud and said "It kinda feels like I'm standin' in a hot tub full of glue. Even while the mud swallowed her hips and splattered her to the point she was completely covered, I couldn't help but subtly lead her to confidence. Already I could feel her confidence rising to the point where her hands were no longer ready to cover herself.

First Little Piggy Pt. 01

fetish TurvyTopsy 2018-04-30

Lady Wolf shook her head sadly, and said "Ah well, what a shame I was so looking forward to this Tilly, I shall have to find someone else to fulfill my fantasy." And she headed towards the door. Lady Wolf stopped and turned sharply on her heel, giving Tilly a hard look she said "Remember, no games, are you committed to being my little piggy?" "What are you waiting for Piggy, shove those tits in the mud and thrust that ass in the air!" Lady Wolf demanded "Ah, so she is a real piggy after all, good girl Tilly, go on make yourself cum in the mud, I want to her your snorting and squealing as you cum!"

Randy Old Folks' Home Ch. 01

fetish LaPatitMort 2018-04-30

I was sixty-six myself but I was healthy, took care of my wife - who should be in such a facility - and I spent way too much time alone, depressed, escaping into the internet, taking my wife to appointments and doing things that really did not need to be done. In a few weeks, there were four regulars at his table and he motioned me over, introducing me to all of the "guys." Over the following couple of months, I learned about each of their working lives and how they wound up at the "Rose Garden Assisted Living Facility." All had originally gone there as part of a husband and wife team. Day and night they had lots of time to talk, tell stories and share while their men were away, not talking and being quiet while they hunted.

Julie's Pantyhose Sex Ch. 01

fetish SylviaG 2018-04-30

Obviously it was all posed by models, but by the time I got to the photo of him ripping a hole in her tights and fucking her hard, I was grinding my fingers into my soaked pussy. Barry noticed I made sure of that, but he was too scared to ask why I had been wearing tights and knee length skirts for the last few days. He'd tell me I was asking for it not wearing any panties," I said making a fake distressed whimper, "Just think, he would force his hand down the front of my pantyhose as he grabbed my tits." He soon got the message and began pushing my tights into my soaked fanny.

My breasts

fetish 2018-04-30

My Breasts by Summer My breasts are full My breasts are full and swollen My breasts are swollen and large My breasts are large and round My breasts are round and veined My breasts are full of milk My breasts are swollen with milk My breasts are large with milk My breasts are round with milk My breasts are veined with milk My full, swollen, large, round, veined breasts My milky cream breasts Full of life's sweet nectar Full of creamy milk waiting to be d***k Come drink from me My full, swollen, large, round, veined breasts My bare womanly breasts Full of heavenly milk Full of heavenly milk waiting to be suckled Come suckle me

Disney Upskirt

fetish 2018-04-30

This wasn’t the first time that she let guys peek up her skirt, so she could easily tell when someone got a good view simply by how their eyes opened wider and how eagerly they seemed to want to stare at her exposed panties. She gave him a smile as she walked away and said something to the effect of, " Thanks, and let’s be honest We both know that the real thrills on this ride were you evidently looking directly up my skirt and now staring at my exposed tits under my wet top, So how much did you enjoyed the ride?"

His Slut

fetish Kalista 2018-04-30

I know no pleasure greater than the bruising of my throat by a large cock, the almost pain of large hands buried in my hair, pulling me tighter, owning me, controlling me. My tongue was *loving* the feel of this cock - I could tell he'd recently showered - so the taste was simply clean, a man, it tasted so good I couldn't get enough. My hair is long and straight - no curl - and I felt him wrapping it around his hands, tugging gently - later sharper as I worked my mouth a little further down around his cock. I felt his cock pushing to enter my throat but I couldn't stand the gagging and tried to twist away.