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Erotic Fetish stories

A large collection of fetisch short stories covering everything from pantyhoses to feet and more.

No Mercy!

fetish hobrigef 2018-04-22

He drank it all in, those lovely bare legs so gloriously crossed and flaunted in the tantalizing skirt, those firm and bountiful breasts jutting out proudly against her gossamer light blouse, the hint of cleavage artfully displayed by a couple of undone buttons, her stunning face framed by cascades of luxuriant black hair, the full generous mouth and perfectly applied lipstick, colour matching her nails, the cute little nose, the dark flashing eyes, at once confident and commanding and mischievous. The reason that David was foregoing coffee was that he didn't trust his hand to remain steady in the presence of the gorgeous Mercy Melendez. David looked up from where he'd been staring, Mercy's thighs, and made eye contact with her.

Casey at the Bat Ch. 04

fetish jerratica 2018-04-22

Like lightening, she grabbed my ponytail as if it were a leash and proceeded to drag me along on all fours into a stall and propping my face over the toilet. "What do you see besides my luscious pee in the toilet," her voice had calmed slightly or she was getting turned on as she held my face firmly over the bowl. "Get your tongue in there and clean my little girl pussy out, worm," she straddled my face bending my neck back and proceeded to use my nose and mustache as a mop to sop up her juices and urine. "Did you really think I would kiss a pathetic little worm like you," she pushed harder so that my face was inches from the pissy water.

Taking My Work Home

fetish coatnoise 2018-04-22

Instead, I push your head back lightly with fingertips on your forehead and tip a little water in through your mask, watching it lubricate the applicance fastened inside your mouth. We repeat the process for your arms with your legs, although this is a little tricker because the fold puts pressure on your shins behind the knee and human feet aren't designed to tuck into the ass in quite the way I need them to. I start with the legs, working it on over your created stumps, stretching carefully, make sure its tight, well fitted over the gel pads at your knees.

Stocking Tops Pt. 04

fetish Egmont Grigor 2018-04-22

Belinda proved to be an acceptable substitute for Lee's mother; she came over his head copiously as he licked between the stocking tops and her bared pussy. Jill, Kerri and Claire formed into a distressed looking trio but broke into beautiful smiles when Lee said, "No, the dog lives." The reporter was holding up the front page of the Daily Telegraph and said, "The entire Sydney media is on the hunt for London playboy know as 'Mr Stockings' shown here with the model with great legs, Claire Cobb. London is packed with men and women with a fetish but none is more addicted than the infamous Lee Stocking Tops Peach, son of multi-millionaire Albert Peach, married to this gorgeous lady.

A LadyBoy For My Wife

fetish sanpeesua 2018-04-22

I have been happily married to my sexy Thai wife Lisa had had this fantasy of a shemale fucking my petite wife big dick Ladyboy, especially seeing my own wife going My horny cock-sucking wife had wrapped shemale chick would fuck my horny wife while she sucked shemale ass and placed my hand on her girl cock. him hard so he could fuck both my wife and I well. horny Ladyboy turned around and kissed my wife as I fucked her ass hard while I stroked her cock.. fucking the shemale while pounding my wife's cunt... cum oozing out of her cock and her ass. cock into his wife's mouth. then the shemale gave my loving wife a hardcore ass

the lunch

fetish harmrm 2018-04-22

I tell you to get some tissue and fold it so you can catch your clit juice. I look at the door and the eye of the woman is glued to your exploding clit. She comes out of her trace and looks at me then you, turns and runs out of the restroom. I tell you it was your Mistress asking if you ere enjoying your day of shopping. We leave the restaurant and I suggest that we just walk around the mall and see is any window displays catch our eye. I turn your head and give you a light kiss and tell you that you do not look anything like your former self.

Getting 18YR Old Rachel's Panties

fetish panteeluvr 2018-04-22

(I had told her on MSN that I paid girls more the second time I bought panties from them, if they watched me jerk off on cam and strip for me after the first time) I smiled and said I'd give her another hundred bucks if she got naked with me and let me sniff her ass in real life. Rachel explained that as soon as I left, she was going to invite her two friends over and order some beer and pot which would be paid for by my hard earned money, that I just handed over to her so I could sniff her panties and ass, and let her finger my stinky ass and jerk my little weiner off in front of her like a pervert.

Becoming Her Wife Ch. 05

fetish Scribler 2018-04-22

Josie came to stand next to me in almost the same dress except in black and asked "Hey there remember me I'm the one that brought you to this party." I shook my head and said I asked Robert to excused me and I walked over to Josie as I did so she threw her hands in the air and looked discussed. And please take some of that wiggle out of you walk you look like a hooker." I thought she was really mad at me till I heard her giggle then I saw that wonderful smile on her face so I knew I wasn't in that much trouble.

Monday Morning Shower

fetish experiencedvirgin 2018-04-22

"No," you smile, pulling my hands away from my breasts and stepping completely into the shower "YOU," you put my arms around your neck, gently pressing me against your chest in the most intimate way, "Are doing my job for me" you whisper into my ear, reaching between my thighs and stroking my soapy, wet pussy. I see stars as you begin to pound into me from behind, both of us lubricated by the suds and the showers continual rain on our heads, you're fast and rough, it feels so good to have you drilling into me, one of your hands grabbing my leg under the knee and holding it as leverage, the other reaching in front and grabbing my breast.

The Curse (Sissy Story) by sdvine

fetish 2018-04-22

With some of the worst timing ever, I heard the sound of the lock being disengaged, and Joe burst in, exclaiming "What in the hell is going on in here?" I, or rather, what controlled my body turned, and got a look at Joe. I was screaming in the back of my brain as I realized why the note warned to keep whoever guarded me away. You were so hot, it was the first thing I noticed when I came in, and the next thing I knew all I had on my mind was fucking you any way possible." He rubbed at his eyes, then said, "this is going to be weird."

Carin's Continuing Adventures: March

fetish carin123 2018-04-22

And all the staff got a very good look at my wetness on demand, as each time I was asked to disrobe I got closer to another orgasm. Patients gone, and my fellow nurses kissing me good night, something new but extremely exciting as well, I walked into his office expecting an opportunity to give him a show again. An interview that included me getting undressed, sitting naked but for my stockings and heels, and my giving them all a show of rubbing myself to another pass out orgasm that I really enjoyed. They smiled, each kissed me good night, and left me to get dressed for home, with me knowing that I was the slut I wanted to be.

The perfect guy (Part 2)

fetish stuff57 2018-04-22

I said “You look nice, looking ready to come out for me.” “I am starting to regret choosing to walk to the party with you.” Chris said. “Yep,” I reply “Might as well start this night off with a good note.” I then quickly grab Chris by his arms, holding them down, and give him a quick kiss on his lips. Chris standing there in silence thinking of what just happened, and then starting blush and smile a little bit. “Would you, um,” he kept stuttering, “W-would you, um, like t-to,” I asked him “like to what?” “Could you, uh, do you want to, b-be, um,” “Go on, go on.” “Be my, my boyfriend?” Chris finally said, whilst trying to not look into my eyes and he kept blushing.

Thanks to a First Aid Course and the Twins

fetish CanoePirate 2018-04-21

Vicky then chimes in by announcing, with a pouting face that “I want to thank Jack before punishment.” Isabella complains but Mom overrules her. Leaving Vicky sl**ping with a contented smile, I grab and very girlie dressing gown and return to the lounge to find both Mom and Isabella watching porn. She whispers in my ear that I may like to finish Isabella off with my dick before punishing Mom. Being easily manoeuvred behind her twin, Vicky places my dick at the opening to her twins’ pussy. She moved me in front of Mom. Vicky now points my dick at Heathers lovely mouth “Mom you always say that you clean better than your daughters.

Leak Ch. 02

fetish NastyPierre 2018-04-21

Laura'd never met her father's aunt and for good reason. Laura wiped another tear from her eye, and moved through a room dominated by male aromas of cedar and lingering spices. Without so much as a glance from him, Laura fell to her knees and hoping to melt a heart of stone, began blubbering in despair. In desperate attempts for a response, Laura began tugging nervously on a small crease between two folds in the fabric of her father's trousers. you need to understand..." Her father droned on without thinking of what he was saying, as Laura listened without hearing. With knees weak and head bowed, Laura exited, leaving a trail of tears in her wake.

Breeding Lynn Ch. 02

fetish jimmy22990 2018-04-21

I reached across her body to the end table and pulled out a couple of tissues and gave them to Lynn. Lynn reached down with both hands and pulled her pussy wide apart to where it was laid bare and open to my lustful eyes. Lynn threw her head back in lustful ecstasy, feeling the object being slowly removed from the most private recess of her body. I looked deeply into her eyes and said, spread your legs further and I'll pee between them. Lynn reached out with both her tiny hands trembling in fear and she firmly grasped my massive manhood. Lynn raised my cock upward with both hands still firmly grasping it.

In Trouble

fetish erica_is_a_slut 2018-04-21

"I really don't know, Daddy." I said between sobs. "So, what's in the bag, Erica?" Daddy asked. Mom stepped up and handed the cane to Daddy, then she grasped my panties and pulled them down to expose my bottom. "Mom, I wish to God I could tell you what's in the bag, but I don't know. "I still don't know what's in the bag." I said. I don't know why he didn't tell us about it, but he went to the police station after school and told them what he found. "He said that he was worried that whoever put it in his bag might break into our house to look for it, so he hid it right here, in your room.


Once a Month? Ch. 02

fetish Robert_Anthony 2018-04-21

James lay on his back, his wrists secured firmly to the headboard of the bed, watching as his previously timid wife knelt between his legs working his cock closer and closer to the orgasm that he knew was coming today. The thought of his cock pulsing ribbons of sticky white cum into his lovely wife's hot, wet, slippery mouth pushed him closer to the edge, but inevitably as he got closer Janie removed him from her mouth and slowed her stroking to keep him where she wanted him. James thought it over for a few moments while his wife gently stroked his meat, it was such a difficult decision, but he knew, as much as he wanted one last violent orgasm, the offer on the table was the better option for the long term.

My First Cream Pie

fetish vinceh23 2018-04-21

It was a real thrill and she wanted to talk about me wearing panties and what I liked about them. Do you want to look at mommy in her panties Lyle? Do you want to see the wet spot you are making in mommies panties Lyle?" She wanted to be told to masturbate and show her daddy's friends her little pussy. And this time she commented on how she loved the idea of me eating my own cum. I had thought of this at various times, eating my own cum off my hand after masturbating, but somehow after I came I had no desire at all. The idea of wearing the cold, wet, cum filled panties made me hard.


Chilli Oil

fetish Safetystars 2018-04-21

I thought about his deep, sexy voice, and moaned in heat as I pulled out, my passion only quelled as I forced the four fingers of my other hand in and began to clench and unclench, rubbing myself inside. The tiny, perky domes on my petite frame felt afire, and the ache began to make its slow way from the edges of my chest to the little peaks of pleasure in the centre. I imagined myself spilling out over the counter, and sure enough my boobs, the central point of pleasure, now easily made their way across my arms, both of which were still keenly pressed by my sides, the fingers at the end frantically working to keep up with my expansion.

My Pregnant Neighbor Pt. 01

fetish pudman 2018-04-21

"I think everything is coming along just like I want it to, but I'm getting kind of hot." It might have been an innocent statement on its own, about their work in the house, if I hadn't noticed her dip her hand down between her legs and stroke it over her pussy mound. She kept her head buried in my crotch and sucked on me until she knew she had gotten my entire load, then slowly drew her head backwards and lifted her face to look me in the eyes as my dick inched out of her mouth, a small drool of cum escaping from the corner.

deformation of my udders - the story behind the pi

fetish Gospodar_sa_kuckom 2018-04-21

My heart skipping a beat and my breathing gets heavier...I slowly but surely start falling into fifiland.....wanting much, much, more torture to my breasts......He ties another cable in the middle....making cushions between each cable....squeezing the breast even tighter....I moan with pleasure, it sounds more like I'm squealing.....I feel the pain and pressure and I love the a d**g going directly to my already wet pussy.....He runs his fingers across the slit, checking to see how aroused His bitch is....oh fucking yes, I'm aroused like a bitch in heat.....He grabs my nipples squeezing them hard, twisting them between His thumbs and forefingers.....I yelp from pain and lust....God I want more....He adds another cable , joining my breasts together, pulling at them as I feel the additional pressure building......they are getting harder, sensitive, changing color....

My Second Husband

fetish chasvt 2018-04-21

When we finished Jim asked me if I really wanted to have dinner with Roger and told me to go and just have fun. With a large grin, I told Roger I would ask my husband Jim and let him know. Jim basically said how the thought of me going on a trip with Roger excited him and how badly he still felt for wrecking our honeymoon years ago when he got arrested. I left the bathroom with the test strip and handed it to Jim. He looked for a bit and then to my surprise announced to all, including the kids, that I was going to be a mommy again and that Roger was the proud father.


Fay 02 - Fay Goes Travelling Ch. 01

fetish toocold 2018-04-21

The two lattes had started to work through her system and she briefly pondered wetting herself there, revelling in the idea of being so dirty as to deliberately piss her pants in a café, but decided against as leaving a puddle of pee for Steph to mop up was unlikely to increase any remote chance she might have of getting the sexy, bespectacled girl into bed. Exhaling contentedly, Fay relaxed back onto the bed, enjoying the feel of her wet leggings and panties and idly licking at her fingers, tasting her maid's pussy, realising that she'd just pissed on and had sex with a girl without even asking her name.

Mother in Law's Suitcase Ch. 01

fetish sethwaite 2018-04-21

I sat in the living room and heard the car pull onto the drive, Sarah was back from picking up her mother Ann who was coming to stay for a few days. Walking back into the dining room I handed a glass of wine to Sarah and another to Ann, being careful to make sure that Ann received the glass that my cock had rubbed against. Sitting down I watched as they both lifted their glasses to taste the wine, smiling to myself as Ann's lips reached the rim of her glass, touching the very same piece of glass that had felt my cock only minutes before.