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Erotic Fetish stories

A large collection of fetisch short stories covering everything from pantyhoses to feet and more.

Foot Rub? Consequences.

fetish grgor 2018-04-22

"What can I do?" Annie raised her beautiful Vietnamese face out of the quilt, still beautiful if tear-stained, and said "Get dressed." He'd given Annie hundreds of foot rubs over the years. Still, Edmund let me slide, and looked at Annie. "It's a cruel, unfair world when a guy like Doug gets a monster cock," said Edmund. So Doug fucked you, Annie, inches from Charles's face?" "Doug stuck his finger up my ass, too," said Annie. "Because I really don't want anyone fucking my asshole with anything." By then Edmund was naked on his knees in front of Annie. "Just...just let me show you." Edmund, naked on his knees, offered his cupped hands to Annie. Edmund proceeded to give Annie's foot the full treatment.

Nast Threesome With Married Couple

fetish 36DD 2018-04-22

Ruth tells Steve to “Take your whore in the bedroom and fuck her, then!!” She then walks up and lifts up my skirt and looks at my trimmed little bush and fingers it. She smiles and pushes two fingers inside my pussy really hard and puts her thumb on my clit. Ruth was being rough and then she got mad, “She needs to shit!” showing her finger to Steve. “Ouch my pussy hurts,” I cry and Steve finally cums. Shortly after I fell asleep, I awake to Steve fucking Ruth and she is screaming and crying, as she has an orgasm she finally shuts up. The hot pee ran down my legs and Steve grabbed my pussy from the front and rubbed my clit.

Quicky Ch. 02

fetish Jack_Love 2018-04-22

I shove my hard cock up your pussy-hole and fuck you hard and fast. Your pee-stream stops, you kneel and I feed you my cock from up your ass and you suck me hard and fast. We kiss standing up, and I reach down under your miniskirt and pick you up by your ass-cheeks. I keep fucking your tight arse, and yet again, you start to piss, the pee-stream gently wetting out crotches, dripping down to my balls, your asshole gripping my pistoning cock-shaft as you piss. The piss seems to lube up your bum even more, and I fuck your ass all the more hard and deep. I squeeze your ass-cheeks and kiss you passionately as I pump your asshole deep, filling it with my hot fucking cream.

Carrigan's Kinks

fetish Scotsdude 2018-04-22

As Miranda opened the bedroom door, she saw her daughter dressed in a tight leather corset, latex stockings, and wearing a strap-on. Miranda turned round and looked Susan straight in the eyes. "Fuck!" Susan called out, pulling Miranda to her and feeling her cum run down over the girl's face. Towards the evening, Susan and Miranda lay in Kathy's bed, kissing and cuddling. Over the following days and weeks, Susan began to spend more and more time in Kathy's room, and Miranda more and more in their marital bed, until one day when Kevin realised that Miranda had moved in without him even noticing.

Fun with Magazines

fetish whistful 2018-04-22

Meanwhile you reach down and seize hold of my cock and stroke me and eventually we move round into a 69 position, with my head between your silky, stocking clad legs. I choose a picture that I had seen earlier, a blonde girl, of course dressed in stockings and garter belt, no panties squatting down and facing the camera. Removing our panties we kneel facing each other and lay our cocks close together, you wrap your hand around them both and wank us. The next day the magazine was now completely dry and looking so, so good some lovely, hot stains and some tears mostly around the edges, where it had begun to stick together.

Cock Master

fetish klammer 2018-04-22

BDCM told her she was a Black cock whore now, her mission as a white wife was to serve and please superior Black men, and he wanted her to have his baby and that’s when I came, a lot, one of the best hugest orgasms of my life, from a fucking hand job! BDCM told her she was a Black cock whore now, her mission as a white wife was to serve and please superior Black men, and he wanted her to have his baby and that’s when I came, a lot, one of the best hugest orgasms of my life, from a fucking hand job!

A Special Present

fetish Sam_Temptress 2018-04-22

I let out a hefty sigh, wishing my wife would hurry up and get home. "I bought you something, love." She smiled, tossing back her hair and handing me the bag. She smiled, pulling off her blouse and folding it, putting it away, removing her bra and taking the time to put it in the basket. "I love my gift," I smiled, slowly beginning to jack myself off through the material. She began rocking against me, fucking me, and I let her ride me, moaning, feeling both pairs of panties slipping against each other. I could feel her cumming too and my arms gave out, my face falling to a rest buried in her lovely breasts.


Hope Floats

fetish Nate_Walis 2018-04-22

"No need," Alison held up what looked like a swimming costume made of rubber and fitted with an assortment of familiar devices, "you wear this under the latex and it takes care of that side of things as well as making the whole thing a bit more interesting for everyone involved." "Looks like you're ready to get started," Alison tossed the inner element of the costume to Hope, who caught it and began to pull the thing on guided by instinct and guesswork. With the hood in place, Alison and a hastily summoned assistant slotted the two halves of the tabletop in place around Hope's neck and then produced a long tube of latex material that would provide the final outer skin for the costume.

Resort Day

fetish tdallyn 2018-04-22

"I miss being naked on the beach like we were during our trip to the resort," Sandra, my wife, said referring to the incredible week that we spent at the Mexican, adults-only, clothing-optional resort. We can make the porch our beach, enjoy our hot tub like the resort's roof top Jacuzzi, and have plenty of drinks. "All we need is some beach bar service and it would be just like the real thing, don't you think?" Sandra said. She pulled the door open and the pizza guy (more like a boy actually) standing a step down on the front stoop, got a good, full length look at her. "I'll bet you would love another three-on-one blowjob like you got at the hot tub," Sandra said poking me in the ribs.

Used By a Younger Woman Part 1

fetish 2018-04-22

Tegan's surprisingly firm hands and strong digits, took my nipples on a journey of intense pleasurable pain. Finally she stopped, "look at your tits now," she demanded as she stepped away from me and went to one of her hefty suitcases. With the all the wicked attention dished out to my tits, I had nearly forgotten about the huge conical dildo that had been wedged into my cunt from the time I sat in the chair. "Get up and lay on the bed, lick my cunt while I use your tits some more," she said. "Lie back down darling, I want to stretch that cunt of yours some more," said Tegan as she finished her glass of wine.

Susie the Baby-Sitter Ch. 02

fetish DaveFree 2018-04-22

The sutures only took a few minutes and, when he was finished, the doctor shook my hand and he asked Susie if she would have time to bring me up to my hospital room before she went off duty. Susie was still in her white uniform and she said in her best professional voice "Now, Dave - we need to get that dirty football kit off you." As I sat in the wheel-chair Susie untied and removed my boots and pulled off my socks. "They don't feel like boxers, Dave" she said teasingly as she massaged my erection through my stretch-cotton, pink floral panties.

I Love Florida... Man....!!!

fetish 2018-04-22

His name is Brian..” my father who knew I never dated anyone my age openly asked “How old?” and as I replied “33” his face looking shocked as I am certain he only expected a response of 2-4 years older than me replied “I want to meet him..” and that was that. As I left the hospital that night to return home to my grandmother I called Brian to let him know of my father’s request. Kissing my way down his body I felt his body twitch with excitement as I reached the location I wanted to be, I slowly took the tip of his penis and flicked it with my tongue and with a devious smile took the head in my mouth.

punishment by parent in laws chapter 4 part 1

fetish lippy100 2018-04-22

I worried about changing my clothing but did not want to risk keeping Ben and Jane waiting, so instead turned off my dinner, grabbed my keys, aund set off on the short drive to their home. Suddenly the silence was broken by the noise of the front door opening and I heard Jane calling out to Ben that she had arrived. If I stay still and quiet the guests, and hopefully Ben and Jane, will leave for their dinner engagement, with the guests none the wiser a young lady was standing naked in the corner of the adjoining lounge. Jane then turned to her guests, "And this charming young lady is our Daughter in Law, Kym."


fetish Cappsters 2018-04-22

She further wrote Tom, that she loved having her feet, ass and pussy licked and sucked for hours, and that she would be spending long periods sitting and grinding on his face to climax after climax. Doris could hardly wait until 4:15PM when she would test Tom to see if all he wrote and said was true, concerning his desire to become her total oral slave and face fuck. Tom opened up Tina's envelope and like Karen, she claimed she loved all kinds of oral worship but her special interest was having her ass licked and sucked by a slave as she sat on his face.

Sparkling Eyes

fetish TwistedThoughts 2018-04-22

I responded, "Yes, I am your slut, I like it a lot when you rub my cock." She asked in sultry tones, "Do you want a toy to play with you, slut?" Meaning a vibrator which, until now, was primarily used on her. You want to be fucked, like the slut you, are don't you?" In a hoarse whisper I said, "I am a slut; I want you to fuck me. The thought of her possibly dominating me in a way I dreamed of continually pulsed through me setting my dick thrumming once more. My ass was a little sore and I suggested that the intense fucking not continue, though I wished there was some way it could.

On Making Love To You

fetish tiggers 2018-04-22

Smiling into your eyes again, willing you to know how I feel right now, pressing into you again, my hands running along your side, over your hip, thigh. Stroking your hips with my hands, running them over your ass, gently pulling you back, pressing into you slowly, no rush, just pleasure. Lifting your legs up as you do with me, pressing back into you, penetrating you again, my arms wrapped around your legs, watching your face, reaching down to fondle your penis, stroking your special spot, right there, using your glistening drops to rub your head, slowly thrusting into you, squeezing your cock, playing with you, pumping into you, watching you through my passion-induced soft-focused eyes.

Lucy's Foot Job

fetish Kessler 2018-04-22

Sensing my increase in arousal, Lucy looked down from atop her knees and said, “That’s it your doing great Eric, it won’t be long now before its sock time.” She then nonchalantly reached over and grabbed her wine glass from the end table and took a swig. Lucy closed her eyes and moaned running her hands down her shins and onto the top of her ankles to the top of her feet relishing in the feel of my cock moving between her toes. I was in heaven as I looked into her smiling face feeling her fingers playing with my balls and her golden toes milking the head of my cock.

Discovering Charlotte Pt. 03

fetish twynn2257 2018-04-22

It's not as if Charlotte hasn't seen me naked a million times, but I don't like her looking at me when I'm flaccid. I start to think that Charlotte is perhaps taking this too far, but then she smiles, and it seems to brighten the entire room. You're not horny after you cum." She says this last bit as if talking to a slow 12 year old. I wanted to cum one more time." She says this last bit with that half-whine. I like Charlotte any way I can get her; and the fresh smells of a shower turn me on as well. It's a bit of a contrast knowing that she's gotten her finger all the way inside of me.

Open wide slut pt.2

fetish SafeSexting 2018-04-22

Her open mouth and large imploring eyes looked up at me as she begged me to fuck her face. I want to know if you would like to cum..." her nose rubbed against my cock pushing it side to side, "on my face, or..." she licked the head of my cock and took it into her mouth briefly, "in my big sluttly mouth." I spoke, "You want to get a facial?" She nodded against my hard cock buried deep in her throat, "You would like my hot spunk to spray all over your face. Rachel nodded eagerly, pulled back so that my cock came out of her throat and mouth, and spoke, "I want to swallow your cum!

The Farm Ch. 04

fetish Katiekatsman 2018-04-22

Not caring what Mistress Emily's intentions were, Jordy realized he had struck gold when Jackie conveyed the upsetting news that Jenny would no longer be supervising him. Slave training is still pretty new to me." She redirected her thoughts, "Tell me slave, what was it about Mistress Emily that you will miss?" But when I had to do things like this," he looked down at his hands on her foot, "she'd tell me right away what felt especially good and what she didn't particularly enjoy. "Look, if I'm ever going to get to be like the rest of the mistresses you need to let me have the freedom to do things my way.


My Best Friend's Crazy Fat Sister Ch. 05

fetish RetroFan 2018-04-22

"You're such a naughty, bad boy Sean following a poor, innocent good girl into the female toilets," Zoe teased me. With her plaited hair, her glasses and her demure clothes Zoe looked so hot on the toilet, her blue pleated skirt hitched up around her waist and her pretty white full-brief panties around her ankles, her feet clad in white sneakers and pristine white socks that came up to just below her knees. "And I think you want to smell the knickers of some poor innocent girl who's on the toilet trying to go for a poo, don't you Sean?" Zoe laughed her crazy laugh and pointed down at her own lowered knickers.

Uncle Ben Has Taken My Wife Ch. 02

fetish realto 2018-04-22

She was so pleased when I told her that I enjoyed seeing her pleasure when she fucked with Uncle Ben. I told her that whilst I am not gay I do have a bisexual side and got as much pleasure from looking at and touching a large penis as she did. He walked towards Fran and softly almost gently said “You spoke when I was fucking you and I didn’t give you permission my little slut. Tony turned to Fran and told her that he did not want to hear a sound from her during the punishment. After the ten lashes were completed Tony told Fran that ten more were needed because I had screamed.

Her foot aroma

fetish catsman11 2018-04-22

I can relive every second of my many sexual encounters with JR because the aroma her feet put off when she is excited is that musky female scent that always sends my orgasm over the edge so quickly that I have to refrain from smelling them deeply until I am sure I want to cum. Fantastic feeling and I feared I may cum prematurely right then, but I did get the head of my cock inside her, and I stopped there and lifted her left foot to my face to take in that wonderful sexy aroma all while my rock hard cock was just inside her wet and warm pussy.

Meeting My Mistress

fetish 1Slaveboy4u 2018-04-22

The next thing I heard was a commanding voice, "Get on your knees with your head on the floor and your ass in the air slave." I felt a small bit of cold lube on my ass, then Mistress inserted an enema bottle and slowly squeezed the liquid in giggling. Of course I answer with a quick, "Oh, yes Mistress!" Mistress says she is pleased and then tells me to unzip my pants and orders me to stroke my cock. Mistress Lizzie reaches over and holds a glass at the end of my cock, she orders me "Cum now you worthless piece of manhood!