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Erotic Fetish stories

A large collection of fetisch short stories covering everything from pantyhoses to feet and more.

Saturday Afternoon

fetish shoeslayer 2018-04-25

Asked Helen with a grin on her face."I bet you'd love to do that again, cleaning my black ovals and all my half-glasses, throwing my beads over the back of your neck and reading the paper. I loved looking into her eyes through her black ovals and those sexy half-moons and that is when I came all over Helen's hand, beads and her oval style glasses that were covered in thick warm guy sauce. Helen's Boobs are a nice 44D, plenty to hold and do things with and I got her nipples to stand up and turn dark red by running her beaded chain past her nipples fast and and slow then rubbed the glasses over those hot looking niples too.

GF Pegs Me With Black Cock

fetish 425olds 2018-04-25

She turned and walked to the couch and I couldn't help but admire her ass in those leggings and the image of her big black cock swinging from side to side. Amanda said with a little chuckle, but I didn't care, I was loving being on my knees sucking on her big black cock! As she got to the last sip, I felt her sit up and pull my lips off her cock, my face a little red and gasping for air after having that big black cock deep in my mouth as far as it would go! "Now I'm going to fuck that little white ass with this big black cock. "Listen to you moan just like a real white bitch, you love Daddy's big black cock huh?"

The Master's Chamber

fetish loucypher90 2018-04-25

I watched as Master slept and wondered wildly what this paragon of virtue could be dreaming? Perhaps I'm made to lie in a tub of my own urine while he and a number of his male friends stand in a cattle call waiting for their turn to empty their bladders on me? The dark is so consuming it makes my skin taut from the thought that there's certainly someone, or a number of someone's, are waiting. I take a deep, hard breath and begin to move my feet. I inhaled a deep breath of victory as I reached the door. Catching a quick breath, I used my shoulder to help move the door opened as my hand turned the knob.

Showing Off For My Wife's Pleasure

fetish HotJennieh 2018-04-25

I pointed to Sara, the lesbian who had just popped my cherry asshole a couple of minutes ago and Ellen my wife, who had wanted to see me buttfuck myself like this for two years, and begged them to hold my legs high up in the air, spread them wide, and pull them back towards my head so my ass was up in the air and easy for the other four strangers -- three gay guys and one lesbian dike - to see me better. If I wanted to jerk off, she said, I could use what was in the house - shemale magazines, her collection of gay porno, and a growing collection of pictures of me jacking off -- so many of them that Ellen had run out of bedroom wall space and had proceeded to tape them up everywhere in the house.

first love

fetish 2018-04-25

Kenny had a very long, maybe 7-inch cock, which was thin and curved to the right, with small tight balls, which hugged his crotch. "Time for a circle jerk," I said, and with that Joe and Jason started stroking too. Kenny sat down and began stroking his long, thin cock, along with the rest of us. Kenny and I sat facing each other, with Joe on my right and Jason on my left. "No problem,” I said, still slowly stroking my cock, "I live over near Kenny and I can ride with him but I haven't finished here yet.” Kenny felt my stiffening and pulled my cock out of his mouth, stroking me fast and hard.

Golden Rules Ch. 04

fetish peemypanties 2018-04-25

As soon as they started, though, they began to fade away as I slowly passed out, in my pee soaked bed. I attempted to hide my surprise, and quickly looked back at my foamy sheets, but I knew he saw it. I felt his hand slightly bump my shoulder, so I sharply turned my head, in another mock surprise. "Everyone please turn to page 168 and re read chapter 7 in its entirety." He looked down at the student, "go ahead, open your book." I felt an extra ounce of confidence run through me, and I sat up just a bit taller in my seat, feeling the pee slush around on my chair, soaking my skirt just a bit more.

Cyber Sissy Ch. 05

fetish missvicky53 2018-04-25

When I began to evidence the predictable effect, she teased, "I don't know which is exciting you more, the feeling of satin against your body or my fingers stroking you. I was awakened the next morning by the delicious feeling of Megan's fingers inside my panties, caressing and stroking me until I came fully awake. My face must have shown my consternation at that idea, because Megan immediately added, "I don't know how comfortable I would be with the idea of giving another woman a chance to see how desirable you look in your panties. "Relax your throat my pet, let your Mistress bury her cock in your sissy mouth." I did as she said, and before long the entire length of it was being pumped in and out of my mouth.

The Freshman Ch. 06

fetish iman2 2018-04-25

Realizing that his cock was beginning to stiffen beneath his basketball shorts, Chad quickly pulled a book off Dr. Williams' desk and put it on his lap. Dr. Williams quickly complied with Chad's wishes and used both her hands to wrap the breasts tightly around his huge cock. Then, without warning, Chad pulled his cock free, grabbed Dr. Williams' head with both hands, and began to shove his massive dick into her open mouth. "Do you think I lack effort now??" Dr. Williams tried to shake her head, and Chad responded by pressing even more cock down her throat. On his way out of Dr. Williams' office, Chad passed Alex, who was waiting for her appointment.

In The Woods Ch. 01

fetish Parthenokinesis 2018-04-25

Grunting a little in mock disgust, Greg wiped his hand on my t-shirt, coping a quick feel of my left breast. He raised his piss soaked hand to my face, forcing his fingers into my mouth. With a push and a twist Greg slid his fist up into my cunt, knuckles grinding against my sweet spot, and I came, screaming and pissing, for what seemed like an eternity, or the moment that would end my life. Also, if I asked Greg for anything now, he could use that in our play, and that danger/excitement dichotomy kind of froze me up, like a shaky, aroused, piss soaked deer caught in the headlights.

Claire Gets Punished Ch. 07

fetish secretsubmissive22 2018-04-25

Mark filled her sippy cup with water, his plan was to see if she needed to pee in her diaper, give her a bedtime spanking, put her in her pajamas then tuck her in. "Good girl" he said firmly," lay down so I can give you a change." He took her diaper off and smirked at her bare pussy. "We need to buy more hangers and pick out the new carpet for the basement," said Claire trying to distract him so she didn't have to use her diaper. "Let's try the new Tuscan restaurant for lunch, it's right by the department store anyway," said Mark, fully aware of what Claire was doing. That's why spankings are used to punish naughty little girls," he said, not letting up at all.

My Sexy s****r

fetish jamesandrews 2018-04-25

“Well,” Elizabeth interjected nervously, “I think the real reason he’s in shock is because he decided to quit school, and I decided to quit with him.” I really wanted to mention that the reason I was ‘in shock’ was because of Mom’s rocking body, but that would have been a little inappropriate, and of course I never got the chance. You said we’d make a cute couple, and I think Lizzy and I make the cutest couple on Earth.” Elizabeth was dumbfounded, clearly not expecting me to just come out and say it, but Mom just put her head down and tilted her lips into a small smile.

Daddy's Nasty Kitten Ch.1

fetish NiteWriter 2018-04-25

He was getting me so hot I wanted to fuck, but he said we'd have to wait till later after his friends left. I put on my favorite perfume, the one that daddy knows means I feel really sexy and want to fuck. I feel so slutty acting this way in front of daddy's friends but he should have fucked me before they got here. I know I shouldn't especially with my daddy watching me but now I've got this big black cock in my ass. I never even liked fucking black guys and now one is ramming his big dick in my tight asshole. My little girl just laid there quietly, tied to the bed, watching each of them hand me twenty dollars and comment on what a great fuck she was.

Kelly and Max

fetish cbradiofan 2018-04-25

Kelly and Max Kelly opened the windows and pulled the curtains Kelly laid flat on her bed and let the breeze blow Kelly did not hear Max pad into the room and the first max licked her again this time his tongue went across her fingers and onto her thighs, Kelly pulled her hand away and was about to move when Max's tongue licked as max seemed more interested on licking her pussy, Kelly was surprised when she felt max's paws on her Max's cock was now pushing at Kelly's hand which she between her legs suddenly took hold and Kelly started Speeding up his humping Kelly suddenly felt her pussy down her legs as Max got onto the floor and started to

Being Neighbourly

fetish Rich5Spot 2018-04-25

I did not have a long chat, maybe he has other kids or a second family with his new wife," I reasoned. Nothing eventful happened and the week went on as normal until Friday when I got a text from my neighbor reading, "Thanks for lending the drill, we would like to invite you for dinner tomorrow." Jenna asked why such a big house with the kids in school and they indicated that they wanted sufficient guest rooms, a computer work area and a recreation room as the reason for size, plus living in the city did not afford them excess room. Jenna got up to help clean up after dinner, and Larry brought my kids to his game room (computer and TV's) that would keep them busy.


Toe Mistress

fetish Bakeboss 2018-04-25

Gina-Lynn never had a problem spotting them; she knew which one she would choose the minute she walked into the shoe store. What she saw made her happy, for when he was sure he was not under her watchful eye, he didn't peek up her skirt, he put his nose to the bottom of her toes. Oh yes that does feel much better, my toes just want to kiss you for that." "Joseph I want you to take out your thing and make it spurt on my feet, I want to feel you warm cum on my toes." As for Gina-Lynn, she just got out her high rise Candies and then went looking for a shoe store.

Delightful Day

fetish kristianklay 2018-04-25

Her legs spread wide, her pussy and ass open, wet and being slowly fucked with her fingers. Kate's eyes opened and she saw me there, naked, erect cock in my hand, watching her, masturbating in time with her masturbation. Kate's legs were spread widely before me, her fingers inside her gaping cunt just above my hard flesh; I watched my penis impale her body. "Oh god yes," Kate groaned as she continued to work the palm of her hand against her clit, faster and faster, her fingers sliding in and out of her wet pussy. My excitement heightened as I watched Kate continue to fuck her pussy with her fingers, my cock fucking her ass.

Confession Pt. 01

fetish OhioCurious 2018-04-25

What I mean is, I don't find men particularly attractive (well maybe some hairless, big dicked twinks) and don't think I'd ever be interested in a "relationship" with a man but I do often think about how I would enjoy sucking a cock and maybe more. I can sit around all day fantasying about sucking and fucking a gigantic cock. (So we agreed to call me Bi-curious, right?) I can even get into picturing me and the wife having a three way, featuring me licking his cock while he fills her pussy to the hilt and then licking up the cream pie and cleaning his dick. If I have to have somebody force their cock and cum down my throat, or have the Mrs. take charge and make me at least cover my face with my own cum, then so be it.

Taught to Like Foot Sniffing

fetish stryker53 2018-04-25

When she did, Carol took one set of clamps from Amy and snapped them on the girls already hard nipples. Carol extended a foot, and Amy removed the sneaker. Holding the warm sneaker hard over Jeff's nose, Amy again fondled is cock with her other hand. His head spun yet her voice somehow compelled him to want to please Carol, even more than his desire to feel Amy's touch at his cock. "Please her by showing her you love the scent of her dirty feet." Again Amy added plenty cock teasing to reinforce her words. Amy then kissed his ear and softly said, "Extend your tongue Jeff." The boy obeyed immediately and Carol slid her sole over it.

Consequences of Teasing

fetish Sheerxdesire 2018-04-24

I like the fantasy of it all but I don't want you cheating on me." I said. I really had no idea how to do this sort of stuff and wasn't sure how setup something like this without making it feel forced or awkward. You want to see some guy having sex with me?" She said under her breath. I guess I'm ok with oral or if he wanted your breasts and since I'm mentioning that, please don't let him cum in your mouth if you do go down on him." I said. She wanted to try someone different and felt that several other men at the office had been even more forward than John was with their attempts to woo her.

Double Date

fetish PurpleMonkeyDishwash 2018-04-24

"Jessica's tits look fucking amazing tonight," Melanie said, right off the bat. With Melanie, Jessica, and I still clothed, the buck naked Grant looked like a Greek God. His cock and balls swayed low as he stepped around the carpet. Grant, hard cock poking out in front of him, lunged forwards, groping my girlfriend's tit with one hand and yanking off her shorts with the other. Her juicy ass swaying, her big tits bouncing, Grant rubbed his cock against my girlfriend's thigh and dug his lips into her neck, making her tilt her head and moan slightly. "I want the titty bitch to suck me off now." Wordlessly, following his command, my girlfriend lifted herself off my face and crawled over to where Grant's wet shaking cock dripped onto the carpet.

The night I became a perverts whore

fetish 2018-04-24

I spent the next fifteen minutes on my hair, 'There can only be one style for him', I thought, as my wetness moistened to tops of my thighs, I was clearly arousing myself to the point of possibly r****g him once inside my door, but that was just how I felt, not the object of the exercise, I was to be his sexual fantasy, as if this was me in real life, a beautiful blond Swede, a slut with nothing but sex on her mind, he did not know what to expect when I opened my door to him, but one thing I was sure off, hubby could fuck off while I enjoyed my play-rolling, even if I disappeared into his bedroom, this was mine and his night, and as I finished applying the final pleats to my bob-tails, I could not resist to slip my fingers between my legs, my own image made me genuinely yearn for my lost youth, and I was proud of the image before me, suddenly the car drove into the driveway, it was too late to do anything else, other than open the door, and let our guest see what a slut I had become, just as he had predicted all those years back.

Dungeon Free-for-All

fetish equiano 2018-04-24

I heard the woman say, "Eat it, bitch." She had apparently moved behind the man, for as he lifted his cock at my mouth again, I could see her hands kneading his huge balls. The blond moved my hand away from my own cock and began stroking me, at the same time still kneading the guy's balls. I began to suck in earnest, pulling the huge cock into my mouth as I stroked it with my free hand. He began to moan with pleasure, and in a short while it happened – I could feel huge gobs of cum shooting out of his cock and into my mouth.

A Sweet Encounter on the Move

fetish revol 2018-04-24

He held her from behind by sliding his hands through her armpits, holding and fondling her large breasts, tightly kissed her shoulders and licked the smooth shoulder skin with long strokes of his tongue. With his face still in her armpit, and his tongue lashing on the soft armpit flesh, she bent down a little and put her mouth in his left armpit and kissed wildly. John tightly hugged her from behind, slid his hands through her armpits, clutched at her boobs, kissing her smooth shoulders, and when she turned her head to him, started kissing her nose. Then they held each other in a tight embrace and danced exchanging lusty armpit-kisses with smacking sound, and a lot of shoulder-kiss, bite and lick.

my s****r, my mistress

fetish Jerry04 2018-04-24

I went into her room one afternoon just to look not to touch anything, but, I did see her clothes in her closet her uniforms all on hangers, her hair brush on her dresser right by her mirror. She wouldn't be home for an hour so I knew I had time, I lifted the lid and right on top was a pair of her white cotton panties. I should tell my friends at school it'll be all over school by tommorrow afternoon that you're a fart smelling little pervert. Come over here you little pervert, get on your knees and lick my feet or I'll tell everyone I know what I caught you doing.