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Erotic Fetish stories

A large collection of fetisch short stories covering everything from pantyhoses to feet and more.

The Good Wife Ch. 01

fetish tazsis1 2018-04-27

Somehow I came to love the fact that my wife was so desirable to other men and could be a slut at the office, would allow a man to see her naked, would fuck a man or suck his cock just to get ahead. I knew immediately that this was the man's car and Stephanie was in there. A gust of wind blew open Stephanie's white blouse exposing her high little breasts. She dropped her case and jacket on the floor, kicked off her shoes and released the buttons on her skirt, letting it fall to the ground at her feet, just inside the door. Stephanie stood between my legs, raised one foot and placed it on my erect penis.

Takeover Ch. 02

fetish taiyakisoba 2018-04-27

You turn your mouth away, saying you've got morning breath, but she just laughs and turns your head back to kiss you again, properly, her hips hot like the first time she kissed you at your wedding. But would you let Fia know that I'd very much enjoy hearing from her?" Her eyes glitter as she glances at the tea-towel still in your hands. You found a large number of bottles of a particular type of beer in the mini bar and you decided that it must be Fia's favourite, so there's one sitting beside her meal. You've already swapped numerous warm beers with cold ones, expecting Fia home at any moment, but this time you put the bottle back in the fridge and don't replace it.

Hello There Stranger Ch. 01

fetish HotJRabbit 2018-04-27

His hands touch her waist softly, then with the music, pulling her body into his as he moves with her a little. Moving her hands down her body, feeling the curves of her hips as she hooks her fingers onto the top of her little tartan skirt. She lets it fall the ground and her hands begin to feel her ripe little butt in front of Will's face. Her lips graze the tip of Will's rock hard cock, feeling pre-cum on them, she licks them. She continues to suck on his cock slowly but hard....making sure she gets every little drop of that creamy white cum out of him.

A Suitable Job For A Slut Ch. 04

fetish skyeslut 2018-04-27

When Molly was getting her ass is getting fucked she usually held her tail in her mouth, although a couple of guys shoved it in her nose for the fun of it. Molly thought it just for the ride home and when Daddy pushed her back into the chair she thought it was just to suck the cock of the other guy in the shop - which is sort of was, when she saw him get the kit out she felt her cunt pulse in anticipation. Her masters did agree it would be a nice touch to send her out that way to the parties or other bookings, her cunt was never used when she was the party cum dumpster or urinal and her pussy did look good stitched shut.

Rude Rebecca

fetish geronimo_appleby 2018-04-27

Then, as the days and weeks passed the itch between her legs would begin again, almost imperceptibly at first, but growing more insistent the longer Rebecca tried to ignore it, and the woman knew it was only a matter of time before she degraded herself again. The mental image in her mind of her brother masturbating in his room as he pressed his eye to the spy hole caused Rebecca's nipples and clitoris to throb with a sexual energy of their own and meant that her juice trickled from her sex to smear over the top of her thighs. God, it turns me on!' Rebecca felt a rush of power and control when she realised that her brother's reaction was entirely due to his perception of her curves, her figure, and her very sexual aura.


fetish Midnight_Man 2018-04-27

Her fucking ass was plump and tight and her legs were long and muscular, and I couldn't wait to sink my big hard cock in her! When she's had all she could take Courtney grabbed my head with both hands and pushed me away and said, "Put your cock in me baby." I pulled free from her mouth and pushed her legs high as I began to ram my cock faster and deeper in to her wet pussy. Satisfied that she licked my stomach clean she let the dildo slide out of my ass and placed my cock in her mouth and gave it a good tongue lashing before setting it free.

Steve to Stevie to ??

fetish gbr2004 2018-04-27

"Well, its kind of embarrassing, but my boss at work is so hot that I spend a lot of time thinking about her and I do watch her whenever she is around at work," I tell her, just wanting to get it out. "I didn't mean it that way, I just didn't know," I tell her feeling more like the bumbling idiot the more I talk. In fact, I'm looking for a man like you to spend some time with, someone to get to know better. I am used to getting my way and like men who know how to behave around women and don't mind being told what to do at times," she says looking very serious.

Unexpected in Every Way Ch. 02

fetish luckyfucker 2018-04-27

I occasionally lifted my cock up to her mouth so that she could suck the head inside, then got back to work fucking away at those magnificent hooters. I moved up and down in the tits, from the very bottom channel, rubbing against her sternum, where there was a bit more space, to the middle of the mass, which was the most jelly-like, and all the way to the top, where I mashed her rock-hard nipples against my cock. Eventually she came out of her own mesmerized state, and lifted one tit after the other to her mouth, sucking the cum right off the nipples, long slimy strands of white hanging from mouth to tit, then slowly slurped up in the most unrefined way.

Romance Comic Cover Stories - Chapter XXVI

fetish Victor2K 2018-04-27

I know there can be multiple answers and every moment is important, but one moment is the key for a perfect relationship: when you and your wife are finally alone, nobody to complain, to talk or anything to disrupt your night. This will be not one of those stories where we are interrputed constantly like in the movies, but this one has the treat that, you will know what the both of us did to enjoy our first night as a married couple. We were so in the hook for the times we couldn’t do our favorite stuff that it came out naturally, with her mouth sucking and swallowing my dick and my tongue working good at her wet pussy. Me and Kim decided to finish by our hands the matter, and the orgasm was very good.

Life's Changes Ch. 14

fetish Scribler 2018-04-27

Do you know after it shoots off a couple of time its dam useless?" Kim said pointing at the lump in her running shorts. Pam told me that Jeri and Mary were upstairs showering and getting dressed. You start remembering all the great times you had and the next thing your balling like a baby." Jenny held me close as I cried. Jeri Mary and Pam sat on the right seat while Sharon and Sal sat on the left. "Obviously you two must have had one hell of a time up stairs or you have something to tell us." Jenny said after looking at the smiles on their faces.


Eve Visit's Louise Bellman's Clinic Ch. 02

fetish eved65 2018-04-27

"William, it's time to administer the enema" Louise said. As William prepared his equipment, Louise asked me "Have you had an enema recently Eve?" Then as I looked down at the bag with the hose running between my legs, William pushed the nozzle into me, before releasing the clamp on the tube, allowing the warm water enema to enter me. William's finger will keep you from leaking" Louise said as her hand moved lower, between my spread legs. I'm shitting all over" I cried while Louise and William watched me, in total shame of the act I was involved in. Shit you filthy slut" Louise urged as I filled the pan William was holding.

A gay encounter at the gym leads to cuckolding

fetish Ass_worship 2018-04-27

I got on my knees in between his legs and I looked up at him, I smiled as we made eye contact and I started taking his cock in my mouth. Sue started looking in the closet to pick out a bikini so I walked out and me and Brian, now only wearing his boxers, went out back to the pool. Brian stepped out of the pool to check his phone then, as he was walking back, Sue caught up with him and stood right next to him. I got up and she pushed me down to my knees in front of Brian then she sat next to him and started to rub her pussy.

Sporty Girl

fetish Marty Eagan 2018-04-27

Bart couldn’t believe his luck as he pulled his postal van into the apartment complex. Bart worked the following afternoon at a pace that would allow him to get to the woman's apartment complex a little later. Mounting his courage, Bart left his van at the curb and carried the large and heavy box of old magazines he had personally packed and mailed for apartment D-3 toward the door. In the split second he allowed himself to look, Bart noted that the tiny crippled foot was perfectly formed and quite pretty. She led the way, her swing-through crutching now much more rapid with the right leg simply suspended over the floor.

Lock And Key

fetish ksu328 2018-04-27

Before I slid the cage on for good, I took a deep breath and, for the first time, fully realized that I was giving up my entire sexual being to a girl almost five years younger than me. "Okay Duracell, I'll be over in a few minutes and you better be dressed up in your bra and panties, you fucking little sissy bitch," she said as she laughed. I slowly stood up and removed my pants and slid off my panties, exposing my hot pink chastity tube that was locked over top of my little pee-pee. I started my chastity in December, and by February, I was wearing bras and panties full-time.

Mike and Amy A Real Cuckolding

fetish dan14510513 2018-04-27

AS the couple sat on the edge of the bed they sort of knew this was the end but when Amy put her arms around Mike’s neck and cuddled close to him, as she let her lips roll up the side of his swollen bruised neck her soft sweet lips on his ear lobeAmy whisperedI want to Mike, really I do ….I want to be in love with you…Amy meant well but after the events of the last 7 months and now tonight with Robert….his beautiful wife’s words only ripped his heart open and the tears began to come to his eyes.

The Twelve Tables Ch. 20

fetish xelliebabex 2018-04-27

At home, there had been an awkwardness between Dante and Peri over the last two weeks as they worked through their feeling for each other and Josh separately. "If she expresses as soon as you get back to the room make sure you refrigerate it straight away," Madeline said quietly to Josh handing him a small bag. put it in the room where the bride and groom's things are," he said looking around and spotting Dante talking to Angelo and a few other men not far away. He reasoned that if he did it on his terms, then he would be following the needs and laws of the family, giving Dante the intimacy he craved with Peri and would still maintain control of his wife and her relationship with his brother.

Seven Days of Lust Ch. 05

fetish Master_Vassago 2018-04-27

Kay started to step up into the carriage as Dan stood behind her holding the basket and putting a hand on the back of her leg at the bottom of her cute little exposed ass as she climbed up. Kay leaned forward in the seat to tell him and as she did Dan slid his hand down the back of her dress and underneath the hemline to her bare ass and started to rub the exposed ass cheeks slowly. Pulling her mouth away and standing up Kay pushed the dress down her body and stood over her husband as she squirted out more cool whip right along her wet slit.

The Alien a*****ion #4

fetish TSRMA 2018-04-27

Bloom walked toward one of the aliens and started licking its pussy. Bloom looked at the man and heared the alien say: ''Now my pet give that girl some! Bloom fell over and before she could react the man pinned her down and was eating her pussy. The man kept on going and going and going until Bloom couldn't resist anymore. The next day woke up by her owner telling her that she had a present for Bloom. Her owner said: ''Look her pet i've got you a special belt so you will feel better. That night Bloom woke up hearing a strange noise coming from her belt. Bloom touched the belt and a HUGE shot of sensation was shot into her pussy.

Morning Quickie - 15 minutes.

fetish evergreenstatewife 2018-04-27

“I have about fifteen minutes then I have to get ready for work,” she said, as my wife climbed on top of my face, her prickled pussy hair ground into my mouth and chin. “Put your tongue inside me,” my wife said, adding, “Don’t even think about licking my clit.” “Of course I am, I haven’t had sex with Mark in a few days,” My wife replied, adding, “Does it feel good?” It’s like when you’re masturbating and your hand is loosely wrapped around your cock, just enough to feel the slight touch. “Alright, I think I’m ready from you to come out,” my wife said, sliding off my cock and rolling around towards me.

Mum helps me become a girl pt1

fetish foxxiroxxi 2018-04-27

I went to my room and got my suitcase out with all my girl clothes and proceeded to get changed when mum came in to my room .She was surprised at my outfit I had , I had a pair of sexy platform heels ,suspenders and corset with a shit hot G'string and a tight short dress ,glamour wig and jewelry . Mum and I have never been happier in our lives ,going shopping together we bought a completely new wardrobe each , I cant believe the feeling of wearing sexy heels and dress out in public ,the feeling of being a girl is something I have wanted to feel for so long and now im dress shopping with my mum OMG I cant describe the feeling I have inside me .

Going Down In The Streets

fetish Cwjbeast 2018-04-27

So the struggle, I was getting a number like once in ten girls the rest I just got rejected immediately until the night of my 26th birthday I tried the very last club in the area. I felt 2 things, lube on my asshole being smeared in and around the opening, and a gentle hand stoking my dick and playing with my balls giving me a nice boner. She began playing with my dick and at this point I had started to enjoy it, at least until another dildo was crammed down my throat making it harder to breathe, but still manageable.

Mr Daniel's Milk Ch. 03

fetish Lemon_7 2018-04-27

He smiled at me before sitting me on his lap and pulling my right breast out of my bra, my nipple firming immediately as he wrapped his hands around my tit and started drinking, squeezing and sucking out my milk hard. He began a rough assault on my tits, breathing deeply as he engulfed one in his mouth, before his cock found its way to my pussy lips and pushed its way in, as he slowly began to fuck me, trying hard not to come immediately. He drank very little from me throughout the journey, just a few minutes on each tit, sliding a hand slowly up the inside of my smooth leg, and briefly rubbing my crotch hard over my underwear, but sliding it back down again before I got too turned on, grazing his nails down my inner thigh.

MILF Fantasy Ch. 02

fetish Drakon66 2018-04-27

Kim's silky hose covered legs were draped over Danny's shoulders as the young man probed his tongue deep into her wet pussy. Mark exhaled as if he'd been holding his breath for a long time when Janet's now cum coated toes moved over his throbbing shaft. When Kim noticed life returning to Danny's cock she quickly got to her feet and took him by the hand urging him to stand. Kim's legs went around his waist as Danny began to make long slow deep strokes with his rock hard cock. It took several more minutes for Mark's cock to soften to the point that Janet felt she could stuff it inside her tight little pussy.

feet suck

fetish 2018-04-27

I woke up with my cousin ive always thought she had sexy feet. i walked in to her room and i sat on her bed slowly reaching for her feet. and we suck on eachothers feet for about two hours. she then asked me if she could call her boyfriend to come and fuck us and i said yes.he walked in and we both gave him a blowjob he had a perfect long big hard cock.he then fucked us and came all over our pretty little faces. me and my cousin then started making out to suck all the come of our faces. i then told them when i could come play again they said everday and i came the next day.