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Erotic Fetish stories

A large collection of fetisch short stories covering everything from pantyhoses to feet and more.

I love pink underwear (part 3)

fetish NoNonsense 2018-04-28

I felt the soft flesh of her hips press into mine while my knees kissed the back of hers. Then I sat on her, resting my manhood between her cheeks, and massaged her back first then moved down and started to gently bite the soles of her feet, I flicked my tongue in between her toes and then sucked on them. She raised her knees and lifted her whole pelvis giving me better access and I swept my tongue inside her warmth, out again, up her perineal skin to her starry chasm. I slid my thumb inside her wet pussy and rubbed her clit with my palm and could resist slapping those beautiful round cheeks.

A Spanking To Remember

fetish iser21 2018-04-28

Most of the time Mary would like to spank me in front of the others. One night at the club Mary told the others that she would like to show off what she was learning. You have told me that if I knew how you felt fucking me then I would know why you like to do it all the time. Each time Mary pushed in a cock went in her. Mary fucking me, Kathy’s hand job, the way my ass felt or the thought of everyone watching my girl friend fuck me for the first time. Then I felt Mary push in so deep I just open my mouth to yell and it went in.


fetish pobness 2018-04-28

Pomegranates, at about a dollar a piece, were one luxury she could afford; ever since she was small she enjoyed this succulent fruit, with its vibrant colors of red, pink and green, a delight to the eyes, and its clusters of juice-filled sacs, luscious morsels that begged to be tasted and which rewarded the taster with an unrivaled sweetness. This he burst all over her chest; he rubbed the precious juice into her breasts, till they were stained as scarlet as her nipples; this recipe was the perfect mixture for the most heavenly feeling she’d had in a long time. She rested a hand on his head and gasped with delight; each movement of his tongue brought her closer to orgasm, which wasn’t far off anyway.

Pump Fiction

fetish Cumming87 2018-04-28

Grabbing the pump I place it over my right nipple, quickly stiffening in the open air, latch the shield to my areola and began the quick squeezing motion that will start the flow. I look down at my enormous milk filled breasts, shiny and hot, nearly bursting, a pump attached to each nipple, and grab a pump in each hand. Toby's eyes get bigger as he looks at me and I see him quickly flash down to look at my breasts, at the blue vein crisscrossing the milky white skin, the mounds bursting under my blouse, rising and lowering in time to my breath, already filling again, soon needing to be drained.

Bound Fur

fetish plushette23 2018-04-28

Large, colorful, posters of cartoon animals cover your walls and a mannequin stands in the corner wearing what looks to be a person-sized wolf fur suit. As I begin to realize that I am almost nude on your couch, you hook a finger through the ring in my collar and pull me forcibly to my feet. You start to focus on my clit, pinching and pulling at my lips with your fur-covered fingers. Each new pressure sends electric vibrations straight to my swelling clit and I begin to moan and writhe on the long, blue fur.

The WIMP Test: Diagnosis

fetish twiddershins 2018-04-28

It was just one week after Dr. Hunglovin and her sexy nurse Jana prescribed medical tweezers for research in the Wrist Impairment in Male Patients (WIMP) test. Nurses flitted about in the background, going from one place to the next with clipboards tucked under their arms or breasts, sashaying their hips in tight, white uniforms and high heels that, my mind immediately reminded me, were easily taller than my dick. Jana tried not to giggle, bent down (she was at least a foot taller than me, and in her heels she had an Amazonian, towering stature, 6'9" being my best guess), and tested my size next to the little popsicle stick marked with the letter S at one end.

Sweet Arm(pit)s Ch. 01

fetish revol 2018-04-28

She licked Kathy's armpit again, then again, now faster and faster, making sure the flat of her tongue pushed roughly against the sensitive skin, mixing saliva and sweat and matting the hair. As Brenda licked, the fingers of her left hand slid into Kathy's right armpit, combing through the wet armpit hairs, feeling the heat of the sweaty skin, gathering the perspiration, stroking, caressing, tickling and teasing. Brenda's mouth worked through the sweat-soaked comb of hair that defined the gully of Kathy's underarm, while her tongue pushed through the hair, tasting the salty-musky skin beneath. Brenda gave a smile, then put her tongue flat into the valley at the base of Kathy's armpit; slowly, deliberately, she licked upwards, brushing sweat, saliva, feeling the resistance of skin and armpit-hair.

Tgirl Jill's BBC pounding fantasy in casino s

fetish tgirljillforbbc 2018-04-28

"Oooooh pleeeeeeeeease, pleeeeeeeeeeease, Big Black Daddy, pull my hot pink latex micro skirt up, slide your BIG BLACK 12" COCK through my hot pink, lacy, frilly, shiny, silky, crotchless panties and ram your BIG BLACK 12" COCK balls deep and hard up my white whore bubble butt Tgirl ass." "Give it to me just like the blonde sluts in your IR video Big Black Daddy, pleeease, I need your BIG BLACK 12" COCK balls deep up my white whore bubble butt Tgirl ass." "Pleeeeeeeease stay balls deep up my white whore bubble butt Tgirl ass Big Black Daddy, my little Tgirl pussy is cumming on my hot pink, silky, shiny, frilly, lacy crotchless panties."

As Night Falls... circa 2008

fetish 2018-04-28

The more you think about it, the wetter you get, and on the drive to your girl’s house, for some pre-drinking and to finish getting ready, you’re f***ed to massage your lips with your finger tips. Suddenly you notice his hand has made it half way up your leg, his warm hand slowly caressing your inner thigh, sliding ever so gently toward your panty line. Your pulse quickens as he gently runs his finger tip up and down your wet lips, slowly arcing over the hood of your clitoris, then gently sliding his finger inside your warm waiting pussy. After a moment that seemed way to short, he pulls his hand away from your leg, and puts his finger in his mouth.

Steph and Giulia Ch. 06: The Strapon

fetish BigHand32 2018-04-28

Remember, you said you were fucking Giulia, so I left you alone." Stephen pushed his hand away, and stepped back. Stephen had been trying to impress Giulia with his openness to new things, but then when Henry had grabbed him, he thought he remembered struggling, resisting, but all the film showed was him closing his eyes, and letting Henry have his way. "So, Stephen," Giulia said as Angela poured a drink for him. Ignoring Angela's misunderstanding, Stephen put the glass back on the table, and took Giulia's hand saying "I mean it, now.." "Okay lil miss, eager beaver," Giulia giggles taking Stephen's hand, winking at Angela, then walking up the stairs.

Strapon Dream Cum True

fetish AfroerotiK 2018-04-28

His fantasies were so real, he could see himself, on his knees, with his face in the pillow, looking back with desperation in his eyes, spreading his ass cheeks, waiting for her to use his hole, to fuck him hard and make his scream like a bitch. He could hear himself begging and whimpering to get fucked, for her to do it harder, for her to use his slutty asscunt for her pleasure, using his body like a toy with little regard for his façade of manhood. Too bad, I was really in the mood for some boipussy tonight and my dick is really hard but I dont fuck newbies, I only deal with real sluts that can take every inch of my strapon and beg for more.

Anna Tries Hard to Please

fetish songwriter503 2018-04-28

"When you say things like that," I said as I pulled her body close to me and wrapped my arms around her tightly, "it feels as good as fucking you," I said as I pushed myself deep inside her, pulled back and thrust in again fast and hard for a couple minutes, until I needed to catch my breath. I held her tight while I fucked her hard and fast, deeply thrusting in and pulling out again and again, until I was again out of breath, and stopped, relaxing, feeling the wonderful combination of stimuli - the rush of endorphins from working up a sweat, the sexual arousal from knowing that with each thrust, Anna had to use great force of will to stay still and prepare to accept the next one.

Tammy Takes Me on a Tour

fetish Boxlicker101 2018-04-28

She picked them out of the palm my hand with her lips again, and this time, when I held the bit and bridle in front of her, Tammy opened her mouth to accept it. Everything was set so, holding the reins in my left hand, I brushed them against Tammy's shoulders, while ordering her "Giddyup", and she started walking slowly out of the stable, pulling the carriage, with me aboard, behind her. I wrapped the reins around one of the poles and, carrying the cooler of water, I got out of the carriage and walked up to Tammy to put my arm affectionately around her shoulders.

an affair to remember 2

fetish naughtysb 2018-04-28

she was wearing white panties and i thought i saw some moisture between her legs...she threw the jeans to me and i smelled the crotch area...she asked me what i was doing and i laughed and told her that i was trying to get a whiff of her juices...she was embarassed and told me she had never been licked below the way i had last time and she couldnt believe i could want to get so close and personal with her'juices'.

The Chair Ch. 26

fetish Rickd_1960 2018-04-28

After standing her in front of the backdrop, he picked up a roll of blue cellophane food wrap from the table and began unrolling it as he approached her. After taking photos of her standing, he then laid her facedown on the floor and took several more pictures of her naked backside through the clear cellophane. Once more he passed the rope through the loop and then he wrapped her torso again, this time above her breasts. Her breasts where held firmly by the rope while the other end went down the crack of her ass and was wedged up between her pussy lips so as to stimulate her clit.

The First Fisting

fetish taylorreynolds 2018-04-28

She had never believed that she could come without being touched, but with every bit of warm breath that skimmed her clit, she felt closer and closer to orgasm. Disoriented from the blindfold, all of her other sense refocusing to compensate for the lack of vision, when she felt one large finger slide into her body she wanted to scream. She wanted to explode, was so very close to orgasm, but he played her body like a virtuoso and could keep her on the edge for hours. More pressure, more air, so much that her skin burned like fire and her stomach muscles clenched, yearning for release. He locked his lips around her aching clit finally and as her stomach clenched in orgasm, his hand glided into her body.

The Chair

fetish RelentlessPerversion 2018-04-28

"You were a bit of a brat last night," I tell you as my hands work the rope. I left just enough give in the ropes for you to thrust your hips a bit, and I know you want that now. "I know that you enjoy punishment," I say, looking right into your eyes, "but I plan for this to be frustrating for you. I touch your sides, your arms, your thighs, all as I leave the magic wand vibrating. I untie your right hand and place it on my cock, removing the magic wand again. You comply, fucking my cock harder with your hand, your body shaking and your mouth dripping.


Panty Log 02

fetish Wrench05 2018-04-28

This morning on my way out the door I stopped and grabbed that pair of blue panties and took them with me. The first thing I did yesterday when I got home was stop in the whore's bathroom to put the blue panties back. As I stroked myself standing beside my car I sucked and licked it clean; it was so delicious tasting that little whore's cunt and ass. Just think last night when I was staring at her ass she was wearing a pair that I have worn, that I have masturbated in, that I have even wiped my semen into the gusset, that her sweet cunt lips were rubbing against. The little whore and the trash boy friend didn't come home last night so there are no fresh dirties today.

Messy Day

fetish IPoopedMyPants 2018-04-28

"Mum, I feel sick, Can I stay home from school today?" Asked Ellie pleadingly. *sigh*"OK, but I will be really cross if I find out you are lying just to get off School." Said Mum "You might as well go back to bed if you are sick, I'm gonna get a shower and go to work." "Please don't freak out about this, but I want you to wear a diaper today incase you have any more accidents," Said Mum. Slowly Ellie's mum slid off the ruined panties, which luckily took most of the poop with them, and threw those in the bin along with the wipes and pyjamas. Walking with a poop filled diaper on proved to be hard work but she quickly got used to it.

Annette and the Professor Ch. 04

fetish Dexicreon 2018-04-28

"Annette, pubic hair and armpit hair is nature's way of attracting the sexes to each other with pheromones." She looked at me blankly and said, "Now will you shut the fuck up, come in the house, and eat my pussy?" It always feels as if it's going in deeper that way, and I like how your hand caresses my hips." I decided to do some post-coital fucking; however, my penis (my other, little head, which sometimes does my thinking for me), decided that this was not a good idea. My first impulse was to drink my remaining semen as it flowed out; then I decided to work on her entire vaginal area with my tongue instead.

Days in Rodanthe Pt. 07

fetish mindingutter 2018-04-28

In the room, bizarrely lit by the over headlight and the idling van' headlights, was Constance, arms and legs spread, on the bare, worn linoleum floor, tied face up by multiple loops at the wrists and ankles, to the corners of the vacant, square metal bed frame. My girlfriend arose and whispered in my ear, then pulled a large piece of Constance's blue wind breaker off the floor and tied it into a full hood over her captive's face and head, leaving her unable to see. The next sound was the loud wail of the saw and subsequent grinding filled the room as Za'ana quickly plugged it in and began cutting a slice into the top of the nightstand next to the bed frame, only about two feet from the blonde's head.

emma watson

fetish madismaximus 2018-04-28

We arrived back at the hotel and I helped Emma get the empty hamper out of my car, and then she asked me if I could come to her room that evening. "Miss Watson, Emma, I've wanted to fuck you for the past six or seven years." "I'll need to get this greedy fellah ready again first." She giggled, dropping her hand to my cock, still slippy with the mixture of our juices and pumped it a little, her slim fingers stroking up and down the shaft. Emma gave another start of surprise and then looked back at me, a smile spreading across her features.

Deb's Devilish Day

fetish My Erotic Tail 2018-04-28

Lee turned His head and the Bunny with a big smile and bold comical eyes and flopping ears gazed at Deb. "Here comes Deb," she said as she approached his opening with swirling teasing circles till she whirlpool her finger into a pin point position and forged into Lee. 'Slap' Deb slapped Lee's exposed bottom then pulled the two long bunny ears downward and the rabbits head followed. Deb reached up with a hand and gripped at a bunny ear and pulled it as she began a slow humping motion. Deb straddled over him and pulled his flap even more to allow his cock to spring from the confines of the furry rabbit costume.

Punky's Diary, 2/24/07

fetish Selbryth 2018-04-28

Except as I'm standing on the bar sticking my leg and foot out and peeing down my thigh so it sorta runs down my leg and off my toe and into the patron's glass—something I saw in that movie From Noon Till Three and got practice doing with Allis—I look and here's this extreme cutie looking up at me with her eyes all huge and warm and this big grin on her face and well, it captivates me for a moment, ya know? Then, blammo, it's morning and I open my eyes and try to remember the dream I had about some tall, long-legged angel whispering that she wanted to spend the night with me, and I turn and look and there's a bare shoulder right next to me, sticking out from the covers.