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Erotic Fetish stories

A large collection of fetisch short stories covering everything from pantyhoses to feet and more.

My brown beginning part 13

fetish sadie56 2018-04-21

Shirley..{ Mrs Stevens said to Mom } We have been friends for ages but today you lie and decieve me,That is what upsets me.The stuff going on at your hose is a bit of a shock but you three lieing and decieving me is really hurtfull and I dont know ..I guess I need to sort things out now.Mom pleaded at her not to be angry and apologized for decieving her as well.Gail Me and Emily and Donny we will do antything to make it right with you,I understand now how you must feel.I admit it we were dead wrong to have done that.Your friendship means too much to me.Gail replied I need to sort through my feelings now I will be in touch.With that she walked into her house and shut the door in Moms face.

A New Life: Chapter Two

fetish sissycinnamon 2018-04-21

The steel boned corset, which I was made to purchase and learn to lace myself, was quite tight and pulled my body into the curvy shape that both Mistress Sally, and the men who have been encouraged to watch me on Skype, all enjoyed. “Cinnamon, you know full well that I understand that life sometimes gets in the way of your ability to put yourself on display as I require, but this is the third time this MONTH than you have failed to be prepared at the required time,” Mistress Sally responded. Now, finish getting yourself ready, and if I get a single bad report from any of the men that message you for performances tonight, you are going to be quite the popular little whore at the glory holes next weekend,” Mistress stated emphatically.

The First Night

fetish HairCutter607 2018-04-21

I felt his fingers press against my clit as his other hand slid up through the back of my head, through my now thinned hair. I like feeling your pussy clench my dick as you cum" he teased my insides, pushing into me, filling me. Moaning, I starting cumming uncontrollably, I felt my pussy squeezing him so hard that when he pulled out to slam it back in, my body pushed him out completely. "I wanna feel you squirt your hot load deep inside of me, baby..." I moaned as I ground my hips down against him. "I wanna put a baby in that sexy tummy of yours, gorgeous girl.." he said, running his hands up the inside of my thighs, playing with my pussy hair, and then my clit.

Three's a Circle, Not a Triangle Ch. 13

fetish SusanJillParker 2018-04-21

As if she was a bathing beauty contestant in a Miss America pageant contest, albeit modeling in her panty and bra instead of a bikini, he watched her walk from her bed to her mirror in her sexy underwear and high heel shoes before she walked around her room and returned to the bed. Still watching Susan while thinking about Liz's panty, bra, and shoe collection, instead of reaching for her clothes to go on the date with a man or a woman that he imagined she was readying herself to do, Susan moved her hands behind her and unhooked her bra before removing her panties.

I posted this on fictionmania a few years ago - it

fetish bonnykate 2018-04-21

although it didn't much look like it, from around the time when settlers "Glasses?" She looked into my face, so close I could feel her breath. something like this?" she said, putting a hand on her hip and pushing her "Do I look like a dude?" she asked, pushing down the lacey top of her bra "Look, that wasn't Andre doing that, it was Josie. "Josie?" I wanted to ask if it was Andre, but that would be weird if it favor." That voice, those lips, her eyes looking like she was already in She held my head between her hands and looked me in the eye. "No, Aunt Josie, you look beautiful." And it was true, even with her

Business meeting

fetish Tief 2018-04-20

She asked my to take the elevator up and wile I waited for the machine to arrive I could see, at a metallic wall, the reflection of people looking at me and whispering with others, I found a comfortable position to stand but I could feel something running down my balls, I was petrified, the last thing I needed was a precum stain on my pants. I entered the elevator, there was a mirror, I was relieved there were no wet sports on my pants and I was momentarily free to breathe a little, but a few seconds later the door opened and a young man, in his 20s, greeted me and showed me to the meeting room.

Marjorie Ch. 01: The Meet

fetish bountyman69 2018-04-20

We slowly pulled apart and looked deeply into each others eyes, I chuckled and said "good point" since we were stood in the middle of the living room with the curtains wide open, anyone walking past would have a great view. I stood completely naked in front of Marje, she kept looking at my cock for a few moments and then back up into my eyes, I think she was keen to get on with things but I wanted to make her wait. I'm fucking your wife's mouth and it feels great, look how wet and excited she is", I let go of her nipple and then slapped her tit hard with my palm, she moaned loudly which again felt fantastic on my cock.

Last Resort

fetish Olderfart 2018-04-20

She will caress herself, play with her breasts, tickle and pinch her nipples, even rub her stiff clitty if she’s turned on enough…but then, her “willingness” seems to go away and it’s back to “normal” sex. She will orgasm when a black cock cums for or on her; she’ll love black hands playing with her titties, nipples and pussy. Her asshole will be very sexually sensitive and when she is playing with it, or when there is a nice cock or tongue in it, she’ll cum just like she does when that cock or tongue is in her pussy. The hotter she becomes, the more sensitive her clit will be; she’ll absolutely love to play with it and make herself cum over and over! She’ll love seeing them wrapped in very feminine things (dresses, swishy skirts, nighties).

Valerie's Wake Up Call

fetish KahunaD 2018-04-20

You feel another moisture begin to build in spite of the sense of urgency, and you try to press your hips against his lips so you can feel his tongue against your inner wetness. At the same time you feel his lips surrounding your anus, and the tip of his tongue begins to slide gently in and out of that forbidden tunnel. Suddenly, you feel a new pressure and a rush of heat as you realize that he has gently injected a mouthful of liquid into your well prepared anus! He separates your ass cheeks with both hands this time, and again you feel the peculiar pressure, and the sudden rush of heat as your own urine is injected deep into your bowels.

Feet First Ch. 04

fetish thezinger 2018-04-20

They had gone to grab some pizza and I was guarding our table when I saw Larissa walk past hanging on the arm of some tall, preppy looking guy. I spun around to see one of Larissa's sorority sisters, Kim, sitting at the table behind me. "Yes, that's right" Kim said looking at me intently. It wasn't long before she looked at me over her shoulder and said, "OK big boy, time for the feet." I began to thrust into her again as I grabbed her foot with my right hand, quickly found her spot and pressed hard. Larissa was still spasming, as she could probably do for another several minutes with me pressing her spot, when I came grunting and bucking.

Ass-Scent of a Goddess

fetish LittleMissFart 2018-04-20

I know I look good, but these girls ranging between the ages of 18 - late 40s are all so beautiful. She's already let a couple women in through the evaluation room, through the large white door beside her desk. The scenes depict more goddess worship, as beautiful buxom naked women with beachball-like rear-ends are sitting upon the faces of their loyal appreciative half-naked subjects who are idolising her crevices with loving sniffs. Stood to attention in the middle of the room is a somewhat tall man with soft-looking brown hair and matching coloured eyes. "Wait, before you go in, let me just get a good look at you, I love this part..."

30 Days or Bust: Day 03

fetish l8bloom 2018-04-20

Regardless, I wasn't ready to face Mark yet, so I went someplace he would never find me: church. Mentally I pictured the old man intercepting me and asking what I was thinking about, to which I would blithely reply, "Human lactation experiments." That ought to get him. So it was with a little smile on my face that I let myself in my front door. Second, a lot of people hold back, thinking about how it might affect their relationships at home or at work." He looked at me somewhat keenly here, as if wanting to know more. Maybe this whole thing was crazy, but it seemed so right, to lie there and let a man tend my body.

Dressed like a girl II

fetish 1120scott 2018-04-20

She said I looked funny with her panties and tights on with pants. She giggled and said I'd look better with a dress on. She said lets go out and play, I said ok.She told her mother we were going to the park,and grabbed my hand and we went out. When we got in Ann told her my name, she said her name was Megan. Ann said do you want to see something cute,Megan said sure. Megan looked for a minute then her and Ann started giggling. Megan just stood there for a minute then Ann said to get a dress out,he looks cute in it. Both girls looked at each other and pulled my pants down and pushed me on the bed.

Mary and her Lovers Ch. 08

fetish jawanaut 2018-04-20

His gaze left me and he focused his attention more on Mary again, “Well, feel free to stroke it bro,” he said giving random facial expressions that he was enjoying what my wife was doing. As I took my hard on out of my pants, my wife turned around to me, “Yea babe, stroke that dick,” she said with a smile, “Because I’m going to fuck the shit out of this cock.” She then turned and resumed her sucking. I stroked my dick, as she sucked for what felt like forever, until he finally pulled her up to him, began kissing her and slid his hand under her skirt.

Big booty, big breasted, black boss.

fetish rawblkcock4u78 2018-04-20

The perfect thick lips sucked hard as they moved down Richard's entire shaft, shoving his head to the back of Simone's throat again. Simone's fun bags fucked with serious intent, desperately wanting to coax the semen from Richard's balls. Richard's body tensed as his balls shot his first rope of cum through his penis and into Simone's welcoming mouth. Simone smiled, knowing Richard wanted her completely, and lowered herself onto his throbbing black member. I love your whole fucking body" said Richard as he harshly grabbed handful of huge butt. Fuck my nigger ass!" Simone begged, matching the rhythm of Richard's thrusts. I love getting my black bubble butt fucked so much!" Simone shouted, her release arriving.

Lazy Sunday

fetish Mona_Fionn 2018-04-20

You responded instantly, arching against me and gasping as I slowly worked over your neck, shoulders, arms, chest, stomach, and thighs with my tongue and mouth playing over you with gentle kisses and suction and well placed hard, deep bites that were slow and sustaining. I couldn't hold it as long as I wanted, as always, and shortly after feeling the beginnings of my gag reflex refusing suppression I rapidly pulled you out of my mouth and then just as quickly sucked you back into my mouth and ran my tongue in a circle until you were too deep in my mouth to maneuver that way.

The woman who took my anal virginity

fetish rubber-lover 2018-04-20

It was obvious that she was really turned on by doing this kind of thing and that I was not the first guy that she had done it with, because what started out as a gentle probing with a single finger gradually turned into a vigorous ass fucking with a good sized dildo that she brought out from a box of toys that was hidden under her bed. She began to slowly work the dildo into my ass, taking her time to gently slip a little more inside me with each stroke until its full length was being repeatedly inserted right up to the hilt! I was quickly filled with huge feeling guilt and embarrassment after cumming with a sex toy up my ass, so I started to pull away to hide my naked shame under the bed sheets.

A German models sexy evening.

fetish TRUE111 2018-04-20

She doesn't exactly have the brain of a physicist or even a pole dancer for that matter, but thats what I like about her, she's just sex, sex, sex." Sabina stared at Vickers with her usual wide eyes and gave a heavy sigh, looked down at her feet and then gazed across to the corner of the room where no one was sitting. Vickers now had a noticeable erection undernieth his trousers and instead of letting her go, began to walk around the stage, humiliating Sabina, hopping alongside him on her left leg as he did so. Sabina lifted her right leg onto a wooden chair next to the bed, making a clunking noise with the heel of her shoe and stated "im all yours", with this Vickers leapt onto her and began his usual snogging session.

A Premature End

fetish somekindofinspiration 2018-04-20

My thick heavy cock had fallen out straight, and the awful giant cum rope lay across her face still connected by a long looping cum string bridge right to the tip of the bobbing dick. Her hands had fallen by now, but the size of the cum wads that were pumping out of me just caused the thick spurts to travel in long stuttering pressurized arcs, splattering heavily over that pretty dumbstruck face. It was so fucking hot I felt like I was going to cum again. She just kept flapping her hands and spitting out cum from her mouth awkwardly as the mess on her face rolled down to keep topping it up.

Letters From A Traveller Ch. 1

fetish Lyon 2018-04-20

I moved a knee up into her crotch, pushing it up against her, and bit a little harder - again the groan, and she forced herself hard against my leg. After the first time she came, I went back to moving down her body - mouth and hands stuff, and she came again almost as soon as I started teasing her inner thighs. When we did the clothed game, I made her suck me until I was hard again, and forced her to lie flat on her stomach and took her anally, clothed, her hands trapped underneath her (I suspect playing with herself).

How Lucky Can You Get? Ch. 03

fetish Red8_2Play 2018-04-20

Sara takes Lee Ann foot and pull it to her mouth, while looking me straight in the eyes. Sara doesn't answer, instead she takes her big toe inside her mouth, and deeply suck on it like it's a cock. Lee Ann decide to join the party, and grab Sara's head and turn it facing her. Sara then push on her feet and slide to the very tip of my rock hard dick, and let it slide in between her hot pussy lips. ''Lee Ann get your dirty mouth to work and suck Ben's cock clean, and then take your turn.'' Sara puts her hands on Lee Ann's shoulders and push her down hard.

Absolute Devotion Ch. 01

fetish KaseyLegs 2018-04-20

As hard as I tried to look away, my eyes kept going back to Erica's strong thighs, her shapely calves, and her tight pink tennis shorts. "So," Jean said after ordering me to make her a pitcher of manhattans, "Erica says her boyfriend never has any trouble getting it up when she wants to have sex with him." When I got back out to the living room, after getting dressed, pulling myself together, and splashing cold water on my face, Jean was sucking down wine and smoking a cigar while Erica sat on the couch, her beautiful legs crossed, with a very wide grin on her face.

Open Wide

fetish nancyallen 2018-04-20

"Please Nan, I am so hard for you," Jeremy said as he picked up my hand and pressed it against the bulge in his pants. "Please, I need to feel that little mouth stretched wide around my cock," Jeremy whispered as I continued to rub his cock through his pants. Jeremy made a fist in my hair so he could hold my head still as he slid more of his cock into my mouth. "Okay, Nan. I'm going to fuck your mouth again then I'll cover your face and tits with my cum," he replied. "Here it cums," Jeremy warned as he pulled his cock out and wrapped his fingers around the shaft.

Jenny, punished for thieving

fetish verywellhungdude 2018-04-20

“I asked you a question young lady, you can either tell me how this cash came to be in your purse, or you can tell the Police, it’s up to you.” I said. “Yes Sir, I took it,” she said, “It was to pay for my bus fare home tonight, I’ve been a little short of cash lately, I’m sorry, it won’t happen again” “When did you last receive a good spanking my girl.” I continued, letting go of her bottom, and raising my hands up, and round to her chest, taking hold of her well rounded tits, and squeezing them gently. “That’s good.” I said, “Tell me, when did you last suck someone’s dick Jenny? “Two weeks ago Sir.” She said, then took my dick in her mouth and began to suck me.