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Erotic Fetish stories

A large collection of fetisch short stories covering everything from pantyhoses to feet and more.

The Quest (Chapter 2)

fetish wastedaway 2018-04-29

Teresa - My eyes lowering to the floor and that is when I again take note of the course length of rope that is tied around my left ankle I kept my eyes fastened on the gate as I listened to the sound of footsteps echoing down the hall. My eyes lowering to the floor and that is when I again take note of the course length of rope that is tied around my left ankle and my head raises up and I look at you again my eyes narrowed and angry. I look up into your eyes and see my darkest fears in them and cannot do anything else but nod my head slowly to which you reach out and pull my head back again leaning in close to my face, your eyes once again locking with mine.

Becoming a Sissy Slave

fetish pantysissyslave 2018-04-29

since I started dating my wife she has always known that I love to wear panties and other items of lingerie, she did not really like it but let me do it as long as she did not have to see me in it. "Look slave, I was your wife when I was watching you suck a rubber dick in our bed, but now I am your Mistress. "Good, second, your mens clothes are to be worn only at work, you will no longer wear boxers at all, you are going to wear panties all of the time now, sometimes when we feel like having fun you will garters, stocking and bras, or whatever else we feel like making you wear.

Ruth and Wendy Pt. 05

fetish JenniferWilson 2018-04-29

The two girls made their way down to the cocktail bar and spotted Rolf and Helen in a corner booth sipping on their drinks, as they approached them Rolf stood up and said, "Thankyou for meeting us and I am pleased you brought along Wendy as we are quite fond of her especially dressed in black shiny latex. "Well I let Wendy choose and I think she fancies Rolf for a bit of fun under cover so to speak, and anyway if it had been my choice I would have picked you Helen, I think you are lovely and can't wait to wriggle with you encased in shiny black latex."

Kelli Gets Even Ch. 3

fetish Kelli Bleu 2018-04-29

Kelli applauded herself for her cleverness as she watched the spectacle unfold; the fake pictures she had sent had given Ms. Ashe the idea that Erin was a submissive lesbian; Erin had no way out of the situation she was in. Pulling some straps from the cabinet, Catherine bound Erin to the desk, legs spread wide, face pressed hard against the wood, the straps going across the back of her neck painfully. With almost no pause, Catherine moved around to the front of the desk, pulled the panties from Erin's mouth, and slid the huge strap-on between her lips. Pushing her back from the desk Catherine commanded "Kneel, slave." Erin complied immediately.

Roommate Shift Ch. 03

fetish SatinSlip 2018-04-29

"Mmm, I want you to dominate me." Cynthia squeezes Estley's ass. Estley roughly grabs Cynthia's hips and turns the redhead around. Cynthia moans and grinds her yearning cunt into the older woman's hand. After Cynthia has another orgasm, Estley places the girl on her back. Hey. That wasn't your fault." Cynthia pulls the girl into an embrace kissing her sweetly. Cynthia grabs a handful of brown hair and painfully pulls her partner's head up. Still fingering the girl, Cindy reaches beneath her and flips her white bra up. Cynthia pulls the girl's panties all the way off. Rob was a little nervous, but Hannah and Cynthia were excited. Excited, Cynthia moves to straddle Hannah's face.


Tropical Vacation Ch. 07

fetish Drakon66 2018-04-29

Kelly and I had a quickie at lunch that wasn't so quick," Tina said with a laugh as she carried a stack of fresh towels and bed linens into the bedroom. These are very nice," Chloe said running her hands over Tina's firm pantyhose covered legs. Chloe circled the beautiful young woman like a panther about to pounce on its prey, running her hands over Tina's neck, shoulders and breasts. Those are very sexy tights," Tina said running her hand over Chloe's legs, "And they look sooo soft, but what's with the straps..." "It's my turn you little cock tease," Chloe growled, hooking her arms behind Tina's knees, laying the glistening dildo against her wet cleft. Chloe made short thrusts with her hips, sliding the cock along Tina's pussy lips and over her hard clit.

Ashley's Misadventures Ch. 03

fetish redking99 2018-04-29

Ashley watches in awe as the blonde easily takes the long, hard fuck tool into her pussy and gasps silently when the shaft withdraws and is then shoved mercilessly up the blonde's cunt again. She thought she could feel every deep lunge from that large cock as it continuously burrows and buries itself deep into the young blonde's open pussy. She shudders in delight as her own orgasm hits her, stemming from the now furiously fast vibrator fucking John was rendering on her wide open pussy. She wanted to it back inside but stopped short of asking him for it when he positioned himself between her wide spread legs, adjusting himself so that his thick cock is right at the entrance of her quivering wet cunt.

My Friends and My Milf Mom Ch. 02

fetish PurpleMonkeyDishwash 2018-04-29

My mom had sucked off one of my friends, then spent a loud and passionate night with my friend Blake before making him breakfast wearing nothing but an apron and giving him head under the table. I went and sat down at the table, where Blake and my Mom's places eat had a dish of casserole and a plate of potatoes, where mine only had potatoes. The cock, still wedged solidly in my face, spewed out loads and loads of cum for my big breasted mother to eat, using me like a sponge for every time she spilled some cream. When he was done jizzing, Blake slapped his cock three times on my mother's tits to try to get off all the cum, but this actually made his dick even sloppier.

Paramour of Pleasure

fetish Wine N. Roses 2018-04-29

I kneel before him, looking up at him, while I release the fly, saying, "Lover, I want you to lie back and let me make you forget your hectic day, as my mouth sends you above the heights of heaven." I kiss his lower stomach, before I push his pants down to his feet. "I want to touch you, Angel." He says, "Untie me." I cup my full breasts with my hands momentarily, before tugging my tawny nipples into tautness, as I smile, arching an eyebrow, saying, "In due time! I remove my wet panty and boldly place it on his chest, knowing that the silk's emanation of my womanly scent will entice his hunger for me.

A University Education

fetish prophet007 2018-04-29

He could already feel the excitement as he followed her up the stairs, his eyes never leaving the gorgeous pair of legs that teased him as they elegantly emerged from under her oh-so-short little skirt... She was almost directly opposite him, and as she moved the chair a little to face him better and crossed her legs, he was sure that he caught a wonderful glimpse of the flimsy pink knickers she was wearing. I don't think we'll move onto make-up just yet, it's not worth it when your hair still makes you look so boyish, but I think a touch of lipstick, a little mascara, some eyeliner, could do wonders for you Diana."

Shock and Awe Again Ch. 01

fetish TabooTeller 2018-04-29

I said a few other things to her along those lines as the night wore on and finally told her that she looked good enough for me to take home. I made a couple more comments went up go to the bathroom and when I came back, I made sure I got a good look in between her legs. I then said to trace her slit's lips as she did I told her to push two fingers in hard and fast. When she was done gasping and screaming, which her husband said she did when it was good, I couldn't stop my self and just climbed up her and shoved in my super hard leaking cock.

Back to (B)Asics Pt. 03

fetish 77naughtycouple77 2018-04-29

I'd decided to try and sleep; I was so horny yet did not want to waste an ounce of cum on my own. "I want to see your cock, Master! "Yes, Master, I want to feel your cum shoot all over me. I began stroking my cock slowly, gently, doing exactly what I had said, looking her over and imagining my cum all over her. "Oh, yes Master!" she said, and I rubbed the head of my cock against her tongue, then leaned over and sucked it back off her tongue in a long kiss. "Oops, looks like you missed a spot, Master!" she exclaimed, pointing to a dollop that had landed on the laces of her Converse.

Ranger Betrayal

fetish Anonimihypothetical 2018-04-29

I wanted to go back to my parents house, so I kissed Yellow goodnight, said bye to the rest of the guys at the Rangers centre and set off on my walk home. We mobilise immediately but there's a reticence in my heart unrecognisable to the team about attacking Mistress' forces - the feeling really pulls at me, but I try to bury it and focus on my teammates and the civilians in the area. Thanks to these power up packs, the Centre mainframe access codes and now my acquisition of you, I'll know all about the technological and systematic weaknesses of the Rangers, their weapons, their protocol and their tactics - and devise the perfect plan to finish them."

Chapter 01: Hard Times

fetish Mark1155 2018-04-29

Life was good with Dana being a stripper until her friend Rachel tried to talk her into having sex for money. She gave me a kiss on the lips and said "but there one thing that I want you to consider because I think it is a good idea that Rachel brought up to me on the phone." Dana added, "Now do not be upset because I sacrificed my dignity to start dancing in front sleazy drunk men and this is about the only way we are going to start making some money. As I was finishing my last throb of cum in her mouth I ask her "How many women do you think will approach me for sex while I stand on the corner tomorrow night?" She came up from servicing my cock and locked lips with mine.

A Fetish Shared

fetish just_a_horny_guy 2018-04-29

"God Jim, if I'd know you were hiding this beauty in here I'd have had it a long time back!" One hand on my balls - the other on my cock she leans forward, sliding back the foreskin. The main thing running through my head at this moment was how little it was going to take to shoot my cream right down her throat, and I didn't want that just yet - so I pulled her to her feet, sliding out of the remainder of my clothes. Leaning back she aims the stream down to her clit as she spreads her legs on the floor of the shower and with a loud guttural moan cums, her whole body writhing in ecstasy as she explodes - her own piss erupting in a hot jet and hitting my own cock.

Mother's Milk: The Next Day

fetish Boxlicker101 2018-04-29

Hoping Eric's cock was erect and that he would want to 69, Tricia shifted her position, making sure one of her breasts remained pressed against his mouth, and blindly reached back to see how close to ready he was. It felt great to Eric too, the way Tricia's mouth slowly engulfed his cock and her tongue stroked it, especially with the delicious taste of her milk still lingering on his taste buds. Everything about Tricia's private parts felt almost perfect to Eric, from the smooth texture of her outer lip, as his mouth kissed and licked its way downward, to the satiny skin on the inside of her ass cheeks.

Piss Drinking Tranny Whore

fetish nolimitstoryteller 2018-04-29

I kept my eyes closed; I felt a bigger thicker cock being shoved into my mouth. I savored each drop licking it from his shaft; I felt a string of warm cum landing on my face from the man on my right, I open my mouth to catching some of it. "I can help you with that he said." He took my hand and led me to the fire exit, he opened the door and we went out into the parking lot. I closed my eyes and opened my mouth; I felt warm piss hitting me from every direction. I sat in the tub eating my shit and drinking my piss while stroking my cock until I shot a load onto my stomach.

The Cult of Venus Ch. 01

fetish Iole 2018-04-29

When his cock began to soften he reached for the foam wedge, and lifting her hips placed it under them with the large edge just under her cunt and the small end tapering back toward her waist. Lila's cunt was still open and relaxed from being fucked by Thor, and David's member was so small and pointed that it was probing her seat of pleasure in seconds. He arrived in Lila's room and presented her with a fitted equipment case containing dildos and vibrators of various sizes, two sets of Ben Wa balls -- large and small - and a big tube of lubricant. Dick laid Lila on her back, gave her nipples a brief sucking, oiled her hole and his tool and began his entry.

sex with indian aunty

fetish iamsuperman007 2018-04-29

“ ur body, ur boobs, ur ass and all(I don’t know from where I got courage) After saying this I directly went to her, and started to kiss her face, eyed and all, she was trying to push me off her, but I was not in mood to leave her. Now she was above me, she also started to kiss me, she then removed my t-shirt, kiss my chest, then she proceed farther and removed my pant, I was just lying in my jockey and she was kissing my things, she then removed my jockey, and directly placed my cock to her mouth, ohhh what a feeling it was, she had a mouth fuck of 15 min, I was about to cum, I told her but she was not listening, after a while I load my whole in cum in her mouth, she drank all the drops of mine, and cleaned my cock.


fetish BeeJay69 2018-04-29

They took turns kissing me, and when one girl was kissing me, the other two would stroke my body, being careful not to touch my panties, since they knew as well as I did that doing so would make me come. Stacy and Cindy made short work of getting their clothes back off, and while this was happening, Jen laid down beside me, rubbing my body through the layer of panties. First the three of them searched over the top of my body for a good pair to wear (no doubt making sure not to pick a pair of their own), and then Stacy and Cindy lent me their hands, and pulled me up, the panties sloughing off my body. Stacy and Jen took their time to each take a pair of silk panties, and rub them against my balls, and against my asshole.

The Last Perverted Thing I Did

fetish oldtimeperv 2018-04-29

That Young tight pussy stretched wide, those hair covered lips raw and inflamed, and covered in man goo that leaked out each time my cock pulled back. Her girl juice shot out of her freshly fucked hole and soaked my dick, balls and belly, then dripped back down onto her cum soaked crotch, down the crack of her ass cheeks and soaked into my sheets. I couldn't even breath, my nose was wedged between those hairy wet cum covered lips and it rubbed her long protruding clit each time I dug my tongue back into her pussy to scoop out more of our mixed fuck juice.

The Housemaid

fetish purpleangelica1 2018-04-29

Annabel licked round the lovely little hole of the top servant of Eastmore, Mr. John Crawford, and felt both desire and triumph. Annabel decided to oblige him, as she too felt the overwhelming desire to embed herself into him, seeking that small place inside each man that would push out those thick ropes of prejactulate into her waiting mouth. Annabel stretched upwards on her knees, licking his belly where the fluid had collected, and then placing her mouth just over the head of his cock. Nonetheless, he pushed upwards into a semi-reclined position and opened his eyes to see that lovely cat Annabel licking her lips and rubbing her nipples at his feet.

Sukky Foxxe - f***ed to cum, over and over again

fetish SFS 2018-04-29

Ophelia having warmed Sukky up, considerably, rubbed her clit with her fingers, then when she had excited Sukky’s little button of joy, she placed the vacuum cap over it. Sukky told her she needed Claire, to accompany Ophelia and her to the parties when the St Andrews Cross show was included. It wasn’t to be a marathon session, Ophelia worked her magic, they were all dressed, as they had been on Halloween night, only this time Claire wore the same as Sukky and Ophelia, thigh length boots, red and black pvc, with a matching cup less corset. It had been decide, by whom Sukky had no idea, that Claire would stay with her and Ophelia, going to the same parties, until the new year, then after Thailand, she would have her own schedule.

Itchy Nipples

fetish Chuck P. 2018-04-29

Then one day I opened my bags (that my loving wife always packed for me) to settle in for a much needed rest after a long and lousy flight and laying on top was a pretty black bra not to lacy and not to plane .I was so tired from a bad flight that I just wanted to take a shower and get some sleep so I grabbed my things took my shower and went to bed. So I got up and went to my bag opening it I picked up the bra holding it up taking a closer look at it I started wandering what it would feel like to have it rubbing against my nipples.