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Erotic Fetish stories

A large collection of fetisch short stories covering everything from pantyhoses to feet and more.

Team Mascot

fetish BlewWater69 2018-04-24

It had taken close to an hour but Carey finally emerged from the bathroom to find Tory on the phone in the family room. "Yes, sir," Carey said, glad to move away, drop the skirt, and hide her wetness. As she put the suit coat back on Carey got the nerve to ask him, "Sir, ahh...ahh...pardon me, sir, but want did you mean I'll do, sir?" Carey looked around as she trailed Tory Rider down the hall. Tory walked to the open office door and entered with Carey following. When Belinda appeared at the door, Carol said, "Tory Rider thinks he has us a replacement for Cameron here. Carol had Carey sit in the outer office as she met with Tory.

Chubby Chaser Ch. 03

fetish mondotoken 2018-04-24

"Yeah; you see I noticed your eyes on my tits and from what I've heard you like us "larger types" so let me inform you that I'm five feet ten inches measuring a very full and packed 40L-44-56 inches of nineteen-year-old pussy." I flushed red at her frank self-assessment while Hope took a few steps back from the window so that I could see the rest of her body. "You got the price of admission right in front of you girlfriend and I'm definitely not talking about the fucking beer." Holly gingerly handed her offering to me with a knowing smirk before hooking her thumbs into the plunging neckline of her sundress.

Matt ... he wants to please me

fetish 2018-04-24

You have some face hair that is n the soft side so it feels great on my pussy hole . "Little boy , were you hungry for my twat?" You look up with your wanton eyes and nod your yes to me . You pull your face back a little and whisper " I am hungry for your twat ma'am " then go back to eating me . I push your head down so that you know it's time to lick my ass hole now . You came in my cunt and you should not have" You start to say "I am sorry ma'am" but I slap your pathetic face to stop your words .

Chaffernaught 06

fetish MistressColleen 2018-04-24

joeie nodded his head up and down quickly, his eyes wavering from my breasts long enough to travel the length of my body and back quickly, over and over. joeie's eyes stayed wide, and he took several deep breaths, all while licking his lips and drooling in anticipation of getting his hands and mouth on his treat. As I spread my legs he moved swiftly to between them to assert his rightful place, at the altar of devotion to worship pussy, my pussy, not a pussy he watches on a video, or a pussy he dreams of fucking, but the real thing. "Oh yes, my dear pussieboy, you earned a date with the taws by making me tell you twice to stop playing with my breasts, and to raise my voice the second time.


Lake: Leah

fetish PeggyBuxton 2018-04-24

Her chest releases the grip and I let a hand cover a breast, feeling the firmness of the implant. Her stump strokes my cheek and I take it in my hand feeling the softness for the first time. I let go of the stump and drive fingers inside, feeling, probing, stroking. She takes me in her hand, her fingers tight around the shaft, and her mouth moving closer to the swollen head. I sit next to her, letting my hand wander over her body, never staying long in the same place, just enjoying the touches. "Oh-h, such naughty words." Her hand moves from her stump and fingers parts the folds of skin around her pussy, a fingertip plays inside the pink skin.

One of My Best Orgasms

fetish NymphoKitty 2018-04-24

Darren tells me to start touching my pussy, so I happily obey him. Then he tells me that he is stroking his hard cock while thinking of me. When my toy is set-up, Darren tells me "Suck it for me, I want to hear you sucking that cock" I say yes, and he asks me where do I want it, my pussy or ass. I start riding my ass up and down that cock so fast it burns my tight little hole. I tell Darren I am ready to cum, but he tells me to hold it. He asks if I am alright, and I tell him "Yes I am" But what I really wanted to say was.

An Edible Journey Ch. 03.5

fetish NigelOW 2018-04-24

My fantasy of watching Trina getting fucked by another cock was more than fulfilled, Trina had more orgasms than she could count, Ray obviously had a good time filling my wife's beautiful cunt to overflowing with his spunk, and he really got off on the spectacle of me eating her out immediately afterwards. The night before Ray had gone to the guest room to crash after coming twice, I'd also come twice -- once from Trina jerking me off while Ray fucked her and the second time blowing me right after Ray collapsed next to us on the bed after his second cum, while Trina's orgasm tally had left us in the dust, like I said, quite an evening.

The Powder

fetish SamuraiSword 2018-04-24

Melissa blurted out loud, "Stop wasting time!" She grabbed the dresser drawer with her right hand and gently picked up the nylon with her left. "My, my," Melissa whispered as she dropped the black hose into the drawer and pushed it shut, "expensive tastes all around." It was then that she then noticed a tingling on the fingers and palm of her left hand. Melissa had apparently noticed something, based on the way she was staring at her hand, but Carolyn wasn't worried. "Eleven o'clock, time for my client," Melissa thought as she paced on the steps outside the front door. Upon closer inspection, Melissa realized the driver was none other than the owner, Carolyn Hannover.

Excuse My Husband Please

fetish davidwatts 2018-04-24

"Oh shit, take a look over there" Debbie said, and when I glanced toward the parking lot I saw the Japanese couple emerging from their car. The man was fiddling with the dangling camera and I thought for a minute he was going to try to take Debbie's picture. The man was nodding and grinning as he tried to take a picture, looking up at Debbie and then back down at the camera repeatedly. "Naoki, he says his hands are too shaking to take good picture" Kumiko said, and she promptly began snapping away. Suddenly, Naoki reached over and ran the back of his hand under Debbie's arm and said something. Finally Naoki's wife came over to them and Kumiko briefly stroked the hair under Debbie's arm too.

The Desert Part 1

fetish atlsexyguy 2018-04-24

Full of gym shorts, tank tops, swimsuits, briefs, and an occasional safari or aloha print shirt, the store was well stocked with my favorite brands and reasonably priced for a tourist town. As I was trying to determine if I wanted a white or black jock, brief and bikini, the clerk showed up with three or four jocko running shorts. The young clerk asked if I was going to try the shorts on and was tired of changing clothes and getting no action until he pulled me to the fitting room, got down on his knees and started sucking my dick right there in the store.

Chapter 5. Playing with a New Friend While Dresse

fetish love_nylon_panty 2018-04-24

I want to talk to you.” It was the boy who saw me wearing the panties under my shorts. While I was telling Dale my story, we both had our hands in our pockets, rubbing the fronts of our pants and the nylon panties under them over the heads of our excited cocks. So he opened another dresser drawer and took out a pair of white nylon panties, similar to the ones he was wearing. Outside I got on my bike and started pedaling home, again enjoying the thing that led to this encounter – feeling the breeze up my pants leg and across my nylon-covered cock.

O'Malleys Bar

fetish electricblue66 2018-04-23

She is pressing her whole long body hard up against mine and she has set up a spiral of pleasure in every soft hole and every hard point and now my clit is hard and my nipples throb and my asshole clamps on her finger and my cunt aches and my clit throbs and my sex clenches and she just doesn't stop I'm being pushed higher and hotter and harder until my whole body tightens and arches as if I've been pierced to my centre with a lightning bolt and the centre of my belly and sex and lips and ass and breasts and deep in my cunt I simply explode with pleasure. "I'm sorry, I'm not feeling so good right now." And I rush out the door into the cooling night, cheeks ablaze, but my breasts and nipples still hard with pleasure and my cunt still wet and hot and my legs still damp with piss.

Like in heaven

fetish hoeschen 2018-04-23

I jerked off into moms dirty panties before I started driving away. In her room I asked for the toilett and I had to pee, but naturally that took a little longer as usual and while I was dressing again she had made herself comfortable and sat on her bed in just panties and bra and they were black , too. Do u really wear ladies´undies, good god, let me see!- and what choices did I have? She pulled down my panties and put my slimy cock into her mouth and socked it and god what a nice feeling it was and she really knew what to do.

A Date With My Wife

fetish mugs101 2018-04-23

My wife looked and found the pen, she stepped on it holding it secure, as I reached for it she moved her foot to my face knowing what I would do. I held her foot by the heel hand brought it to my nose breathing in her sweet musky scent through the small opening or her toe. She slid her toe up my shaft causing more fluid to rise out of my cock she placed her foot on top using her hose to gather my pre cum and smear it around the head of my cock. My cock slid into her so easily and when I opened my eyes I saw her phone again." Oh baby your face looks so good covered in my cum, lick your lips and get it all baby"

Teacher's Pet Ch. 01

fetish PrincessRiley472 2018-04-23

On the way to his third detention James was looking forward to seeing what Miss White would be wearing. "Kneel down James." She said opening her legs slightly, a film of cum forming between the lips of her sex. Miss white did her best to swallow but there was too much and soon her mouth was overflowing, not wanting to waste a drop she tried to manoeuvre her feet into the path of his spunk but the flow was so great that it splashed onto her face and all down her tits before her toes could catch the last of his jizz.

The Business Trip

fetish Scotsdude 2018-04-23

"Well," said Jason, "they'll be more where that came from, from me and from Sarah's dildo!" "Come on, let's see what Jason thinks." She said, walking with me into the bedroom. Sarah got behind and rubbed lube on my hole and on her dildo, the placed her left hand next to mine on the headboard and used her right hand to guide the fake cock into my ass. Sarah didn't fuck me with such speed and strength as Jason, but she was slow and passionate, all the time sucking and kissing my neck. Just as Sarah orgasmed, I came in Jason's mouth; cum dribbled down his cheek as what seemed like pints came out of me.

I got to meet Peter North - Part 3

fetish bpatzner 2018-04-23

She walked out and grabbed his cock and said to him, “Doctor Peter North, if I am going to need a lot more dick to cure me, you better write me a prescription.” Pete then whipped his pants off and marched over and eased his hard cock deep into my wife’s ass and began to pump.“But, if you want it now babe, you’re getting it now. I want her dolled up nice for the scene we are going to make.” Peter stated as he pulled his dick from my wife’s ass, grabbed his pants and put them back on.

sub slut adventure

fetish here2meet 2018-04-23

We left our carts right there and headed for the parking lot I followed her to her car and stopped her before she got in my hands rubbing her tits from behind my rigid dick tight against her ass as I kissed her from her earlobe to the back of her shoulder and up again she muttered a little as my hand slid down between her thighs to play with her clit as she begun to grind against my throbbing hard dick.

Holiday Cuckold

fetish collector85 2018-04-23

I don't think I have ever been able to make her cum by only using my penis, although we do try very hard with Helen yelling at me during our fucking to stuff my little prick up her, and on several occasions bemoaning, quite loudly, the fact that my cock is too small for her to feel and that she wished I had a big one. Ben moved his legs further apart as my wife rubbed the sun lotion at the tops of his thighs and I'm sure that a few times her fingers grazed against his bollocks. Helen had her mouth open now and her tongue was running along her top lip as Ben slid his hands further down, pushing the top of her costume as he went.

The Model

fetish robertcleve 2018-04-23

I read a story recently about an older woman who wanted nude photos of herself taken. As I read, I realized that Fran Merryman was the woman I had photographed a year earlier. The phone rang one day and the lady that spoke inquired about having photos taken away from the studio. She told me she had called a couple of days earlier about having photos taken on location. I then realized that we'd be getting better acquainted, so I suggested that she call me Bob. She replied that I should call her Fran. Arriving early, I waited for Fran in the small, secluded parking lot. "Bob, I think I should remove my clothes now and let my body breathe.

Gloria's Panties Ch. 08

fetish murphybrown537 2018-04-23

"I bet you want to have sex with Ashley!" Gloria said, the accusation turning me on even more, just like it had the other day when she gave me probably the best hand job I've ever had. I was thinking again, how Gloria must look in just a pair of lime green cotton panties. "No complaints here, you look great." I said as I took in the view of the tight denim fabric wrapped around Erica's full sexy thighs, her hips, and her most intimate part. Without responding, I reached for my phone and quickly took a picture of Erica with her jeans partly open and the sexy blue panties visible. Gloria's sexy little cotton panties had a small wet spot appearing where her wonderful little pussy hid.

A Night Out On The Company

fetish thesevenfanclub 2018-04-23

For some reason as I walked in they both stopped talking turned around to look at me walk in and to my total astonishment in unison they both smiled and my stomach started performing somersaults and my cock stirred in that anticipatory way of what felt like the most amazing night of my life. I walked over sat on a stool right next to the coffee coloured beauty who I found out was called Celina the blonde darling with the green eyes was called Holly I offered to buy a drink and after a brief discussion we all decided to celebrate the start of a new friendship with a glass of Irish whiskey.

A Couple's Cuckold Fantasy Pt. 01

fetish flash321 2018-04-23

The thought of having a new dominant player in his sex life made John strain against the cool biting steel of his chastity device, which forced his gaze away from the door of the coffee shop for a second to look at Danielle's ankle. He didn't have to use the single toilet, and he couldn't lock the door since Tom was going to enter next, but his instructions were quite clear, "Take off your pants and wait for me in just your wife's panties so I know you're taking this seriously." John carefully slid his pants off, startling as he heard someone walk by, hoping that person wasn't going to open the door on him.

What Did You Do Last Night, Miss? Ch. 07

fetish Arsehole Addict 2018-04-23

Knowing she had at least three hours by herself before Mark got back from his football match, Emma began to look through the other magazines and found herself stunned, shocked, occasionally disgusted but mostly very turned on by the pictures that she found in them: women and young girls being fucked in the mouth, pussy and arse by dildos and huge cocks; heavily pregnant women being anally fisted; women being pissed on and pissing on men; people being spanked; girls covered in slimy spunk; tits being fucked; men being fucked; shitholes being tongued; everything that she had ever imagined, and more.