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Erotic Fetish stories

A large collection of fetisch short stories covering everything from pantyhoses to feet and more.

Shaved Crotch

fetish sex slave 2018-04-29

Bella liked the feel of a smooth dick and sack and Chalice continued the ritual. He first had seen Bella through a bathroom of similar design on a trip to Ocean Grove in which the girl stood much as Chalice did, her one foot balancing on the basin of the tub and her hand bracing her form under the hot spray. The thought of Bellas diving down to eat a clean shaven pussy had Chalice's prick fully hard and his balls tighter then ever and the razor quickly removed the last of the stubble. Chalice had no time to cover himself and was caught in a pose with his hands atop his head drying his hair and his newly shaved crotch was there to be seen.


Sophie: Online Chatting

fetish Scf57 2018-04-29

It includes piss drinking, watching gay porn, light scat (dirty ass to mouth), blackmailing... I was getting harder and harder now and I hadn't my mind at noticing that I wasn't watching at my screen anymore, so that she could basically do whatever she wanted to my computer without me knowing. Before I started fantasizing on being dominated, I used to watch porn where the guy ended by peeing on the girl's face to wash the cum. I guess I wasn't very empathetic with the porn-girls, because the reverse never got into my mind, and now that it was, it was revolting: I definitely couldn't pee on myself.

Tables Turned Ch. 06

fetish mw0212 2018-04-29

Jack noticed that Miss Sharp regularly used a fetish forum, almost like clockwork – every lunchtime & every evening. Jack was called into Miss Sharps office for a test review, which was to be a presentation / conference to the main board. The meeting kicked off & Miss Sharp explained the initial investigation, financial workings out & the test package that Jack had organised to link in with the other main offices around the world. Jack & Miss Sharp were left to pack away their things, both with beaming smiles & a sense of huge satisfaction! Right at this moment in time he imagined Miss sharp sat sprawled out on her leather couch, probably still dressed in her office wear.

Freedom For Goddess Ch. 05

fetish DarkestSecrets 2018-04-29

This went on for almost 15 minutes and each time Goddess released her grip while slowing her speed. With rapid strokes and more pressure on the tip of his member she circled his anus with the lubed finger and she began to feel the tensioning of his anus as he neared the moment. But wait, no, she was wrong, it was not his first cream pie, he still had not gotten it the way he wanted and this special drink from her pussy would be his first time in that manner, if she allowed it. This time she laid him on the table and placed her naked body over his with her ass facing his head.

Teacher Needs a Lesson Ch. 02

fetish Emmcee20 2018-04-29

"I think we need to have a little chat Mark," she said as she pulled out the chair next to mine and sat facing me, that cleavage jumping out of the undone buttons of her blouse. I tried to pull back so that I could spray on her tits but her teeth nearly tore me in half as she latched and sucked onto the rim of my cock head and sure enough I exploded. She pulled back and looked me in the eyes and brought out her cum soaked hand from under her skirt and grasped my cock and carefully put it back into her panties.

Couples Only: Glory Hole Night Ch. 02

fetish married40scouple 2018-04-29

Eve was exasperated, "There has to be a way for me to find out what happened." She locked her other arm around Joe's waist, looking deeply into his eyes. I kept thinking about Anne's big tits as I leaned over and held his cock in my hand. Anne was massaging my balls with one hand and feeling my ass cheeks with the other as I slowly tit-fucked her. "I just love watching Jay have gay sex and then fuck me hard!" She said while slipping away from him and resting on the floor of the van. I shook hands with Jay and kissed and groped Anne one more time before I left their vehicle.

The Concerto Ch. 01

fetish CodaCiel 2018-04-29

Ellie, Anne, and Sarah: I'd like you to meet James, Randall, and Mark." Mark, you can try playing Sarah, and Randall, take Ellie over there. As Randall successfully produces sound from Ellie, he becomes vaguely aware that the other two musicians have achieved the same result with Anne and Sarah. Soon, Farel gives the three players the signal, and Randall brings Anne's laughter to a gentle halt. Randall finds her the easiest of all three from whom to elicit a sustained stream of laughter, or perhaps his experience tickling the other two women merely prepared him to do it easily. Farel carries on, tipping back the bodies of Anne and Ellie, both of whom can't help exclaiming out loud at the feeling that they're going to fall backward.


Creampies with Anne and Mike

fetish DiggerDave 2018-04-29

Isn't that right love?" Mike said as he turned and looked directly at Anne. I took his grin as permission to get more involved with Anne so as I again kissed her open wet mouth I slid my hand up her leg to her thigh and felt her soft flesh. Anne moaned on my cock and I knew that Mike's hard cock had slipped inside her wet pussy. Anne moved from the floor and as she turned to sit back on the settee between us she laughed as a huge wad of Mikes sperm dripped from her swollen pussy and made a small white puddle on the floor.

wifes best friend

fetish assniffer 2018-04-29

she came over and her angmy wife talked she cried and talked more into the night drinking wine (my wife is pregnant so no wine or her) by midnight my wife was tired and went to bed and michele was very tipsy and was getting ready to sl**p on the couch. after a few minutes of this I stood up and pulled my hard cock out and put it in her face she invitingly sucked it into her mouth. I went into my room and walked over to my wife anput my filthy cock in her mouth, she thought it was from the fuking we did earlier in tbe day so she thought nothong of it and sucked me off like a good wife does for her faithful husband.

A Clean Mouth is a Happy Mouth

fetish kgmorgensen 2018-04-29

A suction hose lay hooked inside my cheek, and the good Nurse Judy occasionally used this instrument to suck out the copious pools of saliva that flooded my eager orifice. Standing by my side, one hip pushing against the chair's armrest, Judy thrust the head of the instrument deep into the sticky mint paste. As her latex glove brushed past my lips, Judy commanded that I open wider. The cardboard pushed deep into my gums, and as my mouth began to lubricate, I felt myself grow hard again. Surprised by the absence of my shirt and trousers, I opened my mouth to speak, when Judy put a finger to my lips, tossed a leg over, then straddled my lap completely.

slutty nieces tights

fetish tightshose 2018-04-29

I was rock hard and wanking and my thoughts were mixed with the images on screen and my sexy little niece Naomi. Jesus what I wouldn't give to fuck that little tart, to stick my cock in her hot little pussy and to cum in her pretty little mouth. I like that, it's all hot and it runs down my tits, it sort of tickles, but it's really sexy,' then she caught my eye, 'I bet you want to put your cock here,' she indicated with her finger, 'I bet I can make you cum.' Naomi was cumming so hard her cunt was squirting hot pussy juice or pee or something out over my balls.

Couples Cleanup Slave

fetish wellrestedunfullfilled 2018-04-29

Lena's Husband now rock hard leaned over and began to run his lips around her nipple teasing it, when I couldn't see his mouth on it I could tell when he changed his grip on her, as her asshole would clamp on my tongue trying to pull it from my mouth. After a few noisy slides down his cock Lena said "That sounds wet enough, stick it in me pet" I slid over as her husband stepped between her legs, I lined it up and held it on target as he waded into that sopping wet hole. No juices touch the couch, So in between licking the steady flow of cum my face is close to the action, that strong smell of sex in the air ..either you love it,or you don't my situation you have to ache for it.

Love and Death in a Time of Guano

fetish fertiegladwyn 2018-04-29

Armond, grew up as so many young children do in the lower Antilles, Destitute, living from meal to meal, hoping that the next day would arrive and pass with no more strife and pain than the day before. Children often left home when they were old enough to work to send money home for the family. The bat shit lubricated his cock while Coreen slid her calloused hand up and down its length. Armond took her to a hospital; a young doctor saw the two of them, so in love and so helpless. He sat on that hill over looking the ocean twenty-eight years old and finished with life. He left the mine after Coreen died and began working as a fisherman, barely eeking out an existence.

SPH - She measured my dick

fetish 5inchsoffun 2018-04-28

Late one Friday night though, I received a very unexpected photo of her in nothing but her bra and panties with a message that read 'bring your big cock to me now and make my little pussy cum'. She moved forward as if she was about to sit on my cock and I nearly came when it got close to her pussy, but she continued on and presented me with her huge toy and said 'fuck me with this and maybe I'll let you stick that little thing inside me after I've came'. She was bent over, pussy gaping and dripping in anticipation for this massive cock and even though I had seen up close how wide her pussy was, when I started to slide it inside of her I was still shocked at how easily it went in.

The First Time

fetish reteps 2018-04-28

I gently slide four or five inches of the bottle into you, pushing into you then pulling back a little. I offer the base of the bottle up to your by now distended labia, and with a bit of wiggling, it slides inside you quite easily -- and keeps on sliding in, until probably about six inches of it are inside you and your labia have begun to close around the conical section again. You start to gasp, and your right hand comes down to your pussy and you start to rub your clit -- hard. I go with you, pushing inside you at your urging, and within thirty seconds, my knuckles pass inside you and my right hand is in your pussy to the wrist.

Rents Due Gay

fetish 425olds 2018-04-28

As you look at his cock, you begin to feel strange sensations inside of you. You reach around and grab his firm ass, and you feel his hand at the back of your head, push your mouth further onto his cock, until it is deep in your throat. You feel his grip on your head tighten, and he tries to push his cock violently into your mouth. You put your head into your hands, not being able to believe that you just sucked off a man, and swallowed his cum.  And then he tells me, and now that we know you swallow "I expect you here anytime I call to suck my cock or the deals off"

Nothing Nicer than a Hairy Woman

fetish hrardasarock34104 2018-04-28

John and I quickly stripped showing her our young hard-ons as she took off her top showing us her small tits and then lowered her panties showing us her light brown curly pussy hair. I got home and found that Dad had hurt his back and leg in a fall helping new neighbors move into the red haired ladies place. H then pulled hi cock out and Gloria and my mom took turns sucking him until he shot all over their faces. She rubbed her hand over her hairy arm and asked "or is it this hair?" Gloria pushed her shorts down and I could see the hairy trail to her pussy just like her daughters and then lower so I could see her black haired muff.

Kaylyn at the Amusement Park

fetish MistressKateDalton 2018-04-28

You will start off having your mouth used by anyone who comes up to be on the "ride." Later on, your slutty little ass will be used and I think pounded hard by every strap-on and cock that comes. She comes up to you and I watch you suck on that strap-on like a good little slut. I tell the "ride handler" that after me I want you to be swapped out so your little man pussy can be used and I am going to use it first. I tell you that you are being such a good little slut and how slutty you look all covered in cum.

I was taken in a car park, with little fuss

fetish 2018-04-28

His sexual approach was tinged with v******e, he fucked me for his own pleasure, ramming hard into me, his finger all the way up my backside, twisting and turning, at one point he asked me if I was enjoying it, he was rubbing his cock from inside my ass, in a similar way as described in my story telling, 'What am I saying', he murmured, more to himself than me, 'I know you like this', and he continued to do as he liked, while I bit deep into my skirt, now bunched into my mouth to mute the pain, pretend I was enjoying this rough fuck.

Jake's Magic Remote, Part I - The Accident

fetish WriterJim 2018-04-28

The way she’d crouched to check on him, Jake could see a little cleavage and the frill of a white bra. He pressed it and the blank part flipped open, revealing what looked like another set of VCR/DVR controls. He sat down and started working, taking his time and making sure to do all the little things that he never had time for. He reached down and touched where Jake had had to hold him, then shrugged and went back to looking at his phone. Marta looked hilarious with her tits compressed under her top, and he peeked around a corner at them as he pressed the button to turn time - and physics - back to normal.

The Taming Of The Dom

fetish good4utrouble 2018-04-28

Soft sweet kisses, licks and then her mouth covered and sucked at the rapidly beating pulse point between his neck and his shoulder. She had the candle so far away from him he felt the suspense of it, the tease without any of the pain. She lowered her mouth, licking the drop of precum from the tip before pushing her tongue into his piss slit. Felt her soft hands running across his shoulders and chest kneading gently as she relaxed his muscles with the scented oil. He felt her tongue push into his piss slit and lick around the head before she engulfed his cock "Oh God", he groaned.

My Fetish For Panties Ch5

fetish panteeluvr 2018-04-28

So anyways, during this time I was of course still dating Rachel and with final exams creeping up, we didn't get to see much of one another although she'd still give me her's and Kasi's dirty panties to "hold me over" until we could enjoy each other sexually! I was a bit embarressed for the first time ever about the size of my cock but the thought of her laughing at me turned me on even more! Anyways I layed back and she sat on my face letting me sniff and lick her plus size thongs as they were nestled against her plus size bum crack....I was in heaven!

Her Version

fetish radiogir1 2018-04-28

He pulled her skirt off and went to work licking and sucking her dripping cunt, reaching up to roughly tug her nipples and slap her tits and face hard. Just as she felt his massive cock was going to rip her in two, he pulled out, and pumping his fist up and down the huge shaft, sprayed his second load of hot cum all over her chest and face. With one more smirk he turned and left her, in a complete stranger's hotel room, used and too exhausted to move, hands tied, naked from the waist down apart from her stilettos and her tits exposed, nipples red raw, lying in a pool of piss with the smell of spunk in the air, for housekeeping to find.

The Right Car For The Right Woman

fetish loorslady 2018-04-28

I whispered as each passerby came and went, "look at my pussy, it is tasty and hot and needs to be fucked." "Come and stop and fuck me hard, make me scream and come all over your hard cock!" That was what I needed and I came so hard my knees got weak and I thought I better get my night gown on before a cop comes along and drags me away in handcuffs! I had to be careful because even though I wanted to fuck that thing like a cock, it didn't have the give of a stiff dick so slamming my pussy down was a no, no for sure. So I got back on my "lovers handle" and stroked it up and down making my pussy come and watching my juices coat it the same way they slide down a stiff dick when I fuck it.