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Erotic Fetish stories

A large collection of fetisch short stories covering everything from pantyhoses to feet and more.

Brod: Elasticity Ch. 04

fetish Sarkopheros 2018-04-26

Lying at my feet on the bed were two more, groaning, rubbing their bellies as their cunts gaped open wide enough for the stewardess to stick both arms into. the three bloated girls at the base took up the entire foot, and the two remaining girls descended upon my cock, moaning as they wrapped their arms around it, desperately slurping up its thick blanket of sperm. What I found out later was that Valeska had given me that weird look because she noticed that she could see the curvature of my testicles from the other side of the chair—much more than normal. I was a bit surprised that she was asking, because the policy was right there on my website, and I know for a fact that my employees talk about it when signing women up.

The Smell of Her Persian Love Hole

fetish Subtext 2018-04-26

But after my parents left Mrs. Asadi took off her head covering and began to make me feel at home. With every mouthful I drew, I saw her eyes roll back with pleasure and I realized she was getting a sexual thrill from feeling her milk being sucked out of her rock hard tits by her newest baby boy. When I got there I saw Mrs. Asadi kneeling on the couch facing away from me just as this man was pushing his rather large penis into her black, forest-like, mother cunt. With her juice still streaming off my face and chest I moved on top of her and slid my penis into the first vagina it had ever known, the hole that had obsessed my mind for the last five days.

Panty Prowler

fetish Boxlicker101 2018-04-26

Under a corner of Amanda's bed was another pair of panties, pink this time, and Steve picked it up, wrapped the crotch around his nose and breathed in a lungful. That didn't matter to Steve; the fact that the garment had been in contact with the cute teenager's pubic area was enough for his needs, as long as he could continue to breathe in the stronger aroma from the blue panties. The delectable aroma from the panties being held against his face became stronger the longer he held it there, and Steve thought about Amanda playing with her precious clit while wearing them, masturbating until she climaxed, and the juices from her pussy soaking into the fabric.

Ashley's Crate Training

fetish Tappy_McWidestance 2018-04-26

I wasn't worried the kids would somehow find out what I'd been looking at since they were leaving in the morning, but I did have the foresight to think that if I forgot to cover my tracks, Tim might find out. My husband's reasoning was if I wasn't going back to work (he was fine with that) and since he was gone so often, a dog would provide some companionship in the home. I'd taken classes at this store with my two other dogs and the instructors were usually the young kids that work there. I was trying to picture what I would look like in each of the thick black leather collars when I video chatted with Mistress Suzanne.

Marriage Based on Female Domination

fetish Anal Slave 2018-04-26

My only purpose was to lick up his cum after my wife had been well fucked and to suck his cock whenever he desired a blowjob. Tom took hold of the back of my head with both of his hands and held me in a tight grip as he fucked my opened mouth like a wet cunt. Very good, she said as Tom released his hold on my head and pulled his still-hard cock out of my mouth. Tom spoke up and said, "I think your husband enjoyed sucking my cock." Since he didn't spit out any of my cum, he must've loved the taste of it. As I bounced up and down on his cock Carla jacked be off till I shot a big load of cum all over Tom's chest.

Mother Futa Ch. 07

fetish Sucker4Boobies 2018-04-26

Laurel lifted her head from Adam's crotch and turned around in time to see Martha drop her granny panties and let her hard cock grow to full rigidity. And though they enjoyed normal dates like going out to restaurants and going shopping, Martha loved it when Laurel dragged her to bed and fucked her silly. "That's exactly what I want to hear, my big dicked lover!" Martha growled as she let go of Laurel's cock and used her free hand to grab her other breast. Adam took his mouth off of Laurel's dick and asked, "Are you okay, Martha." With an audible slurp, Adam took his mouth off of Laurel's dick and looked up at Martha with a smile.

Stinky Secretary

fetish Toiletdream 2018-04-26

The next day, at 3 pm Jess came in, closed the door, walked around behind my chair, leaned over and whispered in my right ear "Tuesdays- you sniff." She came around in front of me, bent over and showed me her bare ass. I leaned a little too close to her, though and she said "Mondays you look!" After 5 minutes, she stood up and walked out. So Mondays I looked, Tuesdays I could sniff her, Wednesdays I got to eat her, Thursdays I fingered her asshole and Fridays I fucked her up the ass. I could get in quickly and after a few weeks I was fucking her ass nearly the full 5 minutes before Jess stood up and walked out.

My Wife's Subway Groping

fetish jbyrd2345 2018-04-26

My wife has told me of many instances on the subway at rush hour, where she is standing holding the overhead rail, and feeling men rubbing her leg and even feeling the hands slide under her skirt until it reaches her ***** area. When she does this, she says it is freightening realizing that this total stranger, whether young or old, regarless of race or cleanliness, is feeling her *** and up her skirt, and often groping her chest, and she is silently enduring it all, hoping only that other passengers aren't watching as these men freely grab at her **** and ***, all without one word of protest on her part.

The Beardsley School for Girls Chapter 2 - Justine

fetish catherine-belmont 2018-04-26

"Let's get you a little stretched out, Justine, I want to see that lovely little body of yours," as he pulled on the chain, the pillory slowly rose, pulling not only her arms up higher, but at the same time her neck. "Look at his other hand," and pointed out Headmaster Michael's other hand on her naked legs now gripped her sex in his palm, one finger dug deep between the lips of her pussy, clenching and unclenching on it like it was a baseball. "Keep your back arched for me like a good girl, Justine," his fingers ran around the areolas, a ragged fingernail over the brown flesh, tiny bumps popped up, moved closer to the hard nipple.

Goldenrod Ch. 02

fetish rlmmike 2018-04-26

'Mikaela, this is Tom. I don't know what you're telling your friends but I've had a lot of people- I'll call them short haired girls -grinning at me and making crude remarks on campus and in town, and I'd like you to knock it off. Our goal, the instructor had said, was to equip me with "a mental discipline that would create endurance for physical pain, while increasing concentration to the level where pleasure impulses could be totally isolated from the influx of sensory data, and perceived thoroughly." To this end, Ray had spent many grueling hours strap-on banging my ass. Like a machine that was powering down, Ray slowly lowered herself back a final time, and I remained kneeling.

Denise and the Banker Ch. 03

fetish Marty Eagan 2018-04-26

Carolyn removed the brace and left it and the crutches in Ron's care. Carolyn told Denise she would go back to Ron's shop by herself with the shoes needed to complete her brace. Carolyn agreed and left Ron's shop with the old Kinney crutches he had offered on the first visit, which she loaded in the trunk of her car. Denise had shown Carolyn how to access some of the "devotee" websites and Carolyn now logged on, downloading several video clips of polio women using crutches with a single leg brace. Carolyn wondered if Ron was a foot-lover like Denise's friend Bart. Carolyn walked around the shop awkwardly, swinging her braced left leg in a slow arc as she moved.

The Alley of No Return Ch. 07

fetish fursmoke11 2018-04-26

"They all want underneath it" she said on an exhaled stream illuminate in the weak winter sun, as she pulled the coat around herself , gliding her open palms on the fur as it hugged her hips, closing her eyes as the cigarette dangled in her smile. Smoke drifted from the window to Ruth Mear's nose, the high sweet aroma immediately making the skin all over her body tingle as she writhed in the furs , turning and smiling at the vision in front of her through bleary eyed content. Ruth touched herself and groaned as Jane Matthews soft beaver caressed her breast, and she held the sacred tube to her lips and she took of it with all her devotion of spirit.

A Very Spunky Lady

fetish Charles Petersunn 2018-04-26

They were lying together on the couch and, more precisely, he was lying on top of her, their tongues entangled, licking and lapping away in each other's mouths like thirsty puppies, his hand fondling and squeezing her boob, occasionally even tweaking and pinching her nipple, which wasn't really that easy through her blouse and brassiere. Marilyn even lifted her legs up, spread open her thighs, and wrapped her legs around the back of Mike's legs and butt, getting him in a very lewd and lascivious scissor hold, pressing his body, his stiff dick, even tighter against her, if that was in fact possible, and she resumed a more lascivious grinding and lurching of her cunt against Mike's stiff penis, his dick, his cock.


fetish a real jrkoff 2018-04-26

Poor Donaletto could only hang his head in shame and wonder vaguely in some corner of his mind what her stocking feet must smell like today. Once her skirt had been removed, the jerking clown could see her beautiful legs clad in sheer gray silk stockings attached to a white utilitarian-looking garter belt and her white nylon panty-briefs. "Shame on you!!" Looking back up at the young man to hold his eyes with her own, she began verbally abusing him horribly… even as he continued to pump out more gobs of white stuff as the result of her jerking fist. Perverts should expect to be punished for their disgusting displays." With those words burning in his ears, his face red with shame, Donaletto's huge animal sac contracted more powerfully then he had ever experienced.

Visiting David Ch. 02

fetish Sanichi 2018-04-26

David's hands were still on his ass, and his friend tugged suddenly, bringing them slapped hard against each other, skin against skin, their panties pressed tight. He could never imagine wanting to be with a man in the same way, but then he never could imagine being here with his best friend, both wearing women's underwear, each with their cock straining in panties. Now he was stroking that friend's cock, rubbing his balls through those panties, running his hands over a man's stockinged legs, pulling his thick shaft gently from its silky folds, bending forward to meet its heat, feeling the blood throbbing along its length in his hand, touching the tip with his tongue, licking the head, pulling the skin back as far as he could.

Ashley's Little Show

fetish MechaBlade 2018-04-26

They had been told by the terrorists that they couldn't leave to go to the bathroom, so the floor was pretty wet with the urine of several different people. The man turned around, but she was determined to get in, close the door, and start going before he stopped her. Look, I'll just..." she said as she started to pull on the door again. The rest of the class didn't know yet what her specific trouble was, with the exception from one or two of the bitchier girls, who were eager to believe what was about to happen and found their lips starting to curl up at the corners with sly smiles.

Possessing Bella Ch. 14

fetish xelliebabex 2018-04-26

On one hand, he seemed so caring, looking after and protecting her from any unwanted advances yet as long as she continued to serve and dance he treated her as no more than a show pony. She arched back slightly balancing precariously on the polished stone beneath her feet and pulled the twisted rope of her hair forward tilting her head back enjoying the small drops of water that squeezed from its length. She let her knees buckle and she slowly lowered to kneel widely exposing the dina mark and fluttering her hands away like the wings of a butterfly, exposing herself to the man so eagerly watching her.


fetish evol 1 2018-04-26

I sat on the edge of my bed facing the mirror and slowly began to rub my swelling clit with one had and tug at my tender little nipples with the other. At that time monsignor came from the back room of the alter, and spying the pair chuckled, "Look at that, my best nun and my best athlete, staying after church. So there I was, habit spread open on the alter, in my bra and panties, preparing to let this boy fuck me in front of God. I was absolutely drenched. "Looks like you've had some fantasies too." he smiled and said as he began to pinch, pull, and tease my erect nipples. I want you to fuck this little nun's pussy, right in front of Christ.

Anything for Lindsay Ch. 01

fetish allaboutcontrol 2018-04-26

After the 2 minutes of sex was over, Holly said "with a dick as small as yours, I'd work on my stamina" as she quickly got dressed and left the room. "Next time, behave, and maybe you'll get to cum in my room instead of jerking off in yours," Lindsay said as she closed the door. During those two days, Jason must have jerked off at least 6 times, all while thinking about his 30 seconds of kissing Lindsay. "Jason, if you want this relationship to work, if you ever wanna see these tits or feel your tiny little dick in my mouth or vagina, you need to promise me that you wont masturbate anymore," Lindsay laid the bad news on him.

Bitch's World Ch. 04

fetish dominasolo 2018-04-26

Once they reached the doctor's clinic, Frank got Redhead off the truck and led her into the clinic. Frank walked in to find the doctor reading with his legs resting on a brunette whore's back. "Now now, Frank," said the doctor, inspecting Redhead's breasts, "I was just messing with you. Frank left the clinic feeling energetic, ready to go shopping after a long time. On looking closely, Frank saw wrist straps made of leather in the two front corners of the cage. The man walked the whore to the dysfunctional lamp post in the dark corner of the dingy lane, tied the leash to the post and drove away quickly, without another word.

Got Pierced?

fetish LeslieRose 2018-04-26

He uses nipple clips on me to heighten the pain and passion and plays with my clit skillfully. This is when I want a woman with us to finger fuck me or fondle my nipples while I suck off my husband. I know this so much that I want him to have another woman as my gift to both of them. Lash is an excellent lover and our third deserves my husbands fat cock, magic fingers and delectable tongue. I want future lovers to know that I like to fuck hard and love having my nipples be the focus. The sex is still good but I don't want to have my nipples played with as much.

A Woman's Story

fetish CuckoldGuy 2018-04-26

I thought of the words Mr. Hamilton said, that my husband was now my cuckold and I was sexually liberated. "During that time my Jeffery worked part time in a super market, plus going to his classes, studying and all of the work that Mr. Hamilton gave him, my Jeffery was often too tired to even think of sex and that's the way I wanted it. "I asked, "What if Mr. Hamilton felt these tits and sucked these nipples and pushed his cock into my pussy and fucked me? Mr. Hamilton smiled and said, "Well Sharon, it looks like your cuckold really wants to be a cuckold but we are going to have to make sure.

Tribute to My Succubus

fetish qknd 2018-04-26

Those dreams were so vivid, so perverted and erotic that when I finally woke up in the morning I felt like I'd been at it all night and that I had been completely drained. I was virtually paralyzed with pleasure as the female b**st moved her lips down and then pulled back in a quickening rhythm, all the time making little mewling sounds in the back of her throat. My breath was coming in gasps and my body began to jerk like a rag doll in rhythm with my b**st-lover's movements. But as I remembered the wonderfully fantastic feelings that my female b**st had given me the night before, well, dying didn't sound like too high a price to pay.

A Wish, Long Forgotten Ch. 01

fetish RandomAuthor 2018-04-26

"One other thing," Judy said, as she leaned back in her chair, crossed her arms across her chest and looked at me with a serious expression, "I don't want even the slightest bit of trouble with you tonight. "Come on," Judy said, wiggling free of my embrace, "don't distract me, Rob. I wasn't kidding, we're on a strict time line tonight and if you're not in the shower in five minutes, I'm probably going to have to call the whole thing off. Seeing her cute little breasts exposed and the way her tight panties creased up between her pussy lips, I started to get hard while I was standing at the sink shaving my face.