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Erotic Fetish stories

A large collection of fetisch short stories covering everything from pantyhoses to feet and more.

Mounded by Monique: Journey Goes On

fetish call_me_dana 2018-04-23

That's good." He turned to Monique, "I feel comfortable saying I can remove all restrictions from anal insertions." My boy pussy just leaked onto the seat and his fingers. "She is so fucking wet Monique, her anus is dripping all over my cock and hand." I blushed at his crudeness. His cock pointed straight out and I shuffled on my knees to lick his groin, my tongue in his sparse pubes lapping all of Monique's cum from him then I took his cock in my mouth and cleaned his shaft and head of her cunt and their cum.

The River

fetish FantasyMan021 2018-04-23

Trying my best to work my way closer to the bank and grab onto a fallen tree or branch that I could use to pull myself out of the river. I stood up stepping closer to the fire, my front side warming up nicely as I genitals came out of hiding and my balls dropped. One on each leg I leaned in and began to use the tip of my tongue to lightly lick the outside of your pussy lips. I now moved and began to suck each pussy lip into my mouth one at a time trying to suck every ounce of juice you had to offer. I moved up right hand and began to push two fingers up inside of you nice and slow.

Brod: Growing Unrest Pt. 05

fetish Sarkopheros 2018-04-23

I could only imagine how it looked from another perspective, the raised tiled section serving as an altar, piled high with dozens of women bent over and gushing broad white cascades of steaming-hot, goopy-slimy jizz. I grabbed and kneaded handfuls of her ass as another girl leaned down, lapping at the jizz-slathered tit and sucking down hot milk. The glans came free, and so did the jizz, the Latina's weight forcing my seed to spray out of the busty girl's pussy and onto my nuts. I grabbed the Argentinian girl's hips and shoved the coconut-sized head of my jizz-caked cock into her fleshy mound, spreading those fleshy lips out around me.

red hot footjob

fetish lovingfuck 2018-04-23

Lisa’s dad, came over and took away the wine so she couldn’t have any all watch the movie I could feel Judy squirming to get comfortable and I couldn’t help but feel slightly turned on, Judy had movie, Lisa, your mom is trying to turn me on!” No, it would be ok, I’d just let her do it until she got bored, all she wanted was a fingers and looked me in the eye before softly kissing me with those Judy started riding my cock and I held her tits as she couldn’t believe her eyes and then ran from the room and I heard her her.” But I couldn’t help myself, my dick was still inside this woman

Trailer Trash Teen Hates Rules Ch. 04

fetish RetroFan 2018-04-23

So while Dylan would engage in voyeurism with Samantha if an opportunity presented itself, such as sneaking a glance at her panties if she crossed or uncrossed her legs while wearing a dress or skirt and her undies came into view; looking at her cleavage; admiring her ass in her stirrup pants when she had been working out; fantasizing about her sitting on the toilet with her panties around her ankles or naked under the shower when Samantha used the bathroom while visiting their house; and jerking off in bed at night over his fantasies about Samantha's bank teller uniform, her panties were safe from his voyeurism.

Fooled into Bed with s****r

fetish drew1207 2018-04-23

I had fun helping you last time," Melissa assured, a knowing look in her eyes. By the look on Melissa's face, that wasn't helping her feel better. Sorry if that's personal," Melissa said, looking at Anna. "God, that's so fucking hot," Melissa said appreciatively, still bound and watching. Anna lay over Melissa with her back arched while I grabbed the sides of her legs and pushed even deeper inside her. Anna winked at me, then moved down over Melissa's naked body, stopping only to lick at her hard nipple. "Oh, what the fuck, Anna?" Melissa said, voice disappointed. And I guess you guys would just go on without me if I said no, right?" Melissa asked.

Lending part 1 UK.

fetish OdieofDK 2018-04-23

In the middle of Fyn, he suddenly turned off the highway, stopped at a rest area, asked me to take a bag and walk into the toilet and dress up, as he put our daughter to bed to see some cartoons. Bear showed me around the house, even the toilet and their rooms I saw, while I got to know the household duties, such as NOT having to make the bed at Grumpys roam. "Yes, of course, Sire, now I'll be there," I answered and got up, pulled the skirt down and listed after Bear down through the house to Grumpy's room.

A Christmas Cuckold

fetish cuckytoher 2018-04-23

Once back at home, Duchess told me that I was such a good boywife for doing what Donald and she asked of me that she would let me lick her pussy and asshole to orgasm. "Um, he's six inches totally soft and eight inches fully hard and five inches around Duchess." I felt like I wanted to cry, but looking down at her incredibly gorgeous body, legs spread with Donald's cum nestled in there I didn't cry, but smiled instead, knowing that this was the best Christmas present my beautiful wife could ever give me and God I love her for it.

Vacation in Humiliation Ch. 06 - A long Expansive Night

fetish QuietStranger 2018-04-23

Hank stands up and walks over to me, he avoids looking at my body for the most part, but reaches down to untie my wrists, and pulls a key out and unshackles Missy's handcuffs and leg restraints. The stagemen open the door and walk in, one is carrying some odd looking leather straps and an odd looking rubber tube with bulbs on either end. I look over at Missy, her stageman has her in a similar position, except he is reaching forward and squeezing her breasts and nipples. The stageman stops squeezing the bulb, I can feel the plug getting wider, its definitely not my imagination. "I need to go make a few rounds, but I'll see you girls tomorrow at the contest." Master walks out the door and away from the room.

The Society

fetish 0ra11yfix8ed 2018-04-23

"That's right, Allen, and that's when I knew just how much you loved me even though you had never even said you liked me before. "I know, Jess, I enjoyed every game, every show, watching our little girls grow into confident young women. "Lean back, Allen, I want to take my time and enjoy this ride!" Allen tilted the chair back; Jessica placed her hands on his chest and rubbed his breasts. When Allen returned with the brandy Jessica handed him the hair brush. Truth be told; Allen loved brushing Jessica's hair. "Well you certainly know how to treat a girl's hair, Allen; I just love it when you brush my hair!"

Corrupting Amber Ch. 09

fetish GuyintheTV 2018-04-23

I looked into the mirror and saw her eyes were still closed and her mouth open as she was really caught up in her clit manipulation and still hadn't noticed my being behind her, cock erect and aimed directly at her asshole. After a moment I watched her press the nozzle and heard the sound of the compressed air blast its way into my tiny little Amber's lungs. After getting them suitably covered in sticky, wet, female grool, I rubbed it on her little pink asshole and prepped it for the first time I would fuck Amber up the ass. I had both of my hands on her waist and was pulling Amber's juicy little ass into me in time with my forceful thrusts.

Forgotten Key, Surprising Discovery Ch. 02

fetish thulot 2018-04-23

Mrs. Jones smiled and said that would be lovely, and, waving goodbye and wishing Amy a good trip, walked up the stairs to our floor, whilst we headed down to the car. I concentrated on making her feel as good as I could, tongue and licking and caressing until she began to buck and writhe, then backing away from her climax, moving down and flicking the rosebud of her ass before returning to her clit. My older, beautiful neighbour began trailing a finger through the drips of cum flowing down my face and asked her if I understood now why she enjoyed her work so much.

Punished by Parents-in-Law Ch. 01

fetish Alfamann 2018-04-23

Then I remembered Ben coming to the aid of his drunken Daughter in Law. I looked closer at my surroundings and realised I was in the spare bedroom of the home of my Parents in Law, Ben and Jane. "Kym, we are ashamed at your behaviour." Jane's words were blunt and cut through me like an emotional knife. As I was half way up the stairs Jane added, "And Kym, I want you only wearing the dressing gown, nothing else." Plus I had the greatest respect for Jane and Ben. They had been great to me, and had welcomed me with open arms as a Daughter in Law.

My Neighbor

fetish jeffss45 2018-04-23

I give my cock a few seconds to get soft so that I don't look too much like a perv when I answer the door. So she is seeing Jill rubbing Rob's cock with one finger while holding a big vibrator under his balls. I hear Peggy say to herself "Wow, that is a great tease" as Rob starts to cum. It looks like you enjoyed the video." she says as she notices that I've gotten hard. It was cool seeing how hard it was for you to cum even though I never stopped." She looks down at my softening cock, "I think you should go clean up now and I'll head back to my apartment."

Ass Station by Dmnoid @ Literotica

fetish JamesW85 2018-04-23

She found his tongue her mouth, and she sucked it seductively, a stand in for his cock, and she didn't care that it was still slightly dirty and likely stained brown. She sucked on thick girth for several minutes, letting it get sopping wet, letting her spit run down his length in a messy blowjob, feeling the spongy head and veiny shaft run in and out of her mouth and lips enough times to where she was starting to loose fine sensation of what at any moment was passing in or out of her. With staccato breaths, and trying not fall to the floor, the orgasm overwhelmed her, and as if it were happening to someone far away, she felt her husband's cock swell and spasm over and over again, shooting hot splatters of bliss deep into her dirty ass.

Chastity slave

fetish slave2woman 2018-04-23

I was so turned on, feeling like a condemned man having a last meal, I took the plug right down to the base, straining and whimpering the whole time. John, move over so the ladies can touch Marsha says.Their cool hands stroke my belt and inner thighs and have me gasping and shuddering. "John" Marsha says, "I want you to have a good time, but treat my friends right, after all the bragging Ive done about you." "Also, notice girls how loose his asshole is getting, just keep working it until it opens up and says ahhhhh." Marsha pulls her hand away from my ass. "Now Slave," Marsha said, smiling, picking up a long crop, slapping it against her palm, and settling into the red chair, "It's my turn.

Ponpon Got Her Fantasy in Reality

fetish ponnnponnn 2018-04-23

Then ten minutes after I arrived at aunty house, I found myself sitting on her couch, watching i was laying straight in one piece swimsuit down ward and my body and stomach bouncing up and down on a auto horn with each honking of horn on her television. My stomach was throbbing from the roughness of aunty playing with horn button, my breasts felt swollen, and my ass and pussy were full and clenching. Aunty voice distracted me and I closed my eyes, trying to shut her out as she continued to tell me how hot I was, how much she liked seeing me writhe for him, watching my ass and stomach bounce on horn.

Evening Rush

fetish e_dan 2018-04-23

"I don't have a lot of time...." she said, but Jon had already begun working his dark ways with her and interrupted her with a long hard kiss. Jon kissed her neck biting and sucking on her collar bone, then he pulled off her scrub top and her undershirt revealing her pink lace bra underneath. "Cum for daddy." Jon said. Jon grinned and tossed kali onto her stomach He pulled her hair back and slapped her round little ass. "Did daddy say you could cum again?" Jon said in a rough voice. Kali squirted all over the bed sheets, this excited Jon so much that he pushed into her ass once more and filled her with his thick runny cum.

Laundry Tales 11: The Maze

fetish jeanne_d_artois 2018-04-23

As I watched carefully the tent started to look like a very large hooped skirt. I would be Anne Boleyn at the top of the tent, acting as barker for the Maze, and also telling Joyce when the previous child had reached the centre. All of us fed the mass of the Maze inside the tent, trying and failing to keep it straight. I knew, or hoped, that I would get George's head inside my skirt, so I had lightly sprinkled some of my scent on the lining. On the opposite side of the tent Nigel's head was inside Joyce's skirt as she sat on his shoulders.

The Irish Sting

fetish naughtychanteusez 2018-04-23

Me mother told you to keep me out of trouble and here I am in trouble again, what kind of friend are ya?" Becky complained and then shrieked as Sean Kells tackled her squarely as she stood brushing the grass and dirt from her new plaid dress. "Let's take a peek at her knickers," Kelley roared pulling Becky's dress up above her bottom, landing a hard, loud, thump, leaving muddied paw prints across the white cotton knickers that seemed a couple of sizes too big. Becky having lost her inhibitions grabbed two handfuls of Sean's gyrating ass and then saucily stuck her finger in his rectum and explored, building up a turbine of intensity that would surely destroy them all with a blast the size of Hiroshima.

Sorority Slave Auction

fetish Chrs_Straight 2018-04-23

Erin’s new owner pushed his way to the edge of the stage and tried to help the frightened, naked woman step down from the dance floor. As if on cue, as soon as Erin’s feet were on the floor, some guy next to her pinned her hands behind her back, while her new owner grabbed her tits and began mauling them roughly. Just warming Taylor up for you is all.” He punctuated this statement by slapping Taylor’s tits harder enough so that they began to turn bright red. With her hands held behind her back, Taylor was fair game for a few horny guys who reached out and groped her before David got her out of the room. David actually liked the fact that he’d bought a girl that everyone wanted to fuck.

Transformation Ch. 04

fetish NancysboyBill 2018-04-23

One night while the three sisters were drinking wine and commiserating in our kitchen she pointed to the paddle hanging on the wall and said to Jenna "I thought that was in your kitchen, what's it doing here?" Jenna looked at Chris and said "It's time we bring her into the fold; she needs this even more than we do." Chris said "yes but let's have Bill do it. At bedtime that night Jenna told Jim that she had a new punishment for him and he let her tie him to the bed expecting the pain he loves. Nancy's notes: I am close to both my sisters and love them very much but I do not like the way Jenna treats Jim and thus stay away from them as couple more than I should.

The Bear Truckers

fetish DOG8160 2018-04-23

iI do as he says and notice the driver is equal in size and is also wearing tight jeans.He immediately puts out his arm and tells me if I am going to ride with them I would have to sit on the floor between the seats. I lay there looking up at him as he looks down at me and smiles and tells me to enjoy.I then see him climb up in the truck and watch as I see his tight jeans ride up the crack of his ass as it descends down on my face forcing my head down in the seat and my nose up the crack of his ass.

Lucy Learns

fetish evilleetdave 2018-04-23

We talked our usual smack about the worst of the technophobes in the hospital and their “eye dee ten tee” problems (that’s id10t, or idiot, for the uninitiated) and other ridiculous things people did with computers when I started wondering if Lucy ever changed her email address passwords. I took out her phone and sent an email to the other women going on the weekend and said how her husband had suddenly become ill and that she couldn’t make it. “You never know when I’m going to fuck you again.” I picked up her suitcase, walked towards the door, turned off the light, and closed the door, locking in behind me.