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Erotic Fetish stories

A large collection of fetisch short stories covering everything from pantyhoses to feet and more.

How to Fuck a Woman with a Large Ass

fetish ILoveBigBush 2018-04-26

Because it was hands-free and outside Kit (who you may recall from 'How to Eat Out a Woman with a Big Ass,' took my cock out of her mouth so she could see my cumshot) said she "really liked the visual effect of my cock twitching uncontrollably with each shot of cum." I said, "Thank you, I'm glad because I couldn't cum any place else from that position - except inside." And then as I looked at her pubic hair barely visible beneath a sheath of white semen, I said, "I hope I didn't make too much of a mess in your hair." "Are you k**ding," she replied, "it's like conditioner," as she rubbed it into her bush.

Drinking Suzy After "Flirty Fishing

fetish yummicreme 2018-04-26

We got back in the car and drove home (it really wasn't the right time of year for outdoors sex) and went back to Suzy's place. Around midnight things were really getting swinging at the club but Suzy came up to me at the bar and indicated it was time to go. We moved into a 69 position and Suzy started blowing me while I put my mouth over her cunt and sucked the cum down from her swollen vagina. I licked and sucked Suzy to the edge again and again as I moved the cum into my mouth. For the next few months the boat came in for me every Friday night :-) Suzy and I would go 'fishing' for cum in nightclubs.

Shoe Shopping

fetish l19washington 2018-04-26

I told him i wanted to check out 2 styles of nice black open toe at my feet as I slid my foot out of my shoes he got legs and nice feet i told him thanks. I slipped my pumps off and he started rubbing my toes. had very nice hands this went on about 5 minutes as my pussy started I asked him if he enjoyed smelling nylons and he said GOD YES, I said he began sucking and licking my toes as I got wetter and wetter.I told started rubbing my hot tired silky toes on his throbbing cock. told him I had enjoyed it and he asked if he could suck my toes more.

The Ride

fetish Water Tiger 2018-04-26

You tether the stallion and then tell me to get on my knees and "Clean it up." You secure my hands behind my back as I get on my knees and lap my cum off the concrete floor. Then you stop me and say, "Put your tongue on my hole and open your mouth!" I do, and a second later you let out a howl and looking down at me through clenched teeth, you say, "Drink me!" Your pussy spasms and a flood of your cum shoots into my mouth and all over my face. As we walk you say, "Let's go in and see how much cum my pony boy has in that ass." I know that my evening is not over yet.

Geoff`s Pregnant Pause

fetish drteetho 2018-04-26

We have remained friends at least so that was better than nothing, but I'd be a liar if I said I didn't regret telling Erica my true feelings for her. Erica laughed and said, "Come on in Geoff, sheesh have you never seen a pregnant woman before?" You know, I should have told you this a long time ago, and I don't know why I didn't before, but better late than never, I guess." I realized I was starting to ramble, so I looked at Erica. I was captivated by Erica's sexy body bouncing on my cock, her hair flying around her head, her enlarged breasts bouncing and jiggling, and her hands holding and protecting the belly carrying her child.

His First Taste of the Real Thing

fetish 2easy2 2018-04-26

"Hurry up bitch and get your girly stuff on, I've been wanting to get my dick in you since I read that first story online," she said as she put a condom on her cock. She continued to talk about me getting a real cock either in my mouth or in my ass the whole time she was fucking me that night. She started talking about me sucking a real cock again as she slowly fucked my mouth. "What a messy little whore, we need to get you cleaned up," Angie said as she reached around and raked up the cum from my face with her finger. Before the guy left Angie told him to come back after he got off work and fuck my ass like he had my face and he agreed that he would.

My Ritual Initiation into Shit-eating

fetish muscular-slave 2018-04-26

That turn-of-the-New-Year, at mid-night it was forcibly led to perform open volume shit-eating under the complete and severe control of this feces-freak’s first Shit Feeder, who became my "Shit Master." It all happened in and around Shit Master’s Clara Street flat that was right behind the old "South of the Slot Hotel" where several years prior it had first been fist-fucked in the seventies. Its bowels were radically fist-fucked non-stop during that entire time which included lots of dirty ass-eating, cock-sucking and piss-drinking by it giving men the full-service they deserved. Many males such as you and me know that two shit-eating sewers can perform ritual filth worship together as shit pigs – with or without a physical Shit Master present.

Darkly Sensuous

fetish Skada 2018-04-26

...coming." One hand gripped a few tissues as he hurriedly wiped at his nose; the other reached for the knob, opening the door to reveal Auria, who not only carried a thermos of what he assumed was chicken soup, but also stood balancing a plate of cookies. Rubbing at the tip of his nose with the back of his hand, Owen stepped aside to allow the pretty young woman access to his rather modest space, feeling a bit awkward, yet hopeful. "Yes," he answered, his voice sounding a bit congested from all of the sniffling and sneezing, "it's just this way." He walked the entire length of the hall, then slipped through a doorway, with Auria close on his heels, gesturing to a plain but cozy room that served as his main living space.

Creampie Eater

fetish LeggoMyEars 2018-04-26

So for a long time, I have started a love making session with long bouts of kissing, touching and eating pussy. So naturally I progressed to trying to eat my own cum after orgasm. Before I came, the idea was extremely erotic and a huge turn on but at the moment an orgasm started, some chemical change happens that makes it immediately repulsive! After a few months of eating my own cum, I became much more relaxed about it and even looked forward to it as a reward for a great orgasm! I had run a personals ad looking for a woman who would take the time to Google: Snowballing and creampie eating.

The Stately Home

fetish Ilbar 2018-04-26

Beverly placed it neatly on a chair, and then the two women moved to stand on each side again, but this time pressed closely against me. Antonia checked that the knots were secure, and cupped my right buttock with her left hand before wrapping the fingers of her satin-gloved right around my cock. Antonia then came round and stroked cool lubricant on my cock, before guiding it into Beverly’s arse. “Now you’ll move only when I do” she said, and started to fuck me with long slow strokes, each time pushing me hard into Beverly, who by now was squirming herself, and making small noises of pleasure from all the different stimulation she was receiving.

Her Name Was Alice Pt. 03

fetish Myths 2018-04-26

She squirmed in her seat, trying to concentrate on driving but conscious of the flowy, flippy feeling in her stomach and knowing her knickers were now more than just damp and her juices had soaked though her short gym skirt as well. "Oh yes, you do like my big bum, don't you, Bob?" Said Alice, pirouetting round and flicking up her gym skirt and patting her ample bum cheeks. "Alice , you smell so good, much better than just knickers." Bob wanted to pull her cheeks wide and get even closer to the source of her tangy scent. The wrongfulness though was as exciting as watching Bob's open mouthed expression as he looked at her ravenously, and without much thought Alice splayed her legs wide giving Bob sight of her pussy lips, engorged with her arousal.

Tropical Vacation Ch. 04

fetish Drakon66 2018-04-26

Chloe woke with a start, feeling Kelly's hand moving over her right breast. "It looks HOT with the water on it," he said running his hands up her body from her waist to her breasts. "No, the problem is that I love what you are doing but I don't have time to enjoy it like I would like to right now," Chloe replied moving to her left to wash her other leg. "Thank you," Chloe said as she walked to the bar first hoping Jeff hadn't left. "That looks like a good idea," Chloe said shifting to her knees on the bench and removing Jeff's cock from his pants.

Vicar of Chigwell Ch. 03

fetish dass4450 2018-04-26

You are the sexiest woman I've ever seen and by god, I'm not waiting another second!" He dropped to his knees between her legs and fisting his dripping cock, directed the fierce helmet between her pouting pussy lips. Mrs. McNab, his housekeeper and general factotum (and provider of his morning blow job) watched with some amusement as the naked vicar, his prodigious cock swinging, chased the squealing nude body of Jennifer Jones up the stairs to his bedroom. Within seconds, Marcia McNab heard Miss Jones wail "I want that big cock between my tits, you randy, randy bastard!!!" Then she heard "Suck, you cock happy whore, suck it!" She smiled and made her way to the kitchen.

The Paperboy Meets BBW Vampira

fetish BBWLiquor 2018-04-26

Paul's cock immediately shot to attention and he fell to his knees to help gather the remaining papers as well as hide the obvious excitement in his shorts. Paul stood carefully, lowering the papers in his hands to cover himself and mumbled "uh...yeah...sure...I have a subscription form here you can fill out...I can wait while you do it now." Paul flushed red and stood up saying "I'm sorry" and told her she would start receiving her paper delivery in a few days. "Paul" she said standing there with a tiny pair of black panties on under her robe, her amazing breasts almost fully visible, "are you sure you don't want anything before you leave?"

A Changed Relationship Ch. 01

fetish MarthaD 2018-04-26

Arousing each other needed to be something we wanted to do and do passionately, not just something we did on a Friday night because, gee it has been a long week and we didn't feel like going out. Walking along I would whisper in his ear about all the pleasures I was going to ask of him and tease him about how warm and toasty my feet were going to feel in his hands when I asked for my foot rub that night. Each toe received his full attention, first with his hands and then with his mouth as he kissed each toe, rubbed it between his lips savoring it like a fine delicacy before releasing his warm breath upon it and moving on to the next.

Born to be a Cuckold

fetish W_MA_DWM 2018-04-26

My lovely wife tried to hid her unfulfilled sexual frustrations as best as she could for a time not wanting to hurt my feeling. As she went into more graphic details about the size of those other men's cocks and how much she loved them fucking her I began to breath heavier and my little penis was rock hard. Then she went on telling me more about how I never could satisfy her with my little "pee-pee" (as she started calling it) and then she took notice that I was responding more as she told me about my sexual inadequacies.

S(S)OL: Interlude the First

fetish Molly Dodd 2018-04-26

I also found some instruments that I had made some time ago – they look are made of heavy gauge brass rod and formed to look like tongs – with enough spring so that you can pick things up with them or spread swollen pink lips apart for closer examination. The room was filled with the sound of my moaning as he penetrated my ass on the screen with a beautiful hand-carved wooden cock. As I pulled my jeans over my hips, his eyes dropped to my crotch and then I pushed my pants completely down onto the floor, revealing my shaved pussy to him. Then, without uttering a word, I turned around and bent down from my waist and slid the wooden cock up inside my cunt for him to see.

Breaking My Ex Boyfriend

fetish AlphaFemaleFun 2018-04-26

Suddenly this beefy, muscular man was writhing and moving around and moaning, so I really enjoyed sucking and jerking that big fat cock like it was my toy. This beautiful, muscular big dicked boy was not only able to fuck me like a champ but he knew how to let me pleasure my cunt on that big fat cock of his. The last photo he got that night was of me gripping his best friend's huge cock in my hand and raising my eyebrow as Ron was nibbling my ear and playing with my tits. Me: "Nice cock, but Ron's much bigger than 6 and a half inches and he fucks like a champ.

godess sarita 8 (smothering)

fetish mashroorr 2018-04-26

seeing me she remover her specticles and called me forward and tied my hands pushed me on the bed I was lying on her bed with my two legs tied to two ends and hands tied behind me she slowly unlocked me tied my two balls separately and apart from my body it hurted a bit but was tolerable she removed her panties exposing her bottom she blew her hot breath on my dick instantly I got rock hard I could see her bare pussy so close to my face it was so arosing I just hoped she just fucks me tonight she jst gets so close once in a blue moon its like never I was dripping pre cum while goddess laughed and asked me if I want to cum I said yes goddess please goddess ..

Six of the Best

fetish Topwork 2018-04-26

Alex stood outside Sister Veronica's office, his clammy hands clasped together behind his back. I shouldn't expect any less, your father was much the same, but at least in his day there were," she paused, "less bureaucratic ways of teaching discipline." She crossed the room in three strides then stooped so that her nose was only an inch away from Alex's. The decision you must make for yourself boy, is whether or not you are willing to take your punishment like he did?" Alex opened his mouth, but couldn't formulate the words to make articulate his thoughts. "I want to be made better, Sister Veronica," said Alex and the woman pulled back her lips in a thin smile.

Cocksucking Adventures Of Cortni Ch2

fetish panteeluvr 2018-04-26

Cortni couldn't get the thought of sucking guys dirty cocks out of her mind! She leaned in and sniffed it, rubbing it under her nose so she'd be able to smell the nastiness all day, before taking it in her mouth and sucking it for ten long minutes before the guy got hard. She enjoyed every second of sucking his old nasty cock and was disappointed when he came several seconds after he got hard! The next day, Jerry came over to Cortni's house and had a look at Marks room. They went into a booth and the guy told her only had twenty, when she told him she just wanted to blow him, he laughed and told her to start sucking.

Maria the Witch Ch. 01

fetish PurpleMonkeyDishwash 2018-04-26

"No, I'm just messing with you, I'm not going to call up your mom and try to fuck her," she said, "Even if she has some of the best tits on any woman I've ever seen." She laughed. I did look a lot like my mom; I had the same big eyes, long black hair, big taut breasts and tan stomach. As Titus held my head by my long hair and groped at my big breasts, Maria stretched her fingers deep inside my virgin pussy and began and exploration of her own. As he pumped back and forth with his cock, Maria's tits rubbed up and down my own, and I watched the sexy sight with immense pleasure.

Cross dressed slavery

fetish stig1963 2018-04-26

And here she was asking me to stand in for her model, while she finished her latest dress: an angora sweater dress that looked like something Morticia Adams would wear. She and I worked like that for a while, and each time her sweatered breasts (she was wearing a soft cashmere cardigan over a tight little black sweater) brushed my body I felt a thrill run through me. “Y’know Max,” she said, “your boxer shorts are gonna bunch up under the dress something awful.” I laughed at this, inappropriately perhaps, but Leena continued: “And your leg hair might snag the angora – I can probably cover that up.” The dress slid over them like a second skin, and I was suddenly looking down at two sweatered breasts standing off my slender form.

Stranger in the Park Ch. 1

fetish Sherry Cross 2018-04-25

Driving down the freeway to the park feeling horny as hell I began to rub my legs through my sheer black stockings and pull on my garter belt. Putting the seat back and placing both my heels onto the dashboard I took the jar out of my bag, opened it, took some cream onto my fingers of my right hand and began to rub it around my ass hole. I pulled it slowly out then pushed it back in, then out and in getting faster each time soon I was thrusting away like mad stroking my cock at the same time really enjoying every thrust. He took hold of my ankles one in each hand lifted my ass up and pulled me to the edge or the seat until the tip of his cock touched my open hole.