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Erotic Fetish stories

A large collection of fetisch short stories covering everything from pantyhoses to feet and more.

CFNM, the Second story

fetish Hampton 2018-11-10

Jan and Sally admitted it turned them on to see other women watching as Mike and I exposed ourselves and played with our cocks. Sue said, “Sorry, Sally if I got Jim into trouble, but his cock does look lovely in that tight harness. Some of the ladies laughed, some smiled; Sue was the only one to say, “You poor man, I did want to watch your lovely cock cum properly.” Sally turned to face me and asked between Mike’s thrusts, “What does it look like Jim, watching Mike fuck your wife. Sally knew how to make him cum, and cried out, “Yes, fuck me hard Mike, cum inside me.” She was smiling as she looked at my erect cock.

Gamma Lambda Kappa Ep. 04

fetish RedHatter76 2018-11-10

She wasted no time in settling into an efficient rhythm of sucking on the areola, gnawing softly on the surrounding flesh, and letting plenty of warm milk pool in her mouth before visibly swallowing it with clear satisfaction. In about ten minutes, when I felt the milk quickly running out, I cupped my left breast just as Wendy turned towards it and smoothly thrust it into her mouth before she even had to seek it out. On all three mornings, Wendy's breakfast consisted simply of my breastmilk, and on on no such occasion was she awake for longer than a few minutes before she latched onto one breast or the other and began suckling in a way that made her appetite quite clear.

Harem Ch. 01

fetish MyCherryTree 2018-11-10

When Jelena walked into the day lit room of Gerig's manse, it was completely empty. "So, you're the new room mate hmm?" Isla stood at the entrance of the door, head to tail nude, and seemingly far more than 9 months pregnant. Jelena sat there pensively for a few moments, massaging Isla's enormous belly. Jelena moaned with ecstasy as Gerig pushed himself deep inside of her. Jelena stood up and walked to the door, and when she opened it to the main performance room she was blasted with noise. Jelena understood that she was supposed to dance for Gerig as some sexy music began to trickle out of the speakers. Jelena looked down and watched her belly expand from a small bump, larger and larger.

College SPH Ch. 02

fetish J902213 2018-11-10

Grab the loser!" Lilly said and one skinny and bushy gorgeous girl grabbed and even her tiny biceps were holding me in place. Lilly grabbed my marble sized nuts and said "YOU FUCKING BITCH!! Get on all fours and if even an inch of that cock slips out your mouth, bye bye baby dick!" she held the bat again my nub, "I know it's a small target, but I have three strikes before I'm out." I carefully got on all fours and firmly pushed my lips against the base of the strap on. Lilly had no mercy with her strap on, she slammed right up my ass into my stomach and instantly my dick dripped out a tiny load of cum.

Pony Girl

fetish HungryGuy 2018-11-10

Mindy stepped aside as Vern shoveled the urine soaked straw that covered the floor of her stall, and scooped up her manure, and dumped it into a steel drum outside. After about an hour in the morning dawn, Vern was about ready to give up and head back home for some microwave grub when he saw the dastardly fish jump up just a few feet from his float, sending ripples through the water. About a half-hour later, Ol' Flounder was flapping and gasping for breath on a tree stump set back from the water's edge. Vern dropped the fish into a small plastic garbage bag along with some pond water.

Pee Perverts: Sexy Little Panty Pisser

fetish AbigailThornton 2018-11-10

“I saw you looking at me and watched your cock grow until it was sticking out like a garden rake. “And asked me to hold your wine glass… I thought you needed a spare hand to pull your knickers down.” I remember thinking you had such a lovely cock when it got hard for me in those shorts.” Sophie did the wonderful thing once more and kept doing it over and over again until it was impossible to prevent my spunk flooding into her mouth. I suggest you get yourself in the bath - unless you want me to wet the bed?” I scarpered to the bathroom and watched as my wonderful wife lowered her panty-clad crotch down onto my hardening cock.

Black on Black BDSM: Mixed

fetish Samuelx 2018-11-09

You see, Black men in BDSM mostly play with White folks because Black women, both dominant and submissive, don't want anything to do with us. Still, from time to time, I wondered what it would be like as a Black Master to have a Black female submissive to play with. Cleopatra Hamilton came to our first session wearing a red tank top and short Black leather miniskirt, complete with thigh-high Black leather boots. Cleopatra squealed and screamed as I gave her ass a good spanking. Oh yeah, I was having a lot of fun with Cleopatra Jane Hamilton, my first Black female submissive. I worked my dick into Cleopatra's asshole, loving the way it felt around my cock.

Unexpected Guests

fetish Cinner 2018-11-09

Despite the evidence that the woman did not wish to be distracted from her vigil John felt that he might have better luck with Annie than Sir Avery who looked more like a clown than the early-twentieth century English gentleman that he appeared to be at the party. If John didn’t know better he would have said that Sir Avery was wearing a thong, but it was too dark for him to be sure without his glasses despite the fact that he subjected himself to the same thing during his visits to Mistress Nnenna every other Wednesday when in London, and so was fairly familiar with the phenomenon of a man being subject to petticoat discipline.

...and Butterfly do

fetish Adagio 2018-11-09

She looked just like a doll, she just didn’t talk which wasn’t a bad thing. I just smirked at the customer and then walked over to the doll and put my puny cock into her mouth. I didn't know how I could get my lack of length into the doll's ass. Trying to catch my breath, after freeing my cock from the doll's ass. It felt like five pounds of sausage, as his cock stretched my sphincter. I was looking into the customer’s eyes while I jerked my cock. My cock felt so good in his mouth. Like a wheelbarrow I was moving, one hand in front of the other as they steered me around the room.

A Squirt Here, A Squirt There - Chapter 1

fetish Miss_Iris 2018-11-09

“Ooh,” she hummed softly as her free hand began to fondle her dusky pink nipple of her C-cup breast, the urine continuing to flow hotly from between the spread lips of her pussy. She spread her legs and labia wide and let out a soft sigh as she opened up her pussy lips and this time just let her pee flow strongly from her body. Cindy held nothing back as she felt her bladder slowly emptying its contents down onto the garden gnome, giving it a nice covering of womanly fluids and she let out a couple more squirts of her pee onto the gnome and stood up, observing her vandalism on her property.

Purple Socks

fetish kimberlykitten 2018-11-09

I saw my sister's eyes bug out as she looked down at my cock, still inside one of her fucking socks. Tammy got up and started walking around in her purple socks, making squishy sounds. My big gooey dick started getting hard again just watching my sister move about in her purple socks that were filled with my cum. While Tammy bounced her tits at me, her sock-covered feet wrapped around my pulsing cock and started stroking it. My sister had a big smile on her face knowing that she was pleasuring her brother with her fantastic feet inside her fucking socks. I was at the mercy of my sister's fucking socks as she moved her feet from the base of my cock to the head.

Combination Sale

fetish mistyfdfa 2018-11-09

She had come down a little bit but, it was starting to seem like her being ten feet tall and hyper muscled was going to be the new norm. The woman's animal legs made her shift back and forth as she walked, causing her ample busts to wobble and sway in a way Claudette was unable to stop watching. Tiffany gasped and stepped forward to stop her, but Claudette's tail moved quickly to hold her in place. It was not until the smell of cum washed over Claudette that she realized Tiffany had grown quite a lot of boob and an equine hard-on that would likely still stuff her ass full. "Now for the surprise," Tiffany said as two feet of horse cock steadily entered Claudette.

Transformation of Mrs. Matthew Pt. 01

fetish Chameleongirl 2018-11-09

All of these women had long hair, which Gregory enjoyed immensely, and he would play with their locks, twisting locks of curls between his strong fingers, taunting with little tugs and smoothing, long strokes from root to tip. Pulling back just a little, Wanda lowered her head, fanning her hair over Gregory's lap, allowing him to coat her mane in his ejaculate. Gregory wielded the clippers like a skilled barber, teasing Wanda, tugging at the remnants of her hair, pulling back her head to whisper in her ear. Wanda felt the welcome return of his oral appendage once again, working from her anus up to her vaginal lips and clitoris, bringing her closer to the peak, and as she pulled away in the heat of her orgasm, his elbows held her spread thighs apart and his fingers spread her lips even wider, allowing a full view of her juices flowing.

A Very Wet Lesson

fetish lunaswift 2018-11-09

Without glancing behind her to see what Dan was doing, she slowly moved her hand up her skirt, gently stroking her clit through her panties. With one hand she pulled the lips of her pussy apart as with the other one she began to gently stroke up and down, gathering up wetness and rubbing it into her clit. As she peed she began to slowly ride him again, letting his cock move in and out of her even as his hand began to toy with her clit, hot pee trickling over his fingers. He grabbed Lucy's bottom with both hands and gently toyed with her anus, brushing his finger round her hole as he rammed himself up her one last time.

Black On Black Pegging Is Addictive

fetish Samuelx 2018-11-09

What kind of man wants to let a woman fuck him in the ass with a strap-on dildo? Bashirah told me that particular strap-on dildo was modeled after the dick of a world-famous Black porn star from the States. My mostly hidden yet perpetual desire to get fucked in the ass by a dominant Black woman wielding a strap-on dildo. I felt like Bashirah was tearing my ass apart with vigorous thrusts of her large strap-on dildo. My Lady Bashirah flipped me on my back and squeezed my cock and balls real hard as she plunged the strap-on dildo right back into my ass. My mother and sister are glad that I got over my "White Chick Fever" and found love with a beautiful Black woman from my culture.


Bracelet submission

fetish Kluger68 2018-11-09

The time was right and just a few weeks after our agreement I left a bracelet on the dressing table and told her that when I came home she was to be ready to go out as we had agreed. She now reached behind her back and undid the bra and let it fall from her shoulders exposing her lush pink nipples and the right one surrounded by the black tattoo .She then pulled and pinched her nipples until they were long and hard. It did not take long, a passionate hungry kiss and then my mouth on her nipple sucking quite hard almost as a love bite and my hand rubbing clit and then explosion of an orgasm when screamed and bucked  and had tears coming down her cheeks.

Gazing at Emily

fetish lesliejones 2018-11-09

My eyes focus as always on Emily's lovely cheeks and the warm enticing place with its goldenred hair between them. Our mother realized it too, from when she first told Emily, when she became 19, that she was to summon me, make me lift my skirt and lower my underpants, and go across my younger sister's lap and be spanked. She had me lie down in my usual way beneath her -- she was not yet using the seat then -- and as I watched her for the tell-tale twitch I suddenly gasped as her little puckered opening in the rear slowly bulged and then spread open to release a long soft piece that she cut off onto my amazed face.

Goddess by Proxy

fetish mistyfdfa 2018-11-09

"I want you to think about being hard, feel the blood pumping into your penis." She made an effort to not connect with the words she was speaking, but could almost feel his theoretically massive cock throbbing larger in her hands. "You will subtract two." Ami hated commanding her hypnotized patients without setting ground rules ahead of time, but sometimes a hard touch was needed. Now, I want you to visualize your penis, feel it getting hard as blood flows in. Feel those things in your hands as your balls swell larger against your fingers." "I want you to put your hand around your penis, Doug." "I want you to think about your body, Doug.

First Try For A Big Guy

fetish SizeQueenSupreme 2018-11-09

And lastly, the new girl, Liz. She’s a medium built red-head with a mouth so dirty I have to wear earplugs every time she loses her temper. “You’ll be hearing me come to your heart’s content soon enough, boy.” I said, leaning forward, letting my massive melons press him back against the machine. Suddenly he pulled his hips to the side, and wrapped a hand around the base of his cock.  He shoved forward, moving past my willing lips into my mouth, deep into my throat, and even though I fought to keep him there, my oxygen couldn't get in around the humongous gobstopper.  I almost came just from sucking him in that moment, and fluttered out of consciousness for my refusal to release his meat for air.

Surrender by Surprise

fetish Resident 2018-11-09

"Fine," Veronica muttered, opening her mouth to welcome the starved member inside, the hot silk of her glossed lips gliding slowly down the head until only the blushed crown was inside. Veronica pulled her mouth from Allan’s plush corona in favor of kissing a path up his stomach. Giving one last suckle, Veronica pulled away and moved upward to kiss Allan’s expressive mouth. Allan met her lips with almost the same intensity as she, generously opening his mouth for her; moving his tongue against hers; elevating her craving. He bit his lip, groaned, and released small bleats of pleasure every time her tongue expertly swept the strip of flesh beneath the head of his cock.

Victoria And Her Fetishes - 2

fetish UtahBrit 2018-11-09

"Damn, Victoria, I'm not normally a tit girl, but yours are fucking amazing." I said, feeling my body start to tingle as I imagined my lips on her nipples, lapping at them, sucking on them, nibbling them. Her gaze travelled the length of my naked body, her tongue brushing over her lips as she reached up to play with those hard nipples, making me shiver with anticipation. "Mmmm, do that again, Victoria, but harder this time" I whispered to her as my hands dropped to my mound and I caressed the hard button between my swollen wet lips. "Good girl, Victoria, Now lick." I smiled to myself as she obediently followed each instruction promptly, her tongue flicking out over my throbbing clit, forcing a loud guttural moan from my lips.

Diet - Caning & cum eating for weight loss

fetish AlphaBeatHer 2018-11-09

Having fixed her tits very firmly with a length of 4mm diameter, nylon rope, Jason completed his preparations for the weigh in by slipping the scale hook behind the tight rope strands above her breast bone. In this position there was no possibility of reducing the strain on her tits in any way and she was fully exposed in case Jason felt the need to punish her or use her in any way during the weighing process. As always, weigh in took place on Sunday evening just after the main meal of the day. Jason unhooked her wrist and ankle clips allowing the limbs to drop, but leaving Fatcunt suspended by her tits in a reclining position.

Sweet Clairette (3rd in the Golden Series)

fetish MrNiceguy888 2018-11-09

I had to push Claire's face and muffled moans deeper into the snow as I drove my cock deep into her pussy and let loose what felt like a torrent of cum. I could feel Claire's tongue roaming over the head of my cock and probing its eye, as if trying to staunch the flow of piss into her mouth. In that vein I wanted to show Claire what it felt like to have someone lick her pussy while she pissed and to give her experience of knowing that someone is drinking her warm urine right from her body. Trying to drink as much of her piss as I could, I eventually opted to hold Claire close and suck on her pussy lips to better control the jets filling my mouth.

Driving Mrs. Tandy Chapter 3

fetish Heel 2018-11-09

Her hand felt soft and warm in his. “You were so kind to me,” she said and smoothly withdrew her hand. “I didn’t want to offend you,” he said, drowning in her green eyes. He started wringing his hands, and then said: Her eyes bulged and her good hand shot up to stop him. “Yes, but I can control my craziness,” he said and smiled. “What are you doing?” she asked, turning her eyes down in a futile attempt to see his hands. He took his hand back, then looked anxiously at her pale face. She just took his hand and placed it on the cast. “It feels good,” she said, moaning softly.