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Erotic Fetish stories

A large collection of fetisch short stories covering everything from pantyhoses to feet and more.

MILF Fantasy Ch. 02

fetish Drakon66 2018-04-27

Kim's silky hose covered legs were draped over Danny's shoulders as the young man probed his tongue deep into her wet pussy. Mark exhaled as if he'd been holding his breath for a long time when Janet's now cum coated toes moved over his throbbing shaft. When Kim noticed life returning to Danny's cock she quickly got to her feet and took him by the hand urging him to stand. Kim's legs went around his waist as Danny began to make long slow deep strokes with his rock hard cock. It took several more minutes for Mark's cock to soften to the point that Janet felt she could stuff it inside her tight little pussy.

feet suck

fetish 2018-04-27

I woke up with my cousin ive always thought she had sexy feet. i walked in to her room and i sat on her bed slowly reaching for her feet. and we suck on eachothers feet for about two hours. she then asked me if she could call her boyfriend to come and fuck us and i said yes.he walked in and we both gave him a blowjob he had a perfect long big hard cock.he then fucked us and came all over our pretty little faces. me and my cousin then started making out to suck all the come of our faces. i then told them when i could come play again they said everday and i came the next day.

Pig's Night Out

fetish OwnedbymySir 2018-04-27

After approximately 30 minutes You instruct pig to go in the restroom and remove her bra and panties and return to the table. After a few minutes You grant pig permission to sit down and You reach over and begin to unbutton the top button of her blouse, allowing room for Your hand to wander and begin to play with her nipples. Your cock is rock hard and as You pull it out of pig's mouth You tell her to stand up, turn around, and bend over so that pig's head is close to the toilet seat. pig starts to reach for the toilet paper to wipe herself and quickly feels a slap to her face.

Magic Potion: Grace

fetish PeggyBuxton 2018-04-27

She dabs her eye with a handkerchief a few times then walks away using crutches, a single right leg protruding from her knee length black dress. "Both legs," I mutter aloud, looking down at my stump as I move it side-to-side a few times. The knock comes quickly and I hesitantly open the door still dressed in my jeans, missing a leg, standing with crutches under my arms. "I didn't know until I was looking though his stuff and found pictures of a woman missing a leg." "I know, but I think a lot of folks feel that way." She continues to rub my stump and her fingers wander up the inside of the thigh.

A Slave to Socks Ch. 05

fetish AnimatedSocks 2018-04-27

"Well should sit back, enjoy the show." The pink and white thigh highs proceeded to give what Stacy could only believe was a sort of kiss, before leaving her body once again, standing up to walk in a rather seductive fashion up to the teen upon the bed, jumping up on it, then proceeding to stand on top Lexi's stomach, the toes kneading gently in to the soft skin. By now, those star speckled knee highs were standing up as if feet were within them, the left toes rubbing and stimulating that clit while the other actually began to thrust itself in and out of that pussy, slowly going deeper and deeper until a half an arch was lost inside Stacy's teen, Lexi moaning through the red stripped white knee highs known as Tasha, as if begging for more.

Beth's Dirty Bath

fetish geronimo_appleby 2018-04-27

I stare at Beth for long seconds, soaking up her loveliness, the tousled blonde hair, the Amazon body, her pretty face a mask of desire, the expression giving her features a sly, vulpine look. The way she looked when she said it caused a thrill of desire down in my cock, and, confused by my body's response, I croaked out a fateful question: "When did it start?" She gnawed on her lip until, eventually, my wife looked up into my face and said, "A couple of times more. "Adrian, what are you doing?" Beth asked, shoving up onto her hands as I clambered onto the bed, hard-on as stiff as I'd known it for years.

The Lesson Ch. 02

fetish Dreams of Desire 2018-04-27

A bottle was pushed under my nose and I breathed deep, inhaling a lungful of poppers then a mouthful of cock as he went to work on my arse, kneading the cheeks in both hands, pulling me open for his tongue to delve inside. Tracy looked me in the eye, smiled smugly and began licking the tip, extending her tongue along the length before sliding it between her lips, tilting her head back like a sword-swallower to work it deeper and deeper, building up a mouthful of spit to ease the dildo down her throat. Blissful cries fluttered from my lips as Tracy pulled the dildo free and I felt Keith respond by groaning loudly; driving his cock harder, faster.

s****rs dirty stuff (true story)

fetish family18 2018-04-27

i got out the tishes an seen all her clothes an few panties i said i wud enjoy myself.but 1st i did my nightly run threw her room.which involves rotting through her presses under bed hoppn 4 smethn dirty besides panties i never find anything but its wrth a try.i noticed on top of her dresser their was a basket clothes i moved it revealing their was a top opening to dresser i remember it was always emtyed buti lifted it anyways.

The a*****ion Of Jodie

fetish Bob111401 2018-04-27

I have seen you teasing men wearing those extra short shorts that are at least a size small.(Jodie had been talked to by her superviser about them beng so short} The masked man took a large knife out and said "time to get undressed" Ripping the shirt open he then cut through the arms and then threw it on the floor. Bringing Jodie to the very edge of orgasm nearly a dozen times but never letting her cum he stopped and said "you are a nasty bitch your hole is sweaty and very bitter tasting and I think you did not wipe the last time you peed" Going to another drawer he selected a large vibrator and shoved it into her securing it to her leg with duct tape to keep it from squirting out.

3 Men & A Little Slut

fetish KDG 2018-04-27

"You must be k**ding!" I responded to my wife, "I'm completely wiped out by the time I finish work, the last thing I want to do is to start helping you with your trade fair exhibition!" Looking at Mary's open and very wet pussy, with her juices glistening on her puffy labia, had my cock as hard as stone - maybe it was the fact that I hadn't had sex for a while, or maybe it was the thought that, if I hadn't interrupted the proceedings, I would have been treated to the sight of my wife getting gang-banged by three burly guys. The small room was filled with voices as Mary joined in and urged the man still buried in her wet pussy to cum inside her.


fetish edrider73 2018-04-27

"I think we're probably pretty evenly matched," said Robin. When she called me up a week later and asked me out again, I said, "Didn't you have enough the first time?" When I took her back to the dorm, she said her roommate had gone home for the weekend and then asked if I would like to come up and talk. I've been thinking about asking you out since the second week of school, but the size thing stopped me. Instead, she did think of a way to manipulate me into a match using probably the only thing in the world that would work. "I've been watching videos of women fisting men online," Madison said one night as she got me in a corner.

The businessman's perfect companion - Part II

fetish Rick77bln 2018-04-27

My tongue plunged into her soaking wet pussy, pushing in at first, then licking around, ensuring that the outer lips got a workout, then starting to tease her clit, making her moan louder. Her pussy started to melt into my mouth, juices free flowing while she lifted her hips up, her ass high above the bed shoving me upwards as well and then she let out a load seemingly never ending yell of orgasm as her cheeks flushed bright red. Her hands tried to push me away while her legs still pressed hard against my head, wanting more, but feeling the point of complete orgasmic exhaustion.

She Makes Me Pay

fetish Brian1 2018-04-27

She got into her favorite position and started wiggling her ass to tease me, I moved behind her ready to slide my hard dick into her but she reached back and covered her pussy with her hand. After she came she used her hands to pull apart her pussy and spread it wide, now make sure you got all that cum she told me. After she came I got up to let her finish her conversation, but not before I feverishly pumped my dick and covered my hand in pre cum and licked it all off as she watched, not having a clue of what the person on the phone had just said.

Caught him on the DL..

fetish juniysa 2018-04-27

You can always tell if a man has just cum by the smell of his body- if there was a fragrance of cock, I would probably burn it in my room from time to time. But one night when he came home late from work (I estimate around 9:30pm), I kissed his lips and instantly smelled the familiar, pungent smell of cock. "Now suck this cock the way you suck Joe's cock." His lips barely covered the tip of strap-on and he pushed them together, giving small kisses. "You mean to tell me that this kissing-"I puckered my lips-"Is what you do to Joe's cock?" He shook his head. "Aww, my man does know to suck cock!

Cone-Shaped Cock Society, part I: Origins

fetish jjblu 2018-04-27

My friend Aaron had said, "Fuck, that guy is massive!" - and he pointed to a man whose long cock was poised to penetrate a skinny blonde's ass. And they're shaped weird!" Aaron glanced at Manny, who replied: "So...Jon, your dick is thicker than that? You telling me this isn't what your hard-on looks like?" Manny had to f***e himself to talk - all without removing his eyes from the anatomical specimen he was inspecting. I imagined Ariella's mouth around my dick, her tongue pressing my hard, thickened rod, and sure enough, in just a minute or two, I spurted a massive load of wet, white cum from the stimulated head of my crazy-looking dick.

Wild Stallion Ch. 01

fetish davesslave_9000 2018-04-27

I had been for sometime searching out groups of people that could help me on my quest in finding others like myself with fantasies of being a pony boy or girl, with no success. The shoes were enough to grab my attention when they were walking toward me, but as they passed by, I noticed fringe hanging out of the bottom of the woman's trench coat that looked peculiar. "I'm not stalking you I promise I just wanted to let the lady know she forgot to button her coat and umm she err might need to." I stammered like an idiot.

The Interview

fetish feministcockslut 2018-04-27

As the head reached my lips I took a deep breath and quickly pushed myself onto it, taking as much as I could. Then as I started to push my hands against his thighs to get his cock out of my throat so I could breathe his ripped my head off his dick. As I started to gag once more I felt him move his hands from the back to the side of my head. He started to pull his rock hard cock out of my throat but before it left my mouth completely I felt his hands clamp my head in place. I reached back with my right hand, pulling my dress up around my hips, exposing my stockings, suspenders and little boy shorts.


Humiliated Milk Maid

fetish Bunny19 2018-04-27

"I wanted you here bright and early because there's a very specific way I like my house to be cleaned, which is also why I always book double appointments for all of my maids." He informed her as the door was slammed shut, hard enough to send vibrations rippling beneath her skin and she accidentally let slip a small gasp of shock. No one was standing in front of her, observing the obscene jiggle of her embarrassingly large milk jugs, spilling out of the dress as her arm moved side to side, spreading the water about and making sure to remove anything remotely looking like a paw print.

Mrs. E Is Back! Ch. 02

fetish Myths 2018-04-27

Her nipples jutted hard, her pussy hair glinted with beads of her sweet juice which was also coating her thighs. Occasionally dipping in to taste the sweet inner flesh, my tongue dug deep in her love tunnel, licking fresh hot juices which coated the walls. Soon I would thrust it deep into Mrs. E's eager, cock hungry cunt. started making guttural noises deep in her throat, her hands now on my head pulling me hard onto her pussy as she ground herself on my face. Still cumming hard, I let go her pussy from my mouth and drove my hard, purple mushroom domed cock balls deep. Holding her hips as she thrust back on me, I drove deep into her tightly gripping ass.

Between a Cock and a Hard Place

fetish SlaveHeartt 2018-04-27

I pushed back into her bulge and felt it getting bigger. She kept short thrusting her Cock to work it into my tight ass. Once she was all the way inside of me, I could feel her pushing into another organ. I kept gyrating on her lap with her Cock buried 8+ inches inside of me. I really wanted to know what it felt like to have someone cum inside me. Her tongue worked hard to lick up her dried cum and my inner juices. I felt her Cock enlarge to stretch deeper into me until it hit my rectal ceiling. It was amazing, my cock was hard and flowing pre-cum that I felt on my belly underneath her weight.

The Cabin

fetish FlickHer 2018-04-27

When I get there, I start teasing your neck with little sucking kisses...tickling with little flicks of my tongue. Pushing the shirt aside, I take in a hard little bud of nipple between my teeth, ever so gently, licking with my tongue, blazing a trail across your tummy, moving myself between your legs as I go. Slowly trailing my tongue around the rim...down the shaft, and over and around your balls (after a brief moment where I manage to slide your jeans further off you). I lightly kiss your bag, and then trail my tongue back up your shaft...around the rim. Parting the lips, I slide my finger along my clit...causing my body to jump...and my sucking to grow more intense.

A Tennessee Education Pt. 05

fetish Katiekatsman 2018-04-27

She undid the tape, yanked the hood off, knowing she couldn't see behind anyway and finally pulled the tape free of her mouth. She hoped she'd put the pieces together during the night, and Sharon wanted to give her ample time to do just that. The following morning slave cleaned the bed and bath rooms while Mistress dressed and readied herself for the day. But I want you to know I like the way you came last time best." She giggled, "So what's your choice?" It made Bobby wonder what Mistress had said to her after she sent him upstairs. Yes, he strived to know her thoughts, but his actions were confined to anticipating her wishes, needs, and wants, and not waiting to hear the latest gossip.

Friends Sweaty Girlfriend Pt. 03

fetish Sweatlover 2018-04-27

She leaned in and put my dick in her mouth, tasting not only my cum, but the sweaty pussies of Sarah and Ali. After a couple minutes she looked over at me and I knew what she was asking, so I shook my head yes and she straddled me. "That's it Rose, remember it will only get better and better," said Ali. The girls came over to the bed and started to caress Rose's amazing tits, sucking on her nipples as she took a dick for the first time. I felt the cum start to rise in me, so I took both of Rose feet, still in her sweaty sock, brought them up to my face as I continued to pound her hard.

Red Shoes

fetish lady_k2 2018-04-27

As I wait for him to start again, I realize one of those lovely red shoes has fallen off and is lying on the floor below me. His fingers withdraw and he says, "I think Ann, that I require you to be standing, bent over, touching your toes, for the strap." But I know that in a few minutes he will drop the strap and push me down onto the carpet, and moments later I will be experiencing his passion, as his rampant, hard, leaking cock thrusts into me, hammering my blazing bum into the carpet as he takes his pleasure in me and I take my pleasure from him.