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Erotic Fetish stories

A large collection of fetisch short stories covering everything from pantyhoses to feet and more.

Secrets on His Computer

fetish Davion 2018-04-20

After a few minutes her feet got tired, and she moved the chair up once again and put her toes right back in front of Jim, and as his tongue started to hit that same spot once again she decided she knew exactly what she wanted to do next... Sarah personally thought that the sock gag idea was brilliant, and as she got back on the bed with Jim she smiled at him as she once again straddled his body, but this time instead of leaning forward toward his face she leaned backwards rubbing the lips of her pussy against his rock hard member.

Kirsten's Pregnant Adventure

fetish polomoche 2018-04-20

After she got pregnant and began to get the horny itch, she usually replayed in her head, while she lay in bed with her vibrating friend, one of the many times she and Carlo had screwed themselves into ecstasy. Kirsten came like a clap of thunder, snapping her hips and holding Carlo's head hard with both hands against her glowing hot pussy. When Kirsten felt Carlo getting bigger inside her, she began to cum. Once again the camera was set and Carlo stood at her side, but his time when the shutter snapped, Kirsten's hand had snaked around Carlo's waist and taken hold of the big cock that hung between her lover's thighs.

Fulfilling Sam Ch. 05

fetish PreggieLover81 2018-04-20

As she wrapped her arms around my neck, and I joined her in this embrace, resting my hands on either side of the small of her back, she brought her lips near my ear, her breath audible for her closeness, and whispered to me. As my lips drew near her, she reached out and grabbed the back of my neck, pulling me into a passionate kiss, her lips instantly parting, and her tongue searching out her own flavor in my mouth. Sam moved near my wife's face, and lowered her damp womanhood to her lips, pressing against Aria, as she was pleasured by our lovers experienced mouth.


fetish PeggyBuxton 2018-04-20

The cool breeze makes me consider going back inside to change into a sweater, but a door closes and Gus sits on a bench nearby. We begin another period of silence and I roll closer, leaving my wheelchair parked facing him. "Leave the door open so we can hear the waves," I tell him, as I move to the bed and begin pulling the undershirt up. Lying back with a hand behind his head, legs draped over the edge of the bed, his stump rubs the small of my back. I am still slightly damp as he sits me on the bed and kisses the top of my head before standing and taking a long look.

When Ronnie Met Xena Ch. 01

fetish HappySpaz 2018-04-20

After Hank had gotten back into the lecture, Ruby said to me, finally in more of a subdued tone, "In all seriousness, I still think you should find somebody with a dick, put it in your mouth, and don't stop sucking until they propose to you." Girls deepthroating guys and leaving slimy ropes of saliva dripping down the guy's balls, girls getting shot in the face after a good facefuck with thick coatings of sperm, two girls sharing a cock at the same time and then swapping the man's load back and forth in sensual, slimy kisses before swallowing all that delicious-looking sperm right down their throats.

Seduction of the Storm

fetish bigbarebottom 2018-04-20

But a thunderstorm.....the passion of it....its force...its unpredictability....with it, I do not feel like a little girl at all. The rain begin to sting my skin as the sky opens up and the drops start to come down in sheets of wetness. My clothes are now soaked and I feel restrained by their if my Master has tied me down , to ensure that I am not to escape what is coming to me. I begin to pant with desire....wanting and longing to feel its wrath. By the end of it all I am completely drenched.....not only from the moisture of the rain, but from the lust I feel for that type of control over me. I am not talking about making love in the rain....although that does sound sweet and wonderful.

The Freshman Ch. 02

fetish iman2 2018-04-20

Mollie knew what had happened but was powerless to resist: she was a big dick whore now, and Chad had the biggest cock imaginable. Before she knew what was happening, Mollie felt herself being bent over the bed by Chad's powerful hands. Chad had just pressed his throbbing cock into Mollie's tight pussy and was pushing inch after inch of the huge rod into her. "Your massive fucking cock feels so damn good in my tight pussy," said Mollie. Mollie screamed as Chad's cock stretched deeper and deeper inside her pussy, which clenched as she came harder than she had ever come before. After what seemed an eternity, Chad pulled himself free of the tight pussy and groaned as he shot his load all over Mollie's milky white ass.

Dee's Panties Obsession Ch. 03

fetish storyfella 2018-04-20

She felt a tingle of excitement between her legs when she thought about Sara's dirty panties and how she'd worn them all day and how messy they had become when she returned them to her the night before last. As Dee was loading the washing machine she couldn't resist having a sniff of her dirty panties before throwing them in. As Sara stripped and stepped into the bath her thoughts were of Dee. She laid back and her hands ran all over her body imagining they were Dee's hands, stroking her nipples, stroking her thighs, stroking her pussy. "I've been a very dirty girl today, I wore these panties to work, my dirty ones you wore for work the other day," confessed Sara waving them in her hand, "I can see how you felt wearing them, I've been so wet all day.

Brittany's Panties

fetish loyalsock 2018-04-20

But she continued to leave them on the floor, right next to a hamper...Telling her I've gotten quite tired of picking up her dirty clothes, she just looked at me with that sexy smile and said "yea, dad...right" Did she know that before tossing them in the hamper, I've sniffed her sexy undies, even tasting her delicious young woman fluids left on them? Brit has made it quite the norm for her to sit next to me on the couch, while we watch tv, and pull her skirt or shorts up her leg, exposing her firm thighs. She said she was off to school, making no mention of her teasing at dinner or the cum-filled panties she was obviously now wearing.

You never know a person until,

fetish 2018-04-20

Most want to serve me like a king, desire to get out of a speeding ticket some time. I made a suggestion of this being her natural color, she raised her dress, does this look like a match? I noticed a nice set of legs and her ass jiggle as she stirred the sauce. Giving her c***dren and regular sex were his good points. I understand officer Holden has a girl knocked up, did you know? he knocked up a 19 year old white girl. Told me the Mayor had a cock like John Holmes. His wife was taking a nap like she usually does on cleaning day. She hot oils my body and starts working. Its a nice ride and works her ass well.

Cum Slut

fetish 2018-04-20

I guess I kind of outgrew that, even though I do like boys looking at me and I enjoy being naked, I do control it now. It got to be very common place for me to sit in school just right so that the boys near me could look up my skirt or dress, That really got me turned on and I guess them too. This wasn't an acquired taste, I loved cum from the first time it was in my mouth, just the feeling, the warmth, the taste, everything about it I truly like. The whole time he just let me do it, some of the other boys were watching, and I could tell he liked the idea, his cock was hard and sticking straight up.

His Turn

fetish MirageLM 2018-04-20

G-god" he gasped as she began to rub the oil into his ass, over his balls and into the twitching erect stem of his penis. O-o-o-w-w-a-a-h!" he gritted as he felt his anus stretching to accommodate her fingers….Precum formed at the tip of his penis and dripped to the floor as he humped his ass back into her probing fingers so that they began to hit his prostate. She held her hips still until his panting slowed, then she pulled back slightly looking with fascination as his anus gripped the head of the dildo as it retreated from his ass…She could actually see the point at which the brown skin on the exterior met the bright pink of the interior.

By Invitation Only

fetish bijennifer 2018-04-20

Next I feel your hands slip round me and under my heavy breasts, undoing the final few buttons of my blouse. Your light kisses leave a trail down my body as you work your way down, paying extra attention to the underside of my breasts, you know that drives me wild. My thighs are next for your kisses and your hot lips drive me wild, I try thrusting my hips forward but you push me back down, ignoring the pleas of my pussy for attention. As I reach the peak of my pleasure I feel a hot load of cum rain down onto my breasts, it's quickly followed by more on my face and I open my mouth to taste some of that hot salty load.

Helen's Compulsion Ch. 01

fetish Ubiquitous101 2018-04-20

She was so angry that when Helen went to sleep, Christina (having eaten too fast at dinner) decided to fart on her mother's face just to show how much she hated her. The rage-filled, impulsive daughter crept up onto her mother's bed, and positioned her ass right next to Helen's face. In spite of herself, Christina couldn't help but feel aroused as well watching her mother's visible arousal as she breathed in her own daughter's gas. Helen's hand came down harder than before, again knocking more gas right out of Christina's vibrating butt. Helen obliged, and (partly because she actually wanted to breathe in just a little more butt-gas) struck her daughter's ass harder than ever.

The Traveling Worker Ch. 10

fetish TimWLy 2018-04-20

Diamond and I went to one of the hotels restaurants after the final session was over, and just had a quick dinner with a few other patrons, and essentially were just shooting the breeze, about work, kids, about being ready to head home, and making sure that the rest of the conference goes well, but then the conversation turned when she asked if I would like to meet her in her hotel room for a night cap. As much as I wanted to continue the massage right there on the balcony, I had something even more special planned for Diamond, and standing her up, I spin her to me, and putting her dress in order, we stood there looking at each other and holding hands, trying to decide if we were really going to make that move.


Oligarchs Ch. 01.5

fetish Eli is Coming 2018-04-20

Atop a narrow and clearly sturdy coffee table laid Edith's attractive young tour guide Drew but his clothes were folded neatly in pile near his feet, his mouth had a large red ball gag in it, and his hands were handcuffed underneath the table which clearly had been moved from the nest of sofas five yards farther away from Edith and Donna. "That's better..." For all she knew, Drew was calling her a "saggy assed whore." Quite suddenly, Constance swung her leg over the naked man's stomach and placed her hands upon his broad shoulders. Constance turned herself around to face him but kept her ass merely inches from his shit chewing mouth.

The Play Area Ch. 01

fetish Marabunta 2018-04-20

She get's on to it only to realize that it's a PVC inflatable bed and then sees her hubby sitting in the corner wearing a black skin tight latex cat suit and the only thing sticking out is his head. Her pussy suddenly feels cold as the champagne flow over it and then it goes warm again as his mouth covers her. He gets off of her and as he moves away he sprays the rest of the champagne over her pussy and then some in his mouth before kissing her passionately. So as he's licking & sucking on her chocolate covered pussy she slowly lowers her mouth on to his cock where it's sticking out of the latex suit oozing pre cum.

Sex Studio Secrets #28: Gwyneth-1

fetish petdyke 2018-04-20

Gwyneth has a big mouth, bright brain and a small hot heart Gwyneth is happy she finally meets her match: Professor Pete Gwyneth is warmly welcomed by my granddaughter pretty Petra Gwyneth feels the eyes of pretty Petra looking at her bottom Gwyneth wonders which part pretty Petra plays in Pete's plans Gwyneth is amazed she sees another yummy young girl upstairs Gwyneth gives in to the sexy scenario of Professor Peter Gwyneth is afraid she will meet her match in sexy sadism Gwyneth starts to sweat, her hot horny heart beats faster Gwyneth gets some smacks at them as if someone whips her Gwyneth feels she gets a very wet snatch, suddenly stuffed Gwyneth and I wonder whom of our dear readers will know it

Life with a Lump Between My Legs Pt. 01

fetish kleincox 2018-04-20

I was a bit put off by being caught so after she left I said, "Putting guard at each door?" My wife looked up in surprise, "No. I heard you drive up and you didn't come in the front so Trish went to see what happened to you. Trish recommended you sit to pee and wipe when you're done, but after seeing your bed wetting incident you may have a bigger problem," she spoke so gently and stood in front of me, wrapping her arm around me, pulling my head again towards her breasts. My wife was sound asleep quickly leaving me to stare at the ceiling wondering what else did my evil sister-in-law suggest and how could I ever face her again knowing that she thinks I pee my pants.

A Day at the Office

fetish SweetChastity 2018-04-20

After speaking into the voice print mic and giving a retinal scan, I lifted the front of my skirt and the attendant ran the hand scanner over the bar code embedded just above the device where pubic hair once grew, until a >blip My Division is CPKulture, which oversees many departments in the mainstream market geared toward pop commodities: entertainment, fashion, cosmetics (although some of the more radical bodily modification is governed by Vyrtu), and everything on down to the aesthetics of the basic devices that Chasti-Permalock is best known for, themselves. "Oh." Still not enlightened, I went back, wiped up, sorted the things in the office that I probably wouldn't get to that day, went to the restroom to brush my teeth and change into my attendant's uniform, and then reported to the boardroom.

Anyone But Mom! Ch. 01

fetish DizzyDean 2018-04-20

Here I provide a safe, imaginary vessel for looking behind the curtain of the so-called "Dark Fetishes." It's highly likely that this story will trigger you, so don't read it if you think this isn't the right time for such exploration. In the photo before him, Bronwyn's demure smile made him aware of the dizzying height from which she was to tumble in every aspect of her life, but especially with her naïve 19-year-old son. Before he could speak, his mother pleaded with one of her knee-weakening smiles, "Please meet with Trudy....for me." Bronwyn knew that she was playing on her son's affections, but it was for his own good.

The Visit

fetish spikingtheworld 2018-04-20

As I messaged her tight, smooth ass, her hand moved to the inside of my thigh and slowly stroked the length of my throbbing cock through my pants. She stood in front of me, completely naked, holding and cooing over the feeling of the smooth, red, shiny latex pants I gave her. Instinctively I grabbed her head and held it into my crotch as I viewed the scene: On her knees, stretching the tight, shiny red latex, high-heels, bobbing up and down on my cock. The second I was completely buried, I felt the incredible sensation of heavenly warm wetness of an excited pussy, mixed with the warm smooth feeling of her crotch, ass, and legs covered in second-skin latex.


Lisette's Education Ch. 05

fetish lisetteuk 2018-04-20

7 o’clock found me standing in the sitting room, dressed in the white lace underwear Max had left for me, and a pair of high heels borrowed from Cindy. Yes. Oh, fuck that’s good.’ Ricky forced his cock deep into my throat so that I gagged and nearly choked on the enormous load of very thick very salty sperm now filling my throat and mouth. ‘Slave, come here and lick the new slut’s anus,’ the black woman said to a masked blonde standing a few feet away. She pulled on her shorts again and went to her slave, handing her the beads she had used on me, ordering her to clean them with her tongue, slapping the blonde on each breast for good measure.

Love at First Piss Ch. 01

fetish naughtybessparker 2018-04-20

Gary looked like being my latest conquest and as I'd been off work that day I had the whole night available to fuck him. At that point Gary was irritating me and taking him home for the night started looking like a bad idea. "Hey Tam, how's it going?" asked the larger of the two, a tall, good looking tanned guy whose accent was antipodean. Gary didn't seem to mind my prying eyes as I watched him stroke his hardened penis in an attempt to make it relax enough to allow him to pee. I dropped to my knees in an instant, gasping as Gary gripped the back of my head and forced his throbbing penis deep inside my open mouth.