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Erotic Fetish stories

A large collection of fetisch short stories covering everything from pantyhoses to feet and more.

Willows transformation 2

fetish stig1963 2018-04-30

Jason placed his hands under my arms and pulled me up till my face met Ferns ass. Fern snapped her fingers, and Jason lifted me to my knees and brought my hands behind my back and cuffed them there. Aided by Jason's grip on my neck and his promise of rewards to come, I accepted 50 strokes with the back of the brush (I counted to myself) with only minor screams, though I was sobbing uncontrollably by the time Fern finished. "Now, dear willow," said Fern, "we are going to place a hose into the bucket. She pointed to the camera, and Jason turned it off Fern then uncuffed my hands. I lay on my back on the floor, feeling the pain in my nipples, on my ass, and in my jaw, where Fern=s panties still gagged me.

The Club Pt. 01

fetish Ha275 2018-04-30

Mario and June decided to walk towards the building where the underground club was. June walked Mario towards the back of the club as he witnessed the surroundings around him. You Mr Mario Hernan Cortez will be taking on Miss June Klein and Miss Faith Gunter in ten minutes. "Don't cry in there tiger." commented June as Mario was walking towards the hallway which led to the ring. Mario walked into the ring nude and received no interest from the crowd whatsoever. Faith and June walked in and the crowd of nearly 50 plus went wild. Mario, however seized the day and flipped Faith off himself and she ended up landing on top of June.

"T" is for Tied Teased Tormented

fetish chanstevens 2018-04-30

Your naked body is supported firmly in the hammock, there is a gap for your face so that you enjoy an unrestricted view to the front and side below you - and your cock and balls are hanging free through one of the large gaps in the fence net; your left arm is taped firmly to your side, your knees and ankles taped together but your right arm is free. Quickly you grab your stiffening dick in your right hand and start to wank it, flushed with lust at the sight of your girlfriend dressed as she is and being pleasured by the gorgeous sexy slut Chantelle! Chantelle grabs Emma's head and moves it back and forward over your dick in a slow wanking motion complementing the rhythm of your right hand stokes.

A Clean Mouth

fetish Namazuros 2018-04-30

"You fucking fix me this second, you worthless Chinese slut!" I wrestled on top of her, rubbing my hips against hers, trying to hold her down, my hands stroking her breasts as I pressed myself tight against her...I shook my head a little...wait...this wasn't right...but then she leaned up and licked my lips, and ooooh God, it was like a burst of pleasure, a tiny orgasm in my mouth that made my hips quiver with need...then I felt myself roughly shoved on the floor, and Jie was suddenly kneeling next to me, smirking down at my trembling form.

Amelia and the Tutor Ch. 02

fetish AllHeel 2018-04-30

"Mr Daniels has been buying me nice things; he knows how to treat a girl." Amelia put her hand on the tutors shoulder, who cowered by the bannisters as the man studied him. "Of course not, do you think I would lower myself to a grubby, penniless little beetle like him?" She kissed his cock and brushed her thumb along the base, he grabbed at her head again and she ducked out of the way. "I like real men, alpha males with big cocks and lots of money, but if he wants to buy me things and dream a hopeless little dream, well it would simply be cruel to deny him such a simple pleasure."

The Sexy Cuckold Couple Pt. 14

fetish cuckcpl4play 2018-04-30

Everyone laughed at Master's comment and as the hard fucking continued, Thomas and Sir Gilbert each approached and simultaneously positioned their hardening cocks into slut's left and right hand. Sir Jeremy quickly pulled his mammoth cock out of her throat and let his continuous streams of warm cum fill her slutty mouth. As Sir Sam pulled his humungous cock from my wife's engorged pussy, Mistress Deana immediately took hold of slut's swollen cunt lips holding them tightly closed. Sir Sam ordered me up on the bed and I knew the routine, I opened my eager sissy mouth and enthusiastically took his still throbbing massive member deep into my throat.

Bee Is Obedient

fetish Orgone69 2018-04-30

Bee felt sorry for these people, as they couldn't help it and had not learned the delights of pee desperation, but their heartfelt sad stories did little to alleviate the growing pressure and pain swelling between Bee's legs. Bee cried out, tears coursing down her face as the excruciating agony in her cunt finally let go a torrent of pee that arced across the pathway, her arse impaled, her cunt spread wide open by the wooden carved tongue, her busting bladder gushing forth an unstoppable torrent of pee. Bee's pee continued until her bladder was finally and desperately relieved, she fell back across the dragon's head suddenly realising the intrusion into her bottom.

The Awakening Ch. 01

fetish InNeed101 2018-04-30

As he tried to focus on the surroundings of the movie, he noted some movement to the left of the entertainment stand and suddenly, the form of Andrea came into the flickering light of the candles. He took in a quick gasp as he noted her obviously soft, black leather corset with matching gloves and the thigh-high, black, patent-leather, high-heeled boots. Taking a quick second to look back at the screen, it occurred to him why there was such familiarity in the porn movie; the brunette Andrea was wearing a blond wig in the video. Andrea returned to the room and sat on the couch next to the purchases and placed her leather-clad legs on Thom's back like an ottoman.

Fiona's First Time Ch. 02

fetish HenryWilcox 2018-04-30

Henry was now stood in front of her, smiling at her messy state, and she realised he was looking at her with pure lust in his eyes - a glance down revealed to her that he was very excited at what he saw. She glanced back at Henry as she did so, and smiled to herself as she saw his eyes tracking up her messy legs, splattered with chocolate syrup, custard, beans and raw eggs before his sight-line made it to her bottom - her skirt had ridden up enough to hint at what lay beneath it, but it didn't brazenly show him everything.

How To Be A Boi Bitch Lesson 01

fetish gothicboibitch 2018-04-30

To be a bitch, darlings, is to celebrate. You want those cocks to be stirred when they see you, boi or girl, it makes no difference. I want to be a bitch. I want to be a bitch. I want to be a bitch. And bitches don't shop in convenience stores, darlings. Like a whore ready to give you everything, if you know what you want. You don't want to look anything less than your very best, darlings. A smoke should be slender, an extension of your hand, your fingers, not like the cock of a fat, old man between your lips. I also prefer cigarette holders when I am a bitch. To teach you the rest you need to know.

The Pie

fetish jeninflorida 2018-04-30

There was nothing I could do as my body was in complete control I started to cum in her, Holly moaned as I released in her. Holly worked my cock in her pussy as I enjoyed the last of my orgasm. Make me cum baby!" As I withdrawal my cock from Holly, I looked out the window to notice that our neighbors had a construction crew working on the new pool deck. Holly looked down at me, "I need this baby, make me cum." She moved forward and her lips touched mine. Holly was moaning and squirming, loved feeling her body touching mine as her skin is so soft. "You like watching me touch myself?" She slipped two fingers into her wet pussy.

Covert Pervert Ch. 02

fetish sheepyboy 2018-04-30

After the unexpected of sight of Martin peeing yesterday, Lexi had struggled to concentrate on anything else throughout most of the day. On her way to the college library as usual, she walked past one of the science laboratories, glancing through the glass panel of the door. Upon hearing footsteps outside, he glanced at the door panel and noticed the attractive new library assistant Lexi Hamilton walk past. Whoever the woman was, she trying hard to remain hidden, but struggling - because as his stream began to ease, he heard her breathless words "Oh Martin, if only you knew..." he was pretty sure that's what she'd said. He decided to take a risk and see if Lexi would react favourably to him letting her know she was watching.

Request to a Femdom Escort

fetish DrSpXmt 2018-04-30

lightly smack my erect cock a few times before ignoring it and continuing the massage on my front from your unconventional position on my face, always slowly rocking your pussy and ass over my nose and across my mouth. once they are clean you order me to slowly work my way up your legs with my tongue as you grab another dildo and start fucking yourself with it. when I reach the top of your legs you turn around, flop down onto your hands and knees still fucking yourself with the dildo and order me to get my tongue in your ass until you cum.

Stretching Peggy's Bladder

fetish Francine-frcxa 2018-04-30

As an only child, and with few other children in the area, she had learned to amuse herself in the outdoors, exploring, climbing, watching the small woodland wildlife, and just enjoying walking through the forest and feeling the leaves brush her body, the grass beneath her feet, and the warm air on her body. She finally got around to telling him that she liked to come to the woods, take her clothes off, and walk around a bit without them in the forest, and he responded with some interest. For today, she thought, she was again going to do what she had done as a young girl forty years ago - she was going to find a secluded spot, hang up her clothes, and, for a little while, take a private hike in the forest completely nude.

Vicar Fuck

fetish subiana 2018-04-30

My cunt juices were leaking down the inside of my thighs as I went back to blowing Ray. He made some noises about wanting to fuck me, but I wouldn't let him pull his cock out of my mouth. I licked and sucked my ass juices off the monster dildo as the vicar watched, and then he went behind me and I felt his hard cock entering my tired cunt. The whole of my rectum was flattened by the air inflated dildo stretching my cunt from the inside and I felt the vicar's cock like a rod of hot iron boring his way up my ass.

Sun Hee Ch. 05

fetish metalimbic 2018-04-30

However much Sun Hee wanted control, her roommate Jin Sook was the clear alpha girl of the group, the glamorous "mean girl" who came from money and let everyone know it. The worst - by which I mean the best - was when Sun Hee would point to a couple or to a group of young women and ask how I thought they would react if "she knew I was locked in a cage"? We made up little stories about the people we passed, and Sun Hee especially enjoyed the way I couldn't help but stammer every time she teased me about one of the passing women knowing about my cage or seeing it through my pants.

Unintentionally Wet Vacation Pt. 02

fetish xinycep 2018-04-30

Her feet were cold too, she now realized; some pee must have run down her legs and into her shoes when she had crouched down and lost control of her bladder just outside the airport bathroom. Zoe sat down in the nearly deserted waiting area while Jason retrieved his carry-on bag from the plane. Upon entering the small cabin, Zoe observed a familiar hotel-style bedroom layout: two single beds on opposite sides of the room, with a bathroom tucked in one corner. Zoe fiddled around with her suitcase until Amber closed the door to the bathroom, then she quickly peeled off Jason's hoodie. Zoe felt him push her bottoms down a little and slide his fingers slightly inside to brush away some sand.

The Harem Slave Ch. 15

fetish naughtybabygirl 2018-04-30

When she finally stopped screaming, she opened her eyes and looked up at Eric sheepishly. "And are you furthermore aware," Eric growled, pushing the barrel just inside her opening, "that public masturbation carries a heavy penalty?" Then Eric began to slide the gun in and out of her. Sophie squealed, feeling another orgasm build as the barrel stroked her g-spot again and again. Letting out a scream, she began to cum, filling the barrel with her juices and gushing the rest out onto the grass. Fighting back the urge to squeal with pleasure, Sophie managed, "Oh, officer, I'm so sorry. Eager to alleviate his rock-hard dick, Eric left his baton lodged in Sophie's ass and crawled over to the Master, who waited patiently for him.

Our True Marriage Life

fetish SlaveJ 2018-04-30

After everything was locked, she grabbed the tip of my penis and said "this belongs to me now!" When Julie came home the next day, she presented me with a strap-on dildo. As I quietly peeked through the slants on the closet door, my whole body tingled with pleasure as I watched Mark's fingers gently stroke Julie's pussy hairs only 2 or 3 feet away. There was no doubt Julie liked having me lick Mark's cum out of her pussy. Finally, after I gave sufficient praise of Mark's cock, Julie wrapped her fingers around my penis, and began to stroke me. Once Julie removed Mark's jock strap, she made sure I got a good long view of where all that cum came from!

White Slave Ch. 01

fetish Gringao 2018-04-30

The sloe-eyed Arab woman slowly climbed onto the damp bed with her love, straddling the white-skinned beauty's body, their breasts touching as they searched each other's mouth with their tongues. Jamilah took one pink nipple into her mouth and swirled her tongue over it, moaning softly as her pussy wept tears of sweet passion for Baraka's probing fingers. Pulling Jamilah toward the head of her bed, Baraka slid under her lover's body, passing the red and green gems dangling from her waist, until her breath was on the folds of her nurse's pink pussy. Baraka, aroused by the touch and taste of her loving nurse's pussy on her tongue, began to massage her own pussy, remembering how many times Jamilah's fingers had pleasured her.

Paradiso Ch. 10

fetish SlyKink 2018-04-30

"And every time your asshole is empty and you don't have a dick in your mouth, I want to hear you beg for more hard cock in your ass. You feel his cock swell and jerk and finally his hot cum rises up from his balls, surges up every inch of his hard dick and blasts against your insides as he moans. It feels like it's splitting you in half but you only moan because this is what you've dreamed of; being completely subservient to a giant black cock, being owned by these hot studs who want to fuck you like the slutty little bitch you are!"

That'll Teach the Rich Bitch!

fetish English_Girl 2018-04-30

Satisfied, he left the kitchen and grinned to himself when he thought of Fiona cooking food in the wok, and drinking from her mug. Jonathan could see straight away that Fiona was so absolutely drunk, that she probably didn't even know her own name right now, let alone have the capabilities to drink the water or walk to her room. As it flowed its way back into her throat, she began to gag, and fearful that the other girls would hear her, Jonathan lifted her head gently, and coaxed her to drink water from a glass that Sam had left next to the bed.

Jill's Spanking Ch. 02

fetish guy4funuk1 2018-04-30

She put her fingers in the elastic waistband of the knickers and slowly pulled them down to my knees, my cock was rock hard and pointing at her face, she smiled "now back over my knee." The first spank landed and it stung like hell, it took a lot of control not to kick my legs up as Jill had done the first time her bare bum was spanked and I could also feel my orgasm building I did my best not to cum but when the twelfth spank landed I came all over her skirt.

Ultra Mint Lip-Gloss

fetish PicturePainter 2018-04-30

But today, as a surprise Sally had planned to wear some ultra mint lip-gloss for the sucking which she knew would make John's cock tingle so beautifully and make him cum even harder. As she did she felt the rough hands of the security guard mauling at her breasts and she moaned gently as she opened her red lips before closing them over the man's thick cock. The guard pushed deeper as Sally felt her breasts being mauled this time by the older man who was clearly enjoying himself as he touched and caressed the teenagers fat melons. Releasing the cock and leaning back Sally lifted her breasts as an offer to the men and they started to wank furiously before shooting in long strings of cum splattering her far and fat breasts.