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Erotic Fetish stories

A large collection of fetisch short stories covering everything from pantyhoses to feet and more.

Ellie's Desperation

fetish ShowersOfGold 2018-04-26

The place never seemed to close and, dive-ish as it was, if a barman like Mike wanted to salvage a little weekend fun after work, it was the only place open after he'd shut up for the night. Red-faced, the girl flounced to the back of the queue, where her friends had apparently found a pair of likely lads to pay them in for the night. Ellie, it seemed, had no other choice, and let Aaron point her back towards where Mike was standing. Ellie bit her lip, trying to control her obvious need, while Mike took the opportunity to get a closer look at this stunning young woman. oh, god" Ellie grimaced, squeezed her crotch tightly, and looked urgently past Mike towards the alleyway.

Hooray for Hollywood Ch. 01

fetish tarred 2018-04-26

My day job is writing, I am a copywriter which sounds like fun, and with the opportunity to work from home and control my own hours is pretty good, however it can be a lonely life writing rather tedious copy for websites and search engines, therefore, to keep me from going insane I write stories, usually messy ones, you are reading one right now. I sipped my morning coffee while working on a long white paper about IP address management, I looked up from my notes as a Skype chat window pinged open. She gasped as I poured melted ice cream over her chest, it was obvious it was still pretty cold, I took my opportunity and started to suck her engorged nipples, her hand slid into her slimy panties and soon she was moaning and writhing, her body stiffened and she slumped in the mess.

Valerie Song: Hot Yoga Pt. 02

fetish dongstar 2018-04-26

By the time Valerie had finally showered off the layer of spunk coating her body, pulled on a blue sports bra and stuffed her fat package into a pair of yoga pants, she was very late. "Are you here from the MILF class or the plus-size class?" asked Valerie, trying not to think too hard about the hot slab of fuckmeat currently inching its way past her right knee. "There's only twenty-five minutes left, and we don't mind if you go bottomless, do we girls?" Suzan asked the rest of the class, her big brown eyes sparkling. They were big enough now to reach the floor, and pumping precum like crazy through Valerie's thigh-thick cock.

Sub basement dream

fetish carzysmoke1 2018-04-26

Embarrassed that I just caressed my ass against my coworker, I grab the juice I came down for and quickly turned to leave.  But there he stood, facing me in front of my exit.  I pretended that I didn't notice him blocking my way and went to exit anyway. As I stood, he repeated the question as he stepped into me.  He was slightly taller than I so his lips lingered an inch above mine as he whispered,  "Are you sure?".  As I stood still and silent, he slowly took the juice bottles out of my hands and placed them on a shelf.  He leaned in towards my ear and whispered one last time, “Are you?" And that's when I realized if I don't respond, he'll stop.  So I nodded.

Party Nights (Chastity Story)

fetish DanLockered 2018-04-26

On one of these parties Ellen showed up with a 9 inch strap on dildo, She wore it while naked. All of the girls seemed to enjoy fondling Ellen's strap-on and some at various points, normally under the influence of alcohol would give it a sucking. A few more parties went by with Ellen wearing their strap-on before Heather and Jane starting wearing similar ones. At the house party the next day my wife joins the strap-on wearing ladies as their count goes up to 6. This time Ellen is not wearing her strap-on. If he ever wanted a chance of getting his cock in her pussy then he had to wear it. I had sex for the first time with my cage locked and using my strap-on.

Cheating on my husband

fetish 2018-04-26

His friend looked at me when my husband left the room and said, "nice tat, but who was looking at that" and he smiled while he sipped his beer. The time came when the beer ran out, he said he would buy and I had to drive because he was drinking, My husband was more concerned with the game. I've fucked a few of my husbands friends before, so this was nothing new, but this guy was a typical army asshole, with his hooah bullshit.I saw he was wearing his army uniform belt with his jeans, i said 'loser" , he then pulled out his dick, it was hard and he had than look like fuck me or i'll snap.

The Upsell

fetish klammer 2018-04-26

"Of course, sir, right this way," he said smiling. eyes locked on their fat cocks and leering grins and I nearly began to I moaned as the larger man rubbed my cock through the panties. The larger one backed off, wanting a good look as the enormous cock began spreading from my insides, I looked down at myself, at my new sissy, My thoughts were cut short as the large man's impressive cock pushed at my feeling my throat and ass closing with no cock to keep them open. me senseless handed over what looked like a lot of money to the salesman. The salesman smiled and pulled up his pants, looking me up and down,

Emily Sucks

fetish Emilyplaying 2018-04-26

I shared with a different boy every night, sucking him off several times during the night and early morning, I played a little game with myself to see which one I could get to cum the most times in one session, David easily being the winner, managing nine loads on his second night, he didn't even go soft until after the third load! We used to experiment and play little games, I let them shoot their first load over my face, breasts, ass or pussy so the first game was who had the biggest load for me then who I could get to cum the quickest, who I could get to cum the most times in an hour and who could get me to cum first, as I used to let them take turns sucking my nipples, licking my asshole and pussy, and fingering me, telling them what was good and what wasn't.

My Perfect Headscissor Session

fetish crionics99 2018-04-26

After what seemed like another ten minutes I felt her ass peel away from my face and heard the sound of the sexy PVC squeaking, and I sucked down another massive gulp of air. The mistress's thighs squeezed together with incredible force, the squeaking of her vinyl leggings the only thing I could hear as she clenched her sexy butt cheeks together, pulling my face even further into her ass until she was squeezing my whole neck and lower face. My vision began to fade again, my hands no longer bothering to desperately pry at her thighs, instead softly squeezing and caressing her perfect, shiny ass cheeks.

Me and Sue

fetish BigD63088 2018-04-26

Then she took her hand underneath my towel and grabbed my cock. She grabbed hold of my dick and stuck it inside her cunt. After a while, she then laid on top of me pushing her ass up and down, and ramming my cock inside her cunt. Her hair covered her face, and her tits waived back and forth in like a jabbing bag for boxing. I was beginning to feel the urge to cum inside her so I grabbed her hips tighter and rammed my cock deeper and harder. She got off the table and began sucking my cock. I grabbed her behind the head and rammed made her gag on my cock. She never stopped moaning while bobbing her head on my cock.

The Journey of Sexuality Ch. 02

fetish JosephGibbs 2018-04-26

I set my hand on her shoulder and she said, "I wanted t-to feel w-what Kay f-felt l-last week. Sarah pulled Kairi's pants down, revealing her eight-inch cock (remember, she is a dickgirl) and began licking the head of it. Then I began suckling the head as Kairi had done while Sarah continues licking her penis. Kairi, Sarah, and I had then sat down and began kissing each other lustfully. Sarah bent down and began sucking both me and Kairi while we kissed each other. I then looked at Kairi and realized she had her dick pointed directly at Sarah's mouth, and she was waiting for me. "By at least two inches, Alex" Kairi said, giggling with Sarah.

Gregory & Mom

fetish ddarkhunter 2018-04-26

Mrs. Mitchell gasps and her eyes fixate on my pulsating nine inches of Chocolate xxxxxxxxx cock that now hovers over her son pathetic three inches. Mrs. Mitchell seems to be mesmerized by my ridged Brown xxxxxxxxx year old cock that is still pulsating and dripping fresh man juice. As I reach for the door Mrs. Mitchell says “You can expect a phone call from me young man, We need to talk about what I just saw”! Mrs. Mitchell was concerned that this someone in question would be one of those older men who would most likely “bust his ass and send him home turned out”! I smiled so big that my eyes squinted and I looked like a Black Asian with my xxxxxxxxx cock growing the entire time.

The Birth of Lady Bane

fetish mehaw1 2018-04-26

"May I present Hitomi Matsugane, aspiring super soldier and my sole surviving volunteer." Said Woodrue looking upon her with a smile as the two men hoisted the tiny woman up on their shoulders with ease exposing the bulge of a massive dildo inside her pants, she struggled to break free with no success. One of the henchmen pulled out a huge spiked choker and put around her neck as another henchmen started plugging the snaking tubes from the bra shaped injector pack she was wearing fitting into the ducts in her skull with force moving Hitomi's head with every push, He lifted her head and forced the largest tube into the socket of the larger duct at the base of her skull which made her feel a great pressure on her head, zipped the fabric closed over her face.

Becoming a Cowgirl

fetish Atgod 2018-04-26

I just thought I saw him smile out of the corner of my eye as I left the room for the toilet, an arm covering my chest. I slowed down, not shouting anymore a bit embarrassed "You made my breasts grow and made them lactate," as I said it I realised how stupid it sounded. "A few years back, the company that I work for developed a way of making females grow huge breasts and for them to be able to produce a large amount of milk. He laughed and said "If you don't milk your breasts they start to get incredibly painful and also very leaky and then it gets to a point where they never stop growing and keep producing out milk like crazy.

Pantyhose on a plane

fetish nylonboy535 2018-04-26

She started telling him how a woman she worked with husband had a pantyhose fetish and anytime she wore pantyhose he would get really turned on and always wanted to have sex with her and from what her friend told her it seemed quite a bit of fun and and a exciting sex life. She said she found this very intriguing and suggested they have another drink he could tell her more.After the drinks came she asked him to tell her what he would want his wife to do to fulfill his pantyhose fetish He told her he would want her to dress up in a short skirt or dress that showed a lot of leg and he would take her to dinner and they would sit in a booth in the back of the restaurant and have her tease him showing more of her pantyhosed legs

Sancta Sara #4: Regina

fetish petdyke 2018-04-26

Regina is a pretty petite nice naughty nun, whose tulip type love lips seduce to lick her vagina. Regina loves to show off her hairy vagina, especially when she notices Priest Peter is watching her. Regina loves to be licked by the novices or Professor Peter, especially when her wet twat is red! "It would be a sin to spill my seed over your lettuce, lovely lusty nun of me!" Professor Peter thrusts his proud priesthood deep into Regina's vagina. I hear her asking them one by one to pray at her love lips, but all four nod "no", pulling long faces at that red wet hairy horny holy hot tasty sexy snatch!

Milking my wife Angelique's huge tits like sh

fetish UNDERTAKER919 2018-04-26

I said, shit we ain’t got to worry about that cause I’m planning on milking her damn big jugg’s twice a day from now on just like we’re doing her fat ass right now. Angelique tensed up tight as hell and started crying when he turned the suction up higher, she said God Damn it baby that feels like my nipples are being pulled off of my tit’s! I said, shit Calvin this little whore loves for anybody to look at her big fat ass when she’s naked, and most especially when she’s getting fucked real damn good and rough that’s when she really puts on a good show for ‘em, she’s an exobitionist from hell now a days!

Changeling Ch. 04

fetish Michael142 2018-04-26

He says, "I can't do this Donna!" and as pushes up away from Brenda, but I stop him and reiterate, After another five minutes, which seems like an hour to me, David stiffens, and I know that he is spewing his cum four-inches inside this girl, as she screams in another strong orgasm, shuddering and convulsing. I have lost my darling husband, and it is all my fault because it was my lust, letting another man touch me, that lead to David meeting Brenda in the first place. "A simple 'yes' would have sufficed, David!" Then I start to smile a little and continue, "But I really liked all the other stuff too!" after another second or two,

I Love Feet

fetish murphy621 2018-04-26

They love way I fit my shoes to their feet. She knows she turns me on because as she walks to the fitting chair her hands brush my cock, She lifts her right foot and I take it in my hand and remove her shoe. As I massage I bend my head to her big toe and kiss it and then suck it in my mouth. I remove the socks and as I turn to get the new ones, the foot that was in my lap starts to rub my cock. The toes of her other foot were playing on my cock like it was a piccolo. Her big toe was in my mouth and my hand sliding up her leg.

Getting a Leg Up

fetish Selbryth 2018-04-26

Then the boss left me to walk around a little bit to familiarize myself with the layout and as I strolled along through the crowd (it was a very popular place as I found out), I tried to get used to the sight of adult men—everything from construction guys and shop owners to really expensively dressed business types—standing before the pair of legs they'd selected (and paid for at the door), and basically having sex with them. Running along the floor, and against the wall was a grated trough to catch all this semen, and above, concealed with the lights that shown down, were the tiny misting heads that were automatically activated a few moments after the client stepped away; sort of like those automatic hand wash things in bathrooms.

Yet another California impregnation story ...

fetish billstew 2018-04-26

I was looking at her panties and was feeling really horny (this kind of happens to a 25 year old guy). She was telling me about how lonely she was, and all the time I kept think about those panties in the laundry and how her smooth round butt would fit in it. I pulled out my cock, it was big, hard and smooth, and I think she was impressed. She was wet and smooth, and I held her round creamy butt. I miss her too and my cock gets erect every time I think of that moment when my cock sat at the opening of her vagina waiting to seed her.

Valentine's Day Rimjob

fetish JackTheCrackAttack 2018-04-26

Jenny put a mint flavored chocolate in her mouth and enjoyed. She shoved her tongue in my mouth to let some of the mint chocolate go inside. The wet sensual touch of Jenny's tongue was starting up my erection. When Jenny and I felt that we chewed our chocolates enough, we put our lips together and opened for each other. This time, I forced all of my tongue into Jenny's pussy. Once I finished wiping off what I could I got back on the bed and put my face back to Jenny's pussy. I enjoyed doggystyle with Jenny because I got a good view of her cute little pink asshole.

The Neighbour

fetish ClaireW 2018-04-26

I was reasonably happy with my 19 year old body, I loved my legs and bum (and so did the boys at varsity apparently), had a reasonable pair of boobs, a flattish tummy and, I was told, quite pretty although I was not too sure on that score. I rubbed more lotion on myself instead, standing and doing my legs, giving him a good look at my body. I lay back on the edge of the pool as he put his hands under my bum and squeezed me tight, lifting me and burying his face between my legs once more. He stopped then, and pulled me towards him, and he lifted me into the pool, holding me close, his big cock pressing into my tummy.

Julie heads to the pub alone

fetish Rampant26 2018-04-26

The night flew by and just as i had finished yet another drink and i was starting to feel a little tipsy with the booze ,David looked into my eyes and asked me if i wanted to go back to his place for some fun.He made it pretty clear what he wanted . This excited him more and just as the waves of ecstasy shook my whole body he came at the same time .I felt our warm juices mingle together slowly dribbling out my pussy and thought "same again tiger !