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Erotic Fetish stories

A large collection of fetisch short stories covering everything from pantyhoses to feet and more.

Let's Play Doctor

fetish scarlet_letter87 2018-04-21

I was nervous as hell but got ready to play my part as I pulled up to his house. He asked me to undress and sit on his exam table (turns out to be his son's bed.) I can tell he's nervous, and a bit excited. After about five minutes, he pulled it out and informed me that my temperature was normal and that we would proceed to the next part of the exam. He pulled on a latex glove and poured a little lube on his fingers. When he'd decided that everything felt normal, he pulled out and reached for the speculum that had been sitting nearby. As the final part of the exam, he once again inserted a gloved, lubed finger inside me.

Foot Loving Teacher

fetish Brittni4u 2018-04-21

Now when I was in school, my friends and I would keep track and purposely wear heels, sandals, flip flops, nylons, and stuff like that and I tell you, he was looking all day and nobody got a bad grade." I couldn't get sexy, Mr. Clark's huge cock out of my mind and especially knowing that my feet made him cum so hard. "What do you think, Mr. Clark, you like what you see?" I asked as I leaned back, put my feet side by side, and held them up, carefully pointing my toes outward. As Mr. Clark's hips were thrusting and with my feet tightly around his erection, he jerked his dick forward and his first shot of cum flew out and landed on my t shirt covered boobs.

Ball Busters Anne & Jan (tda)

fetish Kessler 2018-04-21

Jan softly said, “Aaaah yes there you go.” She slid her clenched toes higher up my stiff shaft, concentrating her efforts on my sensitive cock head. Jan giggled and sat up keeping my cock clenched between her toes she leaned forward smiling and placed her hands on top of her clamped feet and began to slowly jerk my cock up and down in full measure between her toes. Jan sat to my left and I stacked two pillows along side my right hip for her to rest her heels on as I guided her long legs across my lap and over my cock asking her to clamp her shapely calves around my swelling cock head.

The Morning After

fetish BigMeanie 2018-04-21

Annie looked up at me just as she started to pee and said, "Uncle Johnny, if you'll keep giving me beatings that leave pretty marks on me, I'll do whatever you want!" She nodded "yes," and I started pumping the hand with my two fingers in her up and down, stretching her pussy open vertically and pressing up against her inner wall. With Suzie's face a few inches from Annie's pussy, I began to rub Annie's clit with the thumb of the hand that was doing the pumping. I told Suzie she'd better let Annie catch her breath, so she stopped playing and just stared at the soaked, purple pussy.

Big & Beautiful

fetish Maverick1612 2018-04-21

And as you walk down her stairway and out her front walk and start up your car, you realize that the big girl you met at your old friend Fred's the other night, the one with the incredible green eyes and the big bouncy boobs and the little green shoes that looked like slippers, has been walking around in your brain, and now and then one of those little green shoes twangs the nerve that runs from your head to your dick. You mount her big body, slipping one hand under her luscious butt while your other hand guides your cock tip through the enormous cunt lips, all flooded now with warm wet pussy juice.

A Fantastic Blow Job

fetish lemmethink 2018-04-21

You then let your soft sexy tongue escape from the confines of your mouth and you begin to lick my lips, cheeks, chin, and then my neck. While gripping my shaft, you begin to slide my head up and down your wet opening, and as you feel me at your center, you raise your head to meet my face. You force your lips onto mine and moan as, in one motion, you slide yourself onto me completely and kiss me full on the lips, prying my mouth open with your tongue, and letting my seed fall from your mouth and into mine. The feeling on my tongue licking your face, my hands on your hips and my cock in your cunt, cause you to feel that pressure that you love so well.

Led to Temptation

fetish millhouseBob 2018-04-21

I opened my mouth and reached with my tongue, thinking I could lick off the droplet with minimum contact with his actual cock, but Mistress' other hand went to the back of my head and held me as she rubbed Jack's cock over my lips and tongue. I think he was too far along to hold back long, but I felt Mistress moving around and her hand in my hair, pulling my mouth off Jack's cock and pulling me to her. The feeling of his hot cum filling her pussy pushed Mistress over as well, pulling my face hard against her cock as she came; she drove it down my throat fucking my mouth relentlessly as her orgasm swept through her, wave after wave.

Revolutionary Love - The Milk Orgy

fetish TrotskysGirl 2018-04-21

She smiled at Vadik, looking at his silly flushed face, then slowly pulled both cups down, allowing her big luscious breasts to drop free, full and heavy, swinging bare in front of all the men. Feeling a bit braver, the rest of the men began to peel down their trousers as Natasha walked slowly back down to the other end of the table, passing by each man as he released his erection for her inspect. Suddenly he threw his head back and let out a long cry of pleasure as Natasha drew his cock into her mouth, all the way to the base, and began to suck and tug. Timur stood up to his full six feet and started to come around the table, big cock in hand, stroking firmly.


Cowgirl Ch. 03

fetish ZotDragon 2018-04-21

Marie quickly got the artist to agree to do a small tattoo for me for free, then set me to look through the many, many books of art that I could choose from for my work. As I breezed through the books looking for exactly what I wanted, Marie pulled off her shirt and bra, as casual as if she were stripping down in a locker room, then lay on a padded table in the back half of the parlor. Quiet Marie, I thought to myself, so reserved and focused on her job...spends her time adding to her huge back tattoo and getting her nipples pierced.

After The Party

fetish iser21 2018-04-21

After the party got started I met this doll of a lady, Mary, Damn good looking woman. but then I could look at you all night if you like." I was hoping that she could not tell I had a hard on. "That is one way of telling when a guy lies, his eyes get bigger, and his dick gets smaller." "I'll me right back." I got into the bathroom and as I started to pull them up I thought. Mary's hands held my head and she fucked my face like I have done to most of the woman I have gone out with. Now I know why woman like to get fucked.

Meeting Caroline

fetish velvetglover 2018-04-21

Three rows in front of where he was sitting they turned into a row in the smoking section of the half-full cinema, pushed past a middle-aged couple in the end seats, took off their coats and sat down. He moved his left hand across his body, rested it on his arm and with his outstretched finger gently touched her inner forearm and started slowly stroking it with his fingertips. Lightly and oh, so slowly he stroked the top of her thigh, moving the silky fabric of her dress over the smooth, broad, slightly rounded surface, content to trace long, lazy circles on her warm flesh, building her desire with his fingertips.

I'm a Cock Sucking Cum Slut

fetish cdhusband 2018-04-21

I quickly found it was easy to find cock to suck and men who needed to have release from their cum loads. The new guys plus my list of long-timers kept my mouth full of cock and my stomach full of glorious cum. My tiny cock was leaking pre-cum that was oozing out running down my balls and dripping onto the shag carpet. “You told me suck your cock, Master.” No sooner had he stuffed my mouth with his dildo than he shoved his cock deep into my asshole. “Shut up you stupid cock sucking cum faggot cunt. “Master, am I a satisfactory, sissy cock sucking cum slut faggot cunt?

A Mother Confessions

fetish nayborsydel101 2018-04-21

After a half hour or so he said he wanted to go to his room and lay down and asked if I would bring in the ice pack when it hardened. I said to myself that there is no way his cock could be that big and I couldn't help but stare as I attempted to wrap the ice pack around his thigh. Right then, Eric pulled back the spread and uncovered himself and said, "big like this Mom, I'm 11"?" I couldn't believe my eyes. Just when I thought things had settled down and I had finished putting on the pack, Eric says, "Mom I cum so much when I have an orgasm." I said, "give it all to me Eric, give Mom your big cock." I couldn't believe what I was saying.

Marc Wanks While Serena Smokes

fetish fantasyboy 2018-04-21

I had only been there a couple of days and I realised that whenever I went out there Marc would follow me even though he didn't smoke - he said he liked to get the fresh air - even when it was quite cold out there. One day (by the way the factory finished work at 4.30 but the office stayed open until 5.00) things were quiet at about 4.45 and I thought I'd have one last cigarette before I went home and again Marc followed me out into the yard. As I drove home I kept thinking about what Marc had said and by the time I got home I was feeling very horny thinking about how I was turning on this 18 year old boy.

Abused Counselors Ch. 03

fetish The Needler 2018-04-21

Later that afternoon, Phyllis was sitting at her desk looking like a corporate princess. He sat back, his pants open, and she stood to sit on her desk again, her shoulders and face glistening and her breasts turning red in their confinement. Taking his time, he approached her delicate curve and rubbery brown bud, smiling broadly Letting her feel the cold metal for a few moments, he clamped the tongs down on her right nipple, getting a generous portion of brown flesh in its grip. He held fast to his meditation as he watched the left nipple progress from brown to red to purple; she tried to look through his forehead and see the workings of his mind beneath the surface, the thoughts she could not deduce.

A College Professor's Discovery Ch. 02

fetish escriterra 2018-04-21

Though the use of the toy was obviously contrived for the purpose of showing the vendor's product (Sherrie would not want him pulling his hard cock out of her pussy in order to stroke into a masturbator in the middle of a hot sexual coupling), when the short video got to the spot where the woman was on her hands and knees, holding the toy between her legs and pressed up against her crotch as the guy pumped into it, Sherrie could tell easily that it would, indeed, be a good way to learn how to use the dildo strapped to her crotch to fuck a man's ass—the guy in the video was stroking into the toy exactly as he would be fucking the woman in the ass if the purpose of the brief film had been to demonstrate butt-fucking instead of pumping into a fake pussy.

Paradise Lost!

fetish MR. Gibson 2018-04-21

Gogo's mother Minka and her friend lisa were chauffered by a fancy white limousine by their bodyguards and her brother Michael lee drove his fancy black ford car accompanied by his bodyguards. A few years ago Gogo was walking down the street at night coming home from a girlfriends house as She quickly took a short cut through a dark alley, wearing her pink very short skirt and holding her pocket book, when three teenaged black tough girls came up to her. You don't look bad yourself Johnny." Gogo replied looking at him all dressed up in his double breasted blue suit, black wing tip shoes, and black fedora hat as he put his big black, smith and wesson revolver in his gun holster."

Story wife wrote for me while I was deployed three

fetish Sirpur8675309 2018-04-21

You were standing to side watching and I could tell you were turned on, but at that moment I did not want your cock inside me, I wanted him, I wanted him to fuck me so hard that I screamed and came. He started asking you “Do you like when I fuck you wife?” “Do you like when I make her scream and stretch her?” You were so horny, you came over and put your cock in my mouth and I started sucking it as I was getting fucked in the pussy. Your cock went inside my stretched pussy easily and a few strokes were enough to make you feel like you were going to explode so you pulled out.

Frustrated Stephanie Ch. 02

fetish black saphire 2018-04-21

You've been so busy honey, we haven't had each other for......" Steph said before Tony silenced her with a kiss. Tony's cock was deep in her and she felt him flexing, opening up her tight pussy further. "Your cock feels so good in me." Steph said both because she meant it and also because she knew that Tony loved her to talk dirty when he fucked her. Then again, she wouldn't have known any better if she hadn't been fucked by Dave's cock this morning. Tony pumped into her slowly, working his cock deep in her pussy. "I'm gonna fuck you again my little sister-in-law." Dave said as he washed his hands and his cock.

Now or Never

fetish naughtybessparker 2018-04-21

Sue gasped and opened her mouth then screamed out her ecstasy as Chloe released her muscles and let loose a cascade of hot golden piss which showered down over Sue. It splashed onto her face, covered her pert white breasts and ran down her body in a yellow river, pooling in an acrid puddle around Sue's quivering body. Tim watched amazed as Sue spread her legs wide allowing Chloe to push her head between them and lick out her cunt. Chloe kissed Sue softly on the forehead before stepping out of the bath and taking Tim by the hand. Sue was on the bed with them, on all fours next to Chloe, inviting Tim to fuck her as well.

Wife's Friends Anal Ch. 09 Pt. 02

fetish Ilovetoeatsperm 2018-04-21

I grunt in the affirmative, all the while thinking, holy shit my ass is going to be spanked in front of a group of women. I feel the marker touch my ass and trace over my butt as her hand cradles and cups my cheeks. My wife says to the girls for Heather to come over because she can do the honors. My wife asks her if she could leave belt marks across my ass? She says to measure your swing, as the belt tickles my butt. Many cracks across my ass later my wife says okay that is enough. I'll let you know gals know what he thinks about asking to get his ass spanked in a couple of days..

seduced by friends mum-pt 2

fetish bayerboy 2018-04-21

she then putting one leg up on the bath tub, split her thighs exsposing her cunt, her clit, not like my gf's was at least 1/2-3/4 iches big, it was then she putting 2 fingers into her pussy opening, started finger fucking herself telling me to masterbate while watching her! she was telling me to cup my balls while wanking myself, at the same time as she was fucking herself, i then was again at the point where i could not hold back my orgasam when again my spunk short out at the time i watched as er cunt lips contracted in rythum to her orgasam!!!!

The Slave Ch. 09

fetish Zoeeee 2018-04-21

Not only did the female dominatrix arouse Stephi, but she found herself staring with deepening arousal at the sight of the men, bound and gagged, cocks fully exposed to torment, balls being punished, and looks of fear on their faces. She swore that she would find a way to live her fantasies and until then, all she could do was stare and get wetter, watching the bound cocks, bulging balls, and male slaves, of every type that you could imagine. Stephi soon found that owners wanted their slaves groomed to their best, meaning hair cuts, facial hair trims, pubic haircuts, coloring, and electrolysis. Stephi trimmed the pubic hair in record time and let go of the still rock hard cock.


fetish Mr James 2018-04-21

Amber felt his hands easing her buttocks apart, as Andrew slowly eased the tip of his finger along the cleft between the cheeks of her bottom. Then, parting her buttocks with the fingers of his left hand and opening her anus, he pressed the tip of the rubber into the dark opening. Amber moaned softly as she felt the tip of his hard cock pressing against her and sliding along the slick cleft between her buttocks. She moaned, deep in her throat, as Andrew pressed more firmly, watching her glistening asshole opening up under the gentle but relentless pressure of his cock. Amber whimpered as he slowly stretched her asshole and Andrew looked down at the head of his cock, as he pressed onward.