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Erotic Fetish stories

A large collection of fetisch short stories covering everything from pantyhoses to feet and more.


fetish klammer 2018-04-30

and as they went out the door, Vicky turned to Jason and said, "you and let these other girls see you naked." Jason knew that Vicky was cute" said Vicky "but I think he's really a girl too." girls attacked Vicky's wardrobe to find clothes suitable for Jason to little cock and balls and Susan who saw the look on Jason's face just "Look girls, I think Jason likes his new clothes," Lisa observed. Susan just smiled and said "thanks Jason." Vicky jerked him back As he turned, Jason saw a young girl, maybe 10 years old, in her white As they passed Vicky's open bedroom door the boys saw the girls inside Jason looked at Vicky standing with her arms crossed over her chest,

My Giantess Adventure

fetish wandwiz12 2018-04-30

Just as I turn to see who it was when one of Norma's bountiful and curvaceous hips bumps my shoulder again. All I can think about is the feeling of her warm hand on my head. Before I could think anything Norma finds my copy of Big Hooters magazine lying on the coffee table. One of her breast sits against my face like a soft pillow, the other rests on my chest. She envelopes my swollen member with her large hand and plants it back into her warm wet hole She then rolls on her back placing me on top of her. The following morning I awake to a spinning hangover but to my surprise I'm still fully wrapped in Norma's warm body.

feeding them more cum

fetish ynot692k1 2018-04-30

i work in a new restaurant, two YOUNG girls came in and ordered eggs, and the other ordered a lox and bagel. i stared at them and pulled my cock out. started to beat it, felt my load cumming on so i grabbed her eggs cummed in them, then cooked them up. its a small restaurant so i took the food out to them my self they thanked me and i smiled. i stood back and watched them eat! they both went to the bathroom at the same time so i followed them, the smaller one had a bald little pussy. and the older one had a tiny patch of hair just above her tiny slit. so i jerked off again!

Mr. Norton From Next Door Ch. 05

fetish Quin 2018-04-30

The others were undressed, dicks hard -- had they been fucking Brenda, allowing the boy to watch how his aunt enjoys cock? I saw Norton and the arse-fucker leave the boy to go over to Moira and while the guy made her lick his dick Norton decided his wife needed chastising and taking up the whip he brought it smartly across her buttocks though the pain it caused only bounced her body more firmly against her lover's cock. The eyes of the boy looked deep into mine and in the midst of our torment we seemed to both sob and smirk not knowing now what was pain and what was pleasurable relief as lash and feather played over our bodies.

Jaycee Joins Jasma

fetish jayrandolf 2018-04-30

"Rick-I can't take this ache- suck my milk." Jasma moaned, and she began to pant and stroke my prick with renewed vigor. "You see, Jaycee needs someone to relieve her tit-milk, too." At this, Jasma squirted her nipple directly onto my cock. I was drowning in sweet tit milk, and it splashed greedily down the front of my shirt and onto my pants as I suckled and gurgled on Jasma's 19 year old sister. Now Jasma was so excited she scooted in front of her sister, and facing her, began to suck on Jaycee's enormous brown udders. I reached through the window and squirted Jasma's tit milk all over the front of Jaycee, which only caused Jasma to suck harder on her sister's fat tits.

Our Girl at Spanky's

fetish MadaamMeg 2018-04-30

My hubby jabs the back of Our Girl's mouth to remind her that she was supposed to be sucking his cock. My lips were still locked around the cock and my moaning must have really done something for the guy in the next stall, because he began shooting a load deep into my mouth. I was too busy being pounded to realize that the guy on the other side of the door had cum deep in Our Girl's pussy. The dick disappeared, and Our Girl started scooping cum out of her pussy and sucking it into her mouth. He pulls his dick out of me, and slides it in her mouth, giving her a taste and, before long, blasts a load all over her face.

The Harem Slave Ch. 05

fetish naughtybabygirl 2018-04-30

Another long, loud fart rippled from Sophie's ass before her hole finally closed up. Sophie got on her hands and knees and pulled his cheeks apart, revealing his anus. "Yes, baby girl, that is definitely what I want you for." He reached back and slid the plug easily out of her ass, then back in again. Stevens continued to push the object in, forcing the shit back into Sophie's intestines. Stevens wiped her sweet little asshole with a clean, wet rag, then slid her butt plug easily back in. The round plug in her ass tightened her pussy even more, and it wasn't long before Stevens was pumping his own load into her sloppy twat.

Proud Holders Ch. 07

fetish Adrian69702006 2018-04-30

I had to placate an extremely irate Mrs Glenson yesterday evening and I have to tell you she was not in the slightest bit amused by your little performance in her class. You're a grown woman, for goodness sake, and you've worked in an industry where people have to hold it sometimes. All you had to do was hold it for half an hour until Mrs Glenson's class was over. To be blunt Mrs Glenson thinks you did it deliberately either, as a form of attention seeking or, because you simply wanted to take the piss out of her. When your bladders get the message that it's not a big deal - and I'm confident they will - you'll be able to exercise control and hold so much more easily.

Tell Me You Love Me

fetish kinda I want to 2018-04-30

Stroke my pussy with one fingertip; tease me, dip inside only shallowly before lightly pressing against my clit. Slowly wet one finger and slide it deep inside my pussy as you continue to lick and suck my clit. Don't give in when I don't, instead reach around and slowly stroke my clit again as you tease my pussy with just the head of your cock. This time don't stop; keep thrusting slowly in and out, feeling every silken inch of my pussy stroking the long, hard length of you. Tell me, "Come for me now, baby." Keep thrusting as a groan starts deep in my throat and I spasm hard around your cock.

Wet Interlude

fetish TwistedPlayr 2018-04-30

"I'll call the restaurant and make sure they have a table." Kyle said as she headed down the hall. "No, I think you should kneel and help me out." Kate said, pointing her finger at the floor. Kyle swallowed and kept swallowing as Kate continued to fill his mouth. Kate finished peeing and kept riding his mouth, grinding down harder and harder. Her cunt convulsed and Kyle's mouth was flooded with the sticky taste of her cream. It was all too much for him, and Kyle grunted into her cunt as his cock jerked, spitting out onto his hand and the floor. Kyle and Kate made a quick exit from the building, never noticing the wet patch that was spreading on the cleaning ladies crotch.

A Warmer Bed

fetish voreandmore20 2018-04-30

Ecstatically, if not still lethargically delighted, Louis began to suck on both of his nipples from one to the other as his navel continued to feel delightful pumps of milk inside his body and instinctive tugs from the tendril itself while her mother slowly swallowed him up her vagina. "Oh mom!" Louis began moaning and panting as he felt his thighs contract into his mother's pussy with effort, feeling his legs curl and fold inside a warm flesh blanket, pulsing and massaging him delightfully, "it feels so awesome! As Louis opened his eyes hazily, he noticed the pulsations of milk surging into his body, his climaxes, his full-body massage and folding into the warmth of his mother's vagina and womb, and his neck clamped down by the nether lips as his long blonde hair cascaded onto the bed's wet sheets.

Sandra Impregnates Jeanette Ch. 02

fetish bigpreggoman 2018-04-30

Her cunt got wetter and wetter and she moved one hand to it, stabbing her fingers inside herself, tingling as she pressed her clitoris, and as Sandra made a final thrust at her jaw, forcing a whole nine inches of herself into Jeanette's head, slipping some way down her open throat, Jeanette held her there with her remaining hand: she couldn't breathe, or think about anything but how she physically ached to now have her thrusting her enormous cock brutally between her legs. Sandra moved her hands and grabbed Jeanette's hips tightly, digging her fingers into them in frantic ecstasy, she approached orgasm, jolting, thrashing and tugging, and rotating her pelvis, causing her cock to rotate and push inside her woman's aching rectum as Jeanette rubbed herself into a frenzy, writhing with her anus in sheer pain and her cunt electric and crying out for more, MORE!

Leslie Got What She Wanted

fetish LeslieStone 2018-04-30

Synopsis: A new Grey Market formulation of X-Change (a fast acting gender swapping pill) designed to produce Porn Stars, High Class e****ts, and Sex Slaves was given to Leslie, a life long CD MILF. Leslie was a long time cd who wanted to feel what it was like to live a few days as a real woman inside and out. Master availed her of her wait and was going to slowly push himself into her virgin sex, but nature's lust caused Leslie to quickly grab his hips to drive hers into him. One by one each of the men released their cum into whatever hole was available and Leslie, the new trooper that she was, didn't fall into a stupor after all of the cocks drained into her.

Team Mom

fetish Guy_Faux 2018-04-30

In fact Amber was actually the proud mother of one of the boy's on the team; the captain and star player Jeremy. Amber was happy for the boys, especially Jeremy who had managed two touchdowns of his own, but she was still a little reluctant over going through with her promise. Rather than leave the house in her uniform, Amber decided it'd be best to just change in the locker room before the game. "Relax," Jeremy said, "It's ok for a guy to kiss his own mom." Amber knew he was right, but she wondered if any son would ever kiss his mother intentionally on the lips. Suddenly, and much to Amber's shock, Jeremy reached over and pinched the fabric of her panties, getting a bit of skin as well.

All in the Family Ch. 04

fetish PeggyBuxton 2018-04-30

Looking at Tony, she said, "Baby, you say the nicest things." The leg fell on the floor. "A little birdie told me." He laughed and let a hand slide up the inside of the stump as he lay beside her. "I had my off 'cause I wanted, ah, needed to be this way." Holly sat up trying to look proud and moved her armless shoulder slightly. "A stump AND insatiable?" he teased holding her face in one hand and watching her eyes. "We don't do this often enough," Allison said leaving a hand over Erin's arm stump for a moment. I talked to Aaron and Holly the other night over at Pete's." She held the tray in her hand beside her hip.

Steph and Giulia Ch. 05: Short Shorts

fetish BigHand32 2018-04-30

The night before he just went to bed exhausted, pretty much trying to ignore and forget whatever happened during that crazy day, the awful dinner with the family, those odd pants Giulia gave him, and of course the bath. Giulia don't ask me this, I will not wear this at school, people already have the wrong idea right now, but..I mean THIS??" he says nervously holding up the pants. then, yes, that'd be nice, I don't wanna exactly face that jerk wearing this right now.." he said finally, thinking again shamefully to what happened last time he saw Alex. Alex seemed a bit less eager, after feeling the strapon in Giulia's pants, but he started thinking, this could be really interesting, and he didn't want to do anything to jeopardize future opportunities.

At The Movies

fetish PassionForAll 2018-04-29

Thinking about nothing but my bladder, I pressed nervously against him, like it would somehow force the mass of people slowly making their way out of the theatre go faster. Cole stepped closer—ostensibly to shield my illicit voiding from the view of passers-by, but I think part of him wanted to be sure, and I mean really sure, that I was actually pissing my pants in the middle of a crowded movie theatre. Outside was no relief, as the heat from the so-recently-spilled urine caused a small cloud of steam to follow us all the way to our car, where Cole actually made me wait while he piled plastic shopping bags on my seat!

The Colony Party Ch. 03

fetish Adan_Jay_Mueller 2018-04-29

Her naked-hairless body kept on stinging and later she started feeling the cold of the night, but before she could sneeze, her panties (which contained smell of her puke and still with her hair clippings on it) was forced back into her mouth. They took great care in drying her hair and Priya was just sitting like a puppet with no control yet over her body's motion but you could see the pleading yet the look of pleasure in her eyes. The men laughed at this and removed her panties and one of them said," Say that 'I am a masochist slave and masters please let me cum' we'll consider if you can have an orgasm or not." Priya had lost all her egoism, she just wanted to cum badly.

Branding the Feline

fetish AmethystMare 2018-04-29

"Easy now, kitty-cat," Flint murmured, a paw in the small of his back as he plunged the brand into a bucket of cold water, steam rising in a plume. The fresh pain was a welcome distraction from the deep, heated throb of the first brand and she mewled piteously as she was marked, tail aching from how forcibly he pinned it up and out of the way to do his work. She turned slowly on the spot, wincing as skin pulled uncomfortably between the brands, the fan working to remove the mingling scents of burnt flesh and fur from the room.

Sarah the Hairy Princess

fetish Madabouthair 2018-04-29

Sarah would walk past our house to get to the bus stop, eyes down and sad looking, her long straight black hair tied up in the back, and after a while I started to go outside before she went by even though my bus came a half hour later. "Even like I am?" Sarah said, and I nodded while reaching over and running my hands down her slender arms with the billowing down that began just above the elbows, and as I lowered her hands from her chest I saw that while her breasts may have been small Sarah looked to have huge nipples through the t-shirt.

Craving Experience

fetish WayneGibbous 2018-04-29

He followed me upstairs, I'm sure noting just how wet I was between my legs, this young man had gotten my juices flowing like never before and, of course, I was drooling his cum down my thighs, I could feel it. Go ahead, I want you to be happy, cum in me, love," I murmured as I rotated my butt to receive his man juice once again, this time in my own bed. "Oh, this is so hot, man, I never dreamed I'd be doing it like this," he moaned as white, spurts of his cum went pumping out the end of his cock to land on my pussy first, then the shorter squirts on the carpet below us.

A Conversation Between Cuck-Queens

fetish LynnGKS 2018-04-29

We need to be away from home for our husbands to safely enjoy their favorite diversion -- their pastime -- their hobby -- or what ever you want to call it - watching Peg and me get fucked! Ed had been watching me fuck guys for over a year and there was this big, heavy hung, Hawaiian stud -- young -- maybe nineteen - I think he played football. Somehow, I needed them because I got no pleasure from Ed. My vibrator was my friend, but except for our vacations when I "got lucky" as I called it when I fucked a really great guy I was often very horny -- just a performer like the studs.

V_Squared Ch. 02

fetish Orbmansuper 2018-04-29

I own a coffee shop so I keep a duplicate of the machine, at work, here for practice," Delma said, orange juice in hand, as she looked at her guest's confused face and sighed. The panties won't be an issue, though as far as bras go...let's just say I don't think I can help you," Delma went on to say, looking at the massive forms that hid beneath the large shirt. "Umm, what's with the outfit?" Valia asked, confused as to why Delma's rather large breasts were squeezed into plastic coconuts and her massive hips were barely covered by a skirt of fake grass. "So, how is the bra fitting ya?" Delma asked as she looked down at Valia, whose purple top bounced up and down with each step.

My New Neighbour (part two)

fetish gest90 2018-04-29

"When you ran your hand down my back you did something to me, i don't know what is going through your mind but i know what is going through mine and to be perfectly honest with you my cock is hard right now and i want to know what your thoughts are on that topic?" He looked up at me, a small smile on his lips, his face turning red again, his lips struggled to form the words he wanted to say as he whispered, "Anything you want me to do Sir, i've never done anything like this before so i am not sure what is expected of me, just what goes through my mind each time i open my trunk." I gave him a smile and a little squeeze on the shoulder, running my hand down his back and patting him on the ass, my eyes onthe driver to make sure he wasn't looking.