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Erotic Fetish stories

A large collection of fetisch short stories covering everything from pantyhoses to feet and more.

I'm Chrissy a Slut

fetish Doctork053 2018-12-01

I decide to head out and see what my Mom's boyfriend, Mike, is up to in his man cave or what we regular people call a garage instead of sitting here, watching her drool and mumble about my dad. I did that a couple more times and had actually forgotten about Mike until I tilt my head back exhaling the smoke and notice him looking at me and chuckles. Mike tells Shelley to grab him a pack of 'Reds' as he walks directly to the back of the store where the beer is held. We get back to the garage is record time and as I'm getting off the bike, Mike asks me to light a cigarette.

M's First Tie, Part 4

fetish gilrenard 2018-12-01

M keeps her left hand stroking the marks on her breasts, as her right hand slides over the rope marks on her thigh. “I would love that,” she replies, as she takes my hand and places it on her breast. M quickens the pace of her rocking, drives my hand harder to her pussy and answers, “Please Gil, right now!” I grab her wrist and kiss the back of her hand and ask her, “How does it feel?” When Brooke is back behind the counter, I slide my hand onto M’s right leg and undo the bottom two buttons of her dress. M replies in a nervous voice, “I hope you have a change of clothes for me, and a bucket and mop.” “What if I squirt, Gil?” she asks.

The BELT is not for PANTS!

fetish DarkSidedWolf 2018-12-01

I feel your body trying its best to react to my touch but all it does is cause your pussy to swell more, become more drenched. My finger slides in and out of your ass with ease now, Your pussy tightens against my tongue with every stroke. I pull out my finger and I see your ass pulsate with want as you yearn for the feeling of me penetrating your body in any way possible. My cock is rock hard at this point and I know that you want to feel it on you and in you. I can feel your moans throughout my body and your pussy is so smooth and wet. Your ass is filled and you want to fuck hard now.

Making Milk for You

fetish JuicynSweet00 2018-12-01

I wondered what it would be like to feel my breasts swell to the point of pain, filling up with milk until my nipples dripped. Finally, after six weeks, one day when I was pumping a thin trickle of milk appeared in the container. You fucked me hard from behind, my heavy tits swinging, an occasional drop of milking leaking out. You asked me not to wear a bra at home, because you loved to see the wet patches my milk left on my shirts. You wanted to take pictures of my milk-laden tits, and asked me to pose on all fours, using a goat milker you'd bought. The humiliation I felt at being milked like an animal made my pussy clench with desire.

I Wonder If She Really Knew?

fetish tcg 2018-12-01

Kacie started to panic and protest at the sound of the doorbell, but I said, "you promised" and that she should be a good girl or Bobby may hear her or maybe I would invite him in to let him see her naked. I told him "crap, I left it in the bedroom." I started to come up with an explanation for why I'd leave to go get it but then not bring it back when Bobby said that he heard Kacie and I talking and asked if he could finally meet her? I said, "Ask my friend Bobby nice for his cock, let him know you want him to fuck you" and she started begging in a k**ding way for Bobby to fuck her.

There And Back

fetish Tuppie 2018-12-01

There was quite a hum in the truck and the t-shirt Guthrie was wearing looked like it needed a good wash. Shortly, we arrived at the truck stop and decided to stretch our legs with a walk to the convenience store/diner for a cold drink. Facing me, with his head propped up on his arm he asked, “Are we going to do this the easy or hard way?” Observing my puzzled expression Guthrie continued, “Dinner was great, but I only consider that a deposit... When Guthrie finally lifted onto his arms, his exaggerated thrusting took me over the edge, and with my body shuddering, I began to unload on his sheet.

Wet Encounter

fetish NicolasSix 2018-12-01

I had been holding out for a long time for myself, and I was so hard that even though I was aiming at her tits, the moment I started pissing it went all over her. Once I finished pissing on her, she started licking and then sucking my cock, really moving her head; just on the verge of coming, she took me out of her mouth, aimed my bell end into her face, and wanked me off until my spunk was dripping down her face. As I had come, I was feeling quite placid, and did not expect what happened next; Susan pushed me down, and started grinding her pussy into my face.

Smoke gets in his eyes

fetish prairiedogg 2018-12-01

She took a long drag on the cigarette, drew the smoke deep into her lungs and then took his now-hard cock into her mouth. A small drop of cum had leaked out of the head and she bent down to taste it, then taking him fully into her mouth, sucking it as she took it. She alternated her sucking between his cock and the cigarette, always remembering to show him the smoke escape her lips. She took him into her mouth even as his cock convulsed, his cum spilling over her now-smeared lips. With her mouth coated with his semen, she drew deeply on the cigarette one final time and exhaled, the smoke escaping her glistening lips.


fetish drkfetyshnyghts 2018-12-01

Deep, deep breathing and deep deep groans all rolled into the same sound and emitted through the oral valve.  Julia carefully wrapped the spent gelatine thing up into a coil and placed it into a stainless steel bucket that had been placed on the lower tray of the trolley.  Before turning her attention to the anal valve, she squatted down, onto her own high heels for a closer look at Lydia's gaping sexuality. As the tip of the transparent, vein ridden thing touched the centre of her mouth, the centre of those delicious lips, so they parted in readiness to absorb the thing.  Julia slid the sausage in full in one smooth firm movement and at the same time, twisted the end to lock it.  It was just a case of imagination, knowing that behind that hood, the woman's eyes would be bulging, popping almost as her tongue was forced to the bottom of her mouth and how her throat muscles contorted and adapted around it.

Facts about my cuckolding

fetish woreout 2018-12-01

She was a good wife and continued to play that off as it was only my hard cock talking. I said well I like him and I think he would be a safe fuck, by don't you give it a shot? So one evening after coming in from work he picked off her shoes and asked me to rub her feet. I reached to rub the cotton gusset of the hose and her hand grabbed my wrist. She let go of my wrist and said well rub my fucked cunt. She said Tim came by just before she left to work. She said I ended up pulling my pantyhose down far enough for him to fuck me.

Velvet Crush's Cum Addiction

fetish ohgirl1 2018-12-01

We kissed again, then our lips stayed together and my hand found his hard cock as he stood up, lifted me into his arms, and carried me into my bedroom where he fucked me for nearly an hour and dumped a huge load deep in my willing and hungry pussy. John and I had made love 3 to 4 times a day and he had driven his massive schlong into all of my willing openings the entire week, but I was still thinking of more sex as my plane landed and I smoked a cigarette on the drive back to my place.

Hyena Myths

fetish mistyfdfa 2018-12-01

The man's clothes clung to him like a second skin, revealing a body that probably would have looked more at home oiled up and on-stage than peddling memorabilia. For a split second she thought of getting cloth from the floor, but her finger brushed against her clit, making her realize for the first time just how altered her body had mysteriously become. "I'm Inalu," she said taking the woman's hand and getting to her feet. Kalani stepped over and put her hands on Inalu's head, as if searching or bumps. "I'm fine, I promise." Inalu grasped the woman's hands, which were quite warm, and held them in front of her as she took a step back to separate their bodies.

I gave my friend a pair of my wife`s panties

fetish tcg 2018-12-01

I listen interested in what happened next as Sharon proceeds to tell me Jeff joked around making some comment about all her bra`s and panties. That night when the timing was right I handed her the washed panties saying Jeff wondered if he could get another pair to enjoy? I had her strip as practice pretending Jeff would be watching as my wife got down to her bra and panties. Jeff was naked as well standing at the end of the bed holding her panties stroking his very large swollen cock. For the next year or so when my wife was in a extra naughty mood she would hand me a pair of her panties and ask me if I would give them to Jeff.

Halloween party 2014

fetish woreout 2018-12-01

My wife said before to tie that let me hold on to the door knob and you pull as hard as you can . The bed room door was open so she held on to both knobs and said pull you pussy. My wife laughted and said it's big enough to hold your hard on but my Maggie's husband soft cock. Her smile went away and she grabbed my arm real tight , she leaned in close and said look I'm here to have fun , and if having sex is part of it then you will have to deal with it or go home.

Staying With Erin - Chapter 3

fetish ChrissieLecker 2018-12-01

“That she is,” my landlady confirmed, “I knew it from the moment she stepped out of that van.” And then, with a casual movement, her hand cupped my sex, rubbed up and down a few times, and her middle finger wiggled its way inside, making me gasp. “It will help if you pull up your legs and hold them below the knees,” Erin informed in a matter-of-fact voice, “though you’ll have to spread them a bit, otherwise you’ll make the pressure on your belly worse.” “But of course, Bridget.” Erin sounded excited, and like a whirlwind, she was suddenly kneeling between my legs, one arm extended, and then I felt her fingers softly trailing the contours of my pussy lips.

Mrs Andrews Disposes Ch. 01

fetish lesliejones 2018-12-01

"You'd better check her bottom to make sure she doesn't need to go right away," Kay advised Andrea as Karen's face grew red, now with fear that her sister's finger would feel the contents of a bowel movement that Karen was sure was close to becoming critical. "Well," Kay said with a grin that froze Karen's senses, "we'd better get her on the toilet now before she has an accident on your lap, Andrea." With that, Kay took Karen by the ear and escorted the older girl to the bathroom and sat her on the toilet like she was a small child.


fetish HiveMaster 2018-12-01

Breaking the kiss the blonde stood back and taking the brunette by the arm led her into the stable block. The rope going over the joist caused the brunettes hands to be pulled up and eventually the girl had to bend over as her arms went higher and higher. The blonde walked to the presented rear of the brunette and without any warning bought the cane slamming down on the other girls backside. The brunette had stopped reacting to the individual cane strokes and had just been moaning and swaying the whole time, but she jumped a little at the hand on her cunt. The brunettes legs went, the blonde dropped the cane and grabbed her before she pulled her arms out of her joints.

The Foot Slave

fetish Kim 2018-12-01

What would Mistress do, if she heard you moaning like a bitch in heat?” Chloe purred, as she ran warm, clear water over Victoria’s ass. Any minute now, Chloe would pull her tongue free and climb on the table, making Victoria eat her pussy. Chloe pulled the sex starved woman upright and positioned herself just the way she wanted, and then she yanked Victoria downward and pushed the woman’s face into her dripping cunt. She pulled Victoria off Athena’s foot; her pussy making a wet, sucking sound as it exited. Straddling Athena’s leg, Pandora pushed Victoria back down, burying the foot back into the younger woman’s dripping slit. When she stopped bucking, Pandora gently eased out of Victoria’s ass and pulled her off Athena’s foot.

Work work work...

fetish LegLover_77 2018-12-01

It's only about 4 steps but felt like a life time as I stared at those sexy shinny legs. I quickly took two large steps to catch up without moving my eyes from her legs. She opened the door and stepped through slowing her pace for me to come along side. I assumed you would prefer the elevator." We turned left to the stair well and I opened the door for her. "Thank you" she said with that wonderful smile and stepped through the door way. Secondly, after the first turn she must have noticed I was going a little slower and started taking longer more exaggerated steps, and finally it served to lengthen the amount of time I had to enjoy this heavenly view.

Kinky Black Love in Our World

fetish Samuelx 2018-12-01

My favourite big and tall Black stud, face down and ass up while getting fucked by me. I'm a young Black woman of Haitian descent living in the city of Ottawa, Province of Ontario. Most of the young Black women at Ontario provincial schools like Carleton University, the University of Ottawa, York University, La Cite Collegiale, Algonquin College and the University of Toronto aren't lucky enough to find a sexy, smart brother to share their lives with. That's because most Black men living in the province of Ontario chase White women like their lives depend on it. For months he had been going to this website featuring dominant women fucking men in the ass with strap-on dildos.

Rebecca’s Creamy White Toes

fetish footlover95 2018-12-01

She went to ask the rep what was going on, because boys and girls don’t share the same rooms. I said, “Okay.” I didn’t really know anyone in London, so I asked Rebecca if she wanted to go for a drink. I didn’t have to be told twice, I took hold of her feet and shoved her toes up to my nose, it was even better than her shoes and socks. I asked what she wanted me to do, and she replied, “I love it when boys cum on my toes.” I started to get up and she said, “I’m done yet, it’s time for your punishment for been such a bad little boy.”

Wet Weekend Ch. 04

fetish Naxos 2018-12-01

"I hope you can hold your breath a long time," Sue grinned, "You're going underwater for my personnel pleasure many times tonight! As looking up I could see that Sue's eyes were closed, her lips were clamped together, and her hand (that wasn't hanging onto the pool ladder) was bunched tightly into a clenched fist. The third time Sue burst to the surface greatly in need of air I allowed her to fill her lungs completely before sending her rapidly under again. I waited another 10 seconds till I felt her thrashing beneath me then removed my hands from her head and watched as Sue shot to the surface!

The Ears Have It

fetish allfours 2018-12-01

At school, there were some girls that had absolutely gorgeous ears, and I used to fantasise at night about touching them, caressing the strands of hair that gently fell over them, especially blond hair. She was taller than me, and I spent many a happy hour working my lips sensuously over her skin, licking, kissing and sometimes biting her gently, especially her ears. I loved the way she moaned as my tongue explored her secret garden, and her hands gently caressed my head as I delved deeper. Caroline caressed my body as I tried to get my key into the lock, pressing her hips into my arse as her hands cupped my breasts. I held her lovely head in my hands, gently tracing her ear with one finger as she suckled at my breast.


fetish AlexBird22029 2018-12-01

Not only was she a little over what the actual average was, I felt like I was about to make a very definite step towards a lifestyle which I still didn't know a lot about. "Are you still sure?" She asked again, teasing my with small strokes and ever so slowly bringing the ruler up towards my cock. My cock felt like it was getting even harder, for a brief moment I allowed myself to wonder if I was so turned on it would be bigger than ever before. I did look down, and I will never forget the excitement at seeing Tess smile to herself as she finally lined the ruler up against the length of me.