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Erotic Fetish stories

A large collection of fetisch short stories covering everything from pantyhoses to feet and more.

Mother Dear Pt. 02

fetish keptsissy 2018-11-09

I feel her hand start to work harder, run just the head rapidly through the tight circle of her index finger and thumb. She feels my rhythmic pulsations, eases her hand back, stops and squeezes so tight it hurts, just below the head on the shaft. I feel her standing behind me, one hand holding my arm just above the elbow, other hand going to my rear, feel it come down across my butt sharply. I feel her other hand grip my arm so tight I know it will bruise. I feel her finger slip out of my rear end as I put my hands to my sides. She watches as I hurry to my hands and knees, start to lick my cum up off of her floor.

Strictly Wetting

fetish lunaswift 2018-11-09

Emma had shaved her pussy especially for the show and as she whirled on her back she began to pant slightly, her breath laboured with excitement at the thought of the countless eyes all staring between her legs as a single drop of pee squeezed its way out of her. She almost jumped when she felt Evan's hands on her legs, he was raising his face closer to her now, his mouth open as the flow weakened, finally ending with a few drops splashing down to join the pool on the floor as the music came to an end.


fetish 15alitaimoor 2018-11-09

She was sitting on that barstool, with her skirt stretched about as tight as it could go across her sweet little butt, looking for all the world like some kind of Hollywood starlet. I closed my eyes and imagined what it would be like to slowly undress her; to run my hands and lips over those wonderful breasts; to sink my teeth into the perfect globes of that beautiful tight arse. To lay her gently, face down, onto the playing field that doubled as my bed and secure her wrists and ankles to the bedposts with the thick, black, silken cords that lay, in waiting, on my bedside table. Glancing up, I watched her take a final look at her watch as she started to reach for her jacket.

Life is Still Good

fetish Green_Man 2018-11-09

I giggle as he groans and leans into what is still there of my leg, just above where the knee was. I look up at him as he leans down and kisses me, grabbing my round ass and humping my stub. I know he wants it now as he fucks my pussy with a probing finger. I spread my legs and he groans while he's pulling my thong down, away from my goodies. He immediately rubs his precum across my leg stub and I hear him groaning and feel his prick twitching. "Yes, baby, fuck me good," I cry. Yes. He's kissing me again and humps his cock into my sticky little prettiness. 

Teen Diaries 16 - Wet Panties

fetish TeenDiaries 2018-11-09

He took the pair he was holding in his hand and stuck the crotch part in his mouth and started sucking on it, making a pleasurable face. Jack stopped kissing me as he lifted up the bottom portion of my bra and reached his index finger up to hook the loop of my panties. As I started to cum hard, Jack pulled my panties back over to cover my pussy and pressed his mouth against me as I came in them. His face turned bright red as he started to yell, thrusting his dick deep inside my pussy and holding it there. I sucked it off my fingers, wishing my boyfriend's cum was more like Jack's.

The Convert

fetish komrad1156 2018-11-09

I'm definitely at a point where I'm ready to make real sacrifices for the right guy." She had a kind of wistful look about her as she told him, "Had I been willing to do that for Gabe, then we'd almost certainly still be together and maybe I would be planning my dream wedding now." If this money hadn't come along and if I was ready to settle down—who knows?Then again, we've been dating for like four months now and I do really like her and everything, but she's already planning our wedding and where we'll live, what the house will look like, and how many kids we're gonna have.


Choose your fetish wisely

fetish Whitebeard 2018-11-09

“What delightful housework is my sweet cuckold doing on his day off work?” Mary said, surveying the mess of clothes spread across the children's beds. I got a second job when you said you wanted to give up work to be with the kids. I can't work two jobs to have my kids looked after by some random nanny when Leonard wants to screw you. I know I said I wanted me time with the kids, but I wish you were here." She reached for her phone, held it up in the air above them both and took a picture clearly showing the words on her skin and Simon hard at work between her legs.

The Multiverse

fetish komrad1156 2018-11-09

Miller jogged over to Dr. Grayson and asked her if what Matumbo just told him made any sense. Miller asked Dr. Grayson to help him select his four team members. Once in place Miller told them to visualize the exact spots on the wall where there hands should go. Miller began repeating the sing-song cadence of the chant and one by one, exactly on cue, each hand went down perfectly in its appointed place. "This is the Transmutational Portal for this universe, Adam Miller, and I am the sentinel of the Keepers." How could anyone narrow done a choice like that in a human lifetime?" Miller inquired of the image of the old man.


Mary Gets To Meet Sandy Part 3

fetish sevpeq 2018-11-09

She was on her knees, reaching for Sandy’s feet in order to show Sandy that Sandy was a Princess and make sure Sandy had fun, so that she could get another job and pay Sandy’s rent, so that Sandy could use more of her money for Sandy’s fun, and she was doing all of this for Sandy because Sandy had been rude and demanding and pretty much promised to use Mary all up, just as she had done with Jane. As Mary held it and began to untie the laces, Sandy put her other foot squarely on Mary’s breasts, and started pushing her away, first lightly, then stronger and stronger. No more fun for the moment; Sandy needed a drink, two plates, more ice in her drink, a small table by the bed, and for Mary to serve all of this without getting in the way of her watching the screen.

Simiran's Humiliating Confession

fetish hairysurfer 2018-11-09

I watch beautiful women with sexy, round, perfect asses and tits and smooth butter like skin and then I stand in front of the mirror naked and compare my fat hairy body with the sex goddesses on my screen and imagine a man making me feel like shit for being fat and dirty. I remain dirty as long as I can until the people standing around me start getting the foul smell of dried shit, urine, pussy and anal juices and sweat. The last time I had a shower was a about a week back so right now the inner part of my hairy pussy lips will have dried-on juices and sweat collected over the past seven days - stuck in there with no fresh air or water.

Succulent Desires Chapter 7

fetish aliceslalaland 2018-11-09

  May I eat breakfast now, please?”   Alice ’s voice was rough from all the screaming and moaning but she had enough strength left to respond, “Yes baby girl, there’s fruit and cheese in the frigerator.   As Missa’s body was underneath the shower spray Alice pressed her body against Missa’s body and rubbed her skin with her hands to help the water wash the soap off. Silently moaning in desire, Alice spoke a bit unevenly, “When you’ve learned to fuck me properly, then we’ll fuck in the shower.”   She switched places one last time with Missa, “Rinse the conditioner out of your hair, and dry off.

Eager to Learn (ch.1)

fetish ecesis 2018-11-09

I look him straight in the eye and respond, "I was thinking of you, sir." "Well then, sir, I'd best persuade you otherwise." As I say this, I lean over his desk and give him an eyeful of my breasts, encased in a lacy pink bra that matches my underwear. Let’s see if you can continue to listen, shall we?” I don’t know whether he’s teasing me or not when I feel his hands on my thighs, sending shivers through my skin. A few moments later, I feel the sticky liquid being wiped off of me, and I am then yanked upwards, my legs quaking, the underwear falling from my mouth.

Muslim Men Like Strapons Too

fetish Samuelx 2018-11-09

Mistress Sybil Noir smiled to herself as she watched her slave Andrew Jenkins fucking her other slave, Somali stud Ibrahim Sadiq. Watching Ibrahim Sadiq get fucked by Andrew Jenkins really turned Mistress Sybil Noir on. Andrew hesitated but Mistress Sybil Noir ordered him to keep fucking the big Black man and the White man obeyed his dominant Black goddess. Andrew Jenkins tensed as Mistress Sybil Noir's plastic cock went up his ass and his own flesh and blood dick went rigid inside Ibrahim Sadiq's ass. Andrew Jenkins opened himself up as Mistress Sybil Noir began pounding his tight White ass with her strap-on dildo. He rolled to another side of the bed and lay there, watching as Andrew Jenkins got fucked in the ass by Mistress Sybil Noir.

Becky's New Daddy

fetish Master_Jonathan 2018-11-09

"Oh, God, Daddy, that feels wonderful!" Becky said, as she relished what Charlie was doing for her. Thank you Charlie, Mama will feel better knowing that you are near as well - although she doesn't know about you and I, she still likes to have an adult around," Becky said. Mama wasn't real happy with the way things were between Becky and Charlie but she also knew her daughter was set on this. Becky and her Mama said a tearful, but happy, goodbye and Charlie promised that they would come up and see her real soon. Charlie and Becky lived happily in Lake Park and continued their Daddy/little girl relationship, only now they didn't have to be so secretive.

A Desperate Nudist

fetish lunaswift 2018-11-09

After getting used to the idea Caroline often found herself wondering what the lifestyle was actually like and that was how she'd eventually ended up here at this holiday camp, naked in an aerobics class, trying to stop her boobs from bouncing around too much as the instructor at the front jogged on the spot. He pushed her up against the wall, Jenny staring silently as his hand slid between Caroline's leg, feeling her wetness. Caroline moaned and spread her legs slightly allowing his hand to better rub her clit and press against the entrance to her pussy. Caroline moved her hand to her clit and began frantically rubbing it, knowing he wouldn't last long, the noises he was making told her he was close to coming already.

Caught Ch.1

fetish heelzanpearls 2018-11-09

Granny Ella wore bifocals when she was out driving, but if she stayed in the house she wore a pair of gold half-round style reading glasses that were hung from an eyeglass chain of small pearls. I still have the bra you came in and I know you like cumming on my gold half-rounds - these." Granny pointed to her gold half-glasses covered thick in cum with a now-spent cock hanging over them. "Harold, for your kindness and love for your Granny Ella I have decided that you are old enough to start enjoying what an older woman can do for you. Ella wanted to be fucked good and hard like any woman who has not had it for some time.

Sunny With A Chance of Showers

fetish itinfl 2018-11-09

Megan sat back up, stuffed Michael's softening cock back into his shorts, and said, "There, that should hold you for a while." Michael just continued driving with a moronic smile on his face. Michael immediately began licking and probing with his tongue, occasionally sucking Megan's clit into his mouth then releasing it. Michael decided this would be a good spot to swap roles, so he reached up and lifted Megan into the air, rolled her over on her back, and then kissed her roughly, letting her taste the piss and her pussy fluids on his mouth. Megan eagerly took Michael's cock into her mouth, sucking and licking it as if there was going to be no tomorrow.

Ethan and Chanel 29

fetish tangerinesky 2018-11-09

"I know you pretty well, and I still think you're beautiful," I say, looking down at her, holding her little body against me. If you do trust me and you're comfortable, I'll give you a really good orgasm," I try to persuade her, and start rubbing her calves with my left hand, her feet still in my lap. " would we go about this?" Chanel asks, and I'm already way too fucking excited at the idea of watching her cum...really hard...all over me. "I to try ," she says, her pool blue eyes have just the right amount of lust and innocence to make me impatient as fuck. Chanel shifts, and when she spreads her legs, electric blue eyes watching me, I drop my head.

Cuckold Lifestyle 3

fetish woreout 2018-11-09

We headed out to the truck with her in a tight white sleevless t shirt and a denim skirt that came down about three inches below her ass cheeks.She also had on her hiking boots. After an hour I said well lets head back down, there are two trails , the one we came up runs along side of an old road and it's the shortest route down to the parking lot, the other is a winding one that goes pasted a few lookout points and takes at least an hour to go down. Part of the way down she said it felt like her toe nails where about to come through her boots , so she stopped at a bench and started taking them off.

Sex Slut Fantasy

fetish Kluger68 2018-11-09

The gift was a necklace and long drop earings and the following instructions were in the box and were to be carried out to the letter. To prepare: I go out ,you will shave your pussy leaving a "top knot",place a stick on tattoo on your left breast and dress putting on a perfume such as Poison or Magi Noir. I can almost feel her trembling with excitement and so I lay her down on the floor, strip off my clothes and then kneel next to her head and she greedily sucks my dick while I massage her tits and pull at her nipples. Next the track Juicy,Juicy comes on  she gets on top lowers herself with one thrust on my dick and then starts grinding her hips around and around to the music.

Shaming Carly

fetish hairysurfer 2018-11-09

Kelly stared at him for a moment - this balding, middle aged white civil servant - so respectable looking on the outside and yet so dirty and sick-minded on the inside. "Your mother's already accepted the situation Carly, so I think it's time you did the same," said Smith. After several moments of breathing in nothing but the stinking air trapped inside Carly's cunt, Smith withdrew his head from between her legs and sat back in his chair. What a lovely smelly ass and pussy you have Carly." He paused for a moment and looked up at her mother. Looking round at her mother he said: "I've never seen a mixed-race girl naked before; I'm just so intrigued to know what colour your daughter's genitals are and how hairy she is in-between her legs."

Car Accident Ch. 02

fetish pedic7717 2018-11-09

When I finished polishing her nails, she looked at her hand and told me that I did a very good job, considering it was my first time. Also that the best way to remove the varnish was to keep the pad pressed on the nail for some time, then pulling it away with steady pressure towards the tip of the nail. When I finished with the foot massage, I couldn't help but taking both her feet on my hands and kissing each of her divine toes separately. I took her beautiful feet in my hands and started kissing them all over. She took her feet out of the blanket and sat on the bed, waiting to finish my worship.

Joe's Therapy Ch. 01

fetish Bernie54 2018-11-09

He got home and pour himself a long drink, opened the TV, he wrote his e-mail, he only had to attach the file to it, he opened his directory and found the file, the game was on TV, he pour himself another drink still distracted by the game, and attached the story following the face sitting one by mistake. That story was about his darkest wishes of being a toilet slave to a beautiful tall blonde Mistress. ''I have been looking for a slave for a long time, when I try to toilet train them, they usually run away, they are agreeing to drink urine but they refuse to eat shit.''

A Holiday Surprise

fetish BrendaH 2018-11-08

Nadine stood up and walked towards her husband, lit a cigarette, exhaled and said "one thing Brenda has to know." As she leaned across right above Steve's chest I took a big drag from my cigarette and as our faces got closer I exhaled right into her open mouth. I took a big drag of my cigarette and as I exhaled I gave Steve the naughtiest smile I could muster up when suddenly.....I felt Nadine's tongue make a direct hit on my clit. I move up towards Steve's face and took a drag and said "baby, you remember that kiss I gave your wife before, you like that didn't you?" Steve shook his head yes.