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Erotic Fetish stories

A large collection of fetisch short stories covering everything from pantyhoses to feet and more.

Halloween Encounter

fetish jasminia 2018-04-25

When I felt a hand brush against my pussy, I knew it was time to open my eyes and see who was teasing me. I moaned out softly as I felt Zorro's hands at the small of my back, pressing me against Elvira more. I walk back over to them and step between them, placing a kiss on Elvira's lips as my ass brushes against Zorro's cock. I let my finger slip further inside to tease her clit while glancing back to watch Zorro undress. I feel Elvira arching up to meet the teasing of my finger and I take my head down to her breast, biting down just a bit on her nipple.

The Cleopatra

fetish Eve2015 2018-04-25

I laughed because Sonja looked like a little blond pixie, but she was a spitfire and she probably wasn't joking about her cat. At around eleven o'clock, Diane from the bar walked up with a little half-grin and asked, "Do you want to dance?" I almost asked Diane because I was fairly sure she'd be able to give me a sound, well-reasoned answer, but she distracted me by pressing up against my back and reaching a hand up my leg under my skirt. Diane's lips pressed into the side of my neck and her right hand slid between my legs, and it felt so good.

Jenny The Intern Takes Control

fetish writemarksmith 2018-04-25

When the elevator doors opened to our office, Jenny was the first thing I saw, casually bent the receptionist's high desk, chatting with her. Both girls both looked up at me and smiled as they said good morning, and I simply nodded and walked quickly to my office. "Now Rick, tell Val that this is not appropriate for the office" she stifled a laugh as she pointed at Val's ass, wrapped so tight in white yoga pants that you could imagine she was wearing nothing at all to cover her pert little bottom. She smiled sweetly up at me and said "'re such a sweetie, thanks!" I felt a sort of pride in pleasing her like this and she started to talk to me at length for the first time, telling me something about her first days and what she had learned.

Blackmailed Into Homo-Humiliation Ch. 03

fetish bi_hengst 2018-04-25

So sweet that I was feeling my cum boil inside my bloated testicles and as Louise closed the door behind her I reached under the desk to keep Roger's mouth atop my cock and peered down to see him close his eyes and gulp a large mouthful of my cum down as felt myself spurt fiercely down his waiting throat. With each thrust we neared the closed sitting room door and as my face came up to it I turned the knob and swung it open and I found myself thrust into the room headfirst while speared fully on Roger's big hard dick.

"Fish" And Chips

fetish Scouselouse 2018-04-25

Her carrier bag had leaked the contents of her take away meal all over one leg of her expensive pantyhose and she proceeded to take them off exclaiming "well these are ruined" just as they walked past my car window. When I got home my cock was rock hard, the chip shop I like is about a mile or so from my house, so every time I stopped at a light I would shove the crotch of her pantyhose in my face and take in the warm sweet scent of her little pussy.

Bareback Collection

fetish geronimo_appleby 2018-04-25

"I'm so fucking horny," I heard Sophie groan, one finger slipping over her bean before she hauled one breast free of her dress. A moment or two later, as my beautiful wife mouthed obscenities, telling me all about how it felt to have his thick shaft inside her, I sank into her pussy, her sex squelching and farting, my hard-on displacing his cum. I know what it's like to have my wife sucking my cock, her tongue quick over the head as she rubs at her pussy. I paused just outside the door, daring to take a quick look around the jamb, finding my wife on our bed, legs wide, her fingers working her sex.

Piss Pour Family Ch. 1

fetish Royal_Prince 2018-04-25

Before I had a chance to act on my impulses Cindy took my a section of my yellow stained underwear in her mouth and started to make sucking noises as if she were sucking the piss right out of them. My twenty-year-old daughter was playing with the pissed soaked sheets and getting off at the same time. I backed way hoping my daughter hadn't heard or seen me masturbating but I knew that I shouldn't waste any time getting myself cleaned up- after all it would be a dead giveaway if she would come out of my room and see her daddy with a handful of sperm. The smell of my piss soaked wife completely filled the room.

Sandy's 40th Birthday gift

fetish 2018-04-25

Inside the room were three other petite black girls called Cheryl, Maisie and Trudy who took Sandy’s hands and all three kissed her on the lips in turn wishing her a Happy Birthday. Trudy lifted Sandy up slightly as Dolly pushed the Sybian under her and Cheryl stopped using the wand and opened Sandy’s pussy lips wide again. Leaving Maisie to release the exhausted Michael, Dawn, Trudy and Dolly now turned their attentions back to the birthday girl who, still tied astride the Sybian, was shaking and jerking as her orgasms merged into an orgasmic storm before finally they released her after nearly half an hour.

Neighbour Fantasies...Part 12

fetish Croozer 2018-04-25

A few minutes later, I could no longer stand the tension, so I moved over to her bed and straddled her legs so the tip of my penis was just touching the silky panty fabric over her buttocks. I decided to comply with her wish to find a "sign" of my interest in her lingerie, and masturbated with the bra as I looked at the sexy panty-covered ass I had just rubbed. Incrdibly, I was still horny, so I took the pantyhose into the f****y room, opened the scrapbook to the photos of Gloria's daughter Connie modeling underwear, and in a matter of a couple minutes left a noticeable wet deposit on one of the legs.

The Girls College Ch. 08

fetish TF2123 2018-04-25

Miss Johnson was ridiculously accurate, she continued to hit the exact same spots on his buttocks as she switched between left and right with each hard slap. The last strike couldn't come any faster, and Paul continued to cry loudly as Miss Brooke smirked down at the boy's bright red buttocks that were over her lap. "Does it humiliate you to stand in front of a beautiful woman like myself in ladies' clothing?" asked Miss Johnson, crossing her arms as she looked into the eyes of her subject. Paul turned around and stumbled back to Miss Brooke, and for a brief second he considered hitting her over the head with the large paddle in his hand.


Jimmy Gets a Girl Ch. 03

fetish ScottWood 2018-04-25

Then she flared out again with muscular shoulders and some of largest tits Jim had ever seen, even more massive than Dad's girl Tiffany, so that they looked huge even on Titania's frame. Jim was especially turned on by the sight of Vicky Green, a girl he had a serious crush on, who was staring at Carl's pumping hips with a lot of colour in her face. Jim couldn't help imagining if he had a girl exactly like her, with his dick up her tight ass. "Sorry Mister Alvarez," Titania drawled, smiling, shaking with the impact of Carl's hips on her hard ass. Looking around, he saw that Titania was bent over Carl again, sucking the dick that was fresh from her anus.

Sweet Child of Mine Ch. 02

fetish ArthurianMorgaine 2018-04-25

"Why did you do a thing like that, you need to rest now!" he said, stopping his work. "Mmmmm… that smells wonderful Love!" he said as he finished the rice, fluffing it with a fork like she had taught him. "Thanks Love," she said, shaking her head softly. She ran her fingers through his hair and kissed the top of his head softly. She noticed the goose bumps on his skin and took the shower head and sprayed down his body to warm him up a bit. "Come love," he said as he shut off the water, "I want to fuck you so bad!" He moaned and threw his head back, loving the feeling of her warm wetness enveloping him.

Love At First Light

fetish sandy_rock 2018-04-25

As the last orgasm faded away, she took her hand from my head and I watched her take a last pull on her cigarette before she sent it spinning into the sand, then she dropped to her knees in front of me and we kissed deeply, her tongue exploring the taste of her own sex in my mouth, which started to arouse me again. As I went to walk back past her chair Lynda put her hand on my stomach and said 'stop right there, I have you exactly where I want you.' she pulled my boxers down and and cupped my balls with her free hand as she drew on her cigarette.

Surprise Date With Mother and Daughter

fetish cowpoke68 2018-04-25

One night we were at a party and I met several girls there and got to know one,Ellie, pretty good. She sat down beside me on the couch and said it would be a little while because Ellie got off work late and was still in the shower. I smiled and said to take her time cause I was visiting with her mom. Ellie pushes her Mom away and gets down on her knees and starts giving me head. I have been with older women than mom by 10 years or more so i have no problem with this but I stop her and tell Ellie to come up and talk to me.

X-Mas Eve 2

fetish 2018-04-25

Hls legs pushed hlm lnto me really hard and lt made me wet and he could hear my breathlng get deeper and a lot faster then he started klsslng me all over, golng down on my tlts, then my neck then my llps. he stood there llke that so l had to tell hlm afew more tlmes before he got closer then he grabed the back of my head and pulled me to lt, l started sucklng on lt even though lt was very uncomfortable plus snow was falllng on my face and tlts. l felt llke l was ln Hlgh school agaln even though lts been a long tlme and even then l never dld anythlng wlth a blk guy but l knew now


Allison Sucks 100 Feet of Cock

fetish PurpleMonkeyDishwash 2018-04-25

"Hi, losers," she said, looking up at the boys, "I just came to tell you that if you ever jerked off to me (and I know you all have) and want me to suck your dick, just come to this address." She pulled a flyer out of her panties. The next fourteen nerds had give or take six inches of cock, which she diligently sucked and let their cum be spewed all over her and roll down her throat and into her stomach. "My bra's on the floor, tiny man," she said, "I'm going to suck a real cock and complete my goal."

Slave Training continues

fetish 2018-04-25

I saw her walk away soon I heard her approach my arse. Throughout the afternoon she inserted and removed various plugs, stretching my arse, forcing me to suck the strap on as I was plugged, eventually she withdrew the strapon and proceeded to lube it it in front of my face. He worked his dick in and out, allowing me to wrap my tongue around it' I felt him tense and he reached for my head, pulling me onto him and forcing his dick into my throught. He grabbed my hips and began to pump quickly, faster and faster I gasped and wanted to scream but my mouth was soon filed with mistresses strapon, she orderd me to clean it. Mistress withdrew her strapon and james pulled his dick from my sticky arsehole.

Legends of the Fel Ch. 04

fetish leaky_one 2018-04-25

The memory of the taste of Felquest's pussy hole sprung into Sharn's mind as she lay with her back to the wall still gagging slightly from the after taste of the piss in her mouth. This over time would become worse until you met with a most unpleasant death." She paused, passing Sharn a drinking pouch from her horse's saddle. Reluctantly taking Felquest's hand Sharn put one bare foot into the saddle and swung herself up onto the beast. With a sinking feeling in the pit of her stomach, Sharn realised they were heading back the way she had come, deeper into the tunnel. "The gods don't like piss, they need blood, sacrifices on the alter; offerings from slain cattle to help the corn in the fields grow long."

Pissing on Patti

fetish SuzySuburbanite 2018-04-25

Little straight girl was whimpering as I tore her panties away from her cunt, and was trying to crane her head back to look at me when she heard my belt buckle being loosened. “No,” she was obviously embarrassed by her cunt; probably one of those straight girls who’s too uptight to even look at her hole in a mirror, much less like the way it smells. Pinky held tight to my thighs, pulling my cunt harder onto her mouth as she sucked girl cum for the first time in her life. I had to laugh at the sight on the bed as I left: little Patti Precious sucking on the piss-wet fabric of her sweater with my dick stuck up her asshole, all cooing and whimpering herself to sleep.

Smoking for Money Pt. 02

fetish Alaisiagae 2018-04-25

I took the cigarette from my mouth, rocked far forward, letting smoke escape from my lips, and then sucked it up my nostrils. I turned my head to left, and blew a long tight cone of white smoke over the floor, as he rapidly pumped me. Another long drag, and then I leaned back, tilted my head upward, and blew a narrow column of white smoke straight up at the ceiling. Without thinking, I raised off his cock, cigarette dangling from my lips, and crawled up to his face, and placed my dripping pussy just inches from his open mouth. My 120 was almost gone, when I took one last long drag, and exhaled another narrow cone of white smoke over his head.

Sick Puppy

fetish ofloveandlust 2018-04-25

"Riley is at my mother's. The rest was all assumed. I rang her doorbell and waited. There were clothes strewn about, both hers and her husbands. I stripped out of the rest of my clothes. Riley was only six months old. We were some sick mother-fuckers. I had refused to pleasure her orally until she did something about it. I felt bad for him. "Jesus," I muttered and felt bad about it instantly. I have an oral fixation. She didn't wait for an answer; she spun and mounted me. "Really?" He was leaning to the left and had to take a step to the side to keep from falling over. "Then explain whoring me out to your friend.

Saving Matt

fetish manless 2018-04-25

During those years my wife Nancy became more and more religious, eventually joining a small church on the outskirts of the town we lived in. While she was out at church I would be online masturbating to my fantasies, reading new ones, or looking for Dominant men to hook up with. I am showing all this today as requested so we can all see the facts before praying for the right thing to do." As I started to slither out of my row several strong hands gripped my shoulders and in no uncertain term the men in front of me and behind me told me to stay where I was.

My wife came back part one

fetish beansnrice 2018-04-25

i told her to take a good shower, and she did. i threw her rags away and began cooking a great dinner for her while she showered. i ignored it and told her to come eat. my wife told me she had a miscarriage, that she really regretted everything. i walked out of the room, she followed...i drank more beers and she began drinking too...another surprise...she never drank beers...the nite continued and as we both got d***ker, her talking bout old times, i couldnt help but wonder how much sex and with how big of cocks did she have sex with. we walked in and i could see men turning their heads to stare at my short wife.

Independence Day

fetish peebudy 2018-04-25

I wore a light blue pair of boxer briefs, my khaki shorts, and a white golf shirt, and as I thought about what this outfit was going to look like in a few hours, I could feel my cock getting hard as I drove. I opened the next story and read about the antics of a young California couple, sipping my beer, and releasing a little more piss each time I felt the dampness in my crotch cooling. I'm actually quite comfortable in this position (a good toilet seat is worth every penny!) so I repeat this process of drinking my water, reading these stories, and pouring my piss over my face and into my mouth, soaking myself to the bone with my own urine.