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Erotic Fetish stories

A large collection of fetisch short stories covering everything from pantyhoses to feet and more.

Jill & Tim's Story Ch. 02

fetish Lou Thomas 2018-04-28

If you need to rearrange our bodies to get a better shot, if there’s some particular activity or position you think might be interesting, let us know, or just grab us and move us." I peeled Jill's robe from her shoulders and, as her hand reached out to milk, delightfully, my shaft, I turned her squarely toward the camera and slipped my hand inside her panties, one finger sliding into her thoroughly wet and slippery snatch. As I did so, my elfin wife let her body slide sideways so that, in just a few seconds, she was laying on her side, facing the all-seeing camera, her hose-enhanced legs out straight, her lower arm straddling my body so that her torso was supported on my lower chest -- and her left hand holding my nuts as her hot, busy mouth took my shaft into it, to lick it, suck it .

Kaylyn the Office Assistant

fetish MistressKateDalton 2018-04-28

I tell you that I will be choosing your outfit for work and that you will be having a busy day so I decide that we won't play tonight. His cock becomes harder as you work on getting him cleaned up. My client says that maybe he should have your come and do some cleaning for his whole office. You greedily swallow and start to lick him clean as fast as your slutty little tongue will work. I tell you that you should go clean yourself up and get the coffee stains out of my client's pants. Kaylyn giggled and squirmed through my telling the story with a nice little vibrating plug in her man pussy and my strap-on in her mouth.

Maiden Goddess

fetish mysticalmaiden111 2018-04-28

His cock bounds upward with lustful desire as he lays eyes upon his leather clad warrior goddess, her enormous breasts, trying to break free of her bustier, the thin leather showing her nipples as large as a normal mans pinky finger popping through. She descends upon the saw horse, straddling over cocks body, the slippery strings dribble onto his chest and he writhes in his binds wanting to see his goddess's sweet smooth dripping puss. She grinds his face and upper body so hard into her clit her body, she loves the pulling of her clit in his mouth as he eagerly tries to hold on, her moans one after the other, her puss muscles clenching tightly as she throbs and pulses.

The Transformation

fetish TheSwashbuckler 2018-04-28

Jeanette turned the water off and slinked out of the shower and wrapped her large towel around her body. Jeanette ran her hands down her legs; the sensation of the soft velvet on her skin changed her perceptions. She crawled over and rubbed on his legs, her head nuzzling against him and filling her senses with his scent, the feel of his pants, and the strength of his legs under them. His kitten purred and let out a soft meow. His kitten then took the top into her mouth, and teased the meat with her tongue. His kitten meowed and reached for it, but he pushed her hand aside and took her dish.


Revealed in Dance Class

fetish luvsatn 2018-04-28

She was dressed in standard but quite revealing dancewear, but Marcus had opted for a white unitard and what apparently was nothing more than a pair of nude bikini briefs underneath, forgoing the customary dance belt. To demonstrate Marcus once again stripped to a nude bikini brief with an ornate one-inch lace waistband and danced with Marisa, now attired in just light green low rise panties and a matching top best described as a bra. As a result the men in the class began to adopt Marcus' standard of dress as their own, often spending most of the class in nothing more than a pair of unlined women's panties that revealed their hard cocks and swelling balls.

I Love My Hairy Mom: Chapter 2

fetish 2018-04-28

As I continue to eat out my mom’s hairy bush, I shove two fingers into her pussy and start to finger fuck her as I suck on her hairy clit while rubbing my face in the black curly hair. “Answer it mom,” I said as I was still eating out her black-haired asshole, “and I’m not stopping while you’re on the phone.” Mmmmm yeah you love fucking mommy’s hairy ass don’t you baby? I’m in the middle of coming and quickly I pull my dick out and shove it into my mom’s hairy pussy as hard as I can. I’m filling my mom’s hairy bush with the rest of my hot cum and I don’t want to stop thrusting into her.


fetish Mr James 2018-04-28

Karen placed her hands on the bed, bracing herself, and thrusting her taut arse towards Andrew; his hands grasped her buttocks and his fingertips spread her cheeks to expose the dark, puckered, opening of her anus. Karen felt the pressure of his fingertips against her flesh and moaned softly as he pressed the fingers of one hand on either side of the opening and used the other hand to guide the head of his cock along her pussy. Karen felt the rubber, slick beneath her hands, as Andrew rammed his cock into her arse, his heavy scrotum slapping against her buttocks and thighs as he plunged into her.

Fulfillment Was Close at Hand

fetish ExoMani 2018-04-28

Lorraine looked at Harlan and continued, "Harley, I would consider it a personal favor if you would take Phyllis back to your little love shack and commit some lewd, unspeakable acts with her. Not waiting for a reply, Lorraine turned back to Phyllis and said, "Do you see the size of Harley's hands? Their tongues still intertwined, Harlan lowered Phyllis to the floor, ran his hands down her stocking-clad thighs and found the hem of her tight dress. Phyllis lifted her hips off the bed to meet Harlan's hand, as he pressed hard against her mound on his upstrokes, and she dropped back down on the bed during his slow downstrokes. "Harder," Phyllis gasped, clutching her bra-encased breasts and lifting her ass completely off the bed to meet Harlan's hand.

Karyn Delivers My First Creampie

fetish Lyks2BTeezd 2018-04-28

One year on my birthday, Karyn, my wife, and I woke up in the morning and were snuggling in bed. I explained to her that while I got packed for my trip, I wanted her to go over to her lover's house, make love with him, allow him to cum inside her and for her to come home to me with her pussy full of his cum. About an hour and a half later I was packed, showered, shaved, eaten breakfast, horney, hard and with my head full of images of Karyn laying naked on her back, legs splayed wide, with her boyfriend pumping his load deep into her womb. Karyn's pussy lips were soaked and a drop of sperm was forming at the base of her slit.

Master's Three-Hole Fuck Toy - Part One

fetish knottykitty 2018-04-28

Since he had seen pictures of the neon pink 1.75 inch dildo he had ordered her to buy months before in his slut's ass and knew that the big girl plug she was wearing was 2 inches in diameter, he figured she'd be able to take him the next time he tried to fuck her ass. If your plugged ass isn't up here in 20 minutes, you are going to be sorry." She made some excuse to her boss, put on the slutty red lipstick she knew the Dom loved, then walked across the street -- very conscious of the fact that she had pussy juices dripping down her thighs.

Obsession of the Mind Ch. 08

fetish k4d0h1 2018-04-28

I played with her pussy lips with my hands as I began to run my tongue up and down her sweet ass crack. She was about to sneak outside and let this big dicked asshole fuck her ass in his car. I mean how many girls can have that conversation and concede to getting their ass fucked by some huge cock and still have the decency to be affable about it. "Okay I'll be out in a minute." "I swear you better behave and not stick it all the way in like last time," she laughed. "But I thought you were going to let me fuck your ass?" I said.

Fantasy Fulfilled

fetish KennyC313 2018-04-28

The light was named Anaé, and Nick knew the moment he saw her that she'd change him. I must hear more about this." Anaé smiled as she talked, her eyes teasing Nick. "Tell me some of the things on this list, I'm interested." Anaé touched the glass to her lips and continued to stare at him. At one point Anaé excused herself to the ladies' room and Nick noticed how the men looked at her. "Tell me, Nick," Anaé smiled devilishly at him. Anaé held Nick's head with both hands and massaged his face with her nipples. A few hours later, his mind still full of the images of Anaé dancing before him, Nick's phone beeped the familiar sound of an incoming text.

Bridal Cumslut Ch. 01

fetish heeledboots3 2018-04-28

It never occurred to me at the time why I would get so horny dressed in a tight black halter neck dress barely long enough to cover the gusset of my tiny thong, nor why the feeling of having my arse thrust outwards by a pair of heeled boots would make my cock twitch in anticipation. I resisted this temptation however and, having lifted the bottom of the dress to my waist, I pulled the panties into position, placing my cock flat against my stomach and nestling my balls into the gusset of the thong. I continued to lift the dress over my head and when I saw myself in the mirror corset clad, stockings, heels and my throbbing member I felt myself starting to come.

Redheads are my fetish

fetish Smoothbore 2018-04-28

Being a young mother is hard, and after seeing her miss lunch a couple of times, I mentioned it to my buddy, and we scaped up a few bucks, and slipped them into her purse one day. She and I began casting eyes at one another, and after a few days, we started having lunch a couple of times a week. One thing came to another, and we ended up having dinner a couple of times. Things were pretty normal dating wise, till one day she said that she wanted to spend the night. She did well, but lost count a couple of times, when I tweeked her clit, or fingered her sopping pussy.

Nylon Overall

fetish oggbashan 2018-04-28

That evening, at the end of a hot and sticky day, I'd finished delivering the customers' orders and was waiting for Amelia and Mary to close the store. "I'll bet that you couldn't tear one of these nylon overalls if you were wearing it. When we've shut the shop you can try to tear a nylon overall while you're wearing it." "Make us some coffee, Andy, while I change," Amelia said as she went through into the women's staff area. "OK," I replied thinking that I might be wearing Amelia's nylon overall shortly. As she turned to face me I could see that Amelia was wearing a flared tiered skirt and a T-shirt top cut low to show the swell of her breasts.

Totally Hatched Ch. 01

fetish bouncingboobs 2018-04-28

My brother Jake was always there to put his cock in Meg's ass whenever she needed it, before he moved out with Jane and Tanya. The more I rubbed Jill's pussy, the more excited I got watching my man in Meg's hot ass. As we pulled up at the beach house we noticed Jake, Jane and Tanya tanning naked on the Balcony, enjoying the magnificent view of nude people on the beach below them. Jill got out of the car and ran upstairs and whipped off her bikini bottoms and jumped into the spa and felt the cold bubbles on her hot naked body, as she was totally transfixed by Tanya sunbathing.

After The Funeral

fetish KDG 2018-04-28

Mark and Elliott had got on well looked at Elliott. Elliott up the stairs to a warm room, lit by candles. Claudia felt his eyes burning into her. She heard the door open, someone else enter the room. She wanted to shout ‘No way,’ but, for some reason, Then she heard Elliott reply, ‘Yes, of course.’ She didn’t want the blindfold to be She wanted to stay like this. ‘Are you okay?’ asked Elliott. ‘Hey, I’ve got you,’ said Elliott. actual ropes were lying in a coil on the floor, like a Glancing at her arms she saw the marks like livid red ‘The physical marks and feeling stay with you long He began to trace the rope marks on her body with his

Simon's Dirty Discovery

fetish FilthyMaster09 2018-04-28

Every time I looked at a girl, my mind would run wild with sick thoughts. I look over at the fat girl in the table across from me, and all I could think about was bending her over that table right in front of her ugly friends, and plowing her ass so hard that her shit hole would permanently gape. I looked down at the beautiful site of my meat completely tearing away at her ass, and was not surprised to see it covered in spots of brown ooze. "Ok, thanks for letting me know Simon!" She said as she walked back towards class, and I did the same.

The Halloween Party

fetish FriedPies 2018-04-28

Pulling me out to the living room by my cock, where things were noticeably heating up as Mary had her tongue in this guy's mouth, and her hand trying to go down his pants. Mary's face cracks, the guy's eyes widen, Heather is trying not to laugh and fails. "Let's go to the real man mom!" Mary says wincing at me as she tugs his meat making sure he was as big as he could get. "Alright mom, looks like you're ready for him!" She announced moving out of the way as he stood over us, his cock head had barely entered as Heather moaned in loud pleasure.

Hubby Loves Creamy Tits

fetish cdubsjunk 2018-04-28

I would lick my cum covered fingers after jacking off, I would lay on my back and place my legs over my head so that I could shoot my load into my mouth and I kept this secret fetish from my wife for 5 years. Later on that month I was masturbating one night while the wife was away and I had the fantasy that my wife was in a gang bang that I was filming and that near the end she had me lay down while she rode my cock and had each and every guy, which was about 20 or so, jack off onto her bouncing tits.

fun in underwear ch.1

fetish Acebottom 2018-04-28

I looked up to see kit staring down at it but I quickly snapped her out of it as I licked the full lengh of her pussy through her wet silk panties and she let out a loud moan so I repeated it again this time much slower and I then started to kiss her legs either side of her panties and I rubbed my hands up and down her legs feeling her smooth skin and then I moved them up to her nice smooth sexy ass and I slowly squeezed her cheeks and before I slid my hands inside her panties and pulled them down.

Trying Vanilla

fetish do4ualso 2018-04-28

When she wrapped her hand in my hair and pulled me away I could feel the wet flow from her pussy as I moved from between her legs I laid back as she was still teasing my cock with her lips. So I rolled her over while still in side of her and raised up a bit and started to stroke my hard cock into her, sounds of wet filled the air it was making all those Slurpee sex noises as I stroked into her from behind I grabbed her hips and raised her from flat on bed to hands and knees.

Dee's Panties Obsession Ch. 01

fetish storyfella 2018-04-28

The whole series of events had worked out well for her Aunt Sara, not that she would have wanted it to happen in quite such a tragic way but her marriage had just broken down so moving in with Dee solved a problem for her too. It was late one Friday evening, laying on her bed with her finger playing with her wet pussy and her dirty panties under her nose, her bedroom door flew open. "I need to speak to you Dee," said Sara as she closed the door behind her. "Oh God yes," said Sara as she quickly sat next to Dee hugging her and kissed her on the forehead, "You know I love you don't you whatever happens."

Samantha's Files Ch. 01

fetish nameuser 2018-04-28

Afterwards, he walked back into his room and got dressed (it was easier now that he figured out the fastest way to put his cock and balls into his pants) by wearing white t-shirt and sweat pants, then walked into the kitchen, where his mom was eating a bowl of cereal in a light-blue tank-top and pink cotton pants. How did you find out about Joseph?" Rachel smiled awkwardly, fumbled with her fingers, and then replied quietly, "I heard some teens from school making fun of him at the Soup Kitchen. Rachel didn't say anything for a minute, then said, rather carefully, "While I am surprised right now, I can grow used to him, and look past such a striking feature." Merri smiled.