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Erotic Fetish stories

A large collection of fetisch short stories covering everything from pantyhoses to feet and more.

He's Taught a HARD Lesson at Summer Camp

fetish bifun4u 2018-04-24

Several days went by and for some reason, my left thigh was hurting like all hell and I told Brad about it. After dinner, all the guys went out to the camp fire area to hang out but Brad told me to follow him so he could check out my sore leg again. I noticed that Brad spent a lot of time with a couple of the other boys and was with them more than anyone else and I honestly felt a little jealous about it. I pulled my pants back on and just before I left, he told me to kiss his cock good night which I did and I went back to the cabin and on to bed.

Gabriele Caught Peeing

fetish steve25805 2018-04-24

And from it a thick stream of yellow piss was gushing forth with a loud hiss to splash upon the carpet, where a puddle was forming. Gabriele was looking down at her own pee spattering upon the carpet with a look of complete rapture upon her face for a split second. Gabriele, still squatting in the corner, and now grinning with delight, resumed her own pee on the carpet, the duel hissing from both of our muffs filling the room. Gabriele finished first, a large puddle of piss in the corner beneath her. Gabriele and I looked at each other, grinning wildly yet saying nothing for several seconds, until I said something like "Wow!

Jill Ch. 02

fetish Heel778 2018-04-24

"We have to place her on the table over there!" Pratt said to the nurse. "Could you please ask Moira to help us?" the doctor said. Jill was lifted up and her upper back was placed on the table. The doctor pulled a padded bar from under the stool, and adjusted it so that it propped up the calf of her injured leg. "This makes me brimming with joy," Jill said scornfully. "I was reluctant to do it myself so I asked a big pick-up truck to help me," Jill explained mockingly. "It seems you are serious," Jill said and looked intently at the doctor. "We have only white fiberglass now," Pratt said as he finished with the wadding.

Head Over Heels

fetish Poetre 2018-04-24

I make my way lower and begin to kiss your ankles as my fingers unfasten the straps of your heels; one stiletto falls to the floor and I make my way over to the other; as my fingers work their magic on your right heel I feel your left foot slowly make its way under my towel and up my inner thigh. Your body begins to tense up and draw tighter; I keep biting, licking, sucking, and caressing; and as I take my tongue and trace that beautiful arch in your foot one more time you yell out, "Baby, I'm cumming!" All of your muscles relax, you let out a deep sigh, and smile at me with satisfaction; motioning to me to come taste your cum.

Hotel: Sandwich

fetish PeggyBuxton 2018-04-24

Leah's told me a few things about you and I look forward to knowing you better." She snickers as if she has heard about my never waning interest in feasting on pussy and the wonderful fragrances between a woman's thighs. I continue to fondle as she holds my face with both hands and kisses my lips a few times. "Baby, I dig you," Leah says to Marcie, then snickers as she pats Mike on the back. I feel Mike's stare as Leah leans close to Marcie and let her lips wander over her mouth. I steal a quick look and Marcie's face is between Leah's thighs. I feel Mike's hand between my legs as she resumes her kiss.


What College Gets You

fetish ClosetFetishist 2018-04-24

I believe one day, if I work hard I can make something of myself and be the CEO of my own company...but for now, I sit amongst the seats. I feel a wetness on my head before I am pulled, forcibly, from her ass and pressed against another; I'm unsure who but I'd guess it would have to be her neighbor, she's very aggressive anyway. She meets eyes with me as she hovers above my head on the seat; she smiles, perhaps condescendingly, but still perhaps genuinely, at me as she sits on my face. She laughs as I feel wetness blow against my face; I work to maintain my smile as I keep on licking her.

A Woman's Passage

fetish JackFlash1959 2018-04-24

When the blonde woman jumped out of the cake with her big breasts bounding about, Jason stopped the video and replayed it several times. Jason asked if my nipples were small like hers or were they different, large and thick. The head was much thicker than the shaft and all in all and with my lack of experience, Jason had a very pretty cock. My hard nipple came next and I slid the side of my dress outside my breast and the dress held my tits together. Of course Martin had feasted on my ample breasts many times but this was naughty, and like a kid doing something bad and getting away with it … it felt better and I let him suck and lick.

Panty Fantasies - Coleen's Magic

fetish naughty_bi_interest 2018-04-24

Coleen's hands gently grasped his thighs and she kept him fully in her mouth as he came, moaning softly as she enjoyed the feel of his throbbing cock and the flowing cum. "Look at my breasts..." She slowly undid the buttons of her satin blouse, the green material slipping open further and further to reveal her large breasts held in the sheer black lace cups of her bustier which did little to hide her nipples and their hardness. "Good girls wear pretty bras on their breasts," she said softly, slipping the material around his waist and then pulling it slowly upward, letting the satin cups, the underwire, and the elastic straps all play against his skin.

highschool girl BRA HEAVEN

fetish floyd1985 2018-04-24

so as her younger s****r got up to join her she took of heer shirt and throuhg it in the chair beside and gave me a strange look while she did it but all i could do is stair at her perky little tits in her sexy blue push up bra.then her mom started to yell at her for not changing in to her swim suit, while she was running to the end of the dock. so about 20 minutes later she says shes getting hot and unw****s her towle and finally i got to stair at those perky 16 yo titties in her cute little blue push up bra.


fetish SpankerSam 2018-04-24

I sat on the bed watching as Mary worked the long zucchini in and out of her pussy. Fuck that pussy." Mary's moans were in sync with the movements of her hand. "OK!" I was ready to turn and walk away when she said, "I do drink tea." I smiled at her and walked to the front of the store. Would you take out your zucchini and slowly work it as I watched?" I could hear Mary's breathing grow more ragged. You watch me as your hand works up and down your hard dick. I sit there on my bed, my hand working like a jackhammer as I piston it up and down on my dick.

Daddy's Girl Ch. 02

fetish thecurioussubmissive 2018-04-24

I blush as you inform me, "Daddies like to admire their work baby girl." And then you proceed to watch as your cum leaks from my stretched hole and down my ass crack. "Listen to me little girl, this is not your decision," you say, "You can use your safe word and leave my home, or you can relax and let me show you how Daddy fucks his little girls tight, sweet ass." I moan loudly and fist my hands, "Please Daddy, it's too much." "It isn't," you tell me, "it's just perfect sweetheart." You moan and push again, watching as a couple more inches spread my tight ass open. "Such a good little girl, baby." I'm moaning and screaming as you hold me tightly down, keeping your cock buried inside my asshole, forcing me to adjust to it.

Step Father's heaven

fetish 2018-04-24

she's getting hotter and hotter, feeling her clit swell from the thought of his hard cock between her legs, and his stepfather hands holding her breast tightly. he takes one hand to her clit rubbing it from outside her young girl white cotton panties, stroking his cock up and down her ass crack through his shorts. what she doesn't know is the reason he's hard all the time, is he's always thinking about eating his step daughter's pussy one day. his wife returns from the gym with a towel around her neck, tight body in tight work out clothes, her legs glistening with sweat noticing her husband and daughter sitting on the sofa beside each other, as he invites her to join them after she takes a shower.

Not So Adverse Reaction Ch. 01

fetish ElliottEden 2018-04-24

Betty was lying on her back in bed, the covers off – her hands wandering over body – her eyes closed, mouth open, tongue licking her lips... After a moment she brought the fingers that had been rubbing her pussy lips to her mouth and began licking them. Her fingers back between her pussy lips Betty hissed "Straddle me – your ass on my tits – that cock... His wife's mouth sucked his cock head into her mouth and she sucked – it was too intense and he tried to pull away, saying "No – stop!" Betty pulled her finger out of her husband's ass freeing Elliott to move, he leaned forward and licked his cum off her face then kissed her.

The Panty Club Ch. 05

fetish nikki_2021 2018-04-24

She reached up and rubbed Amber's butt, feeling the wet cloth, before kneeling in the puddle of piss that she'd been sitting in and attacking the button and zipper with her hands and pulling Amber's wet jeans down her legs. When Amber was really squirming on the bed and clearly on the brink of orgasm, Claire moved down between her legs and pushed the toy deep inside her pussy and used her tongue to excite her clit. Then she took her time washing Amber's pussy, sliding a couple of fingers inside as she applied the soap. Then she delved deep between Amber's bald lips, pushing her tongue into her pussy and wiggling it around, her hands stroking at Amber's stomach and up to her breasts.

Return to the Bukkake Beauty Shop

fetish silenceup2nogood 2018-04-24

My girlfriend had admitted she got off on guys coming on her face, well hell, she was going to get coated tonight. "Ok, for those of you who are here for the first time, I'll explain what's going to happen." Paul said to the guys, who were all now seated. At first she refused, playing like she didn't want to, but when I grabbed her hair and pulled, she opened her mouth and let me slide my cock into her mouth. "I can't wait to suck more cock today," my girlfriend said to the group of guys in front of her. "You want to be one of the cocks I wrap my lips around?" She pushed the cum I had dumped on her face into her mouth with one long finger.


fetish wildcd4u 2018-04-24


My s****r-In-Law

fetish Cool263 2018-04-24

The thought of pumping my cock in and out of Carrie’s warm wet pussy while fucking my wife was almost more than I could handle. I had thought about raiding the laundry room looking for her worn panties before on previous visits with my wife, but I was always too chicken to do so and was afraid of getting caught. Eat it good.” she said “I want to cum all over your face.” I started moving my tongue in her pussy feverishly, like this was the last meal I would ever get. Carrie slipped her panties, that she had on when this all started, into my pocket and told me not to let her s****r find them and gave me a wink and a smile.

Pharmacy Keys Ch. 5-7

fetish Wyn 2018-04-24

The nurse crossed her arms and smiled in satisfaction as she watched Gwen's whole body relax and her tummy shrink back down to normal upon expelling the liquid forced inside, taking the slightly bloated look from the healthy girl. We'll have to remedy that immediately, hmm?" She smiled brightly and, in that warm, soothing tone, she said, "Let's get you all cleaned up." And, with saying that, the nurse expertly cleaned and re-diapered the girl with a speed that made Gwen's head spin. To the nurse's surprise, she felt Gwen's bladder give away and a huge, hot deluge of her tinkle sprayed out and into Imogen's cunny lips. All little baby girls need their sleep, right?" Gwen nodded slowly, rising from the bed, "Yes, Mommy.

Real Life Kink

fetish realityischoice 2018-04-24

I had several smaller orgasms in her hand and mouth; my body totally taking control from my brain and moving on its own, my breath ragged, hips bucking as I thrust into her hot wet mouth and then she hit my prostate just right and I felt the rumblings of a monster orgasm approaching. My first squirt of cum caught Niki by surprise, right as she took my cock into her mouth-it was a hard squirt with lots of cum, making her choke for a moment, taking my cock out of her mouth, leaking a thick stream of cum from her mouth to my belly. As if reading my mind, Niki gobbled my cock deep once more, sucking hard as I filled her mouth completely with my hot sticky cum-she caught every drop and kept sucking me through the most powerful orgasm I have ever experienced!

Susan's Cartoon Print Panties

fetish pervert4panties 2018-04-24

Susan's hands went up my shirt where she grabbed my hard pecs. I pulled her bra up over her breasts and rubbed her nipples directly, causing her to gasp and let out a deeper moan. She stood in front of me, her slender fingers tracing the length of my prick as I kissed her neck and played with her petite little butt through her cute panties. My finger slid along the length of Susan's slippery lips, up and down, pressing her clit gently with tiny circles. Susan started moaning and broke off her kiss, throwing her head back and keeping her mouth wide open. It took a couple minutes just to get my head inside, and it felt like she was going to push me right back out!


fetish DoeTheBrat 2018-04-24

Darragh's arms were shaking as she let him reach up to grip Pat by the sides, either from disbelief and excitement, or the sheer weight of a human woman on his body, as opposed to inflated plastic. A creeping, grasping irrational dread rose like bile from the pit of Pat's stomach, as she slowly pulled her head up from its burial place in the pillow, to look at the floor beside her, where Brendan's body lay, his head twisted like a doll's to such a degree that his current state was undeniable, his dead eyes staring up at her, either in disbelief or apology.

A Simple Solution Ch. 03

fetish jlltec 2018-04-24

As I leaned against the counter she took my left nipple in her mouth and lightly kissed and then suckled it. She slowly rolled both wet nipples between her thumb and forefinger as she looked at my cock. I imagined what I looked like now, a total slut in my willing submission to her and no longer caring that she knows, that she controls, that I am as venerable as a husband can be with his wife. "God yes...look at me." I loved the word "doing to you", she knows her control. She leans back but doesn't let go of my nipples and looks me up and down, a smile on her lips.

Being Dominated By Rachel's Farts!

fetish LittleMissFart 2018-04-24

"Hold on..." Rachel suddenly pulled her hot pink jogging trousers down so her shapely arse was exposed, I noticed she hadn't been wearing any underwear though she kept her vagina covered up, and then placed the bag of sweets behind her back and held the opening of it over her crack, and she swiftly let out a large fart. "Quess I'll just have to fart in your face!" She quickly told me as she pulled her trousers back down to reveal her naked arse again and grabbed my hair, turned around so her back was to me, f***ed my face to her bare bum and let out another loud fart right on me!

Rod Sucks a Mystery Cock

fetish PinkDelphi 2018-04-24

Rod went on and on about it, talking about swallowing hot cum and jacking off a man, and the more I encouraged him, the more he really got hot thinking how much he might like sucking on some man's dick. Just now, Rod had said he wanted me to dress up like a whore for him, and show him how many different sluts I could be this night. I finished up the Popsicle, and rested back and, as if I was all alone, I reached inside my panties and began to play with my pussy with my open-tip-finger-gloved felt especially nice with those gloves....